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7 Reviews
  • £5!
  • Great clothes
  • Should be a set postage fee
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    7 Reviews
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      07.09.2014 19:22
      Very helpful


      • £5!


      A great site for bargains

      I first bought something from everything5pounds.com a few years ago now. I had heard about the site through friends and thought I would check it out. I must say that I wasn't expecting much and thought that there would not be much for sale and that the delivery charge would somehow make it not so much of a bargain.

      Anyone can visit everything5pounds.com and it's really easy to sign up to the website. If you sign up you then get emails on new products as they become available. You can also like the site on Facebook and new products come up on your news feed.

      Going onto the site you see that there are loads of items for sale all nicely sorted into categories. The main annoying thing about this site is that's ofen items are available in different colours but you don't see this until you click into the specific item.

      I have bought quite a few items from everything5pounds.com and overall I am really pleased with them. Epmost things you buy from the site have the label cut out so you don't know what brand the item originally was. I think that the site bulk buys end of line items from large retailers and sell them on. This means that you really can get a bargain as I know that's I bought one dress from this site at £5 when it was originality sold from Oasis at £25.

      The postage is really reasonable as they just charge you what Royal Mail charge for a package so you know they are not ripping you off with that. Of course buying anything online you can't physically see the items or try before you buy. They do have a good returns policy but I have never returned anything because it is only £5!


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      18.06.2014 02:21


      • "Great clothes"


      • "Should be a set postage fee "


      I heard about this site a few years ago as my mum recommended it. I went on the site and I do think it is really good but has a few down points. Good point I would say are Lots of choice of clothes. can order bags. Costume jewelry. Shoes. Clothes ECt It''s also good Aswel coz one product is sometimes in 5 colours. Bad point I would say Should have a set postage fee Some clothes are smaller than the size it says Also sometimes a lot of products are one size but which one size??? Size 12 or size 16 or size 22. Overall they sell great produces long lasting and cheap n cheerful.


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      05.11.2013 17:03
      Very helpful



      Would definitely recommend.

      When I first heard about everything5pounds.com, I honestly thought it was one of those 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' situations. I am happy to say I was wrong. I have been a customer of this website for well over a year now, and would definitely recommend them.

      Everything 5 pounds does exactly what you would expect from a website with that name; it sells items which are all £5. Whilst the primary focus is on womens wear, including footwear and accessories, they also have a children's wear section.

      *Website Overview*

      The website itself is well designed, very clear and easy to navigate. Sections are clearly marked, even down to FAQs and delivery info, which some websites seem to 'hide' or make difficult to find! The site loads well and the photos shown are always clear and true representations of items. The search function is, I would say 'better than average', returning hits which are relevant and not just a mish mash of anything with similar characters in unlike other websites' search engines!

      *Womens Wear*

      The women's wear section is by far the largest on site, and offers all the usual things you would expect, from dresses and skirts, coats, jackets and knitwear, to trousers, tops and lingerie. I have personally ordered tops, dresses and cardigans from this section, and overall have been pleased with them. On the negative side, it is easy to see where the costs are saved on some items, for example slightly dodgy zips or a lot of loose threads hanging from an item, but by the same token I have always felt I have had good value for money on the items I have received, and haven't received anything I felt was unwearable from a quality point of view.

      The one negative thing I would say about items is that sizing seems to vary a fair bit over different items, particularly on items which are sized in ranges such as 10-12; on a couple of occasions, I have ordered different items in one order, which are sized the same onsite, but when they arrived, some fit beautifully whereas others refused to do up over my 'lady bumps'! I would advise anyone thinking of ordering to check customer comments/reviews on individual items, as often people will flag it up if an item tends to run smaller/bigger than average. I have followed advice from such comments a few times and it hasn't failed me yet! This of course makes things a little bit tricky if you are ordering for someone else, and one improvement I would love to see made is more detailed measurements of individual items on the listings onsite.


