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Decorate your home from home. Host a party and catch up with friends while purchasing house hold items that will enhance the look of your home.

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    8 Reviews
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      24.03.2015 17:41
      Very helpful



      Nice products, a bit pricey and the parties aren't very exciting.

      Partylite are a homeware sales company specialising in candles, candle ornaments, oil wax, and oil burners and various other candle related home decor.

      Partylite is a very similar set up to the well know Ann Summers, Virgin V or Tupperware parties that many ladies have been to. They are hosted by a sales rep who makes commission off any items purchased at the party, and also receives freebies to be able to show off the products at home and at parties.

      My partner's mother had been pressured to join by a friend, and so invited that friend to host a party at her house so she could see what it is like an what is involved as a rep. I must say the party was very lackluster. One boring pass the parcel game and a bit of a chat while products were shown off on the table. Nothing as fun as other similar parties I had been to, and it was really all about the sales pitch and nothing more.

      My partner had treated me with a budget to spend at the party, so I did buy a candle set for my table, and did like the look of all the products, but to me they are a bit pricey.

      The products, especially the candle scents probably have Yankee candle as their main competitor, with a huge amount of varying scents they do last very long, and do smell lovely, but again, are on the pricey side and don't have as much of a long running reputation as their main competitor.

      My partner's mother did end up becoming a rep and ended up with a house full of Partylite merch from her commission, but it's not something I would dabble in myself.


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      23.11.2011 02:07
      Very helpful



      a nice occasional treat for your home

      When my friends invited me to a candle party, describing it as like an Ann Summer's party but with candles, my reaction was....'Will there be wine?' which sealed the deal for me. Images of desperate housewives spending over the odds for a scented canle sprang to mind and although I wasnt far wrong I've actually been to two now and would definetly go to another one because although there products are without a doubt overpriced.... there kind of addictive.

      THE PARTY: At a party lite party you all sit around in a room and its very relaxed with everyone nattering away and then a few silly games are sometimes played and then the catolgues are passed around as well as some products. Although as I mentioned the products are expensive Partylite are open and honest about what they are selling and you do get to have a sniff before you buy. Theres no hidden snags so to speak. The party experience is laid back and enjoyable and there is usually a raffle that will cost you about two pounds.

      THE PRODUCTS: When you look through the catalogue you will see so many lovely things that you will want ot buy them all but you have to get a hold of your senses as you could probably get a lot of them in a stadard home store such as B&M for a fraction of the price. I bought an oil burner which actually looks a lot better in real life than in the magazine and some scented candles and things called melters which are lumps of wax which melt in the oil burner and scent you house. I have to say that the smell is both beautiful, strong and long lasting which is very pleasing. So although they do cost more money it does pay off because of the pleasure you will get out of your item. BUT they do claim that there candles burn longer than any other candles and unless there using magic wax im not sure how they can justify this as my scented candles from Primark last just as long. Perhaps what they mean is you dont use them as much becuase the scent is stronger but you do have to be realistic and not buy too much into the brand, as this is definetly a cult following.

      Many of my friends relish a party lite party and spend quite a bit of money because they have bought into the brand. Being a normal person on a budget I see buying something from Partylite as an occasion treat but what I have bought I am more than happy with.


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      13.04.2010 22:08
      Very helpful



      My first partylite party

      Morning at school drop off is always busy, so when a friend suggested popping round to hers for a glass of wine, a chance to chat with other mums and the opportunity to see a selection of scented candles to buy- I thought why not.

      So later that night, children left with dad, a quick shower and bit of make up I arrived at my friends and I was greeted by a aroma of gorgeous smells and a very pleasant partylite representative.

      Partylite have been around for a very long time in fact a schoolteacher called Mabel Baker from wild bayberries grown in Cape Cod crafted the first candle. It was in the early seventies that the candles started to be sold though parties in people's homes.
      The evening started with the representative showing us the variety of candles and holders available prices started from a few pounds up too forty, it was suggested that if you wished to purchase the expensive candles it might be worthwhile having a party as the party holder would receive commission on orders taken and also every month partylite would have special offers for the hostess.

