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16 Reviews
  • Easy to Use Site
  • Great to be able to take time over creating a personalised card with photos and messages
  • Quick to blame Postal service
  • Don't deliver
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    16 Reviews
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      02.02.2017 15:39


      • "Website is good"


      • "Quick to blame Postal service"
      • "Pretty good with excuses"
      • "Don't deliver"

      I wouldn't recommend now

      Total let down, they used to be good but unfortunately the service has gone down dramatically. If you have the time, go to the shop for your card, alternatively take your chance.


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      18.06.2015 15:58
      Very helpful



      Great website and tools, but sadly had to get a refund.

      I ordered a funkypigeon card this week for Father's day as a cute gift from my 6 month daughter to my partner.

      I chose to design my own card so that I could include photos of my partner with our daughter, and place messages and pictures inside the card also.

      The card editor is brilliant and easy to use. You can upload your own photos, reposition and resize them, edit text on the card, edit colours and there are so many different options of colours, positioning and font, it's great fun.

      When the card arrived though, all the printing on the inside was smudged/transferred onto the other side, as if they had folded the card before giving it a chance to dry. Luckily, I ordered it early so I called the customer service line, and they sent another card. I have just received the card today and it has the same smudges. At first they tried to blame my PDF. I work for a printing company so wasn't going to take silly excuses. I asked them for a refund and kindly they have, without quibble.

      The problem is, I have ordered lots of cards from them before, and always had them sent directly to the recipient. And now I can't trust that these got there in the condition I would expect..

      Funky pigeon are very cheap, especially as you can personalise cards and still get them plus postage for the same price as a generic card, so are a good option, but I would suggest that if you do use them early, and have them posted to yourself whenever possible so that you can check the quality.


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      14.04.2015 16:10
      Very helpful



      Great Quality Cards For Every Occasion

      Funkypigeon.com is a company that sells personalised cards, mugs, t-shirts and more. There is a particular emphasis on humorous designs and cards where you can upload your own photos and input your own text. I first started using the site a few years ago when there was a deal on which enticed me to become a customer. Once you shop with the site it's hard not to return since they offer such a great and simple service and they also help you to remember special occasions by sending you reminders.

      The site has cards for almost every occasion you can think of including birthdays, congratulations events, seasonal holidays, good luck wishes, retirement, bereavement and much more. As well as their own brand they have a large 'Me To You' section as well and also features well known brands such as Hallmark.

      It's fair to say that whenever I give or receive a Funkypigeon.com card this card always gets a lot of comments and discussion and where it's a joke card the humour is always very much unique. Some of the designs where you can upload your own digital photos are exceptionally clever and creative. There are things like photo collages, newspaper and glossy magazine mock ups, cards where you can put your head on another body including those of famous film and TV characters, wanted poster mock ups, movie poster spoofs and much more. There are so many options that I am always able to find something that suits the personality and taste of whoever I want to send the card to.

      The service is really good and I'm very pleased with the printing quality of the cards. This is especially important to me after shopping with a rival company who really messed up several cards I'd ordered with them. To be able to have the cards looking like a high quality print with your photos clear and bright is essential to ensure the card is perfect and looks like you have spent a lot of money and effort creating it! In fact the process of creating your card is super simple.

      I really like that once I have created my account that I get regular emails from the company with offers and event reminders too. It makes life easier and the whole process of ordering from this company makes me feel like I'm doing something special for a loved one.

      Delivery is fairly cheap as it's from 64p to 99p depending on the size of the card. Other items ordered from the site such as stationary, gifts etc. have different prices but there is a comprehensive delivery charge list on site so you don't get caught out.

      I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a selection of unique cards and who wants great quality printing and service. This company has not let me down and I can spot a Funkypigeon.com card at a mile off they are so unique.

      This review is also on Ciao!


