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Buy bras online.

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    4 Reviews
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      20.07.2011 00:07
      Very helpful




      Brastop.com prides itself as selling big bras at small prices.

      I signed up their newsletter last year but always ignored their emails, thinking that, even though I'm a buxom lass, I could get away with buying really cheap yet fashionable bras at ASDA. That was until late last year after much nagging from my mother I went and had a professional fitting. I'd been wearing a 36DD when in fact it turns out I'm a 34GG. They don't do this size in ASDA and the only other option was to pay top dollar for a bra. What's a girl to do? I turned to the trusty internet.
      Remembering the emails I'd received I turned my immediate attention to brastop.com.

      The Site
      The site specializes in bras and swimwear for bigger busted ladies, yet the prices are severely discounted compared to the high street and department stores.
      The site is very easy to navigate. Products are set into categories by style, colour, brands and sizes and it is possible to search by any of these.
      Sizes range from 28D to 48FF and there are 31 different brands available on the site, these include: Curvy Kate, Gossard, Freya, Ultimo and Panache to name but a few. Maternity, sports bras and shape wear are also available.
      The site has a fitting room function, which explains how to measure the bust correctly ans demonstrates how a correctly fitted bra should look and feel, with the use of handy videos.
      The look of the site is pretty much what you would expect of a site selling underwear with lots of pics of tastefully scantily clad ladies.
      Selecting items for you shopping bag is easy, click on the item you require and select the size, then checkout. Payment can be made wither my credit or debit card, paypal or Google Checkout.

      Delivery and Returns
      UK delivery is free when you spend over £50 otherwise it's £5.95 for special delivery (which allows you to nominate the day) or £2.95 for standard delivery.
      They deliver worldwide but prices vary.
      To return an item you need to download a returns form from the site, the garments must still have the tags attached. You do have to pay to return an item though.
      exchanges can be arranged by phoning or emailing the customer services team.

      My Experience
      The first time I used bra stop I was a little annoyed. I ordered one item just so that I could try the site out. I ordered a Curvy Kate bra that would have retailed at around £28 for a mere £13.45. I paid via paypal and received an email confirming my order. After 3 days it hadn't arrived, on the 4th day I got an email informing me the item was out of stock, it stated I could chose an alternative item or be refunded. Although this is fair I would've preffered to have been told it was out of stock at the time of ordering. I opted for the refund and as good as their word the money was refunded to paypal account within 3 days.
      I then received an email, containing a discount code for 20% off any purchase so I decided to give them another whirl. Again I chose one item which was already in the sale for £12 and entered my discount code at checkout so I paid £9.60 plus postage. I was waiting for another email telling me it was out of stock but 48 hours later my bra was here.
      Since then I use bra stop all the time and have never had a problem

      I would highly recommend brastop.com. The savings are amazing, they always keep their customers up to date with, new arrivals, discount codes and sales. I've never had to return anything but the help section of the site is so informative it seems quite simple.
      On the down side as a girl who like to give her fella a treat, they don't really sell anything raunch, its more pretty and functional. They could do with a wee bit of sexing up to add a bit of sauce.


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        21.10.2010 19:09
        Very helpful



        A girl can have it all at brastop.com

        Oh my goodness, I absolutely love this website and wish I had found it years ago. Basically, it's a shame that a girl can't have it all. Being fairly blessed up top I find it so difficult to find nice, pretty, yet comfortable bras in larger sizes which do not cost an arm and a leg to purchase. But alas, it looks like a girl can have it all at brastop.com.

        I discovered the website in the back of a fashion magazine in one of those tiny adverts which you rarely notice. I thought I would have a look as I am always out on the lookout for pretty, affordable underwear. I was astounded at what I found.

        Although it's not the most attractive of websites I have ever come across www.brastop.com has a clear layout and is very easy to navigate. Searches are also really easy to perform. And what joy lay before my eyes upon first using this site, but hundreds of amazing bras in all different shapes and sizes all of them up to a third of the price of the leading lingere shops for the more curvier figure. There are lots of different and popular brands from Gossard to Panache and so on.