      There was a huge selection of scented candles available in fact after a while it was hard to distinguish the different smells but I finally ordered a holder that displayed elephants on and scented candles. After a week my order was delivered. Over all I found the whole partylite experience enjoyable and I was pleased with the product that I bought and I would be happy to attend another one.


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        11.03.2010 18:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice but very pricey.

        When my sister first rang me an told me she was a PartyLite Rep I wondered what the hell she was talking about, I'd never heard of it but was eager to find out. PartyLite is a world-wide company that sells Candles, Candleholders, Home Accessories, Flameless Fragrance, and also Bath and Body Care.

        My sister was due to hold a party at her home to introduce the locals to the world of PartyLite, so invited me along. On walking into my sisters home the variety of different scents immediately hit me, I was hooked already.

        My sister went on to explain about the candles: -
        * The casing of the Tealights candles are made of plastic and have three tiny feet on them, they do not get hot when burning so can easily be picked up and place on a worktop or table, unlike the tea-lights with the foil-like casing.
        * The candles burn into a liquid and completely evaporate, leaving you with just the little plate that holds the wick.
        * If candles loose their fragrance, rubbing a pop sock like material over it will refresh the scent, obviously the pop sock should be clean haha.
        * The length of time each candle will burn for and so on so forth.

        There are five categories the candle fall into: -

        * Votives and Tealights - Votives come in boxes of six and Tealights in boxes of twelve
        * Jars and Tins - A wide variety of Candles in Jars or Tins to choose from
        * Pillars and Three Wicks - there are three or four different sizes available
        * Melts and Simmers - which are used instead of oils in a scent burner
        * And lastly you have the 'other' option, which includes Floating Candles, and all other Decorative Candles that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home.

        The Flameless Fragrance includes Reed Diffusers, Sachets of Scent and Speciality Forms of Scented Ornaments.

        Home Accessories includes five different styles, they are the 'Customise, Personalise' style which obviously allows you t Customise and personalise your chosen item. 'Sophisticated & Sleek', which as the title says shows the more sophisticated and sleek products. Then there is the 'Rainforest' style, which includes Jungle and Rainforest like products. You are then led to the 'Inspiration' style, which includes Angel theme Tealight holders, Cascading Fountains and also items with the cross on them. And then lastly you have the 'Farmhouse Chic' option which includes all Black metal Candle stands as well as many others.

        Bath and Bodycare then include all Well Being body essentials. All of these products are constantly tested for quality and safety and I must add that they are never tested on animals.

        As well as the gorgeous fragrances, which are available to smell at each PartyLite party, the Candleholders really caught my eye. There is such a large range to chose from, I especially like the wildlife pieces, which included a large black Elephant and a smaller Elephant, and also the giraffe, which stands at approximately 30cm tall and has a space in its back to hold a Tealight candle.

        The parties also include a few games, this allows the guests to win small prices as a kind of taster of what PartyLite has to offer. For a small price of £2 you can enter a game, this involves picking a number and whoever's number is picked out at the end wins the money raised to order products from the book, which in my opinion is a brilliant idea.

        The only major downside with PartyLite is the expense. The products are very highly priced and although some items maybe worth it I still wouldn't spend that amount, especially when my money goes on things I really need.


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          07.12.2009 15:26
          Very helpful



          Host one and have a great night

          I have held several Partylite parties as have my friends and family. A close friend of my Mams used to be a rep which is how we were all introduced to the company.

          What is it?
          Partylite are a party planning company similar to Body Shop at Home, Vie at Home, Ann Summers, etc - only difference is, Partylite do not have high street shops and you cannot buy their products from their site online. You have to hold a party. The idea behind this, in line with their visions to create ambience and encourage entrepreneurial home business opportunities, is that their representitives can come in to your home, let you smell touch and look at the products rather than seeing them on a website, so you get an actual sense of how the product is going to look and smell and feel in your home - plus you can see how your party planner works - and consider if the opportunity is for you.

