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V W & Audi Recycled Parts Centre

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Address: New Place Nursery / Arundel Road / Angmering / West Sussex / BN16 4ET / Tel: +44 01903 850924

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2010 15:10
      Very helpful



      A great place for second hand VW and Audi parts

      I'll start this review by saying that I own a Mk3 (1994) Volkswagen Golf CL 1.6. It's my first car and I love it, most reliable car in the world, but the body work has seen better days. Recently someone nicked the plastic strip off the drivers door and by the wheel arch when it was parked up at work, then the exhaust rusted through and one of the wing mirrors got smashed, so I decided that it was time to look for some replacement parts.

      As you can probably gather from my car, I don't have much money so I thought that a scrap dealers was probably the best place to look for parts. I spent ages online trying to find one near me and was coming up with nothing, in the end I came across the VW and Audi Recycled Parts Centre whilst browsing for Volkswagen bits on ebay. An added plus was that they're only about 10miles away from my house!

      I rang them up and told them the parts I needed - door strips, wing mirrors (decided to replace both as the other was a bit battered too) and an exhaust (rear silencer). The woman on the phone said that they had all of those parts available and told me the price of each (not including VAT).

      We drove down to collect the parts and a nice guy who worked there took us around the yard to pick up the bits we needed which was nice as it meant we didn't have to pry anything off scrap cars ourselves.

      When going through the exhausts, the man who was helping us took one out to my car to double check that it would fit (good service) although when he saw my car he was probably wondering why I'm trying to do it up rather than just selling it to them for scrap, as some of the cars in their yard had better looking bodies than mine!

      For all of the parts mentioned above it came to £66 inc. VAT with a 3 month guarantee on all parts - not bad I thought considering the good customer service.

      The yard itself is full of VW's and Audi's of all ages piled on top of each other, there are also different sections where they have wheels/wing mirrors/exhausts and other essential 'accessories' for easy sorting.

      When I've got a bit of spare cash I'll be going back for a replacement rear passenger door as mine has a rather large and unsightly circle of rust on it - they've quoted me just £30 +VAT for another one.

      My housemate just bought himself a 1990 Mk1 Golf Cabriolet which needed a replacement soft top roof - he got one from here in perfect condition for £110 inc. VAT (currently going for about twice that on ebay from various private sellers).

      If you have a VW or Audi then the chances are that this place will have replacement parts for it, so if you're struggling to find something it's worth giving them a try.

      The VW and Audi Recycled Parts Centre is located in Angmering, West Sussex (just off the A27) and their phone number is: 01903 850924. Give them a ring and they'll be able to tell you whether or not they have the parts you want available.


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