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Latest gadgets, boys' toys, sports equipment, videos, games.

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    54 Reviews
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      28.01.2011 15:43
      Very helpful



      Firebox, a speedy and careful service with wonderful products - always reccomendable!

      I have been a regular consumer of products from Firebox for the past year and a half. And have purchased an array of goods and gifts from a vast magnitude of genres and interests, thus far, I have never been unable to find a gift for a specific individual on this site and it is definitely an shopping phenomenom that needs to be shared...

      The first thing that attracted me, an avid shopper, to this website, was the varied products that Firebox has on offer. Separated into multiple categories from Geek to Gadgets to Retro to WTF?!... there are no ends of possibilities to look through. The products are often things you wouldn't come across, very rarely represented in shops and on only a few other websites. With handy reminders like 'UKs First', or references to where it has been seen in the press, on the pages, you are constantly aware of the exclusivity of the products you're buying - and they are definitely most off-the-wall products. Ranging from gold-flecked champagne to expensive gadgets and back to Crayon flavoured perfumes, I cannot put into words the variety available to look through. You are guaranteed to find some products of interest, and even if nothing takes your fancy the unusual gadgets that you would never have though of, but suddenly realise are a good idea, and the general unique and nutty concepts, are always entertaining to browse. Each product is displayed with a picture, price and title - which if clicked on takes you to a page full of all the information you could possibly need to know, plus customer and press reviews, pictures and videos (which you can win money for if entered) - giving you all the details you could ever need to encourage and confirm your orders, so no more ordering in doubt as to whether it would be as you hoped. It even recommends similar products of interest, so you're never short of other options.

      The Site:
      Often, sites with such a unique selling point as the exclusive and unusual products Firebox boasts are a complete mess to navigate, confusing their categories and price ranges and trying to push the products which will give them the most back. However, this is not the case I have found with Firebox. Firstly, the home page is clear and clean, with bright colours and logos to draw you in - contact information and free delivery info is conveniently at the top of the page, just above various categories. A list down the side of the page shows you the best sellers and whats new, giving you an instant overview of the quality and intrigue of products available, the twitter feed, newsletter links and the bulk of the page is devoted to highlighting featured products, sales and seasonal options - you instantly feel like this site is full of fun and interesting things, without feeling overwhelmed as to where to find them.
      The categories at the top clearly separate out varying categories of interest, which are easily connected to the personality of whoever you may be looking for: Gifts, Gadgets, Toys, Games, Kids, Lifestyle, Design, Technology, Geek, Retro, Experiences, WTF?!. Plus a seasonal category, which changes regularly. And each page is clearly set out in a list, displaying products, a brief description, price and a photo - clicking on them takes you to the clear cut page of product information which are always entertainingly written and full of all you need to know.
      Finally, the Search bar has a gift finder, price options and people - some as quick click and a more advanced search you can enter into yourself, meaning specific navigation of the site is always easy and clean.

      I, personally, have never found the prices to be extortionate - some slightly more expensive than many current products, but paying for products new to the UK and some of the technology it has never been much more than I felt necessary and all times I have purchased items I have had UK Delivery for free, meaning the products prices are even more acceptable.
      You can pay using card or paypal, which always suggests a reliable payment service.

      The speed of delivery is exceptional, products generally arriving an average of 2 days after ordering and dispatching (which is a very fast process) and I have never had to wait longer than 5 days, even with postal issues in my local area, suggesting they are always very reliable with delivery and times. So if you need a gift fast, this is most definitly the sight to use.
      The packaging is also always well thought through, with a firebox logo sticker on the outside, the inside usually uses a protective substance such as bubble wrap, and delicated items are individually protectively wrapped. They often add in a packet of sweets which is always a treat when you open the box. And the option of adding a personalised gift card.

      Overall, I think the array of unique products and exceptionally careful and speedy service makes Firebox a definitely reccomendable site to anyone who requires buying gifts, or even something slightly unusual for yourself.


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      08.12.2010 14:24
      Very helpful



      A site full of quirky gift ideas

      Buying presents can be a demanding task when the recipient has everything. A well thought out gift is always appreciated, as this shows that you care. However, when you have run out of ideas what do you do? All too often you can be shopping for an important birthday or Christmas gift with only a few days until the occasion and you are still struggling. Having scoured every shop on the high street and browsing through all the usual websites for inspiration, you find yourself still unable to find a quirky gift that is special.

      This can often be the case for me, where I find myself at a loss, and every shop I visit seems to have nothing that grabs my attention. I then look on-line for more ideas, and hope, as there are many on-line retailers that I enjoy shopping with, however, after much clicking around I still struggle to find that perfect present.

      I always like to put a lot of thought into my gifts, and I do like to buy fun and quirky gifts, I spend an awful lot of time shopping around until I'm happy with my decisions. This can become frustrating when traipsing around shops, as quite often there is very little inspiration, as many of the high street shops stock a lot of the same bits and pieces, which I'm sure most people will receive similar gifted items, so I aim to find something that they won't receive. As the saying goes, 'It's the thought that counts.' Which is quite true, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated more so, although any gift is appreciated. Interesting and unusual gifts always give the recipient a smile, and they have something a little different to 'play' with, talk about and show off to their guests.

      I get great pleasure in selecting and giving gifts, it is always fun to shop for them, and I find it quite exciting when I find a new store or on-line retailer to shop with that have interesting goods. It makes the shopping process so much more fun, and it can take the stress out of shopping, especially when there are quite a few gifts to find. It can be nerve wracking trying to find something for that special someone that has everything. I also like to do part of my Christmas shopping on-line, as this is incredibly helpful for browsing around before heading to the shops and the mad crowds in the cold, even more so when you have young children with you. Shopping on-line can give you many more options, and it is also easier to compare prices, and you get to view more of the products that are on offer.

      Last year I was struggling to find a present for a friend. I then came across a different website that I hadn't heard of before, by the name of Firebox.com. I browsed through the site for quite some time in awe of the goods that were for sale, I was spoilt for choice, as there are so many novel ideas all at competitive prices.