          History in brief
          The company started out as a one woman outfit, who actually just made candles for her friends and family as gifts. This was in the early 1900s in the USA. Eventually she began selling her wares, playing around with different fragrances and in 1909 she turned her passion in to a business. In 1965 she died, leaving a $6 million business behind her. The business by 1973 had been rebranded Partylite and ultimately became a world wide network of 68,000 Consultants.

          Hosting a party
          You can contact a Consultant online if you don't know one, you invite people (friends, family, work colleagues). Think about contacts you have at childcare, nursery groups, etc, people who have previously invited you to parties at their homes, your Avon lady, your local shopkeeper, friends of friends and friends of family. Highlight on your invitations 'bring a guest' and make sure you hand out invites with not too much (you don't want people forgetting) and not too little (think about babysitters) notice. Remind people with a text the day before. Offer to be designated driver and give lifts home - that way your guests can have a drink if they want!

          Put on a few nibbles and refreshments. I remember I had just got my own place when I hosted my first party and money was tight - I thought I am supposed to be doing this to make myself something, not spend money! So I went to Asda and bought smart price nuts, crisps, mini pizzas and sponge cakes, I then bought smart price wine (in a plastic bottle!) and I poured it in to jugs, put the food on plates and hid all the packaging and every one really enjoyed it - no one complained, I think I spent less than £7. So it needn't cost you much, plus you can add to your invitations 'bring a bottle', that way people will know, without you rudely / bluntly specifying, that you will not be providing the booze!

          If you are hosting off the back of attending another party, make sure you schedule it to allow time for your products to be delivered from the last party - ask people to bring them along and have your order there too - that way you add to what the Consultant already has in her kit (for people to look at and touch). Make sure you don't schedule your party the same night as your best friend's 30th, or your weekly slimming class. People will make any excuse not to come, so if you know their schedules - plan around them for maximum attendance.

          You will get 15% to spend in the catalogue if your sales exceed £165 and you get one booking - you can usually get your Mam or Sister to book for you. This works out at £25 to spend on £165 sales. I think under £165 or no bookings you get 10% to spend. Its good, because you also get hostess deals, for example, a set of candle sticks for £6 which RRP at £20 - the £6 comes out of your £25 commission and you still have £19 to spend! You also get to have fun and a good night in with your friends. At my first party I sold £300 worth of products, and so I got £45 to spend. I bought a £55 Hurricane Lamp in the hostess specials range for half price - £27.50 and I bought enough candles to burn in it for years!

          Partylite specialise in candles - and candle ephemera like holders, lighters, snuffers, mats, etc. They also do ranges of home ware, for example a few years ago we got some candle holder wall lamps - in black wrought iron - absolutely beautiful. The candles are fragranced and similar to Yankee Candles, they do smell amazing and fill your home with fragrance. I have been using them for years now - I bought loads and only have a few left now. So I will have to host another party soon! I love the aroma melts - they are like solid oil you place in an oil burner and burn from underneath I bought a lamp and melts from Partylite and they look gorgeous in my room. They melt and send an amazing fragrance in to the air! They also have various scented tealights, votives, pillar candles, etc - this range sets them apart from Yankee and the like, because they have a varied range and lots of different delightful scents. They also give you advice along with the interactive touch / sight / smell experience at the parties, trimming your wick, maximising burn time, ideas for gifts, mood enhancing candles, etc. For sales of some of their products they even give money to Clic Sergeant, a UK based charity. As well as candles, and holders, etc they sell lovely ornaments and even have a wedding gift range. They have a special master class on crafting candles too - very interesting and great fun.