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      04.01.2015 07:54
      Very helpful


      • "Always Has Great Offers"
      • "Easy to Use Site"


      Funky Pigeon Dot Com

      I have used Funky Pigeon for about 4 years now and have always been happy with their service. I first used them for Christening Invitations for my little man. I was able to personalise them with his picture and also the text inside was able to include all details I needed, like church and time. If I had wanted to I could have made each one more personal by including each persons details, but I was rushing it. These cards arrived on time and I was over the moon with them.

      Since then I have used them every Christmas for around 12 cards, all with my wee man's latest picture. I have also ordered a calendar and notebook from them each year. The calendar's are a wonderful gift idea. I make one each year for my husband using pictures of our wee man from the previous years. The uploading system for pictures is really easy and on some of the calendars you can add captions as well which make it more personal.

      I always look online first as there is nearly always a discount code somewhere, plus Funky Pigeon have some great offers on from time to time.

      I also use their Prepay offers. If you buy a voucher using Paypal you can get a percentage back from Funky Pigeon. You can design your order and see how much it comes to. Then choose your Prepay amount and use the discount straight away so well worth doing.

      I will continue to use Funky Pigeon in the future and would recommend it to my friends.


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      16.02.2014 19:49
      Very helpful



      Stay away if you can go direct to the local florist

      The website it's self is generally easy to use, looks smart and is well linked to the relevant categories. However, for me this is where the positive factors pretty much end.

      The cards are off a good quality and there is a vast supply but they can get incredibly pricey if you plan on using this service for every birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc. they do have a deal on buy two cards and get free delivery but a lot of my family's occasions are wide spread so this option isn't available for me. For A6 size which is smaller than a normal sized card these are £1.99, A5 £2.99 and A4 £5.99. All of these also cost 60p for delivery. You can personalise the cards and add photographs if you want but you might find that it works better to use a photo printing website as these can be cheaper.

      They give you the option to add a box of Thorntons chocolates with every card purchase for £9.99 they are good quality chocolates and I have used this service a couple of times and I have been generally pleased. They also give you the option to add gift cards aswell after you add a card to the basket.

      The flowers on the website are the major downfall for the company to say the least. I have two experiences of this, one in which my Dad paid £50 for flowers for my Grans 70th birthday as they live quite a distance away so he thought it would be an ok service to use. The flowers arrived on time and for £50 you would expect a good sized bouquet my dad was none the wiser at what my Gran received until the following day when he asked for a picture. He was embarrassed at what they had sent it was a tiny bouquet which would have cost about £6.99 from a supermarket, he was livid! Not for the fact that it cost him £50 but for the fact that he wanted something special to give to my Gran for her milestone birthday and these just didn't cut it. I've heard that they use local florists to fulfil their orders and they did send my Gran some the next day after a phone call from my dad but it was too late then really as her birthday had been and gone. My second experience was valentines day this year I'm not a big flower fan but my husband ordered me some and little did I know they had come from funky pigeon. Firstly they arrived at 8pm on valentines day, my husband had kept it quiet all day about the surprise and we had to wait in all day which wasn't a good start. Then when the guy delivered them he repeatedly rang the doorbell which meant I spent the next hour getting my 1 year old back to sleep! When my husband and I seen the flowers he was incredibly disappointed not only for the fact that we had waited in all day but the flowers were ridiculous to say the least, what arrived was one rose and 3 pink carnations packed with green foliage for the grand sum of £34.99. I have seen nice bouquets in Tesco, Asda etc for a third of the price.

      I therefore wouldn't recommend funky pigeon if you are wanting to send flowers as this has ruined our whole experience with the company.


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        14.03.2013 02:37
        Very helpful



        I'd never bother again

        So, for my boyfriends' 21st birthday I thought it would be nice to prepare a personalised card of pictures of us both so he could keep it. I had never used this site but had used Moonpig and received no troubles from them and believed it was a straight forward process so I tried Funky Pigeon. The website itself hosts good navigation and great ease of use, using bright colours and links to go through the site and going through the steps to make your own cards is very straight forward. Up until this point I was satisfied, completing my order and ordering a very reasonably priced card- personalised and 1st class with an option to send it off on a specific date for only £2.99.