      There is a very surprising amount of variety available onsite for the price, from boots to heels, flats to platforms. Again, I have ordered several pairs of various shoes/boots, and overall have been very pleased with the quality of them. Unfortunately, also again, there sometimes seems to be a little issue with sizing, and I would again urge you to check customer comments regarding this on any individual item before ordering.


      I ordered several handbags from the site for my kids to use at my sister's wedding. I also ordered one for myself. I was really pleased with the overall quality of the bags, and also liked the fact that even with the 'clutch' bags, a chain was provided which can be attached inside the bag to convert it into a shoulder bag. On one of the bags the clasp was a tiny bit stiff to open, but we just greased it a little bit and after that it was fine. We all got lots of comments on how lovely our bags were, and people were very surprised to find out that they had been purchased so cheaply.

      *Childrens Wear*

      This seems to be a section of the site which is currently being developed. Not so long ago, there was no childrens wear at all ever in it, and even now there are only maybe 10 or so items available at any one time. So far I haven't seen anything that caught my eye, but given my experiences of other items, it is a section I will keep checking to see if I find anything as if I liked something I would have no hesitation about ordering it.


      P&P costs are based on weight and are extremely reasonable. I had wondered initially if everything 5 pounds were clawing back money lost on the price of items through postage charges, but would definitely say this is not the case.

      As well as being reasonably priced, delivery has always been very fast and efficient, and well packaged.


      I recently had to return a pair of boots which I had purchased for my daughter, as when they arrived they were considerably larger than the size stamped on them. I ordered a 2, but was delivered the European equivalent of a 2.5, but could actually get my 5.5 foot into them! I emailed everything 5 pounds, and received a response the next day, apologising and informing me that they would send a returns slip with a pre paid postage sticker. I received this within a couple of days and packaged the item up for return.

      They refunded the cost of the item as well as a contribution towards my original postage payment (I ordered several items in one parcel, so I assume the amount for this was representative of one item's portion of the p&p bill). The refund was received quickly and with no quibbles. I am really happy with the returns service, second to none.

      *Everything 5 Pounds on Facebook*

      In all honesty, this tends to be a source of frustration for me rather than anything else! Whilst they do highlight new arrivals and popular items, the very fact that this is done on facebook means that often within minutes of a post popping up, an item has sold out. I tend to rely on email notifications of new arrivals rather than the Facebook portal for this reason.

      I know some companies offer discounts/offer codes on their Facebook pages, but haven't yet seen any of these for this company, although to be fair everything is highly discounted already! They do send reminder posts to their Facebook page about their weekly prize draw (£100 voucher to be won), which I have yet to win..booo...lol, but you can enter this draw via the website so don't necessarily need to be a Facebook 'liker' to do this.

      *Email Notifications*

      I really like this particular feature from this website. I am always a bit wary about signing up for email mailing lists, fearing a deluge of spam, but I can honestly say that I have only ever received relevant emails informing me of products, and probably on average once a week I would recommend signing up to this as its often the best way to find out about new releases as they happen, and get to the items before they sell out!


      I would definitely recommend this website to friends and family, but do bear in mind to check comments about sizing on individual items. It is also worth noting that popular things sell out VERY quickly in certain sizes, so if you see something you like it is best to order it straight away.


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        19.11.2012 02:53
        Very helpful



        I love this site! Please give it a go and let me know how you got on!

        I first heard about this website, www.everything5pounds.com when my sister mentioned in an email that everyone was banging on about it and she recommended that I had a look. She failed to mention what the website was selling, but I correctly guessed from the name it would sell things that cost £5.

        ~ What does the site sell? ~
        I went on the website and was surprised to see that it is a website selling women's clothing and shoes.

        There are 11 sections on the website: dresses, tops, knitwear, jackets and coats, footwear, trousers and leggings, skirts and shorts, accessories, bags, lingerie and nightwear and finally childrenswear.
        There is a good variety of items in the tops, dresses and footwear sections. There are currently more than 300 items in the tops section and over 300 in the dresses section as well. The footwear section has over 500 items. The other sections aren't bad, but they all have less than 100 items in each at the minute.

        To clarify, all of the items that the website sells cost £5.00 each.

