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Find an extensive range of washing machines, dishwashers, fridge freezers, cookers and other kitchen appliances from a wide selection of choice brands.

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    6 Reviews
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      28.11.2010 14:52
      Very helpful



      5 star service.

      Recently I decided to buy a tumble dryer (review to follow once I've used it more!), and after a lot of research I finally found the ideal model for my budget. I was intending to buy it from Amazon, but the day before I wanted to buy it, the price went up from £287 to a massive £349 - ouch! So it was back to the drawing board to find another supplier.

      I came across bootskitchenappliances.com on a price comparison website, and Boots being a name I trust, I was interested in finding out more. They stock a wide range of goods including dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, cookers and other things.

      I used the search to find the model I was after, and it came up straight away. The page was quite informative, with a picture of the dryer, reviews and the technical details, delivery information and price. You can also choose to ask a question about the product if you need to. There was also information about Boots's delivery service and their recycling scheme. You can choose to have your old appliance taken away for £9.99 (which is a fairly standard price), and you can get Saturday or Sunday delivery for £9.99 as well.

      The standard delivery cost seems to be a flat rate of £19.99, although even factoring this into the price the tumble dryer was the same as Amazon's old price of £287. I went through topcashback.co.uk and claimed an extra £4 off, and because you get Advantage card points as well I got about £10 of points on my card, so I actually ended up saving quite a bit.

      Ordering the appliance was easy; I just entered my details, chose a delivery day (the next one was about a week in advance), and paid on my card. They use the secure transaction screen and the website has a full SSL certificate for security. I also got an email confirmation.

      So then it was just a case of waiting. I hadn't given my mobile number, though I had given my house number, and a couple of days before the dryer was due to arrive we got a spoken text message through to say they would confirm the time slot for delivery. Then we got another one the next day, and then an actual message confirming the time (between 8 and 12). It seemed a little excessive to me, particularly when we got a landline call from the delivery company to confirm the time again! I guess they must get a lot of people asking or something.

      The dryer arrived just before 12pm, and although I wasn't there, my boyfriend said they were happy to take into our conservatory and open it for him to check (standard procedure). After he signed for it, they took all the packaging away and then it was just a case of plugging it in!

      Disadvantages? Well, actually, there were only a couple of minor things, the process as a whole was very smooth. Firstly, they contacted us a bit too much without any real information to give us, but I guess it's better to have too much communication than too little! Secondly, there's not as much technical information about the dryer as there was on all the other websites I looked at. Thirdly, the details about how you claim Advantage points were extremely vague and I would have liked more support there. After checking my Advantage card account online, it turns out that five days after delivery you see the pending points in your account, and to claim them you go to a Boots store with an Advantage card offers kiosk and insert your card then accept them there.

      Overall, I can't really fault the service as it was extremely good, and I had no issues that would cause me to knock a star off. Recommended.


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        11.11.2010 13:09
        Very helpful



        I would recommend them to anyone

        We are currently in the middle of refitting our kitchen - the house is covered in dust and there are boxes of appliances piled up in the middle of the lounge! The advantage of course is that I shall have a lot of new reviews to write soon!

        When we had decided which appliances we wanted I searched the internet to find the best prices taking into account the Quidco cashback and any other benefits such as Boots Advantage Points. We ended up buying our appliances from three different suppliers in order to get the best prices and we ordered a washing machine, fridge and cooker from Boots Appliances.

        The Website

        The website address is www.bootskitchenappliances.com and the home page is smart and it is extremely easy to navigate from this page. It has brief information about ordering, delivery, collection, customer service, Advantage Cards and price checking down the left hand side of the page with the opportunity to navigate directly to any of these.

        The main part of the page is split into twelve squares each for a different range of appliances - cookers, hobs, fridges, washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridge freezers, freezers, cooker hoods, cookers and range cookers. Each square has a picture of an appliance in it together with three of four links to view the different types of that appliance. For instance the 'hobs' section is split into view all, gas or electric.