        I ordered the card to be sent the week before his birthday so it'd arrive to the door and on the Friday (his birthday was on the Monday!) they confirmed they had dispatched it. Cutting it a bit fine! So, on his birthday I was anxious when it didn't arrive with the post and rushed out to get a card! I waited until the Thursday before contacting them. I told them the circumstance and I did not receive a response until the following Monday. Their response was unsympathetic but purely blaming the Royal Mail, not taking responsibility for their choice in couriers. I did receive a refund but when I explained that I wanted the product for its sentimental value I was told to start the entire process again and pay. I am not out to get something for nothing but as a good will gesture it would be good customer service to provide the card.

        Overall I would not recommend this company to anybody just through lack of care they have put into my query. I am usually pretty calm but their emails seemed rude and unhelpful and believe a company should go out of their way to help customers and rectify mistakes

        bad communication
        not sympathetic
        no good will gesture


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          08.01.2013 19:39
          Very helpful



          A quick, reliable, well priced service, I would recommend

          About The Product/Service

          Funky Pigeon is a brand owned by W H Smith, they have become one of the huge players in the personalised cards market. As well as personalised cards the website offers gifts, posters, flowers, notebooks, calendars and more.

          My Opinions & Experiences

          I'm not entirely sure why I first chose to shop at the Funky Pigeon online store as opposed to one of its competitors but I'm glad I did. I can't really compare the service to the others because I have only used Funky Pigeon and have been impressed each time.

          I find using their menu to find the right card very simple, you can browse by person, occasion or card brand (me to you e.t.c.). They often have a large range of card designs for anything I have required, you simply find a design you like whether it be a photo card or not and amend the text on the front of the card and write your own message inside. You have plenty of flexibility on most cards, some however will allow you to do more than others.

          I have often used the photo cards whereby you can upload a photo to be used on the front of the card, some cards allow for multiple photos to be uploaded. There are often different fonts and colours to be used allowing you to manipulate the basic card as you wish and add your own bit of creativity.

          One of the benefits about signing up to Funky Pigeon is the reward scheme, if you refer a friend you can get £3 credit for every friend that signs up using your code. Your friends will also get 50% of their first purchase.

          I haven't used the prepay option but this allows you to upload a prepaid balance to your Funky Pigeon account, they will also give you free bonus credit (the value of which depends on upon your prepaid amount), for instance prepaying £20 will get you £5 credit free.

          As well as the vast range of card options and customisation features one of the best parts of Funky Pigeon for me is the delivery speed. Often delivery is free depending on amount of cards purchased and depending on the time of your purchase the cards could be through your door the very next day, apart from around Christmas I have always had mine within 48 hours.

          One tip I would give is to do a search for "funky pigeon discount code", they often have codes allowing for discounts, many times I have had 50% off or similar, it's well worth a quick search.

          Prices are very reasonable even without discounts, the common A5 card size being £2.99.

          Only negative experience I have had with the service came this Christmas, I used two photos for two cards and although they were night time shots the surroundings were lit up, on my computer and camera the photos were clear and bright enough. Unfortunately when the cards arrived the colour was very dim, much darker than the photos I had uploaded. Just keep this in mind when using night shots.

          In Summary

          A good online card customisation service, cheap and hassle free, I would recommend to anyone.


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            20.08.2012 15:46
            Very helpful



            Great value cards from Funky Pigeon.com

            The Funky Pigeon.com website sells personalised greetings cards and other gifts too. While you may not be familar with the site you may have perhaps seen the adverts on telly voiced by Will Mellor, with the irritating jingle funky pigeon dot com which rings through my head for the rest of the day. Not to mention the crazy pigeon wearing a crash helmet and driving a bike to deliver the cards.