      >> A Site to get Fired Up about <<

      The interface for the website is bold and colourful, featuring many of the latest products, it is quite busy, however, it doesn't feel too distracting or cluttered. It leaves you wanting to explore, and you will be clicking through all the tabs, and enjoy viewing their fun and quirky products. Everything is neatly laid out to make it user friendly, the all important tabs along the top of the page feature links to site details, contact information, and help pages. They ship worldwide and this is clearly displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen, which is really handy, so you don't need to go roaming around before shopping to ensure that they will deliver to you. Their standard delivery rate is also featured in the top right hand corner, so there is no confusion here, as it is one standard delivery charge. This delivery charge is generally £3.95; however, this is subject to change, as they do at times offer free delivery within the UK from time to time. You can opt to be sign up to their newsletter; if you do, you will receive email notifications on their latest offerings. You may also receive promotional codes and the occasional gift voucher to tempt you back to their site. The email notifications are quite frequent, however, this means you won't miss out on any of the latest gadgets.

      >> What's on Fire? <<

      The products are divided into categories to make the shopping experience a little easier. The different categories include gifts, toys, games, kids, lifestyle, design, technology, geek, retro, experience, as well as a couple of other categories which change throughout the year. Along with this there are hotlinks to the latest additions. You can also perform a search to find what you are looking for, or you can use their gift finder, by filling in a few details about the intended recipient, it will give you a select few choices that may be suitable. You can also use the link entitled Randomiser which takes you to a random item, so you can throw caution to the wind and let the gift be a random pick. If you want your choices to be refined then you can search through gifts under a certain amount, so if you only want to spend £20 then you can view everything that is £20 and under. You can refine the results even further by selecting whether the recipient is male or female, and you can even search for gifts for kids and pets. However, all that is pointless really, as you will be compelled to explore every avenue, as there are so many fun products that will lure you in to take a closer look.

      Each of the product descriptions is delivered to you in an engaging way that is fun and quite silly, although all the vital information is present. The product pictures are really clear, showing several different pictures displaying the products in use, so you can see exactly what you are getting. There are also customer reviews, however, most are fun, as Firebox offers £10 for their reviews that they select to display on their site. Customers can also submit pictures of products in use, and there are also customer videos, which can be fun to watch, and this gives you a great idea to what the item will actually be like. Customer videos that are selected can win a £50 Firebox voucher; this is also applied to product pictures that are submitted to the site. The entire site is fun, just as the products are, so it is all in keeping. This is an entertaining site to browse, just to pass time. It is also great for inspiration for finding gifts.

      >> Hot Picks <<

      Firebox is great for novel gadgets and fun toys that will appeal to the masses. There are some great gifts at affordable prices, but they also have some hefty items for sale, prices can start from £4.99 and range right up to a crazy £324000.00. So there really is a massive scope, and there will be something to suit anyone's budget. A lot of items seem to arrive on Firebox before you will find them in other outlets. There is an impressive range of novelty items, and some brilliant retro items that can leave you feeling nostalgic. The content changes regularly, so it is always worth popping in from time to time to see what's on offer.

      >> Flaming Hot Gifts <<

      After browsing the site for a considerable amount of time, I couldn't quite make up my mind on what to order for my friend, as there was so much to choose from. In the end I opted for an easy option, and plumped for the Mystery box. I thought the lucky dip seemed exciting, and I was hoping that the contents would be what he always wanted. I placed my order and opted to have it delivered directly to my friends address. I was eager to hear from him, and I did email him to let him know to expect a package. Once I had an email notification to alert me that my items had been dispatched I was excited!

      My friend is a polite and pleasant individual, and he always appreciates my gifts, he did, in fact, email once he received his delivery, he seemed very grateful and thankful for his wonderful presents. I had no idea what he had received, so I phoned my friend a couple of days later, as I desperately wanted to know what he had received. I eagerly asked him what was in the box, he proclaimed that the gift was beautifully packaged and he was pleased with his gift. I asked him what was in the box, as it was a lucky dip and I had no idea. He informed me that the box contained a fat cell, I had no idea what this was, he proceeded to explain, I was it fits of laughter, I had to visit the website to see for myself, what a brilliant gift! The other items, included a phone cleaner, which was a little boring compared to the fabulous fat cell, the other item was a Rubik's Cube Salt and Pepper Mills, which he seemed to like. I was in hysterics at the unusual quirky gifts, they were certainly different. I did also select a couple of other gifts from the site for him, one of which was a set of Beer Bottle Goblets, which he absolutely loved.

      I was really pleased with the service, and the quirky gifts that my friend liked, and I'm sure he won't forget the unusual items that he received. Along with the package there was also a free pack of sweets included, which was a nice touch.

      I have been back to the site since and have ordered a couple of unique gifts for special occasions, and the service and the goods have been to a high standard every time. I often have a look on the site, just to see what they have on offer. I like to browse around and see what's new, as there are some really neat items, and some really awesome retro gift ideas. I always have a look on their website whenever there is an upcoming birthday, and before Christmas to look for gifts and ideas. I have had some really nice items from here, and it has been a great site to visit to buy some unusual gifts. It is ideal when I'm struggling to find something that is a bit different.

      >> Cold Hard Cash <<

      Once you have selected the items you wish to order then they will be stored in your virtual basket, once you have finished browsing the site you can go through the check out. You are given the option of paying via PayPal, debit card or the site's own vouchers. You will be prompted to sign in; if you are not registered then you can sign up which is quick and easy, and all this requires are the usual mandatory details. You can bypass signing up and just order the goods if you wish. They offer a gift wrap service which is currently free of charge.

      >> This Box is on Fire <<

      Postage and packing is a standard £3.95 and they also offer express next day delivery which is £5.95, however, I have found their delivery times to be first-rate, and their service is very efficient. Goods in the UK are dispatched within 24 hours of the order confirmation. The goods are beautifully packaged, and if you are having it sent as a gift you can add a gift card free of charge with a message of your choice.

      Firebox.com has become one of my favourite on-line retailers for searching for quirky groovy gifts for when I'm looking for something a bit special.



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        29.11.2010 10:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great website offering plenty

        I have to be honest I love gadgets in terms of items you might get for christmas. I love those flying airplanes and silly little gifts which are cool and fun.

        I used to shop at places like the Discovery Store but they never remained open that long and then I discovered Firebox.com. The website is great for one reason it has so many items.

        The main page can leave people annoyed as so much is on there. One side has the latest top gifts and the other side has the top ten currently on there website. There are more on the centre of the page as well.

