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    51 Reviews
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      15.12.2013 13:01
      Very helpful
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      Decent pizza, if slightly expensive

      It's not often that I buy anything from Domino's, mainly as I think it's quite expensive unless you have vouchers and also because there isn't one near where I live. There is an outlet near where I work though, so when I had an offer of cashback when using my debit card, I decided to treat myself.

      When I went online, I saw that there was an offer that if you bought a large pizza you got one side and one dessert free (you can also order two sides or two desserts, but I felt that they offer I chose was the best of both worlds). This meant that my total order was £10.50, and with my cashback, the total amount spent was under £10, which I thought was good value for a meal that would feed two people (or one me, with some pizza left over for breakfast the next day).

      What I like about Domino's is that you can order online and then pick up from the store. This means that for people like myself who are fussy when it comes to food, I can choose exactly what I want on my pizza and I'm more likely to get what I've ordered.

      Pizza is the main item on the menu, but there is also other sides available such as twisted dough balls, which are dough balls with different ingredients twisted into them - personally I love the cheese and garlic ones, very nice. There are also chicken wings, chicken gougons and potato wedges. Sides cost around £3 each.

      There are the usual pizza combinations available as well as create your own. If you order a medium or large pizza, there is a variety of bases/crusts available. There are stuffed crusts available inclusing hot dog and BBQ sauce and cheese stuffed crusts (they cost around £2 extra). The bases include the normal thin and crispy bases and also bases such as the double decadence which has a layer of cheese and herb sauce between two thin bases, or the Dominator which is a base stuffed with cheese and nerb sauce. Again, these are around £2 extra and only available in larger sizes. There is also a gluten free base for coeliacs which is available at no extra charge. The toppings include the usual pizza toppings - ham, pineapple, chicken, pepperoni, olives and onions for example. My local one used to do feta cheese which was nice, but they seem to have discontinued this now. Domino's also give you a garlic and herb dip to dunk your crusts in, which I really like. You can also buy additional dips for 35p each, or different dips, including barbecue and sweet chilli.

      There are also desserts available including Ben and Jerry's ice cream and chocolate brownies and cookies.

      You can collect from store or have it delivered if you live within the delivery area. I have only used the delivery option a few times when at friend's houses and while the pizza does arrive warm, occasionally it takes quite a while. I once waited an hour for a pizza. Most Domino's near where I live deliver until 3am though (and my friend in Dublin says her local delivers until 5am) so it's handy if you've had a few drinks with a friend and fancy a pizza at 2am. There is no charge for delivery.

      I have yet to receive the wrong item or something that I didn't like from Domino's. I do normally stick with what I know though, as I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to food.

      As I said above, I do like Domino's but it is an occasional treat as I can get cheaper and nicer pizzas closer to home usually. I do like the idea of delivery to 3am, though I do wonder how much demand there is for a pizza at 2am on a Tuesday night? Must be enough though that they offer the service!

      I would definitely recommend Domino's as an occasional treat. I wouldn't want to be eating from here all the time at full price though as I do feel they are too expensive. You can usually find discount codes or special offers online though that helps reduce your total spend. The pizza always seems to taste the same regardless of where I get them from, so at least you know what you will be getting.


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        20.11.2013 18:43



        A delicious pizza, delivered for free, sizzling hot with a gorgeous dipping sauce!

        I have been a loyal customer to Domino's for a number of years now, first getting it with a group of friends at college, it may be pricey but you get what you pay for and there are so many deals about there isn't anything to moan about. Splitting the cost between a group is sometimes the easiest way. I would recommend singing up the text and email alerts because I constantly get 50% off vouchers sent to me! And if you live in a student based area there are bound to be more deals going about. All of the pizza's I have had from here have been cooked perfectly, the taste and flavor is constantly good and even the stuffed crust is delicious, and never over cooked. There is also a large variety of flavors which is a bonus when ordering in a group, especially with the use of the half and half pizza, so there is no arguing over who has the last slice;)


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        20.05.2013 21:25
        Very helpful



        A guilty pleasure that can be eaten in moderation. Good service, excellent quality 95% of time.

        When I am home alone I tend to lose any motivation to cook for myself and always end up ordering fast food. My love for pizza means that more often than not I call upon Dominos pizza to feed me. Only problem with ordering from Dominos is that every time I have to over indulge and find myself feeling pretty sick afterwards. Not because of the food I might add, just because my eyes are always to big for my belly. Good for Dominos I suppose but certainly not good for me.

        There is a saying, a little of what you fancy does you good. Unfortunately for me I don't do little and I doubt the fat content and calories does me any good.

        Usually my orders are placed through the dominos website. I like to use it rather than talk to people on the phone and continually have to repeat myself and then worry about whether they are going to get my order right or if they have the correct delivery address.

        First go to www.dominos.co.uk. You will be greeted with a screen that promotes a couple of offers that dominos are currently running with or the latest pizza concoction Dominos are selling. On the right hand side of the screen is a red box that asks for your postcode. Once you enter your postcode, click on the big green GO button and you will be presented with a pop-up that tells you the location of your nearest store, opening and closing times, plus a small map showing you precisely where it is. Click on the red "order" button and you will be taken through to the main site.


        I have always found the website very easy and straightforward to use. Everything is laid out where you can see it.

        There are six red tabs along the top of the screen. They are named, deals, pizzas, sides, desserts, drinks and movies.

        The first thing you will want to check out is the deals section. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE LOOKED IN HERE. It could save you a fortune. As pizzas go Dominos isn't cheap but the deals they provide do redeem them somewhat.

        THE DEALS.

        Some examples are their buy a medium or large pizza and get a second one free, although this is only for store collection and doesn't include delivery. They also promote their "two for Tuesdays" deal. It's the same kind of deal although only on Tuesdays but it does include delivery.

        There is a feed four for £5 deal, which includes a couple of medium pizzas, garlic bread, potato wedges and a 1.25 litre bottle of Coca Cola. For another £3 you can upgrade this deal and get large pizzas instead.

        There is the carryout deal. If you are only ordering a pizza for yourself you get your pizza for £9.99. Again this only extends to customers collecting from the store itself.

        There is also a box office deal that gets you a pizza and sides plus a movie to rent for £20. There are also a few lunchtime deals.

        Dominos can be quite expensive and I have taken advantage of some of these deals in the past and they do save you a good few quid. Sometimes Dominos will put menus through your letter box and these menus also come complete with some new promotions and offer codes for online deals.

        As I usually order Dominos just to feed myself I always use one particular code that doesn't seem to have an expiry date. I use the code SAVECASH on checkout online. Your order has to worth at least £30 which I know for one person is a lot of money but because I'm such a glutton it isn't a problem to me. I usually order a large pizza, sides and a dessert to take me just above the £30 threshold, once I use the code it discounts £10 from the order.


        Ordering your pizza couldn't be simpler. There are currently seventeen different pizzas to choose from. There is a lot of variety for everybody whether you are a meat lover or just like veg on your pizza.

        Dominos do four different sizes of pizza. Personal (four slices), Small (six slices), medium (eight slices) and large (10 slices). Using the most basic pizza, the original cheese and tomato as an example, the prices range from £4.49 up to £11.99. The most expensive pizza is £17.29 for a large size.

        If you want to you can create your own pizza. Using a personal size as example you start of with the dominos own tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese and then add whatever toppings you want. The price will start at £4.49 and increase with the more toppings you add. You can add more sauces, more cheese and then any topping you want but each one will cost an extra 89 pence. You cannot exceed five toppings although you probably wouldn't want to anyway as it does start to get a little pricey.