            Funky Pigeon has a lot of competition for the likes of Moonpig, Card town, Hallmark as well as the supermarkets and photo website getting on board the personlised card market. I have used lots and lots of these site in the past as they often offer a free card for new uses but I always end up going back to Funky Pigeon. I am a huge fan of funkypigeon.com. I have been using them for a couple of years now to send personalised cards to friends and family. I think personalising the cards give them an extra special touch and show you have really put some thought into the card.

            The sheer number of cards available is astounding. They cater for just about everything occassion I can think of and even celebrations I have never even heard of. Here are just a sample there are many more on the website.

            Anniversary Cards
            Birthday Cards
            Bon Voyage Cards
            Christening Cards
            Christmas Cards
            Christmas Thank You
            Congratulations Cards
            Diwali Cards
            Easter Cards
            Eid Cards
            Engagement Cards
            Exam Cards
            Father's Day Cards
            Friendship Cards
            Get Well Soon Cards
            Goodbye Cards
            Good Luck Cards
            Graduation Cards
            Halloween Cards
            Happy New Year Cards
            Mother's Day Cards
            Naming Day Cards
            New Baby Cards
            New Home Cards
            New Job Cards
            Passed Driving Test Cards
            Passed Exams Cards
            Retirement Cards
            Same Sex Wedding Cards
            Sorry Cards
            Special Anniversary Cards
            St Patrick's Day Cards
            St George's Day Cards
            Sympathy Cards
            Thank You Cards
            Thank You Teacher Cards
            Thanksgiving Cards
            Thinking of You Cards
            Valentine's Cards
            Wedding Acceptance Cards
            Wedding Cards
            Wedding Invitations
            Wedding Save the Date Cards
            Wedding Thank You Cards

            The site is very easy to use and browse around. Creating a the personalised card is very straight foward. First click on the design you are going to use. Then next to it will appear a box where you can enter your own text a name perhaps or on some cards upload a photo. Photographs can be upload from your computer or facebook and positioned on the card. Once you have finished in putting your details you can preview your card and see what your card will look like. Then you need to select the size of the card you like with an A6 card starting at £1.99 up to an A4 card which is £5.99. After this stage you can then personalise the text inside the card. After this stage you can choose to either mail it directly to the reciepent or back to yourself with an extra envelope. Standard first class delivery cost 60p but if you add another card you get free postage.

            I have always been delighted with the quaility cards, I often get them sent to myself so I can have nosy at the before giving them away. Particular favourites of mine included the tatty teddy Christmas cards I find them simple adorable and sent many of those to family last christmas. My kids have always like the character cards I have sent them which have included peppa pig and Ben 10.

            Considering the price of greeting cards on the high street I find these good value. However you can save even more money with the lovely discount codes funky pigeon regularly offer for example currently you get 25% off exam congraulation cards. Another current offer is 4 for 3 on all same size cards. Also if you buy £10 credit you get a further £2.50 credit free. But at the moment for a limited time the lovely folks at funky pigeon are giving a whooping extra £10 credit when you buy £20 worth of credit. This is an amazing saving.

            Another bonus funkypigeon offer is the refer a friend and get £3. If your friend signs up to funkypigeon using your referal link, they get 50% off there first order and you get £3 credited to your account.

            If you like the sound of the site and are planning to order yourself would you please consider entering my referal number 587491 for 50% off your first order and £3 credit for me.


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              25.06.2012 22:48



              Great Service and Product

              Funky Pigeon often have offers whereby you can end up getting a card for free or heavily discounted. I've used them numerous times and have always been happy with the service and quality. As well as regular offers, you can choose to prepay (i.e add an amount to your account which you can use as and when you need it) and this will save you money.

              You can choose to have your card delivered to you with a spare envelope so you can give the card to your friend/ family member yourself or have it delivered directly to him or her. You can also buy a giftcard when you buy the card to make birthdays really easy! They also do a very wide range of personalised gifts - much more than just mugs!

