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  • Inaccessible customer service
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    9 Reviews
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      18.03.2008 16:18
      Very helpful
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      No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

      Ok, firstly I would like to introduce this company based upon its already established public image, or should I say, internet public image.

      The company in question, 24/7 Electrical seemed to have relentlessly developed their cowboy approach to online dealing by consistently showing complete disregard for the customer, usually by claiming an expensive item, £300-£900, was lost by their City Link courier or an item magically going out of stock even when it is stated to be in-stock prior to an order being placed via phone, or on their site.

      If you want a refund, they will wait an entire month, allowing interest to accrue in their account maybe, before actually handing over any cash. If you ask for compensation, they will state, as quoted by a fellow member that has also posted a review here, "With regards to compensation we do have a company policy that we pay no compensation whatsoever."

      All you need to do is search on Google for '247electrical manager' and immediately you are graced with dissatisfied customers, astonishingly bad reviews from Dooyoo, Price Runner, Dealtime, Grumbletext, avforums, time and time again, we see reports of people placing orders, contacting Trading Standards and never recieving the item, followed by an average of a months wait for a refund.

      Now, one might expect, that for a company dealing in expensive electronics, mistakes can happen and items can get lost, but in the case of 24/7 Electrical, it is more of an expectation rather than a misfortune.

      My personal case, well mine and my fiancé's, was an order placed for a Samsung HD LCD. Price paid via direct debit, £961.90.
      Prior to placing the order, I phoned to check their stock availability and whether or not it was old or new stock.
      I was told, by a person with an Italian accent, of whom I cannot recall his name, that the item in question was in-stock, and that I was guaranteed a Saturday delivery without any problems.

      So, I went ahead and placed the order, Time ticked by, I recieved a few e-mails leading up to the Saturday that the item was delayed, I then called to ask them to explain the situation, and they told me to ignore the e-mails.
      Come Friday, I recieved an e-mail saying it was dispatched via City Link, so then I check the Job Number online, very strange, the job doesn't exist!

      I called City Link on Monday to find out if they have any records of an order and the answer was no.
      I called 24/7 Electrical and told them what had happened, I was greeted by an employee, Craig, that had only been working there for, I would assume, a week or so judging by the fact that he made up facts to purposefully mislead me, which is something one of their other call center employees 'Lee' who personally claimed to have been working there for 4 months, actually admitted was the case.
      He also said "Just ignore everything Craig has mentioned, I'm dealing with your case personally now"

      Right, so days go by, with myself frequently calling them to find out what had happened, no result.
      A week goes by. Now they tell me the Item was lost and City Link have been unable to locate it through Track and Trace; apparently a woman called Catherine, working for City Link, was actually in-contact with 24/7 Electrical's Content Center Manager, Tracy, to locate the item.
      What did I get back from Tracy? nothing other than a fake promise that they would be able to dispatch a replacement TV to me the follow week once their claim to the courier had gone through, of course, because customer satisfaction isn't on their list of priorities.

      In-fact, when I had called them today, Lee kept mentioning that due to company policy, they could not action a refund or replacement until they recieve credit back for the lost item even though we had paid for an item that we did 'not' recieve on time, my rights to cancel contract and have a refund processed immediately? not possible in their books, it goes against company policy.
      Also, he said that nobody in-charge would be willing to make an exception, not even if I was able to speak with their Managing Director. I guess this company came into existence as if by magic! asking them to make an exception or satisfy the customer is like asking to break the laws of physics.
      When I then told him that I intended on recording a conversation I'm expecting today at 04:00 PM, he said "It would be in your best interest not to do that", in-fact, it went so far as for him to mention that due to how they operating within their company, he will take every measure to ensure that any kind of attempt to incriminate them will be dealt with accordingly. Great, so this is where their true colours start to shine, what can one expect next? "I'm sorry Mr. X, if you argue with us further I'm afraid I'm going to have to threaten to burn your house down."

      Alright, slight exaggeration there, but that is personally what it was 'almost' leaning towards. Lee was more concerned with informing me about how I assumed things were going to work, and that I should just wait it out because I had hit a dead end. Thanks Lee.