        The bigger the pizza, the more the toppings cost.

        It is also possible to order a half and half pizza. This is usually where I spend most of my time deciding what to get. Again a straightforward process. There is a customise your left side button and a customize right side button. Simple.

        The half and half option can be a good option if compromise is required if you are ordering a pizza for two people to share. In the past I have ordered for me and my girlfriend and I got my meat and she got her veg. Everyone's a winner and no arguments.

        A feature of the pizza selection screen is that each pizza is put into one of three categories. These categories are separated using a coloured circle. Green for vegetarian, red for hot and yellow for any pizza containing gluten.

        Of course a pizza has to have a base and dominos do not disappoint when it comes to having a good selection to choose from. There first choice is the classic which is just a normal base.

        Then there is the choice of four different stuffed crusts. You can have it with just cheese or you can have it with cheeses and barbeque sauce. Recently Dominos have added a stuffed crust that contains hot dog sausage and another with hot dog sausage and mustard. In the past I have had the cheese stuffed crust but found it to be too much. I can honestly say that I will never be trying the hot dog crusts. The idea just seems silly and completely over the top. I really can't see how it could be enjoyable at all.

        The stuffed crusts also add £2.50 to the price of your pizza, so in my opinion are an unnecessary expense.

        There is the Italian base. This is a thin base and is available for all sizes of pizza. There is also the thin and crispy crust which can only be ordered for medium and large.

        The first ever base I tried from Dominos is called the double decadence. This is two thin and crispy crusts with a cheese and herb sauce in between them. I only ever had it the once because I didn't enjoy it. It was extremely messy and the taste of the sauce completely overpowered any other flavour on the pizza. There is also a base called the dominator which is quite similar to the double decadence. Both of these bases will also set you back £2.50.

        Lastly there is a gluten free base but this is only available for small pizzas and for some reason doesn't get sliced.

        Each pizza has its own box where the ingredients are explained. You can use the drop down menu to order whatever size and there's a box you can tick to add stuffed crust. You can either order it straight from this box or you can click on the customise button and add a couple more toppings if you want but these cost you £1.49 each and most off the pizzas are well topped anyway.

        It seems that most of these pizzas contain between two hundred and three hundred calories per large slice. Large pizzas have ten slices so if you eat a full one to yourself like I do you could be consuming three thousand calories in one pizza. That's without even starting on the side orders. Luckily I only have Dominos once every few weeks. Eating it to often would seemingly be a heart attack waiting to happen and I have to admit that it is only now I am writing this review I have checked up on the calorie content and will be rethinking the size of my orders in future.


        Dominos offer a wide selection of side orders. There are dough balls with a variety of fillings, the garlic pizza bread, chicken strippers, potato wedges, chicken kickers, chicken wings, barbeque wings, Frank's red hot wings and garlic mozzarella sticks.

        Individually these side orders vary in price from £3.29 to £4.69 and are either six or seven pieces to a box.

        The chicken strippers or chicken kickers can be ordered along with potato wedges in a combo box. This is usually my choice of side order. The combo is priced at £6.99 and you get full portions of wedges and your choice of chicken.

        The different varieties of chicken wings can be bought in quantities of seven, fourteen or twenty one and vary in price from £4.69 to £10.69.

        Up to now I have tried the garlic pizza bread, the kickers combo and Franks red hot wings. I always find them to be very enjoyable and are a good addition to your pizza especially if sharing.

        You can also buy coleslaw and a variety of dips to accompany your side orders. Usually you receive a dip with your pizza and each side, except for the garlic pizza bread. They are on the sides menu in case you would like to order additional dips or different flavours. I usually find the dips that come with your meal are more than adequate and not worth buying more. Coleslaw is priced at £1.59 a tub and dips are 42 pence each.

        The flavours of the dips are honey and mustard, garlic and herb, barbeque and Franks red hot sauce. Apart from the hot sauce all the dips taste nice. The hot sauce just seems like a bit of a gimmick and doesn't taste particularly nice at all. It is vey runny as well and when you dip something in, it drips everywhere if you're not careful.

        Sometimes the dips you receive with your meal depend on which side you order. With my orders I usually receive garlic and herb and the hot sauce because I buy the chicken kickers combo.


        I have tried most of the desserts from Dominos and each time I wonder why I bothered. You can get mini pancakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate melt and Dominos cookies.

        To be honest I have always found them to be very sickly, although it could be down to me stuffing my face too much and not down to the quality of the food itself.

        The mini pancakes were probably the best dessert I have had. They came In the box wrapped in tin foil so even after eating my pizza they were still warm and are definitely the lightest dessert on the menu but not really that exciting.

        The chocolate brownies weren't anything too write home about. Described as chocolate brownie with a gooey Belgian chocolate centre. I remember eating them I thinking they were actually quite dry and it was a bit of a chore to eat them. I only tried them the once.

        The cookies are described as crunchy chewy warm & gooey cookies loaded with choc chips. They were crunchy and gooey but I thought the chocolate lacked any flavour and the cookies themselves were quite greasy as if they had been dipped in fat. Again they are served warm but again nothing exceptional.

        I haven't tried the chocolate melt so cannot comment but I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as it appears on the menu.

        In addition to Dominos own desserts they sell a variety of Ben and Jerry's 500ml tubs of ice cream. I would probably recommend buying these as a dessert rather than the Dominos variety. These tubs cost £5.29 a tub but would be better to share, even if they are expensive.

        As the dominos own variety of desserts cost £3.69 each I would probably save my money. You will probably have eaten enough and not want a dessert anyway. I only buy them to bump the price up so I can use my discount code.


        The drinks are sold as either 330ml cans that cost 79 pence or 1.25 litre bottles that cost £1.99 each.

        The selection consists of the usual. Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite.


        Movies is a new addition to the Dominos menu. I have no idea why they have done this and seriously doubt anybody orders a film with their food. I certainly haven't and will not be doing in the future.

        Costing from £2.49 to £3.49 it is more unnecessary expenditure. If I want to rent a film I'll go to blockbuster. Dominos should maybe just stick to preparing the food.

        The website has comprehensive instructions on what to do once you have ordered your meal.


        When you checkout you will see a full list of your selections and how much it is going to cost you.

        On the checkout page there is a handy green button that is a meal deal wizard. If you click on it, you can get a list of meal deals that would apply to your order. It could save you quite a few quid if you didn't already check out the meal deals before ordering.

        There is also the box to enter a voucher code and apply it to the price of your order. Remember SAVECASH.

        Once you proceed with your order, you are asked for your details. Phone number, e-mail address, Name and address and if you want to collect or have it delivered to your door.

        If you choose to have it delivered you can pick the time at which you want it delivered. Either pick the ASAP or you can pick a specific time that go up in fifteen minute increments. Picking ASAP means you will get your order in around half an hour. If you pick a specific time, I have usually found that you receive your order within at least five minutes of that time passing.

        Dominos also use the details page to ask you for a donation to the charity of their choice. This usually changes every few weeks. The price of your order is rounded up to the nearest pound and anything over the price goes to the charity they have chosen. Personally I don't think this is a very bad idea and I usually choose to add the donation on.

        The next page you come to will be your payment details. Pay by card or paypal.

        Upon paying you will go to a screen with an order number, your order details and a message confirming your order. You should also receive an e-mail confirming your order as well.

        A good feature is the e-mail you receive can be used to track your order. It lets you know just where the order is so you can have a good idea of if it is still being cooked or if the driver is on its way.