        Well you have a way of searching for gifts on the top corner and even a price range. Plus, there is little tabs along the top to assist people to certain areas as well.

        They do silly gifts but they do gifts which would make great christmas presents. Perhaps the first might be a flying helicopter or plane I love them and they sell them.

        They do giant Gummi bears and yes they are huge. They do things for men and women alike.

        I found this item on there recently it was a camera and it would spin 360 degrees and take pictures at the same time. When it had finished the results were a round image of pictures and this was a fantastic purchase.

        When you click on an item they provide usually extra pictures and plenty of content of what the item is and what it is used for. Some items do not offer that much of a reason as to what it does. I hate this with items.

        If you find an item without information on what it offers and extra pictures could you part with your cash for this item ? It is a question I would say no to, this is why I like the information they provide.

        They offer unique gifts exclusive to them which is good and some of the items are naughty and some are childish to the range of items is superb. I would say people to take a long look some items you might want to find sometimes are not found by searching directly for the name.

        At the bottom is the vital information it tells you measurements, whether something is washable and if it contains batteries. How many times do we visit a store buy an item and discover no batteries included ? This happens a lot and it is something I admit annoys me.

        I think the website is good for how much it contains and how easy it is to search for products you might wish to find. Currently free postage until the end of the month so again extra money saved there as well. I would say that although they offer good items sometimes there prices are higher then you might find in some stores.

        Personally they offer a great service and I spend hours on there at a time just to view the products as some are so cool I just go ahead and buy them.


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          22.11.2010 15:56
          Very helpful



          Great quality products which are new and different!

          == Firebox.co.uk ==

          == What is it? ==
          Firebox.co.uk is a website which sells gifts all through the year which are slightly "strange", things like caravan bird houses; slush making mugs; hot chilli jelly sweets; "blood" energy drinks. As well as more "normal" gadgets, digital cameras and the likes. But everything they sell has something different about it. I have used Firebox a few times to buy different gifts for my husband and brother, but there are so many things from the website which I would LOVE to buy if I had the money!!!

          The website started in 1998 but back then had a different name; hotbox, which was made by two university friends. In 1999 the website was re-launched as Firebox when the company relocated from Cardiff to London and their customers just kept coming in the millions, as well as selling to customers on the net, Firebox also sell wholesale to a number of shops and retailers.

          Now the website attracts thousands of customers every day looking for that something a little different for their family and friends.

          == Design and layout ==
          The websites layout is very "fun", it is bright and the descriptions of the items is fun and just like the items is very different, for example the Musucbag a sleeping bag which allows you to move around completely as it has arms and legs... has a description with this phrase: "Cocooning yourself in a sleeping bag is all very snuggly, but have you ever tried dancing to gingangooly without unzipping yourself? It's not easy. In fact, unless you fancy caterpillaring around the campsite, trying to do anything other than sleep in a traditional sleeping bag (no nudging at the back) is virtually impossible. Step forward - and we mean that quite literally - the incredible MusucBag." (this item costs £89.95 and comes in a range of sizes and colours).

          The layout of the website for me is brilliant, I think it's been very well thought out and fantastically done, it's bright colourful and eye catching which helps to attract the customer, it certainly attracted me!!!

          There are a few things on the site I don't like, when you browse gifts it comes up with little squares of the gifts with no names or descriptions next to them so you have to try and work out what they are without any information, it makes browsing the site quite difficult. But you can search for who you want to buy a gift for, the age range, price range etc. Which is handy when searching for gifts when you don't know what to buy someone!

          The website is easy to navigate and finding payment screens and baskets is very simple even for a novice with computers, contacting Firebox and address details etc are all very easy to find, no searching around the net for hours trying to find a simple email address or contact form, its all simply at the bottom of each Firebox page where there is a simple email address, phone numbers for ordering and customer services, and postal addresses.

          All in all the layout of the website, and navigating around the website is all very easy and well presented.

          == Price of items ==
          I have to say that the prices of some of the items on the website are quite high, but considering the items cannot be found in many other places then with most items I am happy to spend the amount on the items on Firebox, but for some of the items, I will look on Amazon prior to ordering to see if I can get them cheaper on there.

          For example, on firebox the Zippo hand warmer is £19.99 (free P&P during November but normall £4.99), on Amazon it is £16.50 with free P&P all year round. It may not be a huge saving, but that £3.50 extra which your saving (£8.50 when your having to fork out for P&P) may buy you something else as well as the hand warmer!

          Some of the items are also quite expensive for what they are, for example there is a blood energy drink which is a 100ml drink which is served in a "blood bag", it looks like a really fun product, but it costs £3.99 for one, and £14.99 for a pack of 4...that's £15 for 4 small drinks! Also the product shown on the picture, the actual red "blood" is only available in a 4 pack, single packs are only available in green as "zombie blood" which for me isn't as fun!

          So this is something which is quite annoying as you sometimes feel like you have to re-mortgage the house before you can have a spending spree with Firebox!

          Something on Firebos which I love is the "Mystery Box", it is a box which is available in two price category's, £19.99 and £24.99- available for men or women, in the mystery box you never know what you will get but your guaranteed that the total cost of all the items will come to at least £7 more than what you have paid. Each box is different, the contents change daily, but if you buy two boxes together they'll contain the same items, I got a £19.99 box for my valentines present off my husband this year and I was really happy with it! I won't say what mine contained, but the items came to a price of around £30 when the box was only £20 and all the items were items sold on Firebox and not the rubbish which didn't seem to sell or last years stock. I was very impressed with it! You can also get a Christmas Stocking at Christmas time too!

          == Delivery times ==
          Delivery as I said earlier usually costs £3.95 for standard delivery which takes between 3-5 days to arrive, and is always on time, I have never had anything arrive later than 5 days after ordering from Firebox. They also do First Class for £6.95 which I have never used, so couldn't comment.

          Small light items (like the wrapping paper which you can buy) are posted for a cheaper price of £1.95 which I think is good as most places have a standard delivery no matter what the size of the item.

          There are also other express and same day deliveries but these are only available to London and M25 customers, so not usable by the majority of the UK, but information on these deliveries are on the Firebox website.

          I have never had a problem with Firebox delivery, it isn't too extortionate in price and all through November 2010, standard delivery is free.

