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Type: Fashion / Beauty / Online shop specialising in brand name cosmetics at affordable prices

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    1 Review
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      11.07.2010 15:56
      Very helpful



      A fantastic websote offering saveings on Cosmetics. Great Prices, Service and Delivery Timescales.

      I love my cosmetics just as much as I like my perfumes; however I have started to notice that the prices for cosmetics these days are getting more and more expensive, which sort of puts me off buying them in the high street stores mainly because if you shop around you can get a much cheaper price on most cosmetic products online. Browsing the internet one night I decided to do a Google search to see if I could find a website which offered cheaply priced cosmetics, and within minutes I had a long list of different websites to choose from. However one website in particular instantly appealed to me mainly because the prices of their products were dirt cheap and most of all the website was really easy to use and nicely presented. Since discovering the joys of cosmetics4less.net I have ordered quite a lot of products from it in the last 5 months or so; I have placed 9 separate orders with the site and haven't encountered a single problem what so ever, as all of the products which I have ordered have arrived on time and the products are in excellent condition.

      The cosmetics4less website was first established in 2004 and since then the site has built up quite a lot of customers whom regularly order from the site. The cosmetics4less business is owned by a lady called Sue Reeves and the business is situated in the Orkney Islands in the North of Scotland. As soon as you enter the cosmetics4less website by simply entering cosmetics4less.net into your browser you are greeted by a very plain yet simple looking website which is mainly all black and white in colour; which is very easy on the eyes as the site's design is kept to a minimal and not overloaded with different features and products which can sometimes distract or confuse the customer. All of the important parts of the website such as the product finder and categories etc are easily identified on the left hand side of the home page as they are highlighted in black tabs . You will also notice that there are a few other highlighted tabs which run across the top of the webpage, these other tabs direct you to the check out, home page and contact us. The content on the webpage also changes on a regular basis so as you know what's new in and what the best sellers are, Each of the different sections on the homepage are easily accessible so as you can be directed to the area of your choice quickly and efficiently.

      ==Product Categories==

      As I mentioned earlier in this review there are a lot of different cosmetic products available to purchase from the cosmetics4less website and all of the products are categorised into tabs which can be found on the left hand side of the screen. The product categories which are available on the site are as follows. ~

      '''Blusher & Bronzer ~''' if you are looking for a new Bronzing powder or a blusher then as the name of this section suggests this is where you should head. There are lots of different bronzers to choose from and they are all manufactured by leading designer names such as Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline and Max Factor just to name a few. As soon as you have entered the Blusher and Bronzer section of the website you will notice that there aren't lots and lots of different pages of blush and bronzers to look through; all of the items are listed on the one page so as you can easily and quickly browse through all of the products in this particular category. Each product on the page has its own particular photo and small description as well as the price you pay for the product; however if you would like to read more about the product before you decide to purchase it then you can click on the mane of the product and you will be redirected to that products particular page where you can read a detailed description about the product as well as some other information such as the weight of the product etc.

      '''Foundation ~'''if you are in need of a new foundation whether it be in liquid form of compact or even powder then you are sure to find it in this category. There are lots of different foundations to choose from which are all available in a range of different colours to suit your own particular skin tone. Just like the Blusher and bronzer category all of the foundations available are listed on one page where you can see a picture of the product, the shade, price and read a mini description of the product. Clicking on the name of the product will direct you to the specific page where you can read a more detailed description on the product as well as read some more specific details such as the weight etc. The foundations available are all manufactured by designer and leading names such as Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden just to name a few.

      '''Concealers ~ in this category you will find a wide range of different concealers in different colours and formats. You will have the option to choose from concealer sticks and pencils from manufacturers such as MAC and Bourjois. Like all of the other categories on this website each product has its own designated picture and description which when clicked on will redirect you to a full product description of your selected concealer product.

      '''Powder Compacts ~'''in this category you will find a vast range of different powder compacts manufactured by big name companies such as Maybelline, Finish Matte and Everest.

      '''Skin Care ~''' If your skin is feeling and looking a little dull and dry then you should head straight for this category as you can easily and quickly find a skin pick me up lotion at a cheap price. Whether it be a hand cream, face cream, or body cream then you are sure to find one to suit you even if you have sensitive skin as some of the creams are even specifically designed for those whom have sensitive skin.

      '''Fragrance ~''' I love perfumes however there arent very many to choose from on this website, at present there are only 9 perfumes to choose from and they are mainly Elizabeth Arden perfumes which I don't particularly like as the scents don't seem to suit me. However If you are a fan of Elizabeth Arden perfumes then you can pick up a huge 100ml bottle of Green Tea for as little as £6.99.

      '''Special Offers ~''' if like me you are always on the look out for a bargain or a particular product at a discounted price then this category is right up your street as there are a lot of different products to choose from which have prices as low as £0.89, you can choose from creams, lipsticks, nail polishes etc. All of the content on this particular section of the website is updated on a regular basis so you should always check back to see what else has been added.

      There are many other different categories which all have the same layout and appearance as the categories I have already described. The other cosmetic categories which can be found on the left hand side of the webpage are ~ Eyeliner, Eye shadow, Mascara, Lip Gloss, Lip Stick, Face and Body Make-Up, For darker Skin Tones, Nail polish, Gift Sets, Handbag Essentials.