      Their utterly rude and patronizing tone, lack of customer support, suggest to me that they're only there to make money off interest, who knows, maybe they're adding in some flavour by also committing extortion(?), making false claims against their courier, locking out any kind of customer satisfaction due to conveniently placed company policies.
      Why on earth a private investigation hasn't already been launched against them will never cease to amaze me.

      As of today, myself and my fiance have made around 8 phone calls to the company (this is not including the ones made to City Link to try to solve things from that end). We have had no promise of compensation and have received so many different versions of what is going to happen and what they can do for us, that we no longer know what to believe. Today we were told that we would have to wait at least another two weeks or so for any money to be cleared in my fiancé's account. It is all very frustrating.

      Order from them at your own risk, you have been warned.


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        16.07.2007 14:38



        make sure you read the small print

        I ordered a fridge from Amazon and it turns out its being handled by 247electrical. I was a bit concerned about the delivery as I work 9-5, mon-fri and wouldnt be around to receive it if it got delivered during the week. The estimated delivery date was from a mon-sat, so I e-mailed 247 electrical to ask if I could have it delivered on saturday.

        I got a quick response from 247 electrical via e-mail, but it wasn't quite the response I was looking for. I had already paid £20 for delivery, and it turns out I would have to pay an extra £19.99 for saturday delivery. This seems extortionate quite frankly. I have never understood how companies who sell expensive goods expect that the people who buy them will be at home during the working week.

        The customer services rep suggested that I wait for them to deliver it, and they will leave a card saying that they missed me. They will then try and deliver on the next day (which he suggests I take off to receive the fridge). Now, this was a helpful suggestion.. but I just don't understand how this can be cost effective for the delivery company. Surely if this is the general advice given out they will be losing a lot of money.

        I havent receive the fridge yet... So I will give another review when I do


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        01.03.2007 14:14
        Very helpful




        I recently ordered a Vax V-028 Rapide Powerjet Pro from this online reseller, however, when the item was delivered it was actually the V-028M model ...a lower specc'd model in the range. This despite there being an accompanying photograph & specification page on their website regarding the Rapide Powerjet Pro.

        I was told later - when I finally managed to report this incorrect order/delivery - that they don't even stock the model (still) advertised on their website.

        It took several calls and emails before I was "approved' to use their couriers to return the VAX ...and I'm still waiting for my Credit Card to be refunded 8 days after the unit was delivered back to them!.

        Now none of the aformentioned is particularly impressive, BUT when I wrote to the company's MD, ostensibly to chase up my credit card refund, this is the appalling and ridiculous reply I got:

        Dear Mr F...

        Thank you for your email and may I firstly apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

        Your refund has actually been done.

        I have reviewed your comments along with the communications in our CRM and would be happy to respond to your comments in the most fitting way.

        Being such an obviously intelligent and powerful person, and with such obvious knowledge of so many things about business, and apparently my business and indeed channel, I would have thought I would not need to explain certain things but clearly I do, I apologise if the comments seem patronising but I want to ensure I am clear.

        Firstly we are not such a small company ourselves, fulfilling more than 5,000 orders every week with a turnover in excess of £20m. As such I would have thought it would be apparent to someone such as yourself, a customer service director of a large international IT company and running a gallery site, that there must be rigid, robust and quality assured procedures in place in order to avoid complete mayhem and ultimately commercial failure.

        These procedures start with immensely simple things like trying to direct all communication via our contact pages and email solely for the benefit of our customers. Our communication is managed by our CRM and if made electronically we can monitor quality and response times and our management team can be alerted if our response times are likely to be breached. It also ensure communication is clear and leaves little room for misinterpretation.

        This is why we steer customers away from the telephones and make this more than abundantly clear. Why then someone like yourself sees fit to clearly ignore our policies is somewhat of a mystery, and it also ensures subsequent complaints lack credence (in my opinion anyway).

        Incidentally we exceed our response commitments, benchmarked to be channel leading, more than 99.8% of the time all year round. Having reviewed our CRM I can see that every single communication from yourself was responded to within our commitment with the longest response being 15 hours and the shortest being just 1 hour. If you have an issue receiving communication you need to sort that out but I am confident of our responses and if you wish I can evidence them.