          == Quality of products ==

          All of the products I have received from Firebox have been excellent quality, nothing has ever not worked how it says it is supposed to work, or been of a low quality, which does definitely justify the pricing and gives me confidence in buying from them again. Everything is well made to a high standard in my own experience!

          == Would I use them again? ==
          In a word, yes!

          == All in all ==

          The prices can be a little expensive, but the quality does justify it, delievery is quick and the items are fun and quirky unlike anything you will find in most shops!!


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            30.07.2010 16:39
            Very helpful



            Overall a really cool site with an edge!

            I first came across this website when I got a £5 off voucher from o2!
            There was no minimum spend so I thought I would check it out.

            The website is set out very clearly, specifying different gift options including price and gender.

            I thought I would select the SWEET SHOP option to check out the different goodies. I was not disapponited, the items were really cool and I felt like I wanted everything :-O There was anything from giant gummi bears to insect lollies (Ewwww). I decided I would select the Retro Pac-man sweets. With my voucher I only had to pay £2.98.. Bargain :-)

            The checkout options are very straight forward and they also accept Paypal. This is very handy and saves time as you don't have to enter in all your card details.

            My item was delivered the next day.. It was the fastest delivery EVER.
            They even sent a free bag of sweets and some free delivery vouchers.

            However, Firebox.com don't just deal specifically in sweets, there is EVERYTHING.. From days out, app magnets, hungry hound coin bank and many more. It is a great website for people that are unsure what to buy as gifts. There is something for everyone and with the various price ranges they won't break the bank.

            I would definately use this site again because the service was lightening fast and the items are SUPER :-)


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              08.04.2010 17:26
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              One of the best gadget sites around

              www.firebox.com for me is one of the most original and best online gadget and games shops around. And there are a fair few to compete with it to be honest with you. It was originally started back in 1998 and is still going strong today. You have a great choice of the latest gadgets and toys about and is fantastic if shopping for something a bit different for Christmas or for a birthday or for kids. So for a fair few occasions really. You can buy anything from radio controlled helicopters to solar powered toys for example.

              As well as cheap toys that give a small amount of entertainment, Firebox also offers it's customers a bit more than just that. They have more serious items like portable DVD Players and skype phones etc. So there is a wide range not just in items but in value as well from the top to the bottom end of the price range.

              Another great thing I like about this site is that it is always being updated constantly, sometimes on a daily basis with the latest toys and games to hit the market so if it's not on here then it may not be out yet. You are more than likely to get some innovative toy that no-one else has seen yet.

              As for the site itself it's very bright in colour and a firery orange and red as the title of the site suggests. This is fantastic as it grabs your interest immediately and makes you want to stay there and browse. There's nothing worse than a dull, plain looking website that doesn't do anything to capture your imagination.

              It's pretty easy to navigate around with a top row of tabs ranging from Top Gifts to Retro toys. If you click on each one the website is pretty quick and will bring up that page that you can browse through. You are also able to search for toys by price or for him or her. The checkout procedure is simple too and when you click on Buy you go to the checkout and can pay by Paypal or card and then fill out the simple registration if you are not already a member on the site and the delivery costs and that's it.

              I have always found the delivery to be quick and comes when they say it will no matter what I've order. If you are after something original and different then look no further than this great gadget site.


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                22.12.2009 21:44
                Very helpful



                Gift Ideas Website

                There are literally hundreds of websites out there that have jumped on the novelty / gadget Christmas gift market, and the majority of these businesses are currently thriving. However, out of these sites, only a handful can be relied upon to provide an interesting range of products combined with a trustworthy service - in my opinion, 'Firebox' is one such business.

                Found at www.firebox.com, the website has won a series of awards including the 2008 'Retailer of the Year' from Stuff Magazine, and T3's 'Best Retailer of 2007'. So what do Firebox sell? Well it's basically everything gadget related, retro items, funky lifestyle products, and a selection of puzzle games - there's some pretty cool stuff to be found amongst the website's pages. Fancy a pocket-sized cinema projector?, UV protector eyewear for your dog?, or even a Marshmallow Man money box... look no further than Firebox.

                Of course there is a lot of complete rubbish on firebox.com, but this goes with the territory, and one man's junk is another man's gold - or whatever the expression is (actually, I think I may have made that particular one up).

                As a business, Firebox started out as 'Hotbox' back in 1998 when it was based in Cardiff. After relocating to London a year later, Firebox rapidly increased in popularity until the present day where it is now regarded as one of the UK's premium gift shopping sites.

                Although it primarily has a plain white background, the overall look of the website is bold and colourful, and excels in providing large and clear photos of the items it sells. What I specifically like about Firebox is the fact that consumers are encouraged to send in video reviews of the products, and as a result, each item usually has at least one video-based opinion underneath its listing. Another plus point with Firebox is the fact that you don't need to create an account with them in order to place an order - one less password to remember - or in my case 'forget'!

                The website is divided into a series of subcategories by a grey menu bar which runs across the top of the page. This includes headings such as 'Games', Lifestyle', 'Design', 'Technology', 'Geek' and 'Eco-Friendly'. All the pages are quick to load, and there is a help section should anyone experience technical difficulties.

                Delivery is a wee bit expensive with firebox.com, and the cheapest service offered is £4.50. This is pricey in my opinion, as sites like Amazon and Play deliver for free these days. That said, in my experience, items arrive well packed in pleasing looking bright orange boxes. Also, Firebox often put a small bag of sweets in with your order, which is a nice touch.

                Overall, for Chrismas gift ideas, Firebox is always a great place to start - the prices are reasonable, and the service is good. The only real downside is the delivery charge - but I suppose you could browse Firebox for items, and then look for the same item on Amazon with free shipping if you're not happy. Recommended nevertheless.


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                  14.12.2009 02:06
                  Very helpful



                  Wrack up your £10 stocking fillers

                  Firebox is a longstanding internet only business that sell boys toys, gadget, stocking fillers etc. I've always had great service from them - never had a single problem with an order, they're always really well packed boxes and I don't know what their customer services are like because I've never had any reason to contact them! £5 firebox vouchers are like water.

                  Firebox are great at selling stocking fillers, they sell the sort of stuff that you'd be a bit shy to give someone as a single birthday gift and you'd be angry if you got it as your main christmas present but if you're filling a family members stocking then you could go crazy on their site.