        For the most part I have always been pleased with the service and the quality of the food I have received from Dominos. At the prices they charge for the food you should expect nothing but the best but the law of averages means at some point you will not enjoy your experience,

        My first bad experience was when I found a long black hair in my pizza. I had eaten my fair share of the pizza already but it was very off putting and needless to say I binned the rest of my meal. This was the first time I swore to never buy anything from Dominos again.

        The second bad experience was down to the fact that my meal never arrived until an hour and a half after I ordered it. I used the tracking system and it was showing that my pizza had been delivered. This is the only time I have contacted the store itself and I was told that it was on its way, even though the e-mail tracker shown otherwise.

        Twenty five minutes after my call a delivery driver turned up with my meal and my theory was that they forgot to send the order in the first place but once I opened the boxes I realised that wasn't the case.

        My pizza was a horrible mess and had obviously been tipped up in the bag and it was stone cold. Dominos say that your food will always be piping hot when you receive it. I came to the conclusion that the driver got lost and had spent an age driving around where I live looking for my house. In defence of the driver I do live on an odd street where the next house number is forty yards up the road so it can be confusing and lets just say he definitely wasn't a local as he could hardly speak English but that was no excuse for the standard of the meal.

        I'm not one to complain and not one to try to get anybody in trouble. I decided to just make the best of it, mainly because I was absolutely starving but mainly because once again I vowed never to order from Dominos again.

        I like to think of Dominos pizza as the Corleone family and I'm Michael Corleone because "every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in". Sorry I'm talking about pizza so I wanted to throw an Italian reference in to my review.

        However those instances apart there have been times when I haven't enjoyed the food but usually Dominos are good to there word. The food arrives hot and delivery times are far better than that of my local takeaways and Dominos is quite a bit further away, so I can't fault them on that score.

        As much as I think that Dominos are expensive I would rate their food a lot better than your average takeaway. I think it is worth paying that little extra and because it costs that little extra I tend not to want to order from them as much.

        At the end of the day Dominos is what it is, fast food. It isn't healthy and it isn't exactly cheap but I do love my pizza and in my opinion they make the best, especially locally to me so I will continue to order from them in the future.


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          07.11.2012 12:00
          Very helpful



          Love dominos but they need to lower their prices

          Ok so I'll give you a bit of background on dominos without just stating facts and statistics or copying a Wikipedia page. The pizza chain started in America in 1960 and are run in 70 different countries, so you'll probably have heard of them. Obviously you know that they are a pizza company.
          You can phone up and order but if you are socially awkward like me you'll probably prefer to go online to order. When you first go on dominos.co.uk youll be taken to the welcome page where you will be asked to put your postcode in to find your nearest store. Not only does this allow them to put the order through to the right store youll also be able to receive all the deals, and theres normally quite a few.
          There's a few tabs at the top of the screen and my favourite one is the deals tab. They have a range of deals like a pizza and side for £X or any pizza any size for £X. Like I said before deals change from day to day and store to store so defiantly check what's available near you. The one deal that I know is the same every week at every store is two for tuesday. Basically another name for buy one get one free. And I mean we all love free things don't we?
          The range of pizzas is impressive from gourmet specials to meaty feast and even vegetarian pizzas. But if your like me and don't like the topping combinations they use there is a make your own option. Simply choose the cheese and tomato and customise it (you can change the tomato sauce to barbecue sauce if you like) and then you just pick your toppings, and there is a lot to choose from. You can also customise all their other pizzas.
          You can choose from a whole range of sides from garlic mozzarella sticks and chicken wings, there's also 4 dips for you to choose from.
          If the sides don't take your fancy there's a whole list of tongue tingleing desserts like mini pancakes and Ben and jerrys icecream.
          Need something to wash all that food down? No problem. Choose from coca cola, diet coca cola, fanta or cherry cola. You can also choose from 500ml or 1.25l bottles
          You can now also buy movies to watch online with your pizza.
          Next is checking out. This step is so quick and easy. You simply put in your details, choose your method of payment and order. You can pay using a credit/ debit card, PayPal or cash on delivery. If you choose to pay online you have the option to donate to charity by rounding up your order to the nearest pound, so if your order is £9.99 you can round it up to £10 and donate a penny to charity, every little helps. Putting your details in is very quick, you just put in your name, address, email and phone number (to send a confirmation email or to call if there is a problem with the order. Then you choose whether to deliver or collect and what time you would like it delivered.
          Once the order has been placed you can get a real time update of your order. It goes through step by step of where the pizza is ie. order has been placed, in oven, delivery so you know roughly how long it's going to take.
          There is a chance to fill out a survey on your experience although this isn't compulsory.
          The delivery drivers are always friendly and the pizzas are delivered quite quickly.
          As for the pizzas themselves, absolutely delicious! But the pizzas aren't really the thing I'm reviewing it's the website and service.
          So all of this has been fairly positive review, but there is one negative. The price. I know that takeaways aren't ever cheap but £13 for a pizza and £1.50 for a small 500ml bottle of coke seems absolutely ridiculous. If it were only a treat then it seems a bit more justified but if you are trying to feed a big party then it just racks the price up to an insane amount, especially as you can buy a pizza in Iceland for £1.
          That is why I am giving it 4 stars, I think they need to re-evaluate their prices to make them more affordable.


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          14.08.2012 01:39
          Very helpful



          I love this place!


          I remember seeing the TV advert for Domino's at breaks in between watching The Simpsons and was always curious about it but it took me quite some time to order my first pizza from there. The first domino's store opened in 1967 and has since spread in popularity worldwide. In 2007 Domino's made it possible to order online or by phone but the Pizza Tracker was not added to the site until 2008. Domino's used to offer customers in free pizza if they did not deliver within 30 minutes time but stopped doing that in certain countries after in 1992 a woman was actually killed by a Domino's delivery driver and another was insured when one ran a red light and crashed into her car. In places like Mexico, India and Turkey the 30 minutes or free pizza rule still stands. Domino's Pizza has been a long time favorite of mine. When it comes to sending out for food it always comes down to a choice between this and a chippy called Guccii Chip because they are both mine and my Boyfriends favorite places to send to for home delivery.

          You can choose to pick up your food or order online. We always order online. I really love how easy it is to do! It is the most convenient option when I do not feel particularly like cooking and the most tasty one too. With so many great deals to choose from and vouchers saving you money off your order. Domino's really is a great place to order food. I remember my first order from here. I bought Myself, Dad, Brothers and Mum it whilst still living with them. It was expensive but so very worth it! I was hooked from the first time that I answered the door and saw those Domino's box's with the garlic and herb dip placed conveniently on the side and smelt the more than pleasant aroma drifting through the hallway and into the living room. I used to always order the Domino's Waffles and occasionally sent out for them alone. Recently they appear to have stopped putting so much sugar on the waffles and never send a toffee dip anymore and as a result I have stopped getting them altogether. I am rather disappointed about this because it was one of my favorite things. The rest of the food still is lovely though and so all is not lost. Sometimes we have been given a whole lot of extra dips free and even some extra tins of coke. I think I will be trying the Chicken Mexicano at some point. I cannot quite tell if I will like it or not but I guess there's only one way to find out.