        ~ Browsing ~
        Browsing is fairly easy. You can only view 21 items per page and there is nothing to indicate the colours that items are available in and you must click onto the item to see the range of colours.
        I have regularly found that the colour shown in the picture is no longer a colour the item is available to buy in. I have also found that many sizes are sold out, but they do get restocked.
        Sometimes I find that I add an item to my basket and then when I proceed to the checkout the item is marked sold out and you cannot proceed without deleting the item from your basket, but then the item will continue to remain available to buy on the website.
        Many items have marks out of 5 and reviews written about them. I tried to submit a few reviews of a few items I'd bought (which were positive) but they didn't appear on the website.
        There is a search bar on the website so if you know part of the name of the product you are looking for then you can find it by searching.

        ~ Ordering ~
        I placed my first order after deciding on a few items that I fancied. I bought a stunning shiny pair of high heels, a pair of suede-look boots and 2 dresses. You can write a review on each of the items and previous customers had reviewed these items and I felt confident that the quality would be alright despite the low price.
        I found ordering from the website simple. It is similar to any other website that you can make purchases on. You just simply enter your email address, name, address, delivery address and card details. I have found the site to be completely safe. You don't need to worry about entering your bank details or anything.
        You will receive an email confirming your order and then another email when it has been shipped.
        The items are shipped from the United Kingdom. The company address is:
        Unit 4,5,6 Brent Trading Estate
        390 North Circular Road
        Great Central Way
        NW10 0JF

        ~ Postage ~
        The postage costs are determined by the weight of the items that you are ordering. The price of postage starts at £3.95 or there is an option to pay a bit more and receive your order Royal Mail special delivery where the order will usually arrive the next day. These prices go up the more items that you order.
        For my first order the standard postage charge was £8.22 for 2 dresses, a pair of shoes and a pair of boots, which I think is fair considering that each item is only £5.00 so they have to pass the postage costs on to customers.
        My second order was 2 pairs of shoes and 4 dresses and the postage was £8.22.
        My third order was 6 dresses and 1 pair of shoes and the postage was £8.22.
        My latest order was for 5 pairs of shoes, 2 pairs of boots and a top and postage was £11.02.

        ~ Returns ~
        I have made many purchases from this website and I have not had to return one item.
        The returns policy allows you to return an item in its original condition within 14 days of receipt. On receipt of the returned items the website promises a full refund including the delivery charges.
        I have not used the returns service so I am unable to give my thoughts on it.

        ~ The goods ~
        The goods I have ordered have always arrived well packaged and in excellent condition although I must admit that some of the dresses I have ordered needed a good iron, but I have found this with other companies that I have bought goods online from.
        The shoes are excellent quality and the range of shoes available is fantastic. It's not just your average rubbishy flat shoes that you see in cheap shops regularly. You can get some stunning heels!
        I got some really nice suede look boots for work, but wore them in the pouring rain and the insole came up in the bottom of one of the boots, but I have ordered another 2 pairs to replace them as I think they are good quality, just not to be worn in the rain. The last 3 pairs of boots I have had for work before these have had rubber soles and have worn away in the middle of my foot after a few months, but these Boots have a thicker wooden sole and it hasn't worn down much at all.
        I bought some gorgeous shoe boots which look like they could have cost £200.00, but they were only £5.00! I bought them in purple and dark green because I couldn't decide and at £5.00 each I thought I'd regret missing out on whichever colour I didn't choose!
        The flat shoes come in some great designs and there are low, mid, high and very high heels all available. The footwear is my favourite section to browse in.
        The dresses I have bought have been very nice. One dress I bought had a Marks and Spencer tag cut out of it and a review I read of another dress said that it had Zara tags in, so some of these items were made to be sold for a lot more than £5.00. I received 2 compliments in one day when I wore another of my dresses from this website.
        I was concerned that some of the dresses may be a bit thin or see through, but this was not the case. They always feel of good quality.
        Other than shoes and dresses I have bought a skirt which is very good quality and really nice, a top which is one of my favourites as it looks really smart and quite expensive and also a cardigan which is really thin and I imagine I will be able to put a hole in it without much effort.
        I could tell from the photo that the cardigan was thin and I would not write off the other knitwear on the website which did not look cheap and although I haven't ordered a coat or jacket I would not hesitate to buy one if there was one I liked as I really don't doubt the quality of the products on this website.

