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Shell Drivers' Club

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7 Reviews

Earn points and enjoy great rewards. Use your Shell Drivers'Club card to earn points and cash them in for money or convert them to Airmiles. Watch for special promotions for your chance to earn double or triple the plus points.

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    7 Reviews
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      16.08.2013 23:45
      Very helpful



      A free loyalty card which you have to work hard to get value out of it.

      So, what does the Shell Drivers Club do? Nice and simple really, they reward you for filling up with fuel at their service stations.

      I have a Diesel and people in the "know" state that Shell is the company that produce the best diesel. For me, I am not sure. I believe I get better fuel economy and less engine noise with Esso. Anyway, my trip to work means I come across two petrol stations and they are both Shell. It means that 9 out of 10 times, I will shop there.

      What keeps me going back is the Shell reward scheme. BP has it Nectar card and Esso have recently introduced Tesco club card. But does Shell win best reward card? Well, no they don't.

      1 litre = 1 pt
      1 litre (nitro) = 2pts

      Here is why:
      Points are collected and you can swap them over for certain things.
      500 points = £2.50 in fuel vouchers
      500 points = £2.50 in Waitrose vouchers
      2000 points = £10 Gift card which can be obtained at a Shell station
      20 points = 10 avios miles

      In simple terms then. 500 litres at 1.41p gets you £2.50 off fuel. You need to spend over £700 in fuel to get this. Fine if you are a business man (or lady) racking up the mileage. For us regular people who maybe fill up say 20 litres a week, its going to take forever!

      Do I really need to go on and explain that really, you do not get much? Ok I know it is free, but seriously, it will take you an age to make serious savings.

      To enrol, just pick up a card in store. You can register it online or over the phone.

      Every quarter they check your balance and convert it to the vouchers that you want which will arrive in the post. Or in my case, I choose Avios points and they appear in the BA account.

      If you download the app for your iphone or Android phone then you may get offers. IE purchase 20 litres of fuel between 01/08/xx and 15/08/xx and get 100 extra points.

      I fuel up at Shell but that's because I pretty much need to. If there was a BP or Esso closer than I would use them as I believe the loyalty system is far better.


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      08.06.2011 12:57



      i gave a 1 star rating only because i cant give a zero

      I was until today a regular user of shell garages and therefore a drivers club card owner, it was my intention to save my points so that i could purchase a new TV but i was unaware that you could not do this as they send a voucher to you every so often which must be redeemed within a time limit,i thought that you could still save up your points even if you dont redeem these vouchers,wrong,so all the points i saved 17446 at my last statement,goodness knows how many i have lost in the past,i only noticed this when my recent statement arrived saying i had 207 points.i telephoned them to be told there was absolutely nothing can be done you have to spend the vouchers as they are sent out,i calculate this has cost me at very least a hundred pounds,so if you have them spend them now


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      09.10.2010 16:04
      Very helpful



      The Shell Loyalty card will not give you massive discounts, but it's better than nothing!

      The idea of a Shell Loyalty card is great as it's always nice to get loyalty points and bonuses for things you would spend your money on anyway. I signed up for one of these cards over a year ago due to having extremely long commutes and because I'd been purchasing Shell V-power fuel for my car due to its high octane fuel. V-power fuel gives you double the points of normal unleaded or diesel which accelerates the accrual of points.

      The card looks funky with a cut out corner and easily stands out in your wallet. Signing up is easy as you pick up your card in-store and then sign up online/over the phone to set up your account. If you lose your card you can go through the process again and move your previous account onto your new card.

      The major downside is the relatively small bonuses that you get with the bonus points awarded. I first opted to receive quarterly discount vouchers, but after getting a few pounds a go despite doing 25,000+ miles, I switched over to Airmiles. Airmiles seem like a decent option, but their accrual is painfully slow. Even a single ticket to some place in central Europe will take many years of fuelling to get to.

      Having said that, Shell remains the cheapest petrol station round where I live, so whatever extra freebies I can get on top of what is already the cheapest price I can pay anyhow, I'll gracefully receive!


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      18.07.2010 16:40



      I thought that this was a great offer especially that they offer bonus point every so often. There are conditions to obtain these bonus points i.e purchase 15 Ltr or over on specified dates. Twice I followed these exact procedure for obtaining the bonus points, but they were never awarded.So the card is good if you do spend a lot on petrol but ignore these incentives for the bonus points they are just a gimmick!


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      14.02.2010 15:57
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An easy way to get back rewards from your petrol

      My local petrol station just happens to be a Shell, and I get my petrol there most of the time, so it just seemed normal to join their drivers club.
      Its free to join, and all I had to do was register my card, then each time I put petrol in it a Shell station, I hand my card over, they swipe it, and hey presto they points go onto my account. I get one point per litre I put into my tank, and these soon add up very quickly, especially when you do a fill up.

      You can save these points for a good few different rewards, like air miles or shopping vouchers, but I save mine for money off petrol, as the price of petrol seems to rise each day! I get my vouchers sent through every 3 months, and each time I get at least £4 worth of free petrol.

      You can check your card account on their website, and see how much you have earnt so far, and you can also change your reward and personal details on this site too.