          There is quite an extensive range of food on offer and types to suit almost everyone's tastes. With a menu offering the most indulgent desserts, delicious pizzas, tempting side orders and also catering to vegetarians or those who like their pizza to have a spicy kick to it. Clearly Domino's has thought of everything! They even specify beside each pizza which is hot or which is for vegetarians by placing a little red circle with the letter H in the middle of it for spicy pizzas or a green circle with the letter V in the middle of it for vegetarians. They even made sure to include in their new Mexicano range one for vegetarians too. You also have Garlic Bread, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips etc


          * Meat Extreme - Meat Extreme has to be my favorite of all the pizzas available. I have tried quite a few and always come back to ordering this one. Layered with cheese and sauce and with stacks of Pepperoni, Ham, Chorizo, Tandoori Chicken, Smoky Bacon and Meatballs. It is really nice and even a small one leaves me absolutely stuffed.

          * Mixed Grill - This is my second favorite Pizza and it is also a meat based one. With plenty of Chopped Tomatoes, Sausage, Mushrooms and Smokey Bacon. If I am ordering a pizza for myself and not to share with my Boyfriend. I usually get a half and half which includes half of both of these delicious pizzas.

          * Hawaiian - This is my final favorite topped with Ham, Pineapple and Mushrooms. I really find I have to be in the mood for this one. I know that sounds weird but whether I get this one or not depends all on how I am feeling at the time. If I am not in the mood for this one and get it I end up leaving most of it but when I am in the mood for it its delicious.

          * Garlic and Herb Dip - This is perfect for dipping pizza in and I would not feel like my order is complete without it. It makes the crust taste even nicer and that is saying something. I am a fan of Domino's crust and particularly their stuffed crust it tastes great but even better with this dip.

          * Domino's Chocolate Chip Cookies - I love these! Sometimes I cannot be fussed on them but when I am in the mood for something sweet I really enjoy them. The cookies arrive warm and the chocolate chips just melt in your mouth.

          * Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - When ordering Domino's, I rarely finish ordering without adding a carton of their Cookie Dough to my virtual basket. It is the perfect dessert to finish a lovely dinner with and comes with a spoon so there really is no need to do any cutlery or dish cleaning. I mean who really wants to do that when you send out to a takeaway? The whole idea is that everything is done for you and you get to just sit in front of your favorite TV show, film, book or game and enjoy it

          * Domino's Stuffed Crust - I love this and noticed that the Garlic and Herb Dip and the pizza in general are much nicer with it.

          HALF AND HALF

          The half and half option is a truly excellent idea. Not always is it easy to make up your mind. I often struggle to decide which I want because there is so much choice. I went through a phase about a year ago and every time I sent to Domino's I made my left side Meat Extreme but my right side something I had yet to try. I tried The New Yorker, House Special Tandoori Chicken, Mighty Meaty, American Hot, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Meatalicious and Full house. As you can see I have almost tried all of the Pizzas on offer except the vegetarian ones, The new Mexican range and the Spanish Sizzler. I found I stuck with a half and half Meat Extreme and Mixed Grill or Meat Extreme and Hawaiian. When myself and my Boyfriend send out and split a Pizza between us. Paul gets Pepperoni on his half and I get Meat Extreme. The half and half option can save you a lot of money and even half of a medium pizza can be hard to finish. You probably will not still be hungry afterwards! Making your pizza half and half is easy. All you have to do is choose half and half from the drop down menu and then go to customize. From there you can choose which type of crust you would like and which pizza you want on your left and right side. You can also choose to add more toppings here but it will cost a bit more money.


          I think we all have felt the feeling of being absolutely starving and not wanting to wait too long for our food. Domino's is the perfect place to order from if you feel like this. You can even use the Domino's Pizza Tracker and watch all of the stages your Pizza goes through while being prepared. This is a five step process and the first step is Domino's letting you know your order has been placed. Step 2 then consists of them letting you know they are currently preparing your food. When the tracker moves to Step 3 your food is being baked. In step 4 your food is going through quality control and then the final step number 5 is for delivery. I find the pizza tracks moves so fast from 1 to 5 until the delivery person standing at my door. I sometimes wonder how they do it! The food always gets here in good condition and piping hot. If you sign up with your Facebook the order process will be significantly faster. The reason for this is they use your information from Facebook to sign you in. This prevents the need to type your address, name, phone number etc because they all are already there.


          When you land on the Home page you will see an option to view the menu now. All you have to do is click this to be transferred straight to the menu and be one step closer to your pizza being delivered. I really like the design of the site they have cleverly chosen to animate the Deal button. This of course drawing in potential customers and highlighting perhaps the most important part. This website is not cheap! Making use of the deals and vouchers will be important to anyone like myself who is not made of money. I think the animations definitely add to the attractiveness of the site. They have added all the little details that some places forget about and clearly put thought into its design. Everything is easy to understand and read. This is not a complicated site to navigate!


          When you have chosen everything you want to eat just go to the checkout. When you are at the checkout you will see an option for something named a Meal Deal Wizard. This is a handy little thing and suggests meals and things similar to what you have ordered but for a more reasonable price. The aim of this is to of course save you money and so it can be very useful. You can choose to go back to the menu from here or to add some extras which are rather annoyingly draped along the side of the page. I say annoyingly because sometimes I do not want to spend more than a certain amount of money and I often get sucked in by this adding more to my basket and I do not even end up eating it all. You can also add voucher codes from here. I find this website to be very reliable for providing me with vouchers to save money on my order http://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/domin​os.co.uk and this one too http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/dominos.uk​.com.


          I have paid by card often and never had any problems. Domino's takes your privacy very seriously and the website is secure. They say in the privacy statement that they have implemented security measures to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information placed under their control.


          Domino's can be quite expensive but if you use the voucher codes and take advantage of the great deals you will save a lot of money. You can currently feed one person for 7.49, two people 12.49, three people for 14.99 and four people for 16.99. You can also get two large pizzas for 22.99, two medium pizzas for 19.99 or with the party deal you can buy two large pizzas and get one free. Two for Tuesday is a great offer in which you buy one pizza and get another one free.


          You can choose to pay by either credit card, debit card, PayPal or just pay with cash on delivery.


          Domino's support Pennies which is an online charity box and they give you the option to support UK charities with this before checking out. The money you give will be used to support charities like The Special Olympics and The Northern Ireland Children's Hospice. I do believe it is likely that the charity's vary based on that country you are ordering Domino's from.


          Are you concerned with how many calories are in your pizza? You will find a link to a food guide. This is placed on the right side of the screen next to the selection of pizzas. All calorie counts are based on a large slice of a classic crust pizza. Calorie counts on medium and small ones will be significantly lower. If you are really worried about calorie intake they make a pizza with only four slices which is called a personal pizza.


          I have found Domino's staff to be nice people to deal with. One time my order went through twice and I am thankful they phoned to let me know and I was able to let them know it was a mistake because otherwise I would of been paying for it twice. The delivery drivers are always very pleasant and I have one to thank for reminding me that I left my keys in the door on a night that I ordered some pizza. At the very bottom of the website you will find contact details, franchise information, legal section and business information. In the contact details section you can find a section in which to complain if need be.


          I totally recommend ordering food from here. In my experience the food tastes great. It always arrives piping hot, drinks are always nice and chilled and the ice cream is never melted because they keep hot food and cold food separate. They even have it written on the bag they store cold stuff in that it is specifically for chilled things.


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            31.03.2012 17:36
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I would recommend trying Domino's on a Tuesday for the best value for money!

            I'm sure most people will have heard of the extremely popular pizza chain store Domino's. It must be one of the brand leaders, along with Pizza Hut and the newer Papa Johns (not that I am in any way an expert on these things!). They consider themselves the 'pizza delivery experts' and I think that's a fair assessment.