        Other simple processes include requiring customers to complete a very straightforward returns form, something you did not seem to be willing to do. Then, like any other internet or mail order retailer, or even shop for that matter, we require a faulty, damaged or incorrect item back prior to replacement being sent. I am sure the "large International IT company" you are a director of has similar processes and, if selling to consumers, I doubt sends out advance replacements. If you do chose that practice I assume that is why there is no "successful" and just "large International IT company".

        I am sure you understand that processes also take time. We do set internal targets that are benchmarked to ensure we lead our channel and one of these is with regards refunds. With such esteemed knowledge I am sure you have heard of the DSR (Distance Selling Regulations). These state that a refund must be actioned within 30 days of request being made by a durable means. In this instance we informed you that a refund would be issued by email @ 17:19:22 on February 14th. Therefore a refund would have to be made no later than 14th March.

        Our internal targets on refunds are aimed to far exceed our mere obligations under statutory instruments and state that refunds should be actioned within 4 working days of the returned item being received at our returns processing centre or within 30 days, whichever comes sooner. In this instance the goods that were collected a day late, which incidentally we bore the failed collection charge for but could have passed on but rarely do for good relations sake, were received by us @ 14:49:14 on Friday 23rd February. Your refund was then actioned @ 12:06:46 on Tuesday 27th February, less than 2 working days after receipt.

        I am again sure I do not have to tell you that, whilst we done our bit and have actioned the refund, it will take your card issuer a few days to actually apply the refund to your account.

        Thank you for bringing to my attention the possibility that one of our 8,000 products may be advertised incorrectly, I will ensure this is investigated by the relevant people. However I would argue that if it is incorrect this is in fact merely a mistake and not misrepresentation, but go ahead and report it, be our guest.

        Anyway I do hope I have satisfactorily responded to your comments and again I apologise for the inconvenience you have experienced and please do not hesitate to contact me again if I can be of further assistance.


        Dominic Yacoubian
        Managing Director

        Have you ever read such an atrocious letter to a customer in your life?!?

        So please beware...

        Don't buy anything from this cowboy outfit just to save a few pennies ...their customer service is below zero!

        I just wish I'd read some of the Internet's customer review websites myself before having the misfortune to buy from this mob!



        ps: Dooyoo require that reviews merit at least one star ...that's one star too many in this case!


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          26.01.2007 09:53



          Not delivered when said, no correspondence, took my money before despatch, and still waiting for a refund 30 days later!


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          27.09.2006 12:45



          No problems.

          I have used 247 Electrical recently for couple of items.

          A TV stand that I ordered arrived when it should have with no problems at all.

          I also ordered an LCD TV which had a bit of a delay on the scheduled delivery date. However, 247 did keep me informed about the delay and answered any e mailed queries promptly.

          Another date was set for delivery, this time the 2nd of October, which would have been a month since I placed the order.

          I e mailed Dominic, who is one of the directors of 247, and had an auto response from him to say that he would be back in the office the following Monday. However, he personally sent me a reply to my concerns one day earlier than expected. The reply was quite long and answered all the queries that I had.

          Finally my television arrived one week earlier than expected!

          Overall I was very pleased with the service and bought the TV for some £300 less than I could elsewhere.

          I feel that an improvement to 247's service which could be made would be to address the apparent problem of their estimated delivery times on items which are not in stock, but which are expected to arrive. Some customers may experience difficulties in delivery, which are a knock on effect from 247's ocassional supply difficulties.

          Overall, from my experience, I was kept informed promptly about any changes in scheduled delivery dates, responses to my e mails were on time (if not earlier than expected), and my goods arrived on time or earlier than expected when the scheduling was adjusted.

          My dealings with 247 have been very satisfactory and I am very pleased with their service.


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          20.03.2006 16:13
          1 Comment



          With appalling communications, the slightest problem could make this a most frustrating experience

