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    1 Review
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      16.04.2015 15:16
      Very helpful


      • "Offers lots of advice and support."


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      Cancer Advice And Support

      Cancer is a terrible disease but it's something I didn't really know anything about until a close family member was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I decided I needed to find out more information about the disease and the prognosis and when I did an internet search I was guided to this page for the Cancer Research UK charity.

      The main page on the site is designed to appeal to those wishing to support or donate to the charity but the site is very comprehensive and the menu at the top of the page shows all of the page options. The 'About Cancer' tab is possibly the first place you'll want to visit if you are in the situation of just having received a diagnosis or you have a health worry. The site offers detailed information about all kinds of cancer. The information supplied includes causes, how you are screened or tested for the disease,symptoms, treatment and more. There is a special segment aimed at helping those diagnosed with the diseases through their treatments and advice on what to ask and how to cope. It's written with the patient in mind and it's a very helpful and caring guide to living with and dealing with cancer.

      The online website also offers information about what the charity does in terms of it's research. It provides links and information to other organisations you may be interested in or need the services of. They also provide details of how to support them for both individuals who wish to donate but also to professionals in the research field. It's a very comprehensive website.

      This is a great charity to support and it's obvious from the wonderful work they've done on their website that they are a caring, devoted, hard working and professional charity who deserve as much help as we can give them. I am so grateful to have found the site during a time when I felt quite upset and worried as it enabled me to learn about the disease and become prepared for the months ahead.


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