          Value for Money
          Products can seem expensive - warn your guests subtly through conversation - they seem expensive, but they are not really when you consider how long the candles burn for, the quality, the 100% satisfaction guarantee and the timeless design of the products. I bought a mosaic hurricane lamp a long time ago - I have moved it from my flat to my house and now to my Mam's - it looks great and although at the time it cost me £55 I absolutely adore it. The candles range in price, around £6 - £10 for a box of tealights upwards. You can buy the products from Ebay, etc much cheaper, but bare in mind that you don't have guarantees, etc that way

          Although I would never bother becoming a Consultant because I have attended parties where there has been a fiver of sales, I would definitely consider hosting a party - if nothing more you have a giggle with your mates and maybe make a couple of quid to spend on gorgeous long lasting products too.


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            21.07.2009 14:58
            Very helpful



            A definite must for all candle lovers.

            I went to my first PartyLite Candle party/show many years ago and was reintroduced to it again at the start of the year. One of my friend's from work decided to become a PartyLite Consultant and being a huge candle lover and wanting to help her get her business off to a flying start I agreed to be one of the first people to host a show for her.

            ==A Bit About PartyLite==

            PartyLite was inspired by Mabel Baker's love of candle making. In the early 1900s she started to make scented candles from local wild bayberries for her friends and family, this love of candle making grew into a very successful business, which when Mabel died at the age of 94 in 1965, was worth 6 million dollars. PartyLite Gifts became a subsidiary of Mabel's company in 1973 and in 1990 Blyth Incorporated took over the running of PartyLite to create the very successful and well loved company that it is today with over 50,000 consultants worldwide.

            ==A Bit About The PartyLite Wax==

            PartyLite Candles are all made from food grade paraffin wax, which basically means the wax is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Food grade paraffin wax is a very high quality wax, which makes it easier to clean up spills, it is clean burning therefore produces less candle soot and it is safer around children and pets as it has a lower melt temperature, which in theory means that PartyLite Candles will burn longer than most petroleum-based paraffin candles. When PartyLite Candles burn the wax turns completely to liquid and, as with all candles, care must be taken whilst they are burning. Their tealights are sold in clear plastic containers with 3 tiny little feet on the bottom of the container allowing the tealight to be placed directly on any hard surface without the risk of damage. When I first heard about the clear plastic container and the fact that the wax turned completely to liquid whilst burning it didn't really mean anything to me, but once I had actually started to burn the tealights myself it was only then that I fully appreciated how pretty they actually are. With the container being completely clear the clear, coloured, liquefied wax actually looks very attractive with the little flame dancing on top, they are so much more attractive than the foil containers used on cheaper tealights. Also once the tealight has finished burning there is absolutely no residue left in the container, whereas with some of the cheaper tealight there is often wax wastage left in the bottom of the container. Their tealights burn from 4 - 6 hours and obviously if you blow them out before they are finished then the liquefied wax will solidify again until the next time they are lit.

            The PartyLite votives again turn to liquid during the burning process, which with the right votive holder can be very attractive. At the moment my favourite votive holders that I am using are wine glass shaped and when the votive has turned to liquid it actually looks like a little glass of wine with a flame on top, it maybe doesn't sound anything special but honestly they look stunning. When I am burning the votives, I usually get at least 12 hours from them.

            Their pillar and 3 wick candles are slightly different. Again the wax does turn to liquid but the candle burns down the centre, once you have blown out the candle you should then "hug" your candle, what this basically means is that you very slightly ease the outer edges in towards the centre so that the next time the candle burns the edges will gradually melt away too giving a longer burning time and also preventing the edges breaking away and the liquid wax running down the sides, which I have had happen before.

            They also have a range of aroma melts and aroma simmers. The aroma melts are basically wickless lumps of wax, which you place in a warmer, which is then warmed and slowly melts with the heat from a tealight placed below. The aroma simmers are different scents of oil, which again is placed in a warmer. The scents from both the melts and simmers are enhanced and are guaranteed to give a wonderful scent for 12 - 14 hours. The aroma melts are one of my favourite PartyLite products and I personally find the scent lasts much longer than 14 hours.