            If you aren't too familiar, Domino's is basically a premium take-away pizza store, I would consider the quality of the food to generally be superior to a lot of the local take-aways (in my own experience any way) although the prices at Domino's do tend to be a fair bit higher. The prices obviously vary depending on which toppings you choose, a classic large Cheese and Tomato will set you back £11.99 (the actual size is 13.5'' so it's pretty big). For one of the more fancy pizza's loaded with toppings you can expect to pay around £15.99, so it does get a little bit pricey for a take-away!

            I've always been impressed with the quality of the pizza's from Domino's - I can't really fault them. Even my Dad loves them (although he is always complaining about the cost!). The bases always taste extremely fresh, I love the fact that there are a range of bases to choose from. My boyfriend is extremely fond of the barbecue stuffed crust, which is one of the newer variations - it is a medley of cheese and barbecue sauce which I'm sure won't appeal to everyone but it is pretty good!
            You also get a free pot of garlic and herb dip with every pizza which I think is a nice touch.

            In addition to the delicious range of pizza's you can order some tasty sides too. My favourites are the Chicken Strippers and Chicken Kickers which costs around £4.49 for a medium sized portion. The chicken is always succulent and delicious, so you can tell that it is good quality.

            On the rare occasion that I have had a problem with Domino's (on one occasion they delivered the wrong pizza) I have always found the customer service to be outstanding. I simply emailed the branch explaining the problem, and they sent me vouchers for two large free pizzas! I was really pleased.

            I have found that they are always very speedy with delivering the food too. They usually arrive within 20 minutes, and if you order your food online there is even a special pizza tracker you can follow.

            Now, I normally refuse to pay full price from Domino's which is why I would suggest going on a Tuesday! Every Tuesday at all Domino's branches (as far as I'm aware)they offer a buy one get one free policy. It is only available on medium and large pizza's, but I would say it is definitely worth getting! Failing that, you can usually find Domino's voucher codes around online if you are willing to have a little look.


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              11.02.2012 22:18



              Nice for a treat

              I have just taken full advantage of the 'any pizza for £9.99' deal that runs until sunday.

              I ordered online as it seems to be the quickest way to see the menu, all the deals, and see your order progressing. Yes there is a page that tracks your order so you know when it will be arriving.

              They have a variety of set pizzas, but I think the best thing to do is to create your own. Then you can add things like double cheese, different sauce, cheese filled crust.

              The pizzas are full of bad things and are very calorific, so they are definitely not for regular consumption!

              In addition to pizza they also offer side dishes like potato wedges and chicken dippers. If you think you will still be hungry after all of that then you can also choose desert and fizzy drink.

              The ordering process is so easy, there are pictures and descriptions of everything. You can either pay by card or pay by cash when they arrive for no extra charge. My meal tonight was delivered within 20minutes from me ordering.

              If your are feeling hungry tonight or tomorrow then take advantage of getting a large pizza for £9.99. Other deals include a large pizza with 2 free deserts for £17.99.


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              01.02.2012 21:41
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              tasty pizza but expensive!

              ~About Domino's~

              Domino's Pizza originated in the USA in the 1960s. Domino's is an international pizza delivery company and they have stores around the world. Domino's pizzas can be bought ordered by visiting the store, over the phone or online through www.dominos.co.uk.

              ~Website Layout and Navigation~

              When you visit the website, you are asked to submit your post code. Your nearest store will pop up and they will confirm if they deliver to you or not. The website is engaging yet uncluttered. Everything is easy to read and the pictures of the food that Domino's offer, are tastefully presented.

              The main area of the website is split into easy to navigate sections. The website allows you to order food stage by stage. An account tab is located on the right hand side and records what you have put in your 'basket' and the running total for your order. You can access the important terms and conditions etc along the bottom of the screen.


              Domino's special offers are often promoted on the television. Some offers are designed to tie in with current events (Big Brother/World Cup etc) whilst others are regular offers. Current offers include..

              '3 pizzas for the price of 2'
              'buy a medium pizza, get a dessert/side free'
              'buy 4 small pizzas for just £5.55 each'


              Domino's offer a wide range of pizzas and there is plenty to suit meat eaters and vegetarians. You can opt to buy a small, medium or large pizza. Domino's allow you to create your own pizzas by selecting from around 30 individual toppings (priced from 95p each). You can opt for different pizza bases including stuffed crust (£2.00), thin and crispy etc. You can also swap a regular Domino's sauce to garlic/sundried tomato sauce. Cheese can be exchanged to a low fat version for no extra cost.

              There are several pizzas available. Small pizzas are priced from £10.99, medium from £12.99 and large from £14.99. The most expensive pizza is the Quattro Formaggio which is priced at £17.99 for a large size. This pizza is topped with some unusual cheeses. You can buy a 'half and half' pizza which is ideal for families with different tastes and preferences. I won't list all of the available pizzas but here are a few..

              'Chicken Feast - chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn'
              'Tandoori Hot - Tandoori chicken, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and jalapeno peppers'
              'Veg - a - Roma - sundried tomato and garlic sauce, onions, mushrooms, green peppers and herbs

              Domino's offer regular pizza options including Cheese and Tomato and also Ham and Pineapple. There is currently 20 'set' pizzas available.


              Domino's offer 10 sides which are ideal as starters. These sides are priced from £3.99 - £5.99. Options include garlic bread, mozzerella sticks, chicken strips, potato wedges etc. Dips are available for 35p each.

              Domino's offer 2l bottles of fizzy juice for £2.25.

              Domino's offer Ben and Jerry's ice cream in 4 different flavours. 500ml tubs are priced at £4.99. They also offer 3 other desserts - chocolate melt, cookies and waffles. These desserts are priced at £3.99 each.

              ~Ordering and Delivery~

              Once you have chosen what you want, you can proceed to checkout. Payment can be made by cash (on delivery), by debit or credit card or by PayPal. You will receive an email confirmation. One thing I like about ordering with Domino's is that you can select a rough time for your order to be delivered (in 15 min slots). This is ideal if you know you will be ordering a Domino's as you can put the order in earlier in the day. My local Domino's is Hamilton, Lanarkshire and it is open 11am-11pm. I believe they do lunch food which can be collected though deliveries are for evenings only.

              Whilst you wait for your order, you can 'track' it online. The order status changes from 'order placed' 'prepared' 'baked' 'quality control' and 'delivery' A handy thing to watch! There is no delivery charge and the minimum food order is £9.99. The food is presented in cardboard boxes. It is worth noting that you can find out the ingredients list and calorie details of your food on the website.

              ~Our Experience~

              We don't tend to eat take aways very often now as I cook a lot of food from scratch. On the odd occasion where we want to treat ourselves, we usually opt for a Chinese or Indian. We have to be in the mood for a Domino's. The notion has came over us twice in the past month. We often receive leaflets in offering us money off our order. A recent leaflet came through the post and contained several coupons. One coupon we received was £10 off when we spent £30.00. I would only buy if we have a coupon as I feel Domino's is quite expensive (even if it is tasty food!).

              I find the website very easy to use and have never had issues with it. Our nearest store is quite a few miles away yet still deliver to us. I think this is brilliant as the (even closer) Pizza Hut won't deliver to us despite putting vouchers through out door! Whenever we have ordered, our delivery has arrived at the time we asked for it (usually 30mins after ordering).The driver has always been friendly and efficient. I once phoned my local Domino's to double check something and also found them to be pleasant and happy to help.