        Prices start at less than £10 and there seem to be permenant sales or discounts. You can also choose from a variety of payment methods including Paypal. Delivery is also very reasonable and there is free delivery for orders over £50. Although it says to allow several working days for delivery, you often receive your order the next day which is highly impressive. Sizes start from 28 around the back and a D cup and go right up to a 40 back size and a JJ cup. Wonderful!


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          16.02.2010 17:02
          Very helpful



          Hoorah, hoorah, decent underwear at a decent price

          For those of us girls who are lucky/unlucky enough to be busty, and who struggle to find a bra in their size in any shop, this website is an absolute god-send. It really is fantastic.

          I have always needed a bigger bra size than most shops stock and whilst Marks and Spencers and Debenhams stock bras in the big sizes, it's only in the last few years that the bras have actually been vaguely colourful and fashionable. Before that they were big, black or white, and serviceable. As a 21 year old, it was hardly inspiring. Now that I'm older and the shops have finally realised that women do have big boobs, it would appear they now market out hugely expensive bras.

          This is where brastop.com come in. They have a selection of pretty, colourful, sexy bras in cup sizes up to K and back size up to 46. Not only that but all their bras are a decent price. Most of them are under £20. They also stock the matching knickers - normally a selection of thongs, high cut briefs and similar styles.

          What I have noticed is that stock comes and goes. They stock a selection from a number of brands including Curvy Kate and Freya, but often you go back and they will have a different selection from before. Alongside bras and knickers they also sell bikini and swimwear, sports bras, nursing bras and sleep wear. All of them are decently priced. If you sign up to their emails, you will get sent emails at least once a week letting you know their special offers. Sometimes it is free delivery, sometimes 10% off.

          On a usual order, the delivery is charged for. If you don't like a bra or it doesn't fit, you can return it easily. You do need to pay your own postage charge, however they will take it off the price of your next bra. Delivery is very quick - last time it took 48 hours.

          If you're not happy placing an order online, there is a telephone number you can phone instead.

          All in all, this website is truly fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who wants nice underwear.


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          19.01.2009 13:07
          Very helpful



          A great website.

          Brastop.com is one of my favourite websites. Now being blessed (perhaps) with a bust size of 30F I find it hard to find pretty, supportive bras. Most shops (Marks and Spencer are guilty of this) sell "over the shoulder boulder holders" with three or four hooks and eyes at the back, thick straps and if you are lucky they sell black or white. They also charge you ridiculous sums for the pleasure of wearing these ugly, uncomforable designs.

          other shops such as Rigby and Pellier sell beautiful bras but at £65 each are hard on the budget.

          Well in steps Brastop. They stock a massive range of brands including:
          Rigby and Pellier
          Princess Tam Tam
          Shock Absorber and the list goes on.

          On the home page the welcoming message is "big bras at small prices" but for those less well endowed they sell a wide range of A-D cups.

          Most relevant to me is the 70% off D-K cup sized bras.

          The bras tend to be old season stock from other companies but they are brand new and have such a selection to choose from.

          Searching the site: You can browse by size, brand, colour or by price / section and they sell both underwear and swim wear.

          Signing up for emails: You will receive regular emails from them relating to their special offers which are great value - I have picked up a Rigby and Pellier bra for £15 (normally £65) and shock absorber for £10.

          CHeck out and shopping basket - are both extremely easy to use -you can add items and then click on them later.

          Shopping: If you click on an item the site makes suggestions for matching items or similar items (very bad if you like underwear as you end up buying too much!!!!)

          Delivery: Costs £2.95 for standard UK delivery and upwards for next day delivery. If you sign up for the email news letter you often receive free delivery offers.

          Items in the post: Occasionally Bra stop send the wrong size but very rarely and they always sort it out. They are really sensible and if you are buying a matching set and one item is out of stock they will let you know before sending it out!

          Returns: Free returns and a no quibble refund policy or they give you an extra discount if you exchange items.

          Overall: A brilliant website that I would highly recommend!!!


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