            ==The Scents==

            PartyLite have a great range of scented waxes and unscented waxes, which are available in tealights, votives, 3 different sizes of pillar candles, 2 different sizes of 3 wick candles, jars and tins. Their scented candles are available in over 40 different fragrances. The fragrances come in a variety of different groups, Fruit and Citrus, Edible and Spicy, Floral, Fresh and Clean, Fresh Home and Wellbeing and Spa, so there is definitely something in there that will suit everyone.

            Their scented candles and guaranteed to produce scents right to the bottom of the candle. By law, for a candle to be classed as scented only the top part of the wax has to be scented so this is why so often after burning a candles for a couple of hours the scent seems to vanish. The PartyLite candles definitely do give the room a wonderful scent the whole time they are burning.

            ==The Holders and Other Products==

            Their holders are all beautifully crafted to a high quality and they have a beautiful range of holders in various ranges so you can buy different holders that match. Some are very small tealight holders and some are quite big, beautiful mosaic hurricanes to wall hung sconces, all look very stunning.

            Also available from PartyLite are various reed diffusers, from small to large and again all look very stunning. They also sell a small range of body lotions, body washes and room fragrances in their Wellbeing and Spa ranges.

            There are 2 extra supplements per year, a summer supplement, which has a lovely range of outdoor candles and holders specially designed for the patio, with a range of extra summer fragrances. And there is also a winter supplement with a range of winter fragrances and beautifully designed winter and Christmas holders to give your home that festive feel.

            ==What's In It For You==

            If you do decide to host a show you will of course get money to spend on their products depending on the amount of sales you get:

            Sales 15% to spend Items at 25% discount

            £165 £24.75 1
            £350 £52.50 2
            £500 £75.00 3
            £700 £105.00 4

            If your sales are less then £165 then you receive 10% of the sales to spend.

            There are also different special discount offers on each month for both the hostess and her guests with more being offered to the hostess if people book a party for themselves.

            If you become a sales consultant yourself again obviously you will receive great discounts and will receive a starter pack with a great range of their products.

            ==My Views==

            Before I had my party I was given the catalogue to have a look through and I must admit when I first saw the prices I was really, really shocked, they were so expensive ranging from £6.95 for 12 tealights to upwards of £60 for the larger candles holders with the average sort of price you would expect to spend on a holder between £15 - £25. It was at this point; even although I am a great candle lover and do have candles lit all the time I am in the house, that I was actually tempted to cancel the party. But doing a favour for a friend to help her get her new business up and running I decided to go ahead but didn't hold out much hope of getting much in the way of sales.

            On the night of my party, as the candles and holders were set out in my home, I could feel myself warming more and more towards them, they did look truly stunning and the strong fragrances filling my house were just wonderful. I loved hearing the story behind PartyLite and learning all about wax and how the PartyLite wax is better than most and I loved watching the different effects different holders produced as the candles were lit one by one. I was amazed when at the end of my party I had over £350 worth of sales and over £50 to spend. Since March when I had my party I have been to 3 more and have 2 more to go to in the next couple of months. Also because I work alongside my PartyLite Consultant she is always tempting me each month with the special offers and of course I always end up buying something.

            My range of PartyLite products grows every month, I soon won't have any room for anything else, I'll just have to start rotating them!

            I absolutely love the PartyLite range of products. Yes they are very expensive but if you are a candle lover you will appreciate the good quality of their products. I love their wax. I love the way it turns to liquid and you really don't appreciate how stunning it looks until you've seen it (I didn't). Their scents really do fill the whole room and it lasts, everyone comments on how lovely my house smells when the come in. I have even found that on warmer days where the sun is shining into the house the warmth from the sun is even enough to release some of the scent from the candles. Their holders are very well made and very high quality and obviously made to last. The holders are all 100% guaranteed but obviously only when used PartyLite wax.