              Food is always well presented and more importantly, hot. Domino's have such a good range of food available and there is something to suit everyone. In the past, we have tried some of the limited edition pizzas which we found to be good. The desserts menu changes regularly and I must say, I miss the brownies that they used to offer! The current deals are really good and a few weeks ago, we took advantage of the 'buy a medium pizza and get a dessert free' deal which worked out a good price.

              ~Yummy Food!~

              The order we placed a few weeks ago was very satisfying. The medium pizza has 8 slices and they are big slices which are pre-cut. On that occasion, we opted for a 'half and half' pizza on a regular base. The base is different from other pizzas in my opinion. It doesn't taste greasy or heavy and the toppings were plentiful. My fiance had Ham and Pineapple on his half and I had Americano (BBQ sauce, pepperoni, chicken, onion and herbs). Everything was cooked to perfection and they didn't skimp on the meat - very flavoursome and filling. Previous pizzas we have enjoyed include the Texas BBQ and the Mighty Meaty. If you can get meatballs as an extra topping then do so as they are delicious.

              Our most recent order was Friday night and we placed an order for delivery at around 5.30pm and by that time, I was starving! We made use of our coupon and spent £30.00. This is a lot of money to spend on a meal for just the 2 of us but there was enough there to do up to 4 people. Our total order came to £20.31 when the coupon was deducted so a decent saving and ideal if you are having a few people around for a take away and film.

              We ordered two sides - Garlic Mozzarella Sticks (5 breaded garlic mozzarella sticks served with a dip -vegetarian friendly) and the Strippers Combo (a full portion of chicken strippers and potato wedges. Served with dips). The portion sizes are really good and it is a case of 'tuck in'. We also ordered a Sweet Chilli dip but there were few, flavoursome dips with the sides and they were presented in foil sealed tubs. The sides were delicious. The mozzarella sticks had a lovely coating and a stringy cheese filling. The potato wedges were lightly spiced and fluffy inside. The chicken strips were like gourjons and very tasty and made with a good quality chicken.

              We opted for a 'half and half' pizza again this time - a medium one but with a stuffed crust base this time. The stuffed crust is similar to what Pizza Hut offer. It is lovely and cheesy with a hint of herbs. My fiance opted for 'Hawaiian' on his half which is ham, pineapple and mushroom. He enjoyed it and scoffed every slice without complaint (well he scoffed 2 slices and had the rest when he came home from the pub - it is apparently tasty even when cold!) . I found the Hawaiian to be very tasty and the pineapple pieces were lovely and juicy.

              I went for 'Spanish Sizzler' which had a mix of roast chicken, green peppers, sausage and Roquito peppers.
              This pizza is quite spicy so not for those who prefer milder options. There was plenty of topping on my half and I found the pizza to have a delicious, but hot flavour. The chicken was well cooked (almost chargrilled) but the chorizo sausage was in small cubes and I personally prefer slices of sausage on my pizza. It was tasty though I prefer Americano. The tomato based sauce under my half was lovely and flavoursome and the cheese as slightly golden on top. A pleasant combination.

              You would think that we wouldn't have room for dessert but you would be wrong. I always manage to fit dessert in! On the last two occasions, we have plumped for the waffles (2 baked waffles with a sprinkling of sugar, served with a chocolate dip). Our waffles were wrapped in tin foil inside a box and even after an hour or so, were still perfectly warm. Two is plenty for two people to share as a 'sweet treat' following the pizza. They are a good size and thickness - golden brown and have a slightly rough texture. They are delicious sweet and dipped in the chocolate, they are to die for! Heaven! The chocolate is quite rich so counteracts some of the sugary sweetness from the waffles.

              I do feel a few more desserts choices would be beneficial to the company. The cookies are yummy too.


              Overall I can highly recommend ordering from the Domino's website. It is simple to order food, convenient, the service is great and the food is delicious and fresh tasting. The prices are a bit higher than your average chippy pizza would be though the quality is far better. Look out for leaflets coming through your door as you can save yourself a bit of cash. I normally pay by cash but have used both my debit card and PayPal without any problems - it is secure and easy to pay.

              I have never had a bad 'meal' from Domino's so have never had reason to complain.

              5 stars - top marks Domino's!

              Thanks for reading :)


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                22.05.2011 12:52
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                Good pizza straight to your door

                I enjoy pizza from any outlet whether that is Pizza Hut or a chilled version I cook at home but it is especially great when you order your choice and it is delivered within a short amount of time direct to your door. The last three times I bought pizza this way was with Domino's and the help of their UK website. The home page of dominos.co.uk asks you to type in your post code so the nearest branch to your home can be established, and then you are able to continue your selection and complete your order.

                When it comes to the toppings you can either customise the choices that you make or you can select one of the standard versions like the Scrummy, Mighty Meat, Beef and Onion Pie or the Vegetarian Supreme. In recent times I have definitely eaten the Scrummy and the Chicken Feast which contains obviously chicken, sweet corn and mushrooms. The sizes on offer are the personal (7"), the small (9.5"), medium (11.5") and the large (13.5"). The small has been enough of a serving for me the last couple of times, maybe my appetite is below average I don't know and at work I have shared two medium pizzas with three or four colleagues. Although the quality is not in doubt I think the products are a little on the pricey side with a small pizza costing £11.99 for 6 slices but you can take advantage of various special offers including at the moment the quite well publicised two for Tuesday deal where you can buy a medium or large size and get another one free.

                As well as these you can order sides to compliment your pizza; I have had the garlic bread once or twice which is tremendously moist and soft. The sides menu includes also potato wedges and chicken items. Desserts include ice cream, waffles and cookies. With your food you can have carbonated drinks delivered but these don't seem to be priced that competitively.

                The last three times I have had my order delivered by different people and it always arrived within the hour, I was able to pay cash to the driver and all of them were extremely polite and friendly. My pizzas have always been hot, tasted fresh and the flavours were fantastic. Once you have placed your order online you are able to keep track of its progress, through preparation, baking and then finally when it is on its way to you so all in all dominos.co.uk provide great pizza to eat with family and friends every now and again with fantastic reliable accompanying service in my experience.


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                  30.03.2011 18:03
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                  Fantastic Pizza

                  Domino's Pizza Online - dominos.co.uk

                  Everyone likes pizza right? Such a versatile dish that can be customised to suit anybodies palate no matter how delicate (unless of course, you cant eat the basic bread and tomato). See, thats the great thing with pizza, especially handy if you have fussy eaters in your household, or indeed you are yourself a fussy eater. Don't like pepperoni? Leave it off the pizza. Love anchovies? Add an extra handful. You see how it works. Pizza must be a godsend to many parents of stubborn children who refuse to eat certain things, and it doesn't have to be unhealthy either! There are many varieties of topping that you could put together that are very healthy indeed.

                  Domino's cook up a storm in the kitchen, they always have done ever since their first outlet opened in 1985. I remember when I was little pizza was a special treat for us (well, pizza delivered was anyway), in my whole childhood I probably had to suffer the heartbreak of only about 4 pizzas in total. As kids we loved it, whether this was because pizzas are delicious or whether it was such a luxury that we virtually went hyper at the thought I don't know.