          I ordered a Humax HD recorder at Christmas - I needed it in place before going on holiday early in February. Delivery was initially promised in about ten days, but this was repeatedly delayed. When my time was running out after a month, delivery was promised yet again and would be just in time. Even then, the item, claimed to be in transit, did not arrive. Attempts to track progress were frustrated by my being given tracking numbers that were not accepted by the carrier's (DHL) website. Eventually I was informed by 247electrical that delivery had been signed for but by initials unknown to me (the message itself was gobbledegook). It certainly was not delivered to my address or signed for by anyone I knew. Using the "contact us" facility, I had repeatedly given the correct delivery address. It was impossible to discuss the problem as no contact phone number was given for me to call and they did not call me (a local call) when I asked. [It was also impracticable to phone DHL: when I tried repeatedly, they kept me in a queue for a long time and each time I reached number one, the line cut out.] The only thing in favour of the supplier was that when I finally cancelled the order, they did (eventually) refund the money. But, overall, the service was frustrating and grossly incompetent, the worst I have ever experienced. ....On return from my holiday I went to another internet supplier, and for close to the same low price had completely the opposite experience! With appalling communications, the slightest problem could make this a most frustrating experienceDoes not say whether in stock. If not, it may never arrive. Communication virtually nonexistent.Cheap prices, site easy to navigate.


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            27.01.2006 18:17



            Poor service, long wait, goods charged but not delivered, appalling customer service,

            Ordered 3 items before xmas, tracked order on-line. All 3 items 'completed' but order 'processing.'
            2 delivered when promised but no message, contact, advice or whatever about the third.
            Nasty email only customer services system.
            'Will reply in 24 hours' but if you send another email it goes to the back of the queue. So when they don't reply, ('cos they never have done to any of my emails) what do you do?
            I paid with a Debit Card -bad idea- (consumer advice says always use a credit card for items over £100) so I have to wait 30 days before my bank can chase the balance for my money back.
            I wrote a recorded delivery letter, no reply.
            I did once get through on the order line and was forwarded an email that 'had been sent before', since then nothing. No email, no letters, no phone calls, nothing from them. A month has gone by and the second -one month later- delivery date has expired.
            Never again.


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            07.12.2005 21:52
            Very helpful



            Rude, incompetent, dishonest, patronising - Exactly what I don't expect as a customer.


            Anytime when purchasing goods on the internet you are in effect giving the named company your trust and that’s not to mention your hard earned money. I have purchased a lot of items online to-date and have never experienced as such appalling service from a company quite like the one I am about to review for you. I am writing this review from the perspective of the levels of customer services offered rather than the more practical side of how to use the website. I wish to take you through my 3 week nightmare of dealings and how I was treated as the customer.

            I am about to move into my own place for the first time and have been saving religiously to buy new appliances. I initially only budgeted £300 for a new cooker, but having fallen in love with one on sale from ‘www.247electrical.co.uk’ I found the additional £89.99 so that I could have this particular model.

            **Who are 247 Electrical**

            '247 electrical'is a UK based, online company that sells allsorts of electrical goods from household appliances to gadgets, tv/audio equipment and lighting. They offer competitive prices online and aim to provide outstanding service to its customers. So with this in mind I went ahead and placed my order for my new cooker.

            **A Bit About Placing The Order**

            Placing the order was very simple; it’s the all so familiar routine of ‘creating an account’, ‘adding the goods to your cart’ then ‘checking out’. The full amount of £389.99 was debited from my partner’s card straight away. All done, all I have to do now is wait for the cooker to arrive.

            There is a section in your online account where you can check the status of your order, very useful to the buyer – so I thought. Now, I won’t moan about the website itself as it was very simple to navigate and the goods were displayed in a clear manor.

            **The Wait**

            So how long do you give it until you start getting concerned that you may be being taken for a ride…? Well 5 working days went by before I contacted this company. The online status of my order was still sat on ‘processing’; this was since the order was placed on the 2nd November ’05. Naturally with the biggest purchase I had ever made I was going to contact them to see what was going on and to make sure there were no problems. I sent an email on the 7th November, to the customer service department of ‘247electrical’ to ask when I can expect the delivery of my goods. After waiting 24 hours for a reply I got one from a sales member who I will quote as saying “Please allow 5 working days from now for delivery. Any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me”. So going by what the employee of ‘247 electrical’ has said, I should have my cooker by the 14th November ’05.

            I waited until Friday 11th November and checked the online status of my order again and it was still showing as being ‘processing’ so I decided to telephone 247electrical.co.uk to find out what was going on. Phoning a 0700 number I reluctantly sat in a phone queue for 22 minutes before finally being answered. The sales advisor said that apparently it would be dispatched that same afternoon for delivery on Monday 14th. Fair play, so I thought.