            Even my husband and my son comment on my PartyLite collection, they love it and have their own favourite fragrances. They have never mentioned my candles before other than at bedtime when I get asked, "are all these candles out?" but now they will ask what's that lovely smell or that looks really pretty there. My collection has definitely made an impact and is loved by my whole family.

            The only downside to PartyLite is the fact that you can only buy their products from a PartyLite Consultant. This doesn't really affect me at the moment because I know a consultant very well, but for someone who loves the products but doesn't know a consultant this may cause a few problems.

            The do have a website, which is very detailed giving a good insight into the company and their products and it also gives you the opportunity to become a consultant, but you can't buy anything online. If you would like more details their website can be found at www.partylite.co.uk

            If you like to fill you home with beautiful scents, a warm and welcoming ambience and, if you would like to use little dancing flames in ways you had never thought possible to create an atmosphere that is out of this world then PartyLite is definitely for you.



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              06.04.2009 20:56
              Very helpful



              Some lovely items but too over-priced

              I became aware or partylie just over a year ago. I had received a catalogue from a friend at work who was hosting a party, I had a quick look through it and found loads of stuff I wanted to buy. So instead of buying loads I decided to host my own party and buy it when I could get a 25% discount is I got sales over £165.

              I managed to getting a booking for the following month as there is only one consultant in the area and she was fully booked. Within a couple of days I received some catalogues, order forms and invitations. Included in the pack I received two votive candles as well.

              On the night of the party the consultant arrived about half an hour to get set up. The first thing I noticed about her was how friendly she came across, she was so bubbly and just sparked up a conversation as soon as I met her. This put me right at ease as I've had a bad experience of a party at home and the consultant hardly spoke, so meeting such a nice consultant I knew the party was going to be good.

              Once all the guests arrived the consultant talked about the company and about herself. She told us about why she's a consultant and said it was one of the best companies you could work for on a self employed basis. This maybe because she was looking for someone to become a consultant but it was still enjoyable to listen to.

              You can read the background on the company on www.partylite.co.uk as I feel that I would rather write up my review on my experience instead of the information you can find easily on their website.

              We were told by the consultant that the comapny thrives on their high quality. The main differences with their products and cheaper products are they use state of the art products to make their candles including lead free wick.

              I decided to buy an oil burner and was advised by the consultant that I should buy some of the tealight candles as the use plastic holders instead of metal. This is because the metal makes the heat from the candle too hot for oil burners which would crack the glass.

              For a pack of 12 tealights it cost £8 which I thought was quite pricey but worth it for the fantastic quality. My oil burner cost £20 again I thought this was highly over-priced but with seeing the items at the party I knew they looked good quality.

              The candles - They're is loads of different kinds of candles you can buy including tealights, votive candles, pillars which were in loads of different sizes and widths, they also have 3 wick candles which I would say looked really pretty especially in red. There's also candles in jars and also in tins.

              Once you manage to choose a candle out of their extensive range you can then choose the fragrance of the candle. You don't need to worry about not finding something you like because there is so many to choose from. There is;

              Fruit and Citrus like country apple, black cherry, honeydew (my favourite) and coconut cove.

              Then Floral which includes Bird of Paradise, Velvet Rose and White Gardenia Truffle. There's Herbal & Woody - Fig & Olive Grove, Herbal Mint and Teakwood & Cardamom.

              Also Edible & Spicy which is some of my favourite kinds but there's Vanilla Peach, Pineapple Coconut and Passion Fruit & Papaya Sorbet.

              And lastly there's Fresh & Clean which I think are perfect for the bathroom with Sun-Kissed Cotton, Seaside Mist and Calm Waters.

              The candles are my favourite product but they do also have candle holders and these also include different kinds for different seasons and different occasions. For Halloween they had a black cat tealight holder, easter they have some ducks and Christmas they have snowmen and Christmas trees.

              They also have skin products which I have to admit I didn't try. I thought it was quite strange selling 2 pages of these kind of products when the rest were all centred around your home and decoration.