        At the bottom of the page there are all the usual links to the contact us page, all the various delivery and returns services, recycling options, the FAQ's, terms and conditions, privacy and site map.

        When you visit a section for a range of appliances you can then choose to search by brand, price, colour, customer rating, energy rating, size, warranty, type (free standing or built in), promotions and delivery times. There are then various searches that are specific to the appliance you are viewing such as spin speed for washers, number of burners for hobs etc. You can then arrange your results by price ascending or descending.

        When you get to the page of the actual appliance you will find an excellent picture which can be enlarged and I do mean enlarged! You can really see the detail of the appliance. In fact it is the best site that I have seen for the enlargement of the pictures as I found I could see the detail almost as well as I could when looking at the appliance itself.

        Next to the picture are the basic specifications for example on our washer dryer it gives the size, the energy rating and the wash load size. The full specifications are shown further down the page. The customer ratings are shown here as a mark out of five and the number of people who would recommend the product. You can then scroll down the page to read all the reviews which we found very useful.

        I won't go into any more detail on the actual products here as this review will then become too long and you will be losing the will to live by the end of it! If you are in the market for an appliance the site is well worth a look even if only for information.


        There is a box on the page of each appliance which clearly shows the cost of the product together with the delivery costs and the Advantage Card points that you will earn if you buy it. I was very impressed by the fact that the delivery costs were clearly shown as, often you have to go to the checkout before any delivery charges are mentioned. In this box there is also the 'add to basket' facility.

        Once you have clicked on this you will be taken straight to the shopping basket page. Obviously you can navigate away from this if you are intending to order further appliances.

        The shopping basket is again very clear and it is easy to understand what you are ordering and how much it is going to cost you. The cost of the appliance is clearly shown and then you can add £14.99 for them to connect and test your new appliance if this is an option. They will connect the washing machine providing you have the water and power ready but not a fitted hob for example. You can have your old appliance removed and recycled for £9.99. Again it must be disconnected and ready to go.

        The delivery charge is £19.99 irrespective of how many items you order.

        You are then taken through to checkout where you give your name and address and contact phone numbers and then you pay using your credit or debit card. Any Advantage Card points are added to your account within five days from the delivery of the appliances. To get this done you just have to pop into your local branch of Boots and swipe your card in the machine there.

        Organising the Delivery

        On the website it explains that you will be contacted by telephone the day before the delivery so that a four hour time window can be agreed which means that you don't have to wait in all day.

        I received a telephone call a couple of days before the delivery by a lady who explained what would happen. I was told that the delivery men would unpack the appliances so that we could check that they were perfect at least superficially before we signed for them. The delivery men would also take away all the packaging unless we requested otherwise. She also checked whether the van would be able to get to our house describing it as 'about the same size as a fire engine'.

        During this call she also tried to sell me insurance for all my appliances but I declined asking her to send me the details so I could see what I was paying for before I signed up!

        The day before the delivery date we got the call and were told that the delivery would be between 7am and 11am the following morning. At this point I was a bit concerned as I had read some of the reviews about late delivery by this company and was unsure as to what to expect.

        The Day of Delivery

        I got up at 7am just in case and the phone rang at about 7.30 to say that the delivery men were in the area and would be with us in about 15 minutes.

        The washer dryer did not form part of the kitchen refit - it was just an unfortunate coincidence that it had decided to give up the ghost at the same time (I'm waiting for the chest freezer to come out in sympathy now and we will have the full set!) We asked if the washer dryer could come in first as it would have to go past where we were stacking all the other appliances in the lounge.

        They took the appliance off the van, removed the packaging and we inspected it and were happy that it was ok. They then took it through the cottage into the utility room - my husband had removed the old washing machine and put it outside the previous evening ready for collection. We can take all the other things to our local tip once we are ready but the washing machine is so heavy we thought the £9.99 charged to take it away was well worth the money considering the fact that the price of the new machine was so good.