                  They are expensive and they do have a habit of over-egging the pudding on some items. For example, they were selling the polaroid pogo photo printer for £60 and going on about how revolutionary it was. It's been out for a long time and was on ebay for £20 at the same time. I could give quite a few examples of this: Ipod docks, USB turntables, solar powered chargers etc. I'd be very cautious about buying a high value item from them as you begin to see their margin when you want to buy something over £10.

                  You can't beat them as a one stop shop for stocking fillers.


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                  26.11.2009 09:34
                  Very helpful



                  Nice gift website with a variety of choice

                  I'm a new customer to this web site but I have found it really useful for buying Christmas presents that are just a little bit different and also not too expensive.

                  When you access the home page you will be confronted with so much information. Firstly you will see the gifts have been divided into menus including personalised, top gifts, gadgets, toys, games, firetots, lifestyle, design, technology, geek, eco-friendly, retro and experiences.

                  If you access one of these menus you will be faced with a gift finding menu allowing you to select gifts for him, her, kids and pets. You can even select based on prices (under £20, £20-£50, £50-£100 and over £100).
                  In each of these menus it will also show you the top 10 gifts and these is a "What's new" section.

                  Firebox also has a competitions section, at the moment there is £300 up for grabs. This is a secure web site which accepts most methods of payment. It generally takes about 3 days for an order to arrive. My orders have always arrived promptly and in good condition.


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                  13.10.2009 18:18
                  Very helpful



                  See Review

                  What can I say about this amazing (and also quite hilarious) site?

                  I stumbled across firebox.com when looking for a present for my friend's birthday. Now she is the kinda girl that has a rich boyfriend, pretty rich parents and a load of dosh herself so she has already bought everything that she has ever wanted (pretty much...) So I was stuck.. what do you get for the girl that has everything??

                  And luckily firebox came to my rescue! It is a shopping site FILLED with the most random, quirky, interesting, creative, pointless, funny and fabulous products that you never knew you wanted or even knew that they existed!

                  The price range of the items goes from anywhere between around £5 and £1000 so theres a present to suit any budget! The site makes it easier to navigate the hundreds of items that are on the site as it splits it into sections like 'Top Gifts' 'Gadgets' 'Games' 'Geek' 'Ecofriendly' and loads more! There is even a cute section called 'Firetots where you can buy presents for the little ones which include some things like edible playdough, ride on animal suitcases, toothbrushes that send music into your head and a baby superhero costume!

                  Another useful element of the site is that to narrow down searches so that you can find the perfect present is the section of the site where you can enter who it is for (her, him, romance, geek, pet etc.) and select your budget range and firebox will do its magic! When I searched for my friend's present it came up with suggestions such as Bath Spa lights, edible flowers for sparkling wine and a design your own fragrance pack- but I finally settled on some CD wall tiles so she can display her favourite artists CD covers on her walls which I have to say look pretty damn awesome!!

                  Firebox are very open with customers and allow people to rate products they have bought on the site and give feedback for other users to see- you can even upload videos/photos of you utilising your new buy!

                  You can pay with card or with Paypal which is great as I can spend money straight from my sellings on ebay! Postage is quite reasonable- usually around £4 and another great thing is that you can get it delivered to your address or the nearest post office which really useful if you are buying the present for someone you live with so you need to hide it from them!! A gift wrap option is avaliable for £3.95 but I wouldn't recommend this as it is expensive for what it is and you might as well just wrap it yourself- doesn't take too long really! I have never had any problems with deliveries and they always come promptly!

                  All in all its a brilliant site for those hard to buy for people and you even get some free sweets when you order something at the moment! Great stuff!!


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                    07.10.2009 14:08
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Incredibly useful at Christmas and for birthdays!

                    Firebox is a fantastic online store selling all matter of gadgets, gifts and fun items for around the house. Many of the items are quite unusual and interesting, which makes even looking around the website quite fun!

                    I bought lots of people Christmas gifts from Firebox last year, and everyone was really happy with what they got. There is alot of choice and to use a cliche - there is something for everyone.

                    The website is divided into a number of sections in which the products are located. As a quick rundown, these are:

                    'Top Gifts' - A big list of great ideas from their other sections which make good gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Theres a bit of everything in here. And i STILL want to buy a mystery box!

                    'Gadgets' - Quite self explanatory really. Torches, phone accessories, E-Readers, webcams, alarm clocks. Stuff with buttons and batteries, which is what i like!

                    'Toys' - This section is full of FUN! Remote control helicopters, soft toys, catapaults, and the awesome toy guns that fire soft arrows.

                    'Games' - This being Firebox, its not Snakes and Ladders. Beer Pong, Electric Shock games, electronic Rubix Cubes and such.

                    'Firetots' - Gadgets and items for kids! Books, construction sets, soft toys etc.

                    'Lifestyle' - Useful items for at home. Lights, glasses, clocks, salt and pepper mills etc.

                    'Design' - Items with a funky or quirky design. Black loo roll? Check. Solar powered plant pots? Check. MASSIVE bean bags? Check!

                    'Technology' - More gadgets, but items that you may use day to day. Photo negative scanners, camcorders, digital photo frames etc

                    'Geek' - All definitely worth a laugh. Japanese items, Star Wars stuff etc etc

                    'Eco-Friendly' - PRoducts made from recycled material, or those which save energy - such as solar powered chargers.

                    'Retro' - Back to the 80s! Stylophones, Space invaders, MICHAEL FISH!

                    And finally,
                    'Experiences' - where you can buy track days, flying lessons, skydiving and all that stuff!

                    As you can see, they have a massive range of items for sale. And each product has a detailed information section letting you know sizes, weights, power requirements and anything else thats remotely useful. And much like other shopping websites, there is a user reviews section which can help with your buying choices.
                    Firebox quite often reply to comments left, so any issues or queries are usually answered pretty quickly which is useful if youre unsure about something - good customer service!

                    Users can also upload pictures and videos of their purchases in action. These can be good for a laugh, or to see how things really look as opposed to a glossy photoshopped image! Firebox give prizes away every month to the best image or video uploaded too!

                    So, the website is incredibly easy to use. Sections are easily marked, everything is clearly listed, and a fairly comprehensive search box if you know what kind of thing you are after!
                    Prices are also fairly good! They dont sell things at stupid prices just because its unique, everything is well priced. And they will let you know when a product is due back in stock if they have sold out. So you can still order in advance and know if you will get it in time for what you need it for!
                    If your product needs some batteries, the checkout section will offer you the correct size and type. Which i thought was quite clever! Payment can be made with all the usual Creit and Debit cards, and through Paypal.