              There's a very wide selection of card choices for any occasion you can think of and a style of card to meet all tastes and interests. You can choose the size of your card and can of course add a photo.

              The website is easy to use and you can change the font of the inside of the card.

              The only problem in general with funky pigeon and other similar websites is that the cards themselves are only really in one style - glossy card with whatever you want on it - it would be nice if they did a more luxury version with ribbons or additional detail.

              In comparison to Moonpig, the big advantage is that Funky Pigeon is cheaper and have regular offers which make them even cheaper.


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              07.03.2012 10:42
              Very helpful



              Website selling greetings cards and gifts which can be personalised with your own photos and text.

              "Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue."

              Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas....there aren't many occasions that you can get away without giving someone a card. You can plead poverty and avoid a present, but you'll look pretty dismal if you don't at least stump up with a measly card. That said, the price of greeting cards on the high street is shocking - £2.50 to £3.00 for a thin bit of decorated cardboard and an envelope is a real rip off when you think about it. And all that happens is that 95% of cards tend to end up in the bin once the festivities are over. That is unless they're special enough to treasure as a keepsake....and that's where FunkyPigeon.com can lend a helping wing.

              In case they're new to you, FunkyPigeon is a website that sells greetings cards. It's bit like its better known sister MoonPig.com ...only a little cheaper and a bit more flexible. If you're looking for that special card, gift or calendar, then chances are you'll find just what you're looking for on FunkyPigeon...and they'll even let you personalise some of your chosen items for not very much extra.

              *** GETTING FUNKY WITH THE PIGEON ***

              FunkyPigeon has cards for every occasion you can think of...and probably a few you've never even considered celebrating. As you'd expect, the home page at FunkyPigeon is very, very busy and as colourful as Mr Cadbury's Parrot ever knew how to be. The site is largely purple, and quite bewildering when you first chance upon it. However, once you've got your bearings, the site is actually rather well laid out. There are tabs across the top of the page breaking the site down into the different products they offer i.e. cards, calendars, gifts and so on. However, for the purposes of this review I'll discuss greetings cards as this is the most popular product on FunkyPigeon.com, and the service I tend to use most often. Once you've chosen the tab you require you'll notice that the left hand side of the page now shows a comprehensive list of all the different occasions they can help you celebrate, starting rather obviously with Birthdays and moving onto special one-off cards for occasions like a Graduation, a Christening, St Patrick's Day and so on.

              When you click on your chosen celebration i.e. Birthdays, the site then breaks the cards or gifts on offer up into further categories i.e. Mum, Dad, Spoof, Humour, Photo Personalised, Cute and so on. You can then personalise your chosen item by adding your own photos to some designs, or just adding some text to the front of a card if you don't want your ugly mug displayed for all and sundry to see. The cards are all displayed in thumb-nail size images, but you can enlarge them if you see one that catches your fancy, and then it's best saved to your "Favourites" tab so you can make your final selection once you've had a good browse. There really is a truly massive selection of different cards on offer at FunkyPigeon (over 5,000+), and you can waste hours just browsing and then adding photos and text to your chosen selection.

              Although they specialise in greetings cards FunkyPigeon offer a whole raft of other products from posters, calendars, notebooks, gift cards, mugs and hampers. FunkyPigeon can personalise a balloon for you, a bottle of booze or a photo frame. They also offer flowers, chocolates and experience days. Obviously I'm not going to list everything they do and how much it all costs, as that would be pointless and very boring. Suffice it to say that the site has plenty to offer and is chock full of gift ideas for everyone - yes even that hard-to-please-aunt or the nephew-that-has-everything-already.