              The catalogue itself is a nice size with brilliant clear pictures and all the prices clearly showing. It has information about the company on the first couple of pages. Then there's information about becoming a consultant and would you could expect from being a consultant. The catalogue is based round all the kind of candle holders and accessories you can buy. On the last couple of pages is the candles which can be quite hard to follow as there's no pictures so you have to know what you're looking for but the consultant was always on hand to help.

              There is also a seperate sheet that has guest offers and then host offers. There's three different items at very low prices if you have spent over a certain amount in the catalogue. This sheet is extremely cheap and definately the highlight of the party.

              The feedback I received after the night was mixed, most people thought the items were over-priced and really not worth it but other people thought the items looked fantastic in the catalogue and the consultant really made the prices worth it.

              Once the items arrived which you have to wait about a week for, they really weren't as fantastic as expected by all of us. The items looked just as nice but there was small things that you noticed and not as high quality as we thought they'd be. My Oil Burner wasn't lever so when it sits on the table it slants forward. Half the items didn't arrive and instead of getting your money back you're given a gift certificate which really was a big down side which anoyed a few people.

              Overall it was a great night and the consultant was great. It's a change from the normal at home parties but I don't think i'd have another one after ther prices and the gift certificates instead of money back. Quite disappointing.


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                18.03.2009 15:29
                Very helpful



                I'm in love but need a winning lottery ticket!

                I first found out about Partylites last Feburary when a friend invited me to a Partylite party. To be honest I almost didn't go as I wan't exactly flush with cash and how exciting can an evening discussing candles really be? However, I'm glad I did as it was both enjoyable and informative. Also unlike some other parties I have been by other companies I didn't feel the pressure to spend a fortune, book a party or become a consultant although all of this was offered.

                *****PartyLites *****

                PartyLites began in the early 1900s when a school teacher, Mabel Baker, began crafting candles from wild bayberries. These candles were gifted to friends and family but became a buisness. In 1973 PartyLite Gifts Inc was created and has progressed from the 3 women in a tiny office to the company it is now.

                PartyLites now sells a wide range of products, the main focus is still on candles which come in many divine scents. The range of candles is extensive and the range in size from scented tea lights right through to 3 wick candles. They also sell candle holders in a wide range of designs and materials from which I'm sure you could find something to suit anyone.

                Popular choices are also their flameless fragrance range. They sell reed diffusers which I haven't seen anywhere else, sachets and garlands which are ideal for keeping in drawers or cupboards to keep clothes smelling fresh along with incense sticks and novelty items such as wine glasses filled with a fragranced gel.

                PatyLite products are made for quality and I feel aimed at an older market than myself. Anyone who loves have beautiful and expensive items in their home to show or to create a certain mood will love these products.

                ***** The Party ****

                The party was great. When I arrived the consultant had set up around 30- 50 candles in my friends living room and the smell from the few that were lit was simply divine. To me there is something mesmorising about the flame on a candle, something strangely relaxing and comforting.

                The next thing that struck me after the scent was the broad range. None of the candles or holders looked alike. The candle holders were really decorative and came in all different colours and styles.

                The conulstant started the party by playing a game. Yeah, I made a face at that too and wondered if i could get to the door unoticed but all it involved was passing a candle around the room (even i can do this). The consultant read a short tale and everytime she said a certain word you had to pass the candle on. I think it was right for yes and left for no but it doesnt really matter. To cut a long story short i ended up winning the candle a wonderful smelling votive so that was a pleasant start to me evening.

                The consultant then passed round catalogues and samples. I was expecting her to go through the catalogue page by page but to my relief she didn't. Instead she told us about special offers and drew our attention to products she thought we might be interested in and products which were a bit more unusual like the reed diffusers. She also explained a bit about how to burn a candle (trimming the wick and safety etc) and also why PartyLite candles were different to other candles. Normally when you spill hot wax off a candle it will cause quite a bad burn, for some reason (which I can't remember sorry) PartyLite candles don't. I was really cynical about this but did in fact find out for myself that it is true when i was a bit enthuiastic at hugging my candle.

