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faith.co.uk (Faith Shoes)

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5 Reviews
  • Looks nice
  • Good quality
  • Does not last !
  • Lots of lovely styles to choose from!!!
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    5 Reviews
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      16.09.2015 21:05
      Very helpful


      • "Reasonably priced"
      • "Good quality"
      • "On trend"
      • "Lots of lovely styles to choose from"


      • "Lots of lovely styles to choose from!!!"

      Beautiful, stylish shoes to suit all types of people and occasion.

      Over the years I seem to have amassed several pairs of shoes and a lot of these have turned out to be Faith. They are so comfortable to wear without taking away from the styling of the shoes. From flats to heals I can't seem to keep away from them! I have even in the past worn a pair into the grave only to search high and low to find an exact replacement. From high fashion to timeless classics you are sure to find something to suit every occasion, from weddings to holidays to work wear. One thin I would like to see however are more matching hand bags. I know nowadays it is "fashionable" not to match but the O.c.d. part of me likes matching! They are not overly expensive and I personally would rather pay a little more for a good pair of shoes, sandals or boots that will at least last a season without breaking unlike a lot of cheaper shoes and I know that with Faith shoes they will do exactly that. Saying that I can honestly say that I have never had any problems with any of my purchases of Faith shoes. I have bought both online and through store outlets and find that there Re pro's and con's with both. Online you can send for what you like and try on at your leisure and in store you can actually see them and ask for advice from the staff. Buying both ways also can give you special offers either in-store or online, and if your like me you love a special offer!!!


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      26.04.2011 22:17
      Very helpful



      So comfortable, keeps up to date with the latest trends and you feel proud that you are wearing them

      To give a quick intro.... I have weird feet. Sometimes I am a size 4, other times size 5 and yes sometimes I am a size 3. I have wide feet too and struggle to find shoes especially pumps and sandals for the summer. I was in a department store and came across the Faith concession ( I thought Faith had closed down permanently?) and was attracted by a 20% off. I fell in love with a pair of flat pumps and tried them on expecting them to be painful and toe squashing. To my amazement they were uber comfortable and they did not squash my feet and for £16 I thought it was a bargain. Since my purchase I have worn my pumps for over 8 hours on several occasions and A) they were really comfortable all day long B) I did not get any painful rubs and cuts C) The shoes did not dig into my feet. Overall I am really impressed with Faith and my thought that Faith sold expensive shoes is now banished. I am confident that I will find myself more lovely, fashionable pairs of shoes from Faith in the near future. Give Faith some faith!


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      18.01.2009 21:49
      Very helpful
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      Highly recommended

      I do not often buy shoes, because I like to invest in good sturdy pairs that will last. I occasionally buy shoes from faith online (www.faith.co.uk) because I think they sell unusual styles and are generally pretty hard wearing and comfortable.

      Faith sell so many different styles of shoes and also so many of them have matching hand bags. I do not generally worry about changing my bag for my outfit but for special occasions like weddings, it makes you feel really special to have things coordinating. Faith is always my first port of call for occasions such as this.

      The website it really easy to navigate and shoes are listed under different categories so you can browse easily. The photos are clear and from good angles so you can get a real sense for what the shoe is truly like.

      Delivery charges are not too expensive, at five pound if you buy between one and five items. However, most major towns have faith shops and so if you can get to one, you can save yourself the delivery charge. They say to allow five working days for delivery, which is not too bad and to be honest, they often turn up a lot quicker than that.

      It's a great place to shop and a great place to get ideas about what you like.


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        10.06.2008 00:28
        Very helpful



        a fantastic websote which has a wide range of shoe styles and colours to choose from

        I love shoes and over the years I have managed to build up quite a collection of different styles and colours. If there is one thing I hate it is shoe shopping in the high street stores because most of the time the shops are over crowded and the sales staff seem to be rude and unhelpful in a few places. I much prefer to do my shoe shopping online because there is a wider range of different styles and colours available which the high street stores don't seem to offer. The best thing about shop shopping in the comfort of your own home is the fact that you can browse the shoes and place orders at your leisure. On more than one occasion when I haven't been able to sleep I log onto the internet and buy shoes from my favourite footwear website which is www.faith.co.uk.