        ~ Overall ~
        Overall, I have found that this website is absolutely fantastic. There are lots of bargains to be had, the postage prices are fair and the items look more expensive than they are.
        The website means your money goes further and you can still look great and wear what's in fashion.
        I do worry that the site will become too popular and they'll put their prices up or be constantly out of stock for items, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
        It is great for treating yourself if you are trying to save money or if you can't justify a pair of heels or a dress you will only wear once.
        I have bought a few pairs of shoes off this website to give to my sisters and other family members as part of their Christmas present. They will know they are off this website (which I'm always going on about now), but I think it's nice to be able to buy shoes as a gift for people and if you get it totally wrong you haven't wasted too much money in doing so.
        I'd recommend this website to everyone. Men should shock their partners with a nice pair of shoes that won't break the bank in this year's Christmas box and women should treat themselves, their sisters, daughters, mothers, friends etc. because at £5.00 a pair we can afford to!
        Enjoy it while it lasts as I have a feeling this website won't be around forever!


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          12.08.2012 21:23



          Cheap clothing can mean a bargain but only if you wear it afterwards

          I have purchased a number of items from their website recently. The £5 price tag is rather appealing but you have to factor in the quality of the garment. Most of the dresses and tops are man-made fabrics such as polyester which doesn't always need to be ironed but can be rather warm to wear on a hot day. My experience of their shoes has been hit or miss. I think the sizes can run on the small side so I recommend getting one size up. They have a good selection of styles and sizes of clothing but take care if you are relying on the reviews posted on their website to make a decision about a purchase. All their reviews on all their products are positive without exception. The reason for this is that they screen customer reviews and exclude those giving unfavourable feedback. I know this is true because I have posted several reviews of items purchased - the positive reviews find their way onto the website, the negative reviews do not. I have bought one pair of sandals which were damaged upon arrival and one dress that was very poorly sewn together - it looked like a factory second and was horrible. Since these items are just a fiver it is easy to cast it aside to the back of the wardrobe and put it down to bad luck. However if you make a few disappointing purchases then the pounds add up and it makes you think if this shop is really worth the effort when you can pop down the high street and find similar items. I also think my conscience gets prodded when I buy these cheap clothes as you wonder how they can supply at that price while ensuring adequate working conditions for the people who put these garments together.


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          25.11.2011 11:18



          I have ordered about 5 times from everything5pound. every time i spend around £30, so i am getting 5 or 6 items each time, normally i have 1 item out of the lot which is crappy...doesn't suit me/cheap material/looks rubbish/falls apart but the other items have all been great...what can you say 5quid for cheapo womens fashion is a great idea, they always deliver pretty quickley and most items are actually decent quality. the shoes i have ordered (including boots, heels and sandals) have all been fab and really hardwearing lasting and lasting, but the bags i have ordered do tend to fall apart pretty quickley...overall though, a fab idea and some really great finds.


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          11.09.2011 16:58
          Very helpful



          Well worth at least taking a look in my opinion.

          Everything5pounds.com is a relatively new website selling women's clothing and accessories. As you may have guessed from the name - everything is just £5!

          The site sell dresses, tops, jackets, coats, footwear, trousers, leggings, shorts, skirts, underwear, nightwear and a selection of accessories such as bags, gloves, umbrellas, purses, hats and jewellery. Whatever you're looking for, chances are this site will have it. The only thing the site seems to be missing is socks!

          The items the site sell are very varied and I would say there is something to suit everyone. My Mum and Sister often purchase items from this website as well as myself and we all have very different tastes. The majority of clothing items are available in a few different colours which I find useful if looking for something specific to go with an outfit.

          When a friend pointed out this site to me about six months ago I was a little skeptical. I will admit that the cynic in me was thoroughly convinced there would be a catch somewhere along the line and I quickly set out to find it.