        We did not want the fridge or the oven unpacking as we needed to store them in the lounge for a couple of weeks until the kitchen is finished so they just lifted the box off the fridge for us to take a look and then replaced it and they tore the plastic at the front of the oven so that we could check that too.

        They were both efficient and friendly and we were impressed with the service provided.

        After the Delivery

        Once the men had gone we went to have a look at our washer dryer in situ and my husband proceeded to remove the transit plates and get it ready for him to connect.

        It was at this point that we noticed that there were two scratchers on the machine; one was about two inches on the left hand side at the back and a tiny one on the right hand side. This was caused when the delivery men had manoeuvred the appliance into the room, which to be fair under our current circumstances was a tight squeeze! We only have a small cottage and the lounge is full of appliances, and the dining room is full of kitchen stuff! The utility room is reached by passing through the lounge and the dining room!

        As it happens the scratches weren't visible once the machine was connected and pushed back into place so we weren't really that bothered although I did say to Dave that I would write and see if we could get a few Advantage Card points by way of compensation but I never got the chance!

        We received a call from Boots Appliances later that day to see if the delivery had gone to plan and to try again to sell me the insurance but that's beside the point! My husband explained what had happened and the man from Boots said that he would get someone form Customer Services to ring us.

        Later that day we received the call from Customer Services and I was asked exactly what happened and where the scratches were and what they were like. She then asked if would be prepared to keep the machine if they offered us some compensation and I told her that we would. She then said that she would refund £40 to our Visa account if that would be acceptable which was about 10% of the cost of the washer dryer! I accepted and put down the phone a very happy customer!


        Well I have to say that I would recommend Boots Kitchen Appliances without hesitation!

        The website is excellent - clear, full of information, easy to navigate and understand. The prices on the appliances I ordered were the best that I could find. The communication was great and the delivery was on time and efficient apart from our little scratches which, as I said, could be understood given our circumstances. The after sales service was the best we have experienced so it just remains for us to fully test the washer dryer so that I can write a review on that!


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          24.09.2010 13:02
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Would use again.

          I've always been a bit sceptical about buying big and expensive items online. I'm happy with books, CD's, and even clothes, but with these larger items, there seems to be so many things which could go wrong.

          After we moved house, we needed to replace both the fridge/freezer and the washing machine. We initially looked in high street stores such as Curry's, but the prices were exorbitant. After doing a lot of searching online, we came across the cheapest prices at Boots Kitchen Appliances

          **EASE OF USE**

          One of the things I liked about the website is that you can easily search by model number. I find that a lot of websites don't recognise these, and it means you have to trawl through pages of search results, wasting a lot of time. It was extremely quick to find the correct product - in fact, from loading the website to the right product page appearing, was just a few seconds.

          The information given is very comprehensive (including the energy rating), equally, the customer reviews are lengthy and accurate.

          All this makes for a great online experience


          Ordering the appliances online was as easy as any other online ordering site. The delivery is £19.99 per order, but even so, this still makes them a great deal cheaper than other online sites. Items are simply added to the basket, and then checked out. You can select your delivery date; where items are in stock, many can be delivered the next day.


          Boots Kitchen Appliances were excellent at arranging the delivery on the specified date, and went to great lengths of making sure the delivery time was convenient and suitable. The items arrived exactly as they'd said, and were unloaded quickly and efficiently. As we ordered them before we moved house, we wanted to keep them packaged up, though they were prepared to unpack them so that we could check there condition. They'd also take the packaging away, and for a small extra cost, they'll also take old appliances.

          Overall, we were 100% satisfied with the buying experience. The appliances were in excellent condition, and the whole process was smooth. I would definitely use them again.

          **Update 04/10/10**

          I have removed one star. We recently ordered a small freezer from Boots Kitchen Appliances, and whilst the process of ordering was as described here, we were annoyed that:
          a) They had to telephone twice to check we had ordered the correct appliance;
          b) They left 2 automated telephone messages informing us of the delivery time - one was left at 5am!;
          c) They telephoned a further 2 times to inform us of the delivery time.
          This is all too much, and far beyond what they need to do.