            Monday 14th November 2005 – I was excited that I would be getting my first cooker delivered today…. I logged onto the website to expect to see my order status as ‘dispatched’. How wrong could I have been…..? I got onto that dear 0700 telephone number again at 10am when their lines went live and sat in yet another 20 minute queue. I could feel myself getting very angry but know from having worked in customer service environments that to get mad over the phone will get you nowhere. So I politely asked the sales assistant if I could expect to receive my cooker today or not. Putting me on hold to clearly speak to her supervisor I could literally hear my phone bill ticking as the call went on longer and longer. After sitting on hold for 3 minutes the advisor came back and advised me that my cooker hadn’t even been picked up from their warehouse by the courier service and that they couldn’t understand why…. I then of course politely explained that this is not good enough and quoted their earlier email correspondence.

            I requested that the advisor find out what is really going on and then call me back to let me know what is happening as I clearly cannot sit around waiting for an order which as far as I was concerned would at this point probably never arrive. . I couldn’t understand why I had not been contacted by ‘247electrical.co.uk’ earlier; my point is… why am I, the consumer chasing them and why have I been told on 3 occasions that the cooker had been dispatched when it clearly had not?

            Whilst awaiting a phone call back from the sales assistant, I decided to write an email of complaint directly to her manager to voice my dissatisfaction with the level of service I had received. I hoped this email would be read with some priority. After waiting all day for my return call I received one at 5.57pm – 3 minutes from closing and quoting the sales advisor “I don’t know why it wasn’t sent out, for some reason Feenix Distribution (The courier service) haven’t got our dispatch request” by this point I was livid so I requested that she put the manager on as I didn’t want to be fobbed off again with more lies. The manager initially seemed apologetic and assured me that first thing the next ‘morning’ she would telephone me with the REAL delivery date of my order, I took her word for it as you would do coming from a manager…..

            Tuesday 15th November – 10 am came, the phone lines have gone live and I am waiting by the telephone for my ‘promised’ return call from the manager. I waited and waited and waited…. The clock went past 2pm and I thought right this IS IT! Again, I got onto that 0700 number (Another 25 minutes wait) to not be fobbed off by anyone…. I got through to yet another sales assistant whom didn’t have a clue what was happening and tried to tell me that my cooker had been dispatched when I knew it hadn’t. To say I was upset is an understatement…. This company were now taking liberties out of me and I knew that 12 days from placing my order and now 4 occasions of being told the cooker had been dispatched when it clearly hadn’t, that they were obviously completely incompetent and there was a great lack of communication within their company.

            Having finally got in touch with the manager I clearly expressed my extreme disappointment with ‘247electrical.co.uk’. I asked for some form of compensation for the fact that I had wasted several precious days sat in and that’s not mention the huge phone bill that was coming my way from having to chase them. I was then offered a mere £20 discount for all the trouble and was told that it was definitely to be dispatched within 2 days to arrive on the 21st November.

            As far as I was concerned I took the discount and requested contact information for the managing director of the company so that I could express my concerns and worries about the disgustingly poor level of service I had received, surely he would want to know especially seeing as clearly quoted on the website there a statement that reads “Equally as important to us is offering our customers the very highest level of sales support. Our Call Centre and Customer Service teams are dedicated to providing accurate, helpful information on all aspects of our business so as to help you with purchase”. I went ahead and emailed the managing director and for the purpose of this review will name as ‘‘Mr MD’’.

            **The Ultimate Insult**

            I emailed ‘Mr MD’ a copy of my initial complaint and a copy of the email I had sent the manager of the customer services department. He was very swift in his reply I will say, although the reply was somewhat the biggest insult to date. I was given the sales talk of how many orders the company fulfils per a week and how happy their customers are. I was advised how he “cannot deal with verbal discussions made” and this is the best quote as from his email “From my point of view I need to be able to trust my staff implicitly and rely upon them and on the other hand I could never suggest a customer is not telling the truth”. He then went on to insult me further by saying that “With regards to compensation we do have a company policy that we pay no compensation whatsoever. Whilst we as a company strive to provide the best levels of service possible, the investment we make is into our training and systems, not in ad hoc compensation payments. *NAME’S* (The manager) offer is beyond what I would have authorised”. Another point to make is that ‘Mr MD’ also advised me that this error was “due to an internal problem with the product that was largely beyond our control. Unfortunately, however hard we try and however good our systems are these issue do occur and this is unfortunately part of life”.