          Naturally, the first thing I thought of was postage and packaging charges. This wouldn't be the first site I'd come across supposedly selling bargains only to find I'm being charged extortionate P&P prices at the checkout.
          I am pleased to say, however, this is not the case with everything5pounds.com. In fact, their P&P charges are actually pretty reasonable.

          The prices are based on the weight of the items you're ordering rather than the quantity and you only ever pay one P&P charge as everything is sent out in the same package. If the package weighs less than 1kg then you'll pay £3.95 for first class Royal Mail delivery. I find you can get three items of clothing in a package weighing less than 1kg which means you can purchase, for example, three dresses for less then £25 in total!

          The more you buy the higher the P&P charges become. However, I've never reached the checkout and thought 'I'm not paying that much' when presented with the P&P charge. A few weeks ago I purchased two tops, a skirt, a dress and a pair of shoes and was charged £6.55 P&P. I don't believe anyone can turn their nose up at all of that for just £31.55!

          Of course, if you're just buying one item you're not that getting such a great deal. However you are still getting the item for less than £10 which I feel is worth it. I don't think you'd get a lot of these items from other high street stores for such a low cost.

          Everything5pounds.com aim to post items within five days of the order being placed. My past experience with this has been very good with most of my packages being sent between 1-3 days of me placing my order. This quick shipping time combined with the first class postage means I've never had to wait longer than five working days for my items to reach me.

          Their delivery services are trackable and you receive an e-mail when your items have been dispatched telling you so as well as giving you an estimated delivery date which I find is normally pretty accurate.
          The whole process has always been very quick and very easy. I've never experienced anything go wrong with my order either, packages have never gotten magically lost or damaged in the post and the items I have received have always been exactly as I've ordered and fitted me fine thus I've never had a reason to use their returns policy.

          Regardless, it does appear to be a more than satisfactory returns policy and should anything ever go wrong with my order, providing their service lives up to their claims, I would be more than happy at how this problem would be resolved.

          If you're not happy with your purchase for whatever reason you simply have to send it back to everything5pounds.com within fourteen days of receipt. Once they receive the returned items they say they will give you a full refund (including original P&P costs) or, if you'd prefer, exchange your items.
          If the items you receive are faulty, damaged or misrepresented then return P&P charges will also be refunded.

          As I've said, I've never been required to return any items so I'm unsure as to how many of these claims they stick to. I'm fairly confident in thinking that the process of return items would be quick and problem free though.

          There's a 99.9% chance you've probably purchased something from Primark in the past. Of course, this shop also offer some quite nice clothes for a cheap price. I find you definitely get what you pay for in Primark though. I've purchased items from their that have looked about twenty years old after just a couple of washes. Thread comes undone, colours fade, buttons fall off, zips break etc. The quality of their clothes are just, in my opinion at least, awful.

          I believed this would be the case with everything5pounds.com. The items may be cheap but if you can only get two wears out of them are they really worth buying? I don't believe so. Still, I remained optimistic and thought I'd try out a nice skirt I found on the site (as a sort of test I suppose) before I spent larger sums on money on the site as there really was an awful lot I liked and wanted to buy.

          As I said, I was introduced to this site about six months ago thus brought said skirt about six months ago also. I am pleased to report that the skirt is still in a thoroughly wearable condition. There are no real signs on wear and the skirt has survived many washes. I've spent triple the £5 asking price for this skirt on similar items from the likes of New Look and other high street stores and this one has out lived a good few of them!

          Since that 'tester skirt' I've ordered many items from the site and the only reason I've ever had to throw any of them away is because they've become too big during my weight loss.
          When it comes to the quality of the clothing from everything5pounds.com, I have no complaints whatsoever.

          After ordering clothes from the site for a few months and experiencing no problems I thought I'd order a pair of shoes. Due to ongoing issues with my legs/feet that we needn't go into, I can really only wear heels so haven't brought any flat shoes to comment on. This is a shame really as the only problems I've had with shoes from the site has been with the heel! (I'm guessing flats are perfectly fine just like the clothes).