              *** PIGEON FANCYING ***

              Once you've narrowed down your selection of cards or gifts, the fun bit can then begin. To be honest it can get a bit boring making your selection as the FunkyPigeon website has got so much choice and the images are not often that quick to load. After scrolling through five or six pages of different cards and saving the best to my "Favourites" tab, I tend to get rather bored and frustrated and stop looking. I then go to my "Favourites" tab and have a play around with the selection I've chosen. If you're planning a photo card, you'll need to upload the images you require onto the site. This is a very quick and painless process and they will store the images in your account forever more unless you delete them. Once you've uploaded your photo, you then need to have a play around with the cards you've chosen in your "Favourites" as some will definitely display your image within the card better than others. I recently ordered a Valentine's Day card for my partner featuring our dog holding a photo-shopped rose in her jaw. From my selection of five different cards, Tattie's image only really stood out in about 2 of the 5 cards I'd earmarked. The remaining 3 cards were all too "busy" and the slot for the photo too small to be effective. I wanted the card to be about our dog holding the rose and not about the pre-printed images already on the card. In the end I found a perfect match with Tattie's head inside a large heart displaying the rose dead centre.

              When you've had a good play around with the images, you can then personalise the text of the card by adding in someone's name or a message to the front of the card. The next step is to write the message inside in the card, or you can leave it blank if you prefer to hand-write your cards (after all sometimes it's nicer to handwrite the message inside the card rather than send them one that's been printed). If you're happy to have a typed message inside the card you then write your text and you can then alter the size of the font, the type of font and what colour you'd like it in. FunkyPigeon will also let you add a message or an image to the left hand side of the card too...for no extra charge. If you're not happy with the layout of the text or photo, there are arrows to align it so it's more presentable. They also offer a spellcheck on your text, which is a fantastic idea. There's nothing worse than spending hours choosing a special card and writing a personalised message only to have a glaring typo screaming out at your chosen recipient :o)

              Once you've uploaded your photo and personalised your text, you really must preview what you've created. Sometimes the photo will need aligning, or the text might look better centralised or in a different colour font. This is a very simple process and it takes literally seconds to make any alterations.

              *** PIGEON POST ***

              When you're happy with your card, calendar, mug...whatever, you will need to open an account with FunkyPigeon. This is simply itself and you only have to give them basic details such as an email and home address. Once you account is set up, you have to decide where you would like your item posted. You can choose for the card to be sent direct to the recipient (with the option of a "do not open before date" on the envelope), or you can ask FunkyPigeon to send the card (and a blank envelope) to your home address so you can either give it to your friend/relation or post it out yourself. Once you've made a decision on the address, you can preview the envelope so you'll know what that will look like too. FunkyPigeon will also ask you to choose the date you would like the card sent, and they have a useful online table so you can work back from when you want the item to arrive, bearing in mind Royal Mail standard delivery times. Addresses can be stored in your account for future use, and they also offer you a reminder service so you need never again forget someone's special occasion.

              All cards are sent out first class free of charge to any UK address ...or you can pay extra and have them go Special Delivery from around £5.25. They will post your card all over the world, but that's not a free service - you only get free delivery on UK addresses. Depending on the size, airmail charges to Europe start from 80p and the rest of the world from £1.40 - all of which seems fairly reasonable to me.

              When you come to pay for your item, FunkyPigeon accept all the major credit cards and debit cards, or you can pay them via PayPal. If you have a huge circle of friends and a large family, you might want to consider their Pigeon Prepay account. Basically loading up some credit in your Prepay account gives you a 20% on any future greetings cards. So if you pay £10 into your Prepay account with FunkyPigeon then they'll give you £2.50 extra to spend on cards of your choice. Once you've paid, you'll get a swift email summarising your order along with a picture of the card you've ordered. If you spot a glaring error, you can then log into your account and make changes. However, do bear in mind that once your card has been printed you are unable to make any changes.

              Since I created my account with FunkyPigeon last year, I'm pleased to say they have sent me no spam or unwanted missives. The only time I've heard from them is when they have emailed me with confirmation of any order I've placed. Having an account is useful as you can browse through your account history and see tiny images of the last 15 cards you've ordered and when they were sent. You can also have an online address book for family and friends so sending cards and gifts becomes even more simplified. There is also a reminders section where FunkyPigeon will send you an email so you never forget an important date. I can't say I've ever used this section as I'm pretty good at remembering birthdays without any help.

