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Quadzilla ZR50 Junior Quad

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Brand: Quadzilla

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    1 Review
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      16.09.2010 20:22
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      This bike has given my sons many happy childhood memories, I'll be hearbroken when they outgrow it.

      Please forgive the non technical review here. I am not very mechanically minded but am just reviewing this as a parent.

      I am sure many people will think it was a bit irresponsible to buy this for a 3 year old child. I am well aware of the potential for injury with any type of motorbike, having had my share of accidents when I was young myself. But I believe the risk is minimised with proper safety precautions, and the joy my son gets out of this bike is well worth it. We did end up with a second hand bike though as they are around £600 new. I got a bargain at £100 thanks to the local mechanic.

      Our bike is just like this but blue. I am guessing it to have been about 4 -5 years old when we bought it and it has had a lot of use, but is still a good runner. The bike has an adjuster on the throttle part which allows you to set the speed. At full throttle it can get a decent speed up with myself or my husband on it. At minimum speed I was able to keep up with my son while I was pregnant. Sorry, there is no speedometer on the bike, but I would say it well under 5 mph on the slowest setting.

      The bike also comes with a remote control which will allow the parent to turn off the engine from a distance. Unfortunately our remote was broken when we bought the bike. On checking with local dealerships we were told it would be £35 for replacement, but that they were known for problems and not reliable. We simply explained to our son that riding this bike was a big responsibility and if he was not able to follow instructions when riding it, he would lose that privilege. He has always stopped the bike when told so we did not really need the remote. I would prefer not to rely on a gadget that is known to be unreliable where safety is concerned and would strongly advise not be lulled into a false sense of security by one.

      The bike has a good balance to it, with the weight of it making it hard to tip. My son has figured out how to tip it onto 2 wheels by riding sideways on steep hills, but is not allowed to just in case. It does not seem inclined to roll like most of the lighter quads though. The chain and everything are well tucked away under the plastic casing as well.

      The bike is electric start, which I like a great deal. It does have an awkward throttle though. Instead of turning the hand grip you have to press a small lever in. This gets difficult for my son and hurts his hand after awhile, but he does have some problems with his hands. The adjuster requires a screwdriver and a pair of needle noses, and would be very difficult for a child to alter the settings. Of course my son is resourceful. At age 3 he took this to the local mechanic and asked him to remove the adjuster! The fellow asked us to let him speed it up a tiny bit and we agreed. he accidentally let it out too much and my son took off at full speed, immediately turning at a very tight angle and getting it onto two wheels when called back. the poor mechanics face was priceless! So a word of warning, test this yourself every time you adjust speed!

      Another real plus to this bike in my book is the noise, or lack thereof. It is really very quiet. I think my sons prefer noisy though. It also does not put out much exhaust fumes, you can stand right behind it while it is running, and it lasts forever on a tank of petrol.

      I would say the reasons to buy this bike are : very slow on lowest speed setting, reliable, good fuel consumption, low exhaust, and hard to roll. The downsides are hard to work on and harder to find parts for. This is a great first bike, but the older boys do prefer the lighter faster models.

      My son is 5 now and still loves this, but his favourite is a lighter bike. My two year old enjoys going for very slow rides with me on this as well. He absolutely loves the bike, just as his brother did. One of my oldest first words was "go go" for motor bike and his brother ended up calling them the same thing, well before a year old both children were fascinated by them.

      Of course parents should be supervising at all times. I do hate seeing children flying out into traffic on these, and they can be a hazard to other children as well. They should only be used away from traffic and where they will not be a danger to people on foot. Proper safety equipment is a must and a child must have a child's helmet. An adult's helmet is more dangerous than none. If in doubt go to your local bike shop and find someone who can help you fit the helmet. A large helmet can slide backwards in an accident snapping the child's neck. I am aware there is still some risk of getting hurt, but I prefer a very small risk of injury for a child to spend their time outside having fun to keeping them safely in front of the telly all day. I had a few accidents myself as a child, but they were worth it.


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