                    I have never had an issue with shipping from Firebox. Even at the start of December running up to Christmas, items were delivered promptly. Great service!
                    This is just using the standard £3.95 2-4 working days service. But if you pay a little more, there are other delivery options.
                    £5.95 for next working day, £6.95 for Royal Mail Special Delivery and £7.95 for next morning.
                    And as a bonus - they always throw in a little pack of sweets for free in every order.
                    Packing is also well done. Many items are fragile and they are obviously aware of this. So plent of bubble wrap and air pouches are used to protect things from the clumsy hands of Royal Mail. And that means lots of fun things to pop when the delivery arrives...!

                    Some money saving tips! There are usually discount codes floating around online for Firebox. This can normally knock off your delivery cost which is quite useful!
                    And ordering through Quidco will get you a nice chuck of cashback.

                    I have used them many times in the past, and will continue to do so. The product selection and customer service are fantastic.


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                      06.10.2009 18:27
                      Very helpful



                      A great website with some really unique products, highly recommended

                      Firebox is a brilliant small site with a range of unusual and novelty goods for sale making it a great place to find random gifts for a secret santa this Christmas!

                      The Firebox.com website itself is quite easy to navigate, although text boxes and information are slightly cluttered. There are great tools to help you find what you are looking for such as search and gifts under £x. As well as these there is the new products section so you can regularly check back to find the latest weird idea someone's had.

                      The product range is very unique with the addition of some more popular products. It's a great place for novelty gifts that are definitely unique and sure to be loved. They stock everything from food to gadgets and you can even find those random items people have pitched on Dragon's Den. (Anyone remember the Isis puzzle?)

                      Pricing seems to be Firebox's main problem, although their products make great gifts because they are such unique novelties some of them come with a hefty price tag. That said there are still some great bargains to be found under £10/£15 even if they aren't used that much.

                      Ordering from the website is fairly simple with an account (you can create one in a couple of minutes). The checkout process is quite quick and you have the option of different delivery services. Make sure you check online as Firebox regularly release discount codes and free delivery codes.

                      Delivery is really fast usually reaching my door within 1-3 days. All products are securely and safely packaged to avoid damage (even if some boxes are oversized for the product. Firebox are also nice enough to include a free bag of sweets with every order which is cool, and depending on when you buy you should get that season's newsletter with the latest products, sale items and a free delivery code on the back.

                      Overall Firebox is a brilliant site which stock some great gifts for all budgets. It's definitely worth browsing through their selection and seeing if you can find yourself a bargain!


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                        18.12.2008 15:00
                        Very helpful



                        Why not try firebox for those last minute christmas presents?

                        ** What is Firebox? **

                        Firebox is an online shop, which can be found at www.firebox.com. It sells gifts and gadgets and toys. On their website they claim that they are very selective in the items they put in their online and mail order catalogues and look for only the most original and unusual products.

                        They first started trading in 1998 and in 2008 was crowned Stuff Award's "Retailer of the Year".

                        The main catagories their products fall into are:

                        Gifts - the majority of the items in this category are novelty items such as PERFECT badges as opposed to PREFECT badges, or speeding grandads - two windup grandads that you can race.

                        Gadgets - Pretty self explanatory really. My favourite is the condiment gun - fill the cartridge with sauce, pop it in the gun and fire at your burger or sausage - great fun!

                        Toys - Remote control helicopters, drumsticks that beat, a lot of pretty cool, unusual toys - something to suit everyone.

                        Games - Again, pretty self explanatory. 20Q, unique versions of Trumps and Shocking Thumbwars are among the many games on offer.

                        Firetots - This had me wondering, but this is where the kids stuff is. You'll find items from Toothtunes to Elmos to my personal favourite - Momspit.

                        Lifestyle - Little things to enhance life around the house - unique bird houses, glow gnomes and the likes.

                        Design - Very quirky ideas to be found here - the voodoo knife block my personal favourite in this section. What this says about my personality, I'm not quite sure yet.

                        Technology - Lots of USB items in this section - drum kits, chargers etc.

                        Geek - Many items to do with Star Wars and Dr Who etc here. Lots of your stereotypical geek merchandise.

                        Eco-friendly - Solar chargers, keyrings, fairylights etc. There's even a USB "Eco button" for your computer.

                        Retro - A Team, Fraggle Rock, Knight Rider and many other retro items in this section.

                        Experiences - The usual gift experiences can be found in here - driving, skydiving, that sort of thing.

                        ** Ease of Use **

                        The website is incredibly easy to use. I went to Firebox with a very specific product to find - a remote control helicopter, for my dad's christmas. On the homepage you will find several tools to help you find the item you are looking for, or to help you narrow down your choice, should you have nothing in particular in mind. There is a search bar and there are options to narrow the products by price or gender.

                        On the homepage you will find the Top 20 product, featured products and the newest products in their online catalogue, making finding a gift that no one else will have thought of, a simple task.

                        ** Ease of Ordering **

                        I found a good selection of helicopters and wasn't sure which one to go for. Thankfully, I found the site has a lot of detailed information about its products. I found this a great benefit as a few sites I had looked at were very vague about what they were offering.

                        Once I had decided which helicopter I was going for, adding it to my shopping basket was easy. As with most online shops, it's a one click process - very simple indeed. The website gets clever at this point and also offers you the option to purchase the correct size and amount of batteries required to make your product work. I decided against purchasing them as we tend to use rechargable batteries, but thought it was a fantastic idea as so many of us forget about the batteries when ordering things like this.

                        Prices seem around average to me. The products are similar to I Want One of Those (IWOOT) and the prices are in the same sort of range. The benefit of Firebox is that they are featured on Quidco and offer 15% cashback on purchases made through the site, so this gives Firebox my vote over IWOOT.

                        ** Payment and Delivery Options **

                        When you are ready to checkout, the standard delivery choice - which is £3.95 Royal Mail with an expected delivery time of 2-4 working days - is set as default. However, there is the option to upgrade your delivery to express (next working day) for £5.95, express AM/PM for £7.95 or Royal Mail special delivery for £6.95. There is also the option to have your parcel delivered to a Post Office, which I thought was another great idea. There is no extra charge above the standard delivery rate for this and I would imagine it would be fantastic for those that work full time. I opted for the standard delivery and I managed to find a discount code so that this was free, so it may be worth having a scout around the internet beforehand if you're considering placing an order.