                  How times have changed

                  Remember the times when you had to pick up the phone to order a pizza? The endless hours spent arguing over the flimsy pizza shop menus hastily shoved through your letterbox in their droves? Things have changed so much since the advent of the first Dominos outlet opening, the dawn of the internet opened up so many new avenues for the company, and indeed for fast food restaurants in general. You now don't have to bother with the hassle of picking up the phone, you don't have to bother with the exertion of actually going to collect your pizza. Instead, you can now order online from the comfort of your own home, take as long as you like over the menu, take advantage of special offers and then place your order over the internet. You don't even need to worry about the small issue of paying for your food when it arrives! Just pay online by card!


                  As websites go, dominos.co.uk is appealing. The web designers have done a fantastic job recreating the companies corporate image and dominos red and blue logo and colours are instantly recognisable. The website is easy to navigate and very straightforward to place an order. I have been ordering from Dominos online now for quite some time, and wouldnt ever ever never dream of picking up a phone again! At least by ordering online there are no arguments when the pizza comes of:

                  "Hang on! I ordered ham and pepperoni, NOT spam and pastrami!!!"
                  The website really is so simple. When you first visit the site you are given the option to log in to place an order, or to register for an account before you begin. Obviously you only need to register once and this really only takes a few minutes. Next time you go back to dominos you can just log in with your email address and password and you have the world of all things pizza at your fingertips.

                  The Menu

                  When I first ordered from dominos online (and before I had registered), I assumed that they would have a fairly limited selection of deliciousness available. Oh boy, how wrong I was! They have the full menu available, and you can even take advantage on special offers (although a number of offers, sadly, remain collection only).
                  When you first log into the website you are given a rather friendly welcome message addressing you by name. One aspect I particularly like is that when you first log in (assuming you have ordered before), there is a section right in front of you that says:

                  "Fancy the usual?"
                  Below this is listed the last few things that you have ordered. A fantastic idea, especially if you usually build your own pizza with a number of toppings because you can order it again straight away without having to add (and remember) them all again. Well done dominos on that score, I have used that quite a bit to re-order something I have ordered before.Right then, back to the menu... aside from your previous orders you have the full menu selection available:

                  * Starters
                  * Pizzas
                  * Desserts
                  * Drinks
                  * Meal Deals

                  You can choose anything you want from the menus, gradually go through them, select the items, and just add to basket. It really is that simple. The menu differes slightly depending on where you live and what your local outlet offers, and also the menu is changed occasionally so sometimes you might see a few new things on there. I have had much of the food from dominos now and have always found it all to be of exceptional quality.

                  This is probably my favourite part of the menu. I regularly build an order made up entirely of starters, with no pizza at all, this is entirely acceptable and very very yummy if I say so myself!

                  If you need your taste buds tickling, here is a selection of the starters currently available at my local dominos outlet online:

                  Cheese and Bacon Loaded Potato Skins
                  Positively yummy, I regularly buy these. Quite simply they are mini jacket potato halves loaded with cheese and bacon. You also get two dips with these, garlic and herb and BBQ.

                  Cheese and Onion Loaded Potato Skins
                  Pretty much the same as the above but with cheese and onion instead. These are also very very delicious. You also get two dips with these, garlic and herb and BBQ.

                  Kickers Combo
                  Regardless of what I order, this starter is ALWAYS on my menu. I absolutely love it to pieces. It comprises a portion of potato wedges and domino's chicken kickers (which are spicy goujons of chicken). This dish is served with 3 dips, 2 x garlic and herb and one hot sauce.

                  Chicken Kickers
                  A portion of these consists of 7 chicken goujons that are in a "mildly spicy, crispy coating" that is according to dominos website, however I have found these to be a little to spicy for my liking, but as part of a larger order I always get these in combination with potato wedges.

                  Garlic Pizza Bread
                  Not a regular of my basket I'm afraid but I have had it a few times and it is basically a 6 inch pizza consisting of cheese, tomato and garlic. Very yummy, but I find that shop bought garlic bread is much nicer.

                  Stripper Combo
                  Put away those tongues boys. No, this dish does not come with its very own stripper! Instead it comes with a portion of chicken strippers and a portion of potato wedges. VERY yummy! quite addictive too! Also served with three dips

                  What can I say? I love coleslaw and everyone knows what it is, its such a shame they normally call me after I order this to say they dont have any!

                  You can also buy the potato wedges and chicken strippers separately at £3 for the wedges and £4 for the strippers. Also, you can buy extra dips at a cost of 35p each but to be honest anybody who does so is a fool as I always find I have far to many dips as it is included with the food!

                  I do enjoy this part of the menu, although I probably more often order only starters and no pizza, but if I'm feeling extravagant I will order a pizza too! Greedy me!

                  I shant go into too much detail on the pizzas currently available as they are subject to change but here is a selection that are currently available:

                  Chicken Tikka Pizza - Tikka Masala Sauce, Tandoori Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes - Served with Mango Dip
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £9.00 to large (13.5") at £17.00

                  Original Cheese & Tomato - Topped with 100% mozzarella cheese and Domino's own tomato sauce
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £6.00 to large (13.5") at £13.00
                  Pepperoni Passion - Extra Pepperoni and double mozzarella cheese on Domino's tomato sauce base
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £8.00 to large (13.5") at £16.00

                  Chicken Feast - Chicken, Mushrooms, Sweetcorn
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £8.00 to large (13.5") at £16.00
                  Domino's Premiere - Spicy chorizo, pepperoni, sizzling steak and pastrami together with Domino's tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £9.00 to large (13.5") at £17.00

                  Full House - Onions, green peppers, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, ground beef, ham, sweetcorn, pineapple
                  Prices range from personal (7") at £9.00 to large (13.5") at £17.00

                  The above is really just a sample of the many pizza's available. My personal favourite is the Full House, but maybe I am just a pig??

                  You can also build your own pizza from scratch from a huge range of available toppings. First choose your base from small to large, ranging in price up to £13.00 or more. Then add your toppings. Additional toppings cost £0.90 each for a small pizza and £1.30 each for a lrage pizza (you can also put double toppings on but this of course doubles the price). An excellent way though, of coping with fussy eaters!

                  I am afraid I can't really vouch much for this section as I have never ordered desserts (like to watch my waistline). The desserts on offer range from cookies to waffles, chocolate brownies and dips. I seem to remember they used to sell ice-cream, but they don't appear to now, but maybe thats just my local dominos. Perhaps their freezer has broken ;)

                  As with all fast food restaurants, Domino's offers the standard range of soft drinks:

                  * Coca Cola
                  * Diet Coca Cola
                  * Fanta
                  * Sprite

                  These are 1.25 litre bottles of the first three at £2.00 and a 2l bottle of sprite for £2.00.
                  Meal Deals
                  The meal deals section is used to advertise any special offers. Regrettably these do seem to be few and far away, for example today is Monday, and if I look on there now, there is an offer "Two for Tuesday". Clearly I cannot use this offer until tomorrow, good job I dont want pizza today else I will probably cry!

                  Ordering and Checkout

                  Ordering is so easy a fly could do it! Seriously!. Just pick the items you want, add them to your basket, and then click on checkout. It will take you few just a few steps asking if you want the items delivered or if you will collect from store. If you want them delivered you can choose to have them delivered as soon as possible or to choose a time later that day.


                  Payment is easy too! If you collect from store you can pay at the store when you get there. If you choose to have your pizza delivered, then you can choose to pay either online by card, or cash on delivery. Personally I prefer paying online as the drivers don't stand there waiting for a tip if you have already paid!


                  Can't fault it to be perfectly honest. I always ask for delivery to be made as soon as possible and I have never had to wait more than about 40 minutes, and that is on a friday evening when they are probably at their busiest.
                  Would I recommend?
                  Absolutely!!! Grab a pizza the action!
                  Anything to watch out for?