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            01.09.2009 14:59
            Very helpful



            buyers beware

            My first experience with Boots Kitchen Appliances was a great one. I ordered my fridge, selected a delivery date, email confirmation was sent. The day before delivery I was called to be given a time-slot. I was then text this time slot. On the day, the driver called to say he was 30mins away. The item was installed without any hassles and the packaging removed.

            The choice of products available was extensive, with user reviews provided for a large number of these items. Prices ranged to suit all budgets. Brands available were a great choice, mostly well known brands. Search engines showed that Boots were often the cheapest for specific brands.

            Great, I thought. I'll definitely use them again. So when my washing gave up I decided to go back to faithful old Boots. The machine I wanted could only be delivered 2 and a half weeks later. No problem, I thought, I will order it for the first available delivery. I opted for a Saturday delivery so that I didn't have to take time off work.

            On the Thursday before the delivery I was telephoned at 17:30 and told that particular machine wasn't going to be available until the end of the next month at the earliest. I wasn't too happy about this, so selected an alternative machine. I was assured that this machine would be delivered on Saturday and that I would be called on Friday to arrange the delivery time.

            Friday came - no phone call. So I phoned Boots (on a premium rate number - on hold for over 20 mins). I was told the order had not been placed properly and the machine would not be coming on Saturday. I was livid. I'd already had my old machine disconnected as per their instructions. I was promised that someone would call me on Saturday morning to discuss what was wrong and arrange a new delivery date.

            Saturday came and went without a call.

            Monday was bank holiday so I knew no-one would call. On Tuesday morning I called Boots again. I was told I would be called back. 4 hours later - STILL no call. So I called Boots, yet again. This time the delivery was rearranged but no explantion given as to why they did not process my order properly.

            I have been on other review sites for Boots and found that this is not an uncommon complaint. So buyers beware that your orders may not even be processed properly (but be sure payment WILL be taken immediately), deliveries may not be made, and phone calls certainly not returned.


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              11.11.2008 12:23
              Very helpful



              An easy way to buy appliances.

              My washer dryer was coming to the end of its useful life so I started browsing around in the shopsand on the net to find the best priced replacement. I had to take into consideration the price of the washer dryer, the connection charge, the delivery charge, and the charge for collection and recycling of the old appliance.

              The washer/dryer that kept catching my eye as the best for price, performance and economy was the Hotpoint WD860, so I compared prices for this particular model. Although it's not the absolute cheapest one on the market it seemed to offer a lot for the price (I'll review this later). What I found was that although one store might be charging less for the appliance, they might charge more for the other costs and that bumped up the overall price.

              I browsed around the obvious places such as Argos, Wilkinsons, Curry's and Comet and finally came up with Boots Kitchen Appliances. It's an easy to negotiate website with clear pricing, a good image of each item, and it gives an energy rating. I found the WD860 in a choice of two colours, and selected the polar white one.

              Boots is not a place I would normally have thought to buy a washer dryer, but when I added up all the different costs for the washer/dryer I wanted, it actually worked out the cheapest and I would get points on my Boots card! Always a bonus!

              The costs added up as follows:
              Hotpoint WD869 Washer/Dryer: £326.00
              Connection: £ 15.00
              Total recycling: £12.99
              Delivery: £19.99
              Total Price: £373.98

              I ordered the washer/dryer on the 22nd February and was able to choose a delivery date. I selected the 28th February. Before delivery I had to make sure that a large vehicle could get down my street, that the old appliance was disconnected and that there was a suitable water supply and power point. No problem with that as I was replacing a similar appliance.

              The evening before delivery I received a call confirming my four hour time slot. The next day I received the delivery within the stated time. The delivery men took away my old washer/dryer, unpacked the new one and connected it. Then they checked it was working okay. Finally they took away all the rubbish. Job done!

              My points were added onto my card 21 days after delivery, and all I had to do was into the store and swipe my card at the Advantage Point Machine.