            Now I don’t know about you readers, but as a consumer I would have hoped that it wouldn’t have taken several phone calls and emails to find out that there was a problem with getting my cooker dispatched and more to the point why I am having to chase them, surely they have MY money accruing interest in their bank and I have no goods – so where is the fact of life part of that. An error is one thing; I understand that delays do happen but to be told incorrect information now on 5 occasions is not ‘a fact of life’. It is despicable.

            So having gone into a coughing fit of sheer shock, my initial reaction to this email is that how can a sales team and company run to the highest possible standard when the Managing Director offers such disgusting customer service himself. Having dealt with many companies online and worked for a leading one myself, I know that this is no way to speak to any customer and to inadvertently call them a liar is beyond belief. His end paragraph advised me as follows “It is clear that you have lost confidence in 247electrical.co.uk as your chosen supplier so I would suggest the best course of action would be for us to cancel your order and action an immediate refund to enable you to purchase the item from a supplier that you would be happy with and would have confidence in”.

            I sent a very frank reply stating: “I would like an immediate refund please for the full amount of £389.99. I would like you to confirm this has been done this afternoon (Tuesday 15th) via email. I appreciate your comments however due to the lack of knowledge and competency on your companies part I have incurred a financial loss and an official complaint will be made to trading standards. As you say you would never suggest a customer is lying however I have an email from your team of sales staff to confirm my version of events. I look forward to receiving a full refund immediately. Thank you”.

            His again swift reply was that “I have passed the action request to our customer services and our internal target is for refunds to be actioned within 4 days”. I figured that I would have my money back by the 20th November according to their “internal quality targets”.

            **The Refund**

            I waited the 4 days quoted by this pleasant man himself and still hadn’t received my money back. I was very anxious and was starting to feel quite down and stressed by the whole going on’s with 247electrical.co.uk. The delay of my refund was preventing me from purchasing a cooker elsewhere and seeing as I was moving soon, time was very important. I decided to contact Trading Standards and Consumer Direct who advised me to contact ‘Mr MD’ via email explaining that ‘time is of the essence’ and they took onboard my complaint. It seems that this is not the first time Trading Standards have heard the all so familiar names mentioned.

            I contacted ‘Mr MD’ once again, with the above information as advised by Trading Standards and to say I was expecting a rude reply from him, again is an another understatement. I shall leave you dear readers of this review with the reading of his last email:

            “Firstly may I make it very clear that time is not of the essence.

            Secondly, I would suggest that you go back to whoever it was you spoke to at both Trading Standards & Consumer Direct to remind them of the legal obligations of a retailer, namely that in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations (DSR), Sales of Goods Act and Supply of Goods or Services to Consumers Act 2002, which we very diligently act within the limitations of, we must action a refund within 30 days of cancellation received in writing. Written cancellation was expressed in your communication of 15th November so we must action the refund by 15th December.

            However as a customer focussed organisation, and to ensure we more than comply with the above referenced acts, our internal quality targets are 4 days to action a refund, as per my previous email”.

            I waited 9 working days for a full refund…… it was the 23rd November, 3 weeks from my initial order before I got my money back, they clearly cannot even keep to their internal quality targets as quoted by the managing director himself.

            **My Overall Opinion**

            Rude, incompetent, dishonest, patronising – In my opinion, this is a company that I shall never shop with again. To say that this was a bad experience for me is very much of an understatement.

            I would also like to say that this review is not written to be slanderous in any attempt, merely to express my disgust as a consumer with a company with whom I whole heartedly trusted and was as you can see let down by in a huge manor.

            © grown_up_girlie, December 2005


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              09.01.2005 17:56



              • "Inaccessible customer service"

              I bought a Humax PVR from 24-7 as an Xmas present. It did not get delivered on the specified day. I phoned them and waited 'in line' on a phone line which was charged at trunk rates for 45 minutes. Still no response. I e-mailed them and they did not reply.
              To make matters worse, when the item did eventually arrive, it had a minor fault. Again no back-up customer service and no response to my e-mails.
              I would advise anybody to avoid buying from this outfit at all costs. AVOID!!!!!


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