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Get cash for your old clothes, books and CDs.

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 07:10
      Very helpful



      sell your old clothes

      There are several organisations hoping that you will give them your old clothes; the traditional way of giving them to the charity shop seeming to be replaced with companies which sell them on to make a profit. Several shops have sprung up in my town offering you cash for your old clothes. The one I chose to sell to was we-pay, an organisation with shops all over central Scotland.

      I had a lot of old clothes which I needed to sort through; the good stuff I intend to sell on Ebay and it was only clothes with no real value which I packaged up. I had old school shirts, holey T-shirts, winter coats which were wrecked, outgrown bras, old shoes and general odds and ends. The website says that you can also include curtains, bedding, paired shoes, bags and accessories but not duvets or pillows.

      I chose we-pay because the website also says that they take books, although they pay only £1 per 10kg it is better than nothing. I do regularly sell books on Amazon but the selling price of many second hand books is truly pitiful and many fiction books have no value at all. The shop informed me once I had lugged a couple of bags for life full of books there that they were no longer taking books and will probably not be doing so in the future so it was off to the charity shop for them.

      The shop also take assorted bric a brac and pay by weight, it may be a good way to get rid of some clutter but as I didn't try that service I can't comment. They also take CDS and DVDs and pay 20p each. Again the price is low but many Cds and DVDS have an extremely low resale price on Amazon and Ebay so you may choose to take a low price for convenience.

      I took in 3 bags of life full of old clothing and placed them on the scales in the small and slightly smelly shop. The guy asked it I had any duvets or pillows in there but never checked the bags for himself. I made a rather measly £3.40 for my bags of clothes, hardly a fortune but they paid cash and it was hassle free. Their payment rate of 50p per KG seems to be average for those types of shops.

      The clothes are sold on to developing nations for a profit and I assume anything unfit for resale will be recycled. For the very small cash sum gained for taking your clothes in it may be worth putting them in a charity clothing bin and letting a good cause benefit from your old fabrics but in this day and age every penny counts and it is always good to have a couple of extra pounds in your pocket.



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