        I love the faith website because there are loads of different shoe styles and colours to choose from and not to mention the fact that you can also purchase the matching handbags to accompany some of their shoe styles. As soon as you enter the faith website by simply entering www.faith.co.uk you are greeted by a very plain and simple website which is very clearly laid out and well presented. The plain and simple design and colouring of the website is very easy on the eye because it is mainly white in colour and all of the different website sections are highlighted in black tabs which can be easily spotted running across the top of the faith homepage. The details on the homepage change from time to time because new offer and features are added on a regular basis so as you know the new styles and features which have been added to the site. At present the homepage features a Sex in The City Style Fix which when clicked on directs you to different shoe styles which have been inspired by each of the Sex in The City characters; Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. There is also a Hot Summer Preview link which directs you to this summers latest and hottest shoe styles as well as a Shoe Of The Week section. Each of the different features on the home page are clearly and well presented and easily accessible by clicking on the relevant area of your choice.

        Shoe Categories
        As I mentioned earlier in this review, there are a series of black tabs which run across the top of the webpage. The purpose of these tabs is to make the webpage easy and quick to use so as you can jump straight to your desired area of the site as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a certain style of shoe then it would be easy and quick to find them as all you would have to do is click on the type of shoe you wish to browse.

        The different tab categories which can be found on the website are ~

        * New In ~ This is where you would find all of the newest styles of shoes which have been added to the website recently.

        * Must Have ~ All of the hottest shoe and sandal styles which are a must have (as the name of the section suggests)

        * Women's ~ in this category is all of the women's shoes which have been categorised so as you can jump to the specific shoe style you wish to browse. You will find the following sub categories in this section - Sandals, flip flops, courts, flats, designer, bridal and boots.

        * Men's ~In this category the men's shoes have been sub categorised so as you can either browse by casual footwear or formal footwear. There aren't very many men's shoes to choose from as the site mainly caters for women

        * Designer's ~ This is the category where you will find designer branded shoes such as El Dantes, Olivia Morris, Finsk, Gil Carvalho and Faith Solo. Each of the designer styles of shoes are categorised so as you can select which designers shoe styles and designs you wish to browse through.

        * Accessories ~The Accessories section is my favourite as here you will find all of your nick knacks which make every outfit complete from handbags to hosiery as well as hats, belts, umbrellas and purses. I really like this section of the website because again it is nicely well presented and categorised so you can browse through different aspects of the Accessories area of the site.

        * Bag's ~ as the name of this section of the website suggests you will find a wide range of different styles of bags and purses which have been sub categorised into Evening Bags, Daytime Bags and Purses. You are sure to find the perfect bag in this section to compliment and make your outfit look complete.

        * Bridal ~ A small range of bridal shoes and a few handbags to make your big day complete. This has to be the only section of the website which has a small variety of shoes to choose from. At present there are only 6 different shoes and 2 handbags to choose from.

        * Size 9 ~ If you have large size 9 feet then this is a section of the website which is specifically for you as you will find all different styles of shoes which are size 9 only. I don't have to venture into this part of the website as I only have size 4 feet.

        * Faith For Less ~ If you are looking for a bargain then head straight to this area of the website as you will find shoes and accessories at discounted prices as they are either end of season sale items or clearance items.

        Layout and Shoe Sizes

        As I stated previously the website is very clearly laid out and well presented and features lots of very clear and close up pictures and description of the shoes and accessories which can be purchased from the site. When you are browsing through the shoes you will notice that the shoe example pictures are fairly small sized; however if you spot a shoe you like the look of and click on it you will be redirected to another page which shows you a closer more detailed picture of the shoe in question as well as pricing details and shoe detail such as a detailed product description, shoe material, heel height etc.

        There are a wide range of ladies shoe sizes to choose from, sizes start from a size 2 and go up to a size 9 on selected shoe styles and colours. Men's shoes are available from a size 7 up to a size 12. The best thing about the shoes is the fact that the price isn't higher for larger sized shoes, the price of the shoes etc are the same regardless of the size you choose which is really good as some online retailers charge you more if you need a size 7 or above in ladies shoes.

