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Asda Extra Special Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Oil

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Brand: Asda / Type: Olive Oils

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2009 13:43
      Very helpful



      Spicy !!!

      ~~~ Introduction ~~~

      Extra Virgin Oil is a wonderful thing and it's also a product that has countless uses both in and out of the kitchen. However, if you are looking for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the "X Factor" then I can highly recommend Asda's Extra Special "Infused" range ... and the one that I love the most has blended the subtle magic of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the distinctive heat of Mediterranean Chilli !!!

      ~~~ Asda Extra Special Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Oil ~~~

      This is indeed a simple but deceptively effective flavoured oil as it has but two ingredients ... Extra Virgin Oil and Red Chillies. The combination of these two ingredients creates an oil with a difference. The chilli element has been perfected too (in my opinion) as this oil has a warming taste which provides just enough kick and spice. There are so many chilli based oils and sauces out there are have been clearly designed with the thrill seekers and heat addicts out there but this product has been created with fine food in mind. It tastes divine and is also wonderfully versatile ...

      ~~~ Spice Up Your Life ~~~

      As an Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with chilli this is not an oil that should be used as the oil you simply pour into your pots and pans every time you cook ... if you do that then the taste will simply be lost in the cooking process. This is, however, the perfect oil to add to a variety of dishes once cooked to add a little spice and flavour when needed.

      I tend to use this oil when I am cooking fajitas ... just before serving I add a drizzle to the chicken to add a subtle warming flavour that seems to go down a treat. It also tastes wonderful if you stir fry some strips of beef and once again add a generous tablespoon of the oil just before you remove the beef from the heat.

      The rule I tend to follow is that a little goes a long way ... it adds bite when drizzled over a salad, it creates a delicious flavour when brushed onto meat, fish and seafood and it tastes amazing when combined with a rich pasta dish. at it's most simplest it can simply be brushed over a piece of toasted garlic bread to add a burst of warming Mediterranean flavour.

      ~~~ Cost ~~~

      A 250ml bottle of Asda Extra Special Chilli Infused Extra Virgin Oil currently sells for £1.98 ... well worth the cost (in my opinion) as this is a wonderfully versatile flavoured oil to have in your cupboard !!!

      ~~~ Nutritional & Dietary Information ~~~

      * Energy [kCal] 819 kCal
      * Energy [kJ] 3,367 kJ 518 kJ
      * Protein: Nil
      * Carbohydrate: Nil
      * of which sugars: Nil
      * Fat: 91.0 g
      * of which saturates: 13.0 g
      * Fibre: Nil
      * Sodium: Nil
      * Salt: Nil


      * Energy [kCal] 126 kCal
      * Energy [kJ] 518 kJ
      * Protein: Nil
      * Carbohydrate: Nil
      * of which sugars: Nil
      * Fat: 14.0 g
      * of which saturates: 2.0 g
      * Fibre: Nil
      * Sodium: Nil
      * Salt: Nil

      Thanks for reading ...

      >>> jedimastergray73 <<<


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