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Waitrose Toasted Sesame Oil

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Cooking Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      04.11.2013 12:10
      Very helpful



      Definitely makes a difference

      No offense to my dear mum and dad but sometimes the food that they cook can be a little bland and uninteresting when I go visit them, and spaghetti bolognese is great and all but sometimes I like to have Asian themed food with ginger, chilli, lime and some sweet, sticky toasted oils.

      Sesame toasted oil is much darker in colour than olive oil or sunflower oil but don't be deterred by this as it can make a huge difference to your cooking if you are trying to use up all the extra veg or the end of your Sunday roast chicken with ought splashing out on a take away. Typically once or sometimes twice a week we make stir fries or egg fried rice using this oil. If you do spill it you will notice how sticky it is however much more caramel like than white and yellow and it does get stinky if you leave it and don't mop it up quite sharpish, it also has the ability to stain your work tops, chopping boards or hobs if left so as soon as you can I would give a spurtz of Cif or flash or whatever kitchen cleaning product you use.

      It has a strange nutty aroma like peanuts or maybe sweet dry roasted cashews, it does seem to be thicker in consistency and should be used a little more sparingly. Though this is somewhat easier to do due to its colour and flow from the bottle so this is pretty simple to do.The price seems to vary from about £0.93-£1.70 though if you have an Asian supermarket near buy you can probably buy it in bulk bottle for a bit cheaper much like your soy or oyster sauce. The bottles are also widely recyclable.

      My mum and dad have the Waitrose toasted oil and we have the Tesco alternative but apart from the Tesco one being a good bit darker there really isnt much difference in terms of flavour or aroma to me.


      Egg Fried Rice
      -Toasted sesame oil
      -cooked rice, either left over or uncle bens express
      -two eggs whisked
      -Range of vegetables or leftover cooked meats chopped and cubed to your liking (usually peppers, onions, spring onions, frozen peas, cooked chicken for us most leafy things work too)
      -lime or lemon juice fresh or bottled
      -soy sauce
      -a full birds eye chilli seeds and all if you like it hot and some fresh, bottled or powdered ginger. We have some lazy chopped ginger in the fridge as it just seems to last longer than the fresh stuff
      -other people also use coriander but I do not like the taste

      -Heat your pan or wok and enter a glug of oil until it comfortably coats the bottom
      -Once sizzling hot chuck in your veg until warmed up/cooked with spices
      -Now enter your cooked rice
      -Make space at the side and pour in your egg
      -Once it has started to solidify spin it round in the rice mixture with a wooden spatula like you would scrambled eggs
      - mix in soy sauce and citric juice to taste


      -Very much the same only we add chicken, veg or fish stock at the point you would add the egg, noodles where we would enter the rice, and then poach the egg in the soupy liquid before bowling or plating up. Ends up like a hot, sweet, salty and bitter soup.


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      10.10.2011 18:44
      Very helpful



      Nothing special

      My boyfriend works at an oil refinery and they have there own little staff shop on a nearby site which is full of bargains - food, cosmetics, etc. We popped in there last Friday to see if they had any goodies and I came across this in one of the bargain bin type things. It sounded unusual and nice so I popped it into the basket. This was marked at 93p, but for some bizzare reason it shows as 10p on the receipt - bargain! This is a waitrose product and the RRP is £1.69 which I think is a reasonable price considering that you get 250ml of oil which I imagine will last for yonks as obviously you only need a teaspoon or so of this.

      This sesame seed oil can be used for stir fries, curries and all sorts. I even cooked some acti fry chips with it last night as we'd run out of vegetable oil and suprisingly they tasted lovely. The oil does smell quite strong though, it smells just like sesame seeds, it's a gorgeous smell which smells good enough to eat on its own, lol. Taste wise it just tastes like normal oil, it doesn't really have much of a nutty taste to it suprisingly enough. The oil is the same texture as any other oil and it's an orangey brown colour. Packaging wise it comes in an elegant, sturdy bottle.

      This is quite high in calories but so is all oil. For a 15ml serving it is 124 calories and 13 grams of fat. I don't think this is bad at all, as obviously it will mix into whatever you're cooking it with and you will then serve it into portions for the rest of the family so you only get a little of the oil. The oil is the same as any other oil and heats up well and it doesn't absorb into food. You can definetly smell it when it's cooked with plain stuff like noodles but as I said before the taste isn't really anything special. This is a really nice change from vegetable oil and it's a nice novelty but I don't think that I will be buying this again unless I spot it in my boyfriend's staff shop again - it's not something I would go out of my way to buy.


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