        Payment and Delivery

        Once you have seen a shoe style etc you like just select the size you wish and add to basket. When you have finished shopping simply click on Basket and you will be directed to the payments page where you will find a summary list of the item(s) you have chosen and a price total which includes a standard delivery charge. If you are happy with the items you have chosen and the final price including delivery clicking on checkout will direct you to the secure payment page where you enter your account information (if you have one) or set up a new account by simply entering your name, postcode, door number, email address and password. Setting up an account with Faith will save you time and hassle as it will contain all of your contact and payment details so as you don't need to enter them every time you wish to purchase shoes or accessories of the site, you are also eligible for some discount offers via email if you have a Faith account as well.

        Payment methods which are accepted by the Faith website are ~ Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo.

        Once your order has been placed and paid for via credit card you will receive a confirmation email which will confirm the order you have just placed. Once confirmation has been received the goods you ordered should arrive at your home via recorded mail or courier (signature required) within 3-5 working days.

        Every time I order from the faith website I always receive my shoes before the 5 working days is up. I have never had any late delivery of goods and the goods have always arrived on time and in tip top condition.

        The delivery charge for items is fairly reasonably priced and not too expensive. The delivery charges are as follows ~

        1-5 items £5
        6-10 items £10
        11-15 items £20
        16-20 items £25

        Returns and Exchanges

        If for some reason you need to return your shoes if they don't fit properly or you simply aren't happy with your items then you can return them to Faith via post or you can take them into a local Faith Store if you have one in your area. If returning the item(s) by post then simply print out a copy of your email payment confirmation and send the items using the free post leaflet which was supplied with your order and the refunded money will be credited back onto your card within 7 working days. The only problem with returning items and getting a refund is the fact that you don't get the delivery charge money back.

        Any items which you are returning to Faith must be unworn and returned within 28 days of you receiving them.

        Exchanging items is the same process as returning items although you do need to resubmit a new order to the website.

        I have only ever exchanged one pair of shoes with Faith and the process was easy and fast and I experienced no problems what so ever. The shoes were exchanged for a smaller size no questions asked,

        If for some reason you purchase shoes or accessories from Faith and you need to contact their customer services for advice or help regarding a return or exchange then you can email then at returnsandrefunds@faith.co.uk

        My Opinion

        I love the Faith.co.uk website because there is a wide range of shoes and accessories to choose from and all of their shoes/boots/sandals are reasonably priced and available in a wide range of styles and colours. The delivery is fast and all the items are received in tip top condition with no damage what so ever. The best thing about Faith is the fact that they cater for women whom have a larger shoe size (up to a size9) Whereas some high street stores only stock ladies shoes up to a size 7 or 8. All of the larger sized shoes on Faith are really trendy and fashionable looking and there's sure to be a shoe somewhere on the site which you like the look and design of.

        I highly recommend purchasing shoes from the Faith website because you can shop in the comfort of your won home at your leisure. There is only one disadvantage which I can think of with purchasing shoes from the Faith website and that is the fact that you cant try them on before you decide to purchase them. Some people may find this a problem if they take different sizes in different styled shoes. I know that if I am purchasing stiletto heeled shoes I have to get a size bigger in them so as they don't hurt or squash my toes. However saying that if your shoes do need to be exchanged or returned for a larger or smaller size then this can be done by simply posting them back to Faith or taking them into a local Faith store if you have one in your area.

        If you would like more information on Faith then you should have a look at their website which is www.faith.co.uk

        Or alternatively more information can be obtained in the following ways ~

        Customer Services Telephone Number 0845 880 1195

        Faith House
        40-48 Chase Road
        Park Royal
        NW10 6PX

        If you don't like the idea of ordering shoes from the Faith Website then you can check to see if you have a Faith Store in or around your area by simply visiting the following page http://www.multimap.com/clients/places.cgi?client=faith and entering your postcode, town or city.

        © Butterfly-Wings

        ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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          04.09.2007 09:58
          Very helpful



          The online version of the high street shoe shop Faith.