      The website is nicely laid out and easy to navigate around so as finding products is made easier. There is also a search function which you can also use if you know the name of a particular manufacturers product you would like to purchase. The search function is easy to spot on the top left hand side of the screen as it is highlighted in gold coloured lettering against a black background so as it stands out a little more that the other tabs on the webpage. If you don't know the name of a specific product then you could easily use the drop down boxes which are to be found to the right of the search box. These drop down boxes allow you to either select the name of a brand/manufacturer or alternatively a product or you could use both functions at the same time to narrow down your search results somewhat.

      All of the products on the website have their own assigned page where you get to see a close up image of the product in question; some of the products on the website (not all) also show you a picture of the packaging as well (e.g. perfume box) so as you know exactly how it is going to look when you get it delivered. What is also very useful about the layout is the fact that there is a very detailed product description next to the products.

      For instance some of the foundations explain what particular skin type they are best suited for and which other products and colours work well with the product in question. Some of the powdered products such as foundations or eye shadows for instance tell you which way best to apply them and what kind of make up brush and technique you should use. if it is a moisturiser or a cream then you will be told what the cream is for, if it contains special vitamins or minerals which help to soothe and moisturise your skin. Nearly all of the products contain very detailed product descriptions, however some of them don't really have that much of a description such as shower gels etc as these are mainly self explanatory products.

      Below the product descriptions the price of the product is clearly noticeable, however there is only one disadvantage compared to other websites and that is the fact that it doesn't tell you how much of a saving you make compared to the RRP of the product; however I usually just check the prices on Boots to see how much money you would save; particularly if I think that the product in question is a little highly priced. Although most of the products on the website are substantially cheaper than buying them on high street stores as you save between 20-70%, I have yet to come across a product which costs the same as it would on the high street.

      Some of the products have more than one listing however the contents value inside differ, the cheapest ones contain less and the more expensive ones contain more, all sizes and contents are printed quite boldly on the website so you know exactly what your getting for your money. So before placing your order it is a good idea to check all the sizes available and purchase the size closer to your own personal choice and needs. I find that you save more money if you opt for the larger sized products compared to the smaller ones; especially when perfumes are concerned.

      ==Payment and Delivery==

      Once you have found a product(s) you would like to purchase from the cosmetics4less website then all you need to do is select the quantity and add to basket. Once you have finished shopping click on checkout where you will be directed to the payments page. Once you have reached the payments page you will be able to check the full price of your order so as you can check all the items you wish to purchase are listed etc. Once you are happy with the items you have selected you have to first of all choose your country from a list and then you will be directed to the payment methods page where by you enter your credit/debit card details.

      Like any other website when you are paying for your items you simply have to input your name, billing address, post code, telephone number and email address so as your payment and order confirmation can be mailed to you. You could also check the box which states remember me if you are going to be using the website again, which basically remembers all of your details except your credit card details mainly due to security and privacy reasons.

      The payment options which are accepted by the website are as follows MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Maestro

      Once your order has been submitted and paid for via credit card you will receive a confirmation email which will confirm the order you have just placed. Once confirmation has been received the goods you ordered should arrive at your home within 2-5 working days via first class mail. If you choose special recorded delivery then your items will be received the next day provided they are placed before 1pm on a week day. Items which have been ordered on a Sunday should arrive on Monday or Tuesday.

      All of the items which I have ordered from this site have always been wrapped up well in bubble wrap so as they don't get damaged during transit. Every time I have received an order the items have been in perfect condition when I have opened them up.

      The delivery charges for the website are very low, in-fact if you place an order below the sum of £25 regardless of how many items you order you will only pay a flat rate of £2.95. If your order totals more than £25 then you wont pay any delivery fee unless you opt for special recorded delivery, which costs £7 flat fee.

      ==Returns and Exchanges==

      The website does offer a refund and exchange service, so if you aren't happy with an item you have received or you have changed your mind about it once received then you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund. All products which are being returned must be unused and contain a covering letter with your name address order number and a reason for returning before a monetary refund will be issued. The items which you are returning must however be unused due to health and hygiene reasons.

      I have never felt the need to return any products which I have purchased from the website as they have always arrived in great condition and the products received are the ones which I specified. However if I do return any products to the website then I will however update this review.

      ==My Opinion==

      I think that Cosmetics4less is a fairly good website to order from as there is a wide range of different products to choose from, each product has a great product description so as you know exactly what the product is like and what it does. The best thing about the site is the fact that all of the items are really cheaply priced compared to other online retailers and high street stores; most of the products which appear on the website have a minimum of 20% slashed off their recommended retail price. The products are all 100% genuine and are exactly just like the ones you would buy in a high street shop; the only difference being is the fact that the website offers the products at a really cheap price.

      There are lots of big branded products on the website to choose from such as Max Factor L'Oreal, Elizabeth Arden just to name a few. There is so much choice and a wide range of different products on the website that your sure to find something which you like or even purchase regularly on the high street.

      I have ordered goods from the Cosmetics4less website on 9 separate occasions and haven't experienced any problems what so ever regarding payment, delivery or quality of goods. The standard delivery is speedy and none of my items have get lost in the post or failed to arrive. The longest I had to wait for a delivery from Cosmetics4less was 4 days and that was because I placed the order on a Thursday night and it didn't arrive until the Monday morning.

      For more information on the website have a look at it www.cosmetics4less.net

      Alternatively you could call their customer service line on 0871 288 7312

      Lines are opened 9-5 Monday to Friday.

      © just.bcoz / Butterfly-Wings


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