              You can also use your FunkyPigeon account to store favourite photos. They also offer a referral system whereby everyone you refer to the site earns you a £3 credit to your account. And it works - as since I joined, my mother has too and her joining gave me £3 in my account. She in turn signed up my sister-in-law....so now we exchange FunkyPigeon cards all year round! As a further bonus, after my first order FunkyPigeon sent me a voucher code offering 50% of my next card, and that worked too.

              *** PIGEON ENGLISH ***

              What I like about FunkyPigeon is that it not only offers free postage on all UK card deliveries, you can also pick up a personalised card from as little as £1.79. This is better than MoonPig as their minimum spend for a card is £2.99 plus 50p postage. The £1.79 card on FunkyPigeon is A6 size (148mm x 105mm), but you can spend £2.99 and get an A5 sized card (148mm x 210mm) if you want to go bigger and better. They also do A4 sized cards (297mm x 210mm) for £5.99. All the greetings cards are sent out first class free of charge - which I think is excellent value for money.

              On the whole the card designs are very nice and there is more than enough choice design-wise. If you like branded greetings cards you can personalise one from the following better known card brands - Knit & Purl, Violent Veg, Where's Wally and Me to You.

              In the last year I've ordered a good selection of personalised cards from this site, and they've all been printed on good quality, glossy card. The images and colours have always been crisp and clear, and most importantly, looked just as I expected them too from both the online preview and the emailed proof that they send. The calendar I ordered in particular looks great and it was a lovely Christmas present to design and give.


              I've placed a whole host of orders with FunkyPigeon since I discovered them last year. My first order was for a Wedding Anniversary card for my parents, which I was able to personalise by adding one of the better photos of them stood together and smiling. Since then, I've ordered Father's Day cards, and many, many Birthday cards. At Christmas we ordered a special personalised card for my mother-in-law featuring a photo of our dog looking rather cute in the snow. She was delighted with it, and it'll be one that she treasures and keeps for yonks. I also added a photo of himself to the inside cover of her Christmas card, but she was less pleased with this image, pronouncing it unflattering. I'd taken the photo on a lovely autumnal day when himself was sitting on a bench in Jane Austen's House Museum, managing not to look too bored and te'ed off with having to tour a museum for the next couple of hours. We both thought it was a good likeness, by mother-in-law begged to differ!

              All the items I've ordered from FunkyPigeon have arrived when they were supposed to, and they've all met, if not surpassed, expectations. If you order the card to be sent back to your home rather than direct to the recipient it is delivered well packaged in a cardboard envelope advising the postman not to bend it.
              At Christmas I also branched out from ordering just greetings cards from FunkyPigeon. I don't know if you saw those TV adverts from Vistaprint just before Christmas? The one where they were offering a personalised wall calendar for 99p. I headed straight on over to Vistaprint to order my 99p calendar, only to discover their 99p was a complete fallacy. By the time they'd charged you for uploading your photos and the paper you wanted the calendar printed on, the cost was closer to £15. What a scam! I aborted my uploading session on Vistaprint and headed on over to FunkyPigeon instead. There, I managed to create a lovely A4 sized personalised calendar for just over £8 inclusive of delivery. Each page had a different photo of our dog with a silly caption I invented, and it made delightful stocking filler for himself. It's now hanging on the wall in our kitchen and is not only practical (plenty of space to write in appointments etc), but an amusing conversation piece for any visitors.

              You do need to create an account in order to place an order on FunkyPigeon, but that's all to your advantage to be honest. Once you register, they'll keep a record of your orders, and send you timely reminders of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries etc; Once you place an order, you receive an almost immediate email confirmation showing what you've ordered. They then send you another email once the greeting item has been dispatched.