              My washer/dryer has worked perfectly so I can't say what their complaints service would have been like had anything gone wrong. I've no complaints at all and would definitely use Boots Kitchen Appliances again.


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                21.07.2008 23:37
                Very helpful



                You'd be very lucky to get decent service or even accurate info on your order from these people.

                After having a dodgy Indesit washer dryer for a few years that nobody liked (it was so noisy it sounded like a plane taking off and the clothes were never properly spun or dried). So, when it stopped working again, it was not a surprise. However, when the guy from Scottish gas was working on it, there was what sounded like an explosion. We were told that it had 'gone' and we would have to buy a new one. Oh joy.........

                This is the story of my washing machine saga with Boots..............

                Having done the very boring job of researching integrated washer dryers on the internet to find a machine of the right dimensions at the best price with a company that I'd actually heard of (I now know a lot about spin speeds and machine functions), I came across Boots kitchen appliances. Since I've been a loyal customer of Boots for a few years now, I thought this was a company I could trust and proceeded with my order.

                The website itself is clearly set out and easy to search, and they have a really wide range of products - in my case, integrated washer dryers!

                Ordering was easy: after adding the product to basket, I was given the option of having my old machine collected and recycled (£7.99, and the old machine must be disconnected) which I chose to do, and of having the new machine connected (£15). The cost of delivery was £19.99. After this, as with all online ordering, it was just a case of entering personal and payment details.

                The day after ordering (the 11th of June), I received an email confirming what I'd ordered and detailing that the costs had been deducted from my account, and that advantage card points could be collected 14 days after delivery, amongst other information. I also received a phone call to arrange a delivery date in 8 days (for the 18th of June).

                On the 17th of June, I got a phone call to give me a 4 hour time slot in which the machine would supposedly be delivered. On the appointed day, within the appointed time slot, the delivery people came and took the old machine away, but looked in their truck to find that the machine was not there. I received a phone call to say that there had been a problem and delivery would be a week later (the 25th of June). I thought this inconvenient but, not wanting to resume boring washing machine research, decided to give them another chance.

                A few days later, I got a phone call to advise me that there was a problem with the manufacture of the machine, so they could not confirm a delivery date. At this point I was fuming, but being a kind soul, didn't shout at the call centre person who was unfortunate enough to have to tell me, but very politely asked for the number for customer complaints.

                On the 27th of June, I got a phone call telling me that the machine was now in stock and would be delivered on the 3rd of July, but 3 days later (on the 30th of June), I received yet another phone call to tell me thatthere was a problem, and they could not give me a delivery date!

                Now, I am a patient person, but this situation had me very annoyed. Not only have I had the inconvenience of arranging things for every delivery date given, the laundry bills have been costing £30 a week! So it was that I called Boots kitchen appliances (I looked up an alternative to their 0870 number - it's 01204 672 903 - ha!) to complain about the bad service and my disappointment and to cancel my order. I was not offered any discount, alternative, or compensation - all I got was a half hearted apology from a tired sounding call centre worker.
                I will be sure to update this review since I am going to complain to them in writing and by email too. I will also be checking that I have my money back in my account, since they say it will in 24 hours.

                Overall, I'm disappointed in the service level from Boots kitchen appliances, and would not recommend them to anyone (except if you have a lot of time and love receiving phone calls from call centres!). I am left washing machine-less and frustrated after 3 weeks :(

                Some Friendly Advice

                From other reviews, it seems that some lucky people do have a smooth transaction with Boots kitchen appliances - congratulations to them! Also be aware that the people who run Boots kitchen appliances (DRL) also run Sainsbury's Kitchen Appliances, Focus kitchen appliances, Appliances online, Next domestic appliances, Appliance deals, Appliance heaven, MFI appliances, World washing machines) - I would avoid all of these companies.

                Get alternative phone numbers at www.saynoto0870.com! The alternatives for Boots Kitchen Appliances are 01204 672 903 and 01204 672 997

                If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

                UPDATE (7.7.08)

                I have been refunded the full amount


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