          I find the heels I wear on a regular day to day basis (as opposed to every now and again on nights out) need reheeling pretty regularly. Perhaps every two-three months. This normally costs me about £5 which, when you think the shoes only cost that much in the first place, works out pretty expensive and you'd probably be better off buying a more expensive and sturdy pair of heels as it'd cost less in the long run. For this reason I only really buy shoes from the site if I know I won't be wearing them that often or if I just absolutely adore them.

          I've never ordered any bags or accessories from the site purely because I've never really found anything I personally like so I cannot comment on the quality of these kind of items. I can only assume that they're still pretty decent though.

          There are a few downsides to the website though. The sizes offered in clothing items are not all that great. As a general rule the sizes offered are between a size 8-14. You can sometimes find a size 6 and a size 16 but anything smaller or larger is pretty much unheard of.

          Different items are sized differently as well. You may find a t-shirt that comes in the usual sizes 8-14 and then you can easily find another which comes in sizes Small, Medium and Large whilst another is 'one size'. This would be perfectly fine if the site offered a sizing chart but they don't.

          Fortunately they do allow comments to be left on individual items for customers to write their reviews on the products they've brought. This not only helps with knowing how the product looks in person and such but also helps you know what size to order as I've found many people will say 'I'm a size __ brought a size __ and it was too big/too small/fit fine' which gives me a good guide to go off when ordering for myself. Of course, this only works if someone has actually written a review on that product, you may find on a lot of items you simply have to guess!

          I do find, however, the sizes are consistent. Once you've figured out what size you need from the site then that size, in my experience, will always fit you in every item. How true to life the sizes are I don't know as frankly I couldn't say what size I am as I appear to be a different size in every shop I go into these days. On everything5pounds.com though I fit into size 12 items, 'large' items and can just about get into 'one size' items.

          The bra sizes are beyond silly which is extremely frustrating and the site sell some beautiful underwear sets which I would be more than happy at spending £5 on. Their bras come in sizes 36-42B. That's all. I really cannot understand why, I can't imagine they're selling many 42B bras! I'm sure they'd be selling a lot more underwear if they did more popular sizes. I haven't brought any of these items as there is simply no way a B cup would fit me so I cannot comment on how well these fit. Looking at some reviews left by other customers though it would appear the bras a little on the smaller side.

          Shoes are much better for sizing. They range from a size 3-8 which is great! I tend to find I'm a size 7 in shoes and an 8 in boots which is also the case on this website. Their shoes are not very broad though which isn't so much a problem for me but could be for a lot of others.

          Another downside is that the stock sells extremely quickly and one thing I've noticed about this site is that when something is gone, it really is gone! I've never once seen anything come back in stock once it's sold out. Now days, I only ever browse the site if I've got money to spend on it as if I see something I like chances are it'll be gone by the time I've been paid which always frustrates me!

          The good news is that different stock is being added to the site almost every day. Regardless of how regularly you browse their products there is a good chance they'll be something new every time you visit the site. Popular items/colours/sizes can sometimes go the same day as they've come in though so it is worth checking the site regularly.

          You can, if you wish, sign up for their newsletter. This way you will receive an e-mail every time new items have been put up on the site so you can get what you want quickly before it goes out of stock. If you plan on using this website regularly I would strongly recommend doing this, it's proved to be massively useful to me in the past. Signing up for the newsletter is easy, just enter your e-mail address in the little box on the homepage of the website.

          You can also create an account on the website which, again, is very useful if you plan to shop on the site regularly. This means you do not have to put in your card details and address every time you want to place an order. If, however, you don't want to make an account then there is also the option to skip this step as well.

          I'm not aware of any other store, high street or internet, which offers such excellent value for money. The clothes are cheap, really good quality and pretty nice and it's definitely a life saver if you're on a tight budget. I'd thoroughly recommend at least having a browse of the site. Who knows, you might find yourself ordering items from there on a weekly basis like myself!

          Quick update - It appears the site do now sell socks as well!


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