                        Payment can be made with most credit and debit cards. However I am always wary of sites that I haven't used before and I went for the alternative method of payment - Paypal. When using this method, you don't have to enter all your details or delivery address etc, as Paypal will do all this for you and there is no extra charge for using this method.

                        ** Delivery **

                        I ordered my items on Monday and they were delivered on Wedesday - fantastic service in my opinion, especially for this time of year. With standard delivery, it may be worth noting that it is delivered without the need for a signature. This was fine for me, as the value of the items I ordered were not that high, but if you are ordering high value products, it may be worth opting for an alternative delivery method.

                        The order was delivered well packaged, in a cardboard box with lots of air packs to protect the items. All of the products were fantastic - exactly as described online - and nothing was damaged, even the packaging was immaculate.

                        ** Overall **

                        I was very impressed with my shopping experience with Firebox. Shopping was easy, payment was easy, delivery was fast (and free) and everything was perfect. The 15% cashback through Quidco is an excellent bonus.

                        What more could you want when christmas shopping?

                        I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for an unusual gift.


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                          12.12.2008 14:14
                          Very helpful



                          Perfect place to buy something unusual.

                          ~ What is Firebox ? ~

                          Firebox (firebox.com) is a internet based gadget and gift retail site. It was started in 1998 by two university students who came up with the 'Shot Glass Chess Set' (a drinking game). By 2004 they were listed by the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 as the 13th fastest growing privately owned business in the UK. By 2007 the business was turning over £11.4m and in 2008 they became the Stuff Gadget Awards 2008 Winner - 'Retailer of the year'. The site is all about having fun and this is emphasied by the products and the general ethos of the site.

                          ...."We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing " .

                          If you are looking for gifts firebox really does have something for everyone : men, women, & children - plus a few things for pets. It has a huge range of items ie: tiny remote control helicopters, flying insects, robots, dinosaurs. foam dart firing tommy gun, sesame street dolls, lots of USB gadgets like Doctor who's Tardis (with sound effect) etc....

                          ~The Website ~ www.firebox.com

                          The firebox website is colourfully presented, it appears quite narrow in shape which centers on the monitor making it easy to see everything on the site. It's also easy to navigate with clearly labeled links and from the top of the web page you can access the the main departments :


                          ~ searching for products ~

                          The products are displayed on the website with a picture of the item complete with a brief description, pressing the 'more' button takes you to a further product information page. On this page you can also find out if the item is in stock and you can view the price in English Euro's or US Dollars. You can also access customers reviews on this page and occasionally people send in videos and photo's of the items they've brought which I've personally found very helpful and entertaining.

                          There's a search engine (top left) or, if you desire you can see everything that's on offer by clicking on the 'Show me everything' link. Just remember that if you have a slow computer or on dial up this might take awhile to down load, there's a lot of stuff on this site. On the left of the web page there's a 'top 20' best selling product list (with pictures) and on the right a list of 'What's new' - again with pictures. Another helpful feature on the site is the ability to search according to price bracket (under £20, 20-50,50-100, 100 and over). Items range in price from under £5 to £324,000 for the Moller Skycar (flying car) although I have to say the Moller looks more thunder birds than flying car.

                          ~Firebox and Me~

                          I came across this site a few years back whilst surfing the internet. I have brought quite a few things from firebox over the years for family and friend. Awhile back I brought my brother a tiny 'Black Ghost Helicopter' for just under £20 which he would fly around the house (with the cat chasing it !). Fortunately they are made of polypropylene foam so can stand up to repeated crashes without any damage. I recently brought myself a 'MR T in your pocket', it's a novelty keyring which contains various Mr T phrases, recorded by the man himself, ie : "Don't Gimme No Back Talk, Sucka" and "Quit Your Jibba Jabba",etc. I've used it a few times when caught up in heated debates with the council over rubbish collections. You can also buy certain 'classics' on this site ie : Stylophone, Etch-A-Sketch Action Men , Retro Sweets (old classics, in a box or large jar). Here's a few of my favorites.

                          ~Hello Ducky~

                          Bath Ducks - apart from the normal yellow duck you can get 'Elvis' duck and also 'Star Wars' themed ducks - 'Princess layer', 'Duck fadar', 'Luke pondwalker', and 'Pond tropper'. Not only do they float they also glow various colours.

                          ~Weird Edible Stuff~

                          There's also a food section which offers something a bit different. Apart from the Space food and Chili chocolate offerings they also offer a range of unusual food items. If you really fancy eating insects Firebox can offer you a more palatable bush tusker experience than 'I'm a celebrity, get me outta here' with 'Insectilix lolly's' - these are lolly's which contain various insects, you can choose between Scorpion, 100% safe (apparently), Worm or a Minty lolly with edible ants - YUMMY! You will also find Weasel coffee, Monkey picked tea, Sumatran civet cats coffee in this section.

                          ~Stuff for Kids~

                          Since writing this review Firebox have added a section for tots which will no doubt will grow with demand. There's plenty of things on here for older kids although you will need to search through the other product categories to find them. I've just brought a Zombie Brain Jelly mold for my nephew (just realised how weird that sounds).


                          As well as the site Firebox sends out a catalogues several times a year to around 7 million customers. These contain some of their latest items ,it's quite handy to have and around A5 size it's easy to carry. Unlike most catalogues it doesn't have an order page but it does provide an order line number (0844 922 5565). You can also download the latest firebox catalogue from the firebox website.

                          ~Gift Vouchers~

                          You can if you desire buy Firebox gift vouchers from £5, min to £400 max.Gift vouchers must be redeemed on line at firebox.com or by phone within 1 year of purchase and cannot be used for orders already placed. Obviously, if the value of the order exceeds the value of the firebox.com gift voucher, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card.