          There’s nothing worse than when you’re out shopping and you find the ideal jacket / shoes / top only to find that the store don’t have it in in your relevant size. I always have the temptation to squeeze into the next size down but realise that when it comes to shoes this isn’t the best idea as it only results in nights spent with my feet cramped into the said shoes in absolute agony and the result is that I ruin my own night by moaning about it! I went to Faith a couple of months ago and found the perfect pair of shoes, only to be told they didn’t have them in my size and they couldn’t order them in either, dilemma… I came home and while browsing the internet I decided to look if Faith had a website… dilemma solved!

          Faith Shoes was founded in 1964 in the UK and since then the success of the name has only grown. The brand was first sold in small Faith boutiques around the UK before being adopted by Topshop where it is still currently sold. There are now over 200 Faith stores in the UK as well as it being sold in practically every Topshop store on the high street and just as many department stores including Debenhams and House of Fraser. They’ve moved on from stocking only shoes and now boast a range of accessories including bags and purses as well as a recent venture into jewellery. In very recent weeks they've also introduced a limited men's range of shoes also.

          Typically shoes are priced at between £20 and £50 with boots being priced at between £40 and £100 on average. The sale offers are normally quite good and can see anything from 10% to 60% being taken off the original cost, there's a sale section on the site as well. I’ve owned quite a lot of shoes from here over the years and have always been pleased with the quality.

          The Homepage

          The homepage is quite visually appealing with the centre piece being taken up by an advertisement showing just a small selection of the new winter catalogue. Along the top is the main menu which lists all the different types of items that can be found on the site while along the bottom is a smaller menu offering some information on the company and the site itself. It’s quite easy to navigate around the homepage as everything is set out clearly.

          The Menus

          The main menu is along the top of the page and lists everything that is sold on the site in a number of categories including New In, Boots, Courts, Pumps, Wedges, etc. If you know roughly what time of item you’re looking for this menu narrows down your options greatly and saves you trawling through every item on the site.

          The bottom menu offers alternative options which include “Home” which will take you back to the homepage, “FAQ” which offers some common questions asked on the site, “About Faith” which tells you a bit about the company and “Contact Us” which offers you the choice to email, phone or write to the company with any queries.

          There’s also a sub menu at the top of the page which allows you to log into your account, locate your nearest store and also search using either keywords or the name of a particular pair of shoes that you may be after. These menus make navigation around the site really easy and all the pages are very quick to load which is always good!


          Simply use the navigational menus at the top of the page to find the item you’re looking for. By clicking on one of the options you’ll be taken to a new page showing all the items that fit into that category. You can narrow these options down by selecting a rough price that you want to pay, the colour of the item you want and the size also. By hovering the mouse over an item you’ll be shown the name and the price of that item.

          Once you’ve found an item you want to purchase simply click on it which will take you to a new page featuring just that item so you can have a closer look. From here you can easily select your size and the relevant colour if applicable before choosing to add the item to your basket. You can then continue shopping or choose to check out.

          In order to check out you need to register for an account which means all your details will be stored on the site to save you going through this process every time you shop. Registration is really quick and straightforward, you’ll be asked to enter some personal details as well as your payment details when you go to check out. Following this you’ll be sent an email confirming your order and then you just need to wait for your purchases to arrive.

          My Experiences

          I’ve shopped on the Faith site a total of two times so you could say I’m not the most experienced shopper. However both of these experiences have been hassle free, once I found what I wanted to buy it took me a maximum of five minutes to complete the purchase. On both occasions the shoes I ordered arrived within four days by first class post. It should be noted that you do have to sign for the goods when they arrive so someone does need to be available to do this.

          The only downside to using the site is the postage cost which is considerably higher than most sites. If you’re ordering 1-5 items then the cost is £5, 6-10 items costs £10 and so on. On the first occasion that I shopped on the site I only bought one pair of shoes while the second time I bought a pair of shoes and a bag. I found it slightly costly to then by charged a further £5 just for the postage of these items. On the upside however if the items are unsuitable you can either take them into a store or return them using the freepost label which obviously does save you quite a lot of money on postage.

          I’ve never had any contact with the customer service but there is the option to contact them if any problems do arise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend shopping on the site if there’s a particular item you want and I’d certainly use it again if I couldn’t find the shoes I wanted in the store.

          Thanks for reading.


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