                Hugging, yes i really did say hugging. You know sometimes when you burn a candle you end up with a tunneling effect (a hole is burnt in the centre of the candle) which is not only a waste of half the candle but makes it difficult to light. Well hugging is a technique where you press the edge of the candle towards the centre to help it burn evenly. Another tip that was given was to burn the candle for as many hours as the diameter of the candle. For example you would allow a 3 inch wide candle to burn for 3 hours at a time.

                The samples were in towers of little pots, like lip balms pots with the name of the fragrance clearly printed on the bottom. Most of these scents were so nice and ranged from the usual herby scents of lavander, lemongrass etc to fruity scents including raspberry, cherry, melon and coconut, but almost any you could imagine, and then the sweet scents such as chocolate and mint. The scents are also divided into moods- sensual, calming, invigorating you get the idea.

                We then had the opportunity to ask questions and look at the candles she had brought along with her. Then the order forms were handed out and the boring paperwork done. Payment was taking on the night by means of cash or credit/ debit cards.

                I have been to quite a few parties with other companies like the Body Shop, Virgin Vie, Ann Summers and even a book party but this is the only one where I would have felt comfortable handing back an empty order form. Obviously I don't know if this is typical of PartyLites or just down to luck with the consultant at the party but there was no pressure. She asked if anyone wanted a party and explained my friend (the host) would get extra comission if two parties were booked. The offers for hosts change all the time but my friend earned comission, got access to special offers and free gifts.

                ***** Products ****

                I could list all of the products they sell but for more information their website or catalogue is probably more use. Instead I will desribe the products I bought and the service I received.

                Despite not being flush with cash I fell in love with some of these products. I ordered a mottled candle in raspberry an thyme (my best purchase) a set of melon tealights and 3 tealight holders. Also I bought 2 different reed diffusers one in cherry and the other in the relaxation scent.

                The melon tealights and holders were a friends birthday present and the relaxation diffuser was a mothers day present anf the other gifts for me. I have just (last night) come to the end of my candle (sobs) and if I had the spare money I would be buying another one today. I know you are probably still thinking that a candle is just a candle but there is something special about these.

                The reed diffuser was also great. It was a glass bottle filled with cherry fragrance into which you insert reeds. The fragrance travels up the reeds and is circulated into the room. The smell from this was strong but not overpoweringly so. It lasted around 4 months. Unfortunately you cannot buy refills of scent. PartLite say that you can't buy refills for a perfume bottle but it seems in my opinion a waste of both the lovely glass bottle and reeds to have to just disregard them when the fragrance is finished. I have actually filled mine with sand and it is now decorating my bathroom.

                ***** Delivery & Price *****

                The party was held on a saturday night and my friend received the goods to distirubte on the tuesday so it was really quick and hassle free. The only thing was that my friend had to seperate the orders herself. Doesn't sound like a big deal but she had 4 big boxes full.

                I haven't mentioned prices till now for a reason- they are really expensive (but so worth it). You will be hard pushed to find anything in the catalogue for under £10- £15. A lot for a single candle (I can hear you) but party light philosiphy is to aim for quality and they certainly do that. I love the products i have tried and have heard nothing but good reccomendations from friends who have bought things too however I cannot justify spending that much money (no matter how nice they are) especially in todays climate. You do however, quality wise get what you pay for.

                *****Overall *****

                If it wasn't for the price this Partlites would get 5 stars as I have fallen in love. I felt comfortable with my candle burning and my son in the room as I knew that the wax wouldnt hurt him (although obviously the flame is a hazzard) For a special gift these PartyLite products are amazing but unless you are rolling in it you are probably better to not know what you are missing.

                ***** Extra Information *****

                The website is http://www.partylite.com


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