                          ~How to order~

                          * ONE-LINE : via website
                          * BY PHONE : 0844 922 1010 (between the office hours of 9am and 5:30pm)
                          * By FAX : fax copy of Firebox order form, to 0870 220 2178
                          * POST - Firebox order form to : Firebox.com, Ardwell Road, Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4RT

                          ~ How to pay ~

                          Firebox accepts : VISA, Master Card, American Express, Delta and Switch/Solo. You can also pay by Cheque or Postal orders. When you place an order on line Firebox send two emails, one to confirm they have received the order and a second 'confirmation' email after checking availability. Some products do sell out fast, you can pre-order these items and firebox will email you when that particular item is back in stock, again that option will be displayed next to the product.

                          If you have any questions regarding an order or product you can contact Firebox direct on info@firebox.com. When completing a order, on the checkout page you can find out what services are available for your postcode area. You can also find out the estimated delivery time. Orders are dispatched either by Royal Mail (1st Class) or by courier. Firebox dispatch orders received before 4pm (Mon-frid) on the same day, providing the item is in stock. There's also the facility to track your order but you will need to register. On each product there is a delivery link which will tell you if the item is in stock and also the expected delivery time. You will find that some items sell out quickly but you can set up an email alert for that item which will tell you when they are back in stock.

                          Security - Firebox use 128-bit SSL software to encrypt your credit/debit card information. They are also part of ISIS (Internet Shopping is Safe) and IDIS (Internet Delivery is safe). Full details are provided on the website.


                          Firebox offer a range of delivery options at various prices including delivering to a local post office were you can pick up your item at your pleasure

                          * Standard Delivery (£3.99)
                          (1-3 days) Provided by courier, Royal Ist Class post, or Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

                          *Royal Mail Special delivery (£6.95)
                          (next day by 1pm) - (for orders under 2kg) outlying post codes next day by 5pm - see website for details.

                          *Post Office - Collect Locally- (£3.95)
                          Firebox can send your order to your local post office who will hold your parcel for 21 days. Firebox will will let you know when the post office receive your parcel and continue to remind you on a weekly basis.

                          *Express Delivery Service by City Link. (from £5.95-7.95) :
                          Next day. Saturday deliveries £9.95. City Link will refund the delivery charge if they fail to deliver within the given time frame. There are a few post codes where this service is unavailable which are details on the web site.

                          My own personal experience is that it's taken items (standard delivery) a couple of days to get to me. They have come very well packed and up to now I've never needed to contact customer services so I can't really comment on that aspect.

                          ~Further Savings~ ***The Firebox Christmas Voucher giveaway***

                          On the back of the catalogue you will find a code number for a discount voucher. These can range anywhere from the lowest (£2) to the jackpot amount £1000. You simply enter this code into the appropriate area of the website and it tells you what discount you've won. My last firebox 'voucher' was worth £3 although I did pick up a £5 discount firebox vouchers from vouchercodes.com few weeks back :-)


                          If you are unhappy with an item you've brought, or if you simply change your mind firebox does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just return the item with the dispatch note, in an unused state complete with packaging and all components (excluding P&P). Certain products and services are excluded from this returns policy, including food/perishable items, personalized products or those made to order. These items cannot be returned for a refund unless faulty.

                          ~Christmas Returns policy~

                          Should you need to return an item over the Christmas period Firebox will offer a full refund if they receive the return item (un-opened) before 15th January 2009


                          Firebox provide comprehensive information on all aspects of the buying process, provide a large range of delivery options. I've always found shopping on firebox to be an enjoyable experience and would recommend them to anyone looking for something different to buy as gift. (Price's quoted were correct at the time of writing (12/Dec/2008)


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                            10.12.2008 22:19
                            Very helpful



                            Useful and useless gifts for everyone.

                            Since I'm currently off work, I've been taking the opportunity to get all my Christmas shopping done early this year. Early for me that is. It's also my first adult Christmas as a single girl which means I don't have to waste all my money on presents for the ex's extended family and can instead treat my friends and family to some well-deserved, if pointless gifts.

                            It was whilst hunting for a gift for my best friend's husband that I found my way to the Firebox website. The site's motto is 'we don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.' So, perhaps unsurprisingly, you'll find a range of gadgets, electronics and boy's toys to suit all ages and budgets.

                            The site is easy to navigate with different sections clearly marked by tabs at the top of each page. There's also a search function as well as handy lists on the homepage including the top 20 bestsellers and a selection of the newest products on the website. I also found the gift finder a useful tool in hunting down quirky presents for the man or woman who has everything.

                            Many of the items available include reviews from customers on the same page as the item description as well as customer photos and videos to help you make your decision. This can be a handy tool if you're not sure if an item is going to live up to the hype of the manufacturer's description and can also be particularly entertaining as it's amazing the effort and humour some people inject into their video reviews.

                            Whilst Firebox gave me some great gift ideas, I have to admit I didn't purchase all the products through Firebox as a quick search of the internet found some of the same products were available cheaper elsewhere. Admittedly, it was only by a couple of pounds but every little helps. Firebox also charges for delivery unlike Play.com and other sites. However, for the two orders I've placed, I've managed to snaffle £5 discount codes online quite easily. This negates the £3.95 standard postage fee and gives a small discount on the product so it's worth splitting orders into individual items and using one of the many discount codes that seem available online. You can also get cashback for shopping with Firebox through many of the discount sites. Checkout is a painless process with a secure link for inputting your payment details. Firebox also accepts payment by Paypal as well as all the major credit and debit cards including Electron (although this isn't explicitly shown on the site, it worked for me). You can also register for an account which enables you to log into the website to track the progress of your order although Firebox do email you to confirm you order and again to confirm dispatch.

                            My two orders arrived very quickly considering the Christmas push on the postal service and were both picked up from my local sorting office just a few days after ordering. My biggest disappointment was perhaps the sheer volume of packaging that was used. I took a large bag for life to the sorting office to pick up 5 parcels only to find that most of them were ridiculously oversized. Firebox weren't the only company at fault but one of the items I ordered is a cube measuring at most 10cm each way. It came in a box larger than an average shoebox with ridiculous amounts of packaging although the free mini packet of cola bottles concealed beneath this heap of trees did help to sweeten the disappointment. The items have arrived as described and in perfect condition ready for wrapping. I'm also happy that they come in cube shaped packaging to make the process easier for me.

                            So if you're looking for some quirky or retro gadgets and gifts for Christmas, birthdays anniversaries or just to spoil yourself rotten, the surf on over to Firebox for some inspiration and don't forget to pick up some cashback and a £5 gift voucher before you hit the checkout button.


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