      I have found this is a great and simple reward scheme, with no extra hassles and its for something I buy most of the time, I might as well get something extra back on it. Not many petrol stations seem to offer a reward scheme, so this is a good plan on Shells part as it may bring them some extra business.

      I think its a good idea for all drivers to join this scheme, even if they don't regualrly visit a Shell station, as these points can soon add up and anything free is good, especially some petrol! I recommend this to everyone who drives!


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        11.07.2009 01:10
        Very helpful



        Reward scheme but has issues!

        I signed up for the Shell drivers club as Shell seem to own most of the fuel stations near me and driving to work it seemed sensible to collect points that paid me back a small amount for using their station.

        So far I've collected a load of points and not got a great deal back! When you sign up you are given various options for rewards- Green rewards, money off fuel, High Street Vouchers or airmiles. I chose the money off vouchers as I felt that was the most useful reward and the most achievable- 500 litres of fuel is 500 points which is £5 off. I have a diesel so get 500 miles to a tank, so it can be difficult to rack up points- never the less I got to 500 points and nothing happened. The points were deducted but my voucher annoyingly got lost in the post!

        Last month I went on holiday in the car travelling between England and Scotland as well as working. All in all this meant I covered quite a distance and bought 205 litres in the month. This gave me double points and I have to say it was great to get some extra rewards. I have also had cashiers 'forget' to scan it and loose me points!

        You can monitor the scheme online and this is useful as I get to see my fuel usage and where I filled up! Can be helpful!

        The scheme is certainly promising, and if you are a high mileage business driver you will have rewards, but low mileages it isn't worth it. If I get the rewards- not lost in post I will be happy and the £5 voucher will be ample reward this time!


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        05.03.2008 22:04
        Very helpful



        Loyalty card for drivers

        Being an avid (some would insist obsessed), collector of loyalty and bonus schemes, offers and temptations, this I HAD to have!
        Of course I did...it offered Airmiles.

        There is a Shell garage very very close to my house and visions of me sitting on an exotic beach for doing nothing more exhausting than buying petrol did appeal. My husband's remarks that it would probably cost thousands of pounds for a flight to Paris did nothing to deter me. I would show him...and show him I did. Unfortunately that he was right.

        So...the scheme, how it works and what you get.


        Are you a high mileage driver? Don't miss out, apply today
        This should have been an indication of things to come.
        High mileage driver?
        Even in totally deluded moments, I don't think I could admit to that.
        However, I must have been deluded, because, armed with my application form I "went for it".
        The application form itself is simple to complete with basic details required, fill it in, tear along the perforated edge and send off (postage paid, thank you!)
        Deed done, almost a fully fledged member of Shell pluspoints.
        Now all I had to do was wait for the points to come rolling in as they surely would.

        Sent to your home address up to 4 times a year.
        Mine come much less frequently (have I seen one?) so I must be a very highly regarded customer.
        You can also find out your balance by telephoning the number on the back of the card.

        WHAT DO YOU GET?
        This is the exciting bit.
        If you collect enough points, you can redeem them for:
        £10 Shell vouchers
        £10 shopping vouchers from House of Fraser, Debenhams, Next, Boots, WH Smith, JJB Sports, and Kingfisher
        Airmiles (100 airmiles for 1500 pluspoints)
        BA Miles
        Charity donation

        All good stuff and I was ready to claim all of those airmiles. After all, points make prizes (don't they?)


        You hand in your card at point of purchase and it is swiped.
        This is how you get your hands on those points:
        1 Pluspoint for 1 litre of fuel
        1 Pluspoint for every £1 spent on Helix lubricants
        25 Pluspoints for Gold (top) car wash
        15 Pluspoints for Gold (top) jet wash
        Up to 250 bonus points quarterly on a sliding scale...300-399 pluspoints, 100 extra; 400-499 pluspoints, get 150 extra etc

        Points can be redeemed in a number of ways:
        On line via the Shell website
        By contacting customer services
        By completing the order form
        Completing redemption slip on your statement

        WHO CAN JOIN?
        Pluspoints are open to UK residents aged 17 or over (obvious really because you have to 17 to drive)

        You can link your points to someone elses who lives at the same address.

        Well, I did join to try to collect Airmiles, which I already collect via Tesco. However, it doesn't take a mathematical genius to work out that if you want 1500 points you have to buy 1500 litres of fuel which would cost you about £1200. In my situation, because my interest lies in airmiles, I would then receive 100 airmiles. How much a mile? I think that's about £12 a mile!!
        Too difficult considering there are so many other schemes out there.
        I would suggest that, if, like me, you like to join these schemes, then it's good to have an extra loyalty card in case you can't get to your preferred garage.
        However, unless you are a phenomenally high mileage driver with fleets of cars, I don't think you would get much from this.
        My experience, probably not everybody's
        It is kind of Shell to offer points because most of us need to "fill up", but come on...most of us are not high mileage drivers and need some rewards for loyalty. There are other schemes out there and I for one will stick mainly to good old Tesco.



        Thanks for reading,

        Daniela x


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        You can either use your points to shop online or gain points from using your Shell Drivers' Club card to make online purchases.

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