                  Yep! Just be careful you dont get carried away! The first time I ordered from dominos online I had eyes bigger than my belly and ended up spending about £45 just on myself!!! Its so easy to do if you go willy nilly adding things to your basket.


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                    24.01.2011 02:31



                    Fingers crossed that your pizza arrives in good condition or bare the brunt of the Dominos staff

                    The first down of the Dominos order was ordering a thin crust pepperoni pizza with BBQ sauce which arrived like the cardboard box it arrived in and as black as the night. The remainder of the order was fabulous the custom made pizza was divine. Having phoned up the store I was promised a replacement asap (the first up) 60 minutes later no pizza or phone call(down). Phoning back up I asked to cancel the order and asked for a refund for the pizza, passed onto the store manager who promised faithfully a refund for the full order as well as a free large pizza. Sunday comes (a day and a half later) and no refund or phone call. Phoning back up on the Sunday I was passed from pillar to post until I mentioned a phone call to head office, within four hours a full refund was posted through the door. No apology...........

                    Despite the severe lack of customer service I cannot doubt the quality of pizza having ordered many times from there before I have to admit that this is the first time I have had to complain before.


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                      24.11.2010 14:41
                      Very helpful



                      If you love pizza and dont mind paying a bit extra then Domino's could well be for you!

                      As well as the crusts Domino's pizza bases are really light and fluffy and taste delicious. My usual modus operandi (MO) is to eat the main triangle piece of the pizza then dip the remaining crust into one of their selection of dips (chilli being my favourite). Pizza delivery time can sometimes take a bit but I'm happy with that as they are cooking it fresh. Domino's pizza is best eaten steaming hot. They have the usual array of toppings that most pizza places have so nothing special there. The side dishes in my opinion are not great value for money... you get small amounts and its pricey. The pizza's are also expensive as you are mostly paying for the Domino branding.

                      Their pizza's are better than most but it does come at a bit of an extra cost. If you would like to try Domino's keep an eye out for the offers as most stores on a Tuesday offer a buy one get one free promotion. If you was to team up with a friend you could then get a pizza at a fairly decent price and share the cost. Domino's are quite good with promotions and they always seem to have something on, on one day or another. It also pays to check local papers and such as vouchers can be included if you live in the vicinty of a Domio's.

                      Main Points:
                      Crusts and base of Pizza are unmatched by anyone else!
                      Pizza toppings are just standard so nothing special there.
                      Cost is not really value for money but this can be offset by the use of vouchers and promotions.


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                      23.10.2010 23:36
                      Very helpful



                      A great takeaway although a little expensive.

                      Dominos pizza is one of those takeaways that are strictly for treats!

                      For the price it's definately worth the money and it tastes even better when you manage to find a half price discount code or get a special deal which they have on occasionally. Most of the codes are only available via the website which is what we'll review.

                      When you first click on to the site you're met with new releases and offers. To access the menu simply click the big green button saying 'Go Now'.

                      Once inside there are tabs to show your progress. Below there are more tabs for Deals, Pizza, Sides, Desserts, Drinks and Subs.

                      On each menu you're greeted with various options of what you can order. It's all added to your order where you can remove things you don't like or further want.

                      At the pizza ordering stage you can either choose to order one of the pre-prepared orders or custom make a pizza with whatever toppings you fancy. There are 4 sizes to choose from, 4 different bases and a large variety of toppings. It does however seem to cost a lot more to custom make a pizza than to choose one of the pre prepared ones.

                      The website is pretty easy to use and navigate through. It's brightly coloured and once you've placed your order there is a type of tracker that tells you when the pizza is cooking and then when it's been dispatched for delivery.

                      On the whole the website is really good although the pricing is pretty conflicting. The pizza is delicious and there is usually plenty left over for the next day - Bonus!


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                      06.09.2010 21:46
                      Very helpful



                      A quick way to order your pizza

                      I am a big pizza fan, is my partner and we both love Dominos Pizza. I used to live close enough our local Dominos to collect on foot, but now we live a little further away and find delivery to be the best option.

                      As I am sure most people do, we usually order by phone to have a Dominos delivery, but there are times when I just can not be dealing with talking to people on the phone, and these are the times when I turn to the internet to order my pizza. Luckily Dominos have a website which you can place an order on, and have it delivered directly to your door.

                      www.dominos.co.uk is the full web address you need to go to in order to place an order. The first thing you will come across when you enter the site is the need to enter your postcode, so that the site knows where you need the pizza delivered to, and also where your nearest store is. You will then be told which is your nearest store, it's address, and it's delivery times and opening times. From here you can then see the full menu of Pizza, Sides, Drinks and Deserts, as well as all special offers too.

                      It is really easy to place an order on the site, you just pick what you want, what size and base, and then add it to your basket. Once you have chosen everything you want, you go into your basket and click on the checkout option. You will then be taken to a page where you will have to fill in the delivery details including name and address. You also have the option of signing up to the site so you can store all your details for future use. I find this option very handy, as I don't have to enter my address every time I order.

                      Payment can be taken on the site by credit or debit card (most major cards accepted) or you can chose to pay by cash on delivery. The price is shown to you before you confirm your order, so if you change your mind there is no problems. Once your have confirmed your order, an email is sent to you to re confirm it all, telling you what you have ordered and an estimated delivery time. There is also the brilliant option of seeing your order progress, which shows when it is being made, cooked and sent out of the store for delivery.

                      I have used the site for orders many a time now, and the food always arrives before the estimated delivery time told to me in the email, and I have never had any problems, My order is always right too. I usually pay by card on the website, as this saves any hassles at the door. The site is easy enough to use, and everything is simple to find, with a search option also available. The menu is clearly displayed and all prices are easy to see too. The site is a bit plain, but this really isn't a bother to me. I do not think anything else could be added to this site, it is perfect for its purpose, in my opinion.

                      If you fancy a pizza, and want to order online, then I would truly recommend Dominos.co.uk as you really can not get any better I think.

                      *This review is also on Ciao under the name of Hailee*


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                        24.08.2010 17:24
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Treat yourself!

                        Like all healthy university students, I started using the Dominos website about 3 years ago, and became slightly addicted... However, I don't think I would be as addicted if they didn't have the online option!

                        Their website is fantastic! You can set up an account where it stores your details, or you can be a one off customer.

                        You start off by typing in your own postcode and it tells you where your nearest Dominos is and whether they can deliver. If you're good to go (your nearest is willing to deliver), then it will take you to the menu section where it lists all the pizza, pudding, drinks, starters and dips. You can make your own pizza or customise a set pizza e.g. remove the peppers from Texas BBQ pizza.

                        Everything is priced and you can pick the size of pizza you want. If you want a drink you can choose between a bottle or a can.

                        Everything you order comes up in a list on the side with a running total to tell you how much you've spent. Once you're ready to order, proceed to checkout. Here it will ask for a name, phone number, address and whether there are any set instructions e.g. press a buzzer. You can either pay by card or pay by cash when your pizza arrives.

                        If you pick the 'ASAP' option for delivery, I've found that the pizza arrives between 30mins and 45 mins after you've ordered and the delivery person has never arrived with something missing, or brought something I didn't order. However, you can also arrange for it to come at a set time, which is another fantastic feature.

                        It also gives you the option to pick up your order instore, so you can order ahead.

                        As you can probably guess, I'm a massive fan of Dominos. This has made me hungry for a Dominos pizza now...


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