              So far I have not found any sites offering cashback for items ordered on FunkyPigeon, which is rather a shame. However, where you will make savings with this site is by searching out voucher codes. You simply key into Google (or Bing) "discount codes at FunkyPigeon" and then check out the results. To be honest I don't think I've ever paid full price for any of the items I've ordered on FunkyPigeon, as there is always some kind of code offering "half price birthday cards" or "50% discount on Valentines' Day items". Check out http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk or http://www.vouchercodes.co.uk if you don't believe me. The best thing is that these codes do actually work; there's nothing worse than an out-of-date code that isn't recognised once you reach check-out stage, and all the ones I've tried on FunkyPigeon have worked fist time. The discount is displayed immediately and unambiguously. For example, my A4 2012 wall calendar should have cost £10.99 but I found a voucher code giving me 25% discount off all FunkyPigeon calendars, bringing the price down to just over £8. It was the same with the mother-in-law's Christmas card - I found a voucher code for a whopping 50% off - giving me an A5 personalised card for £1.49 instead of £2.99.

              *** STOOL PIGEON - WHAT'S NOT SO GOOD? ***

              The worst thing about FunkyPigeon is the speed of the site. To be honest it's not at all speedy and at busy times the images take ages to load.

              With over 5,000+ card designs to choose from, if you're in a hurry you can rather quickly loose the will to live in selecting the one you want. The best thing to do is choose the occasion, then the type of card you want (funny, contemporary, photo, cute.....), and then start looking at the selection on offer. If you see one you think may be a possibly, save it to your "Favourites" immediately. That way you won't have to go back and scroll through all the pages again to find it! Once you've narrowed down your search to 5 or 6 cards, have a play around with any images you may wish to add as not all of them will look good with your chosen card design. Uploading photos and editing your chosen design is fast enough, it's just the initial search for the item you want that takes an age.

              *** NOT MY PIGEON OR RECOMMENDED? ***

              Despite the slowness of the site at peak times, I thoroughly recommend FunkyPigeon. The selection of cards and gifts are wonderful and there's something to suit all ages, all tastes and every conceivable occasion. The fact that you personalise a card from as little as £1.79 is an absolute bargain as far as I am concerned. Sending someone a card with a special photo and a personalised message is a sure-fire way to ensuring your card is kept, treasured and retained for years to come. And that's not going to happen if you pop in and buy any old card from Clintons is it?

              Once you have done the laborious bit of choosing the card you want, the site is very easy to use. Any order I have placed has arrived in a good timely fashion, has been of good quality and looked just as it should.

              There may well be no cashback on purchases from FunkyPigeon, but the discount codes (that actually work!), more than make up for this, and it's really not hard to find a code that will give you 10%, 15%, 25% or even a massive 50% off if you have a bit of a trawl on the world wide web. With Mother's Day coming up I'll be heading on over to FunkyPigeon to order a couple of cards....armed off course with a 50% discount code I found on one of the voucher sites. The code is FUNKYMUM50 in case you want to try it too :o)

              Recommended with four stars from me. Despite their excellent range, keen prices and superior service, they do lose a star for having a rather slow website.

              *** CATCH THE PIGEON ***

              FunkyPigeon.com is owned by Split Ink Studio Ltd.

              Funky Pigeon
              Hope Road
              BS3 3NZ

              Telephone No: 08452 600 800
              Email: customer.service@funkypigeon.com
              Website: www.funkypigeon.com


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                05.10.2011 19:25
                Very helpful



                Nice cards and great service, i'd use it again!

                Funky pigeon recently had a voucher code on where they were offering a free card when you open an account with them. I'd never used funkypigeon.com before but had seen the t.v advert and thought it seemed like a decent and legit website - and with an offer of a free card, I felt now was the best time to give it a go!

                I thought funkypigeon.com only did a range of personalised cards however when visiting the site I saw that they had a range of other items such as notebooks, mugs, posters, personalised gifts, hampers and flowers aswel.

                I came on the site to look for a birthday card for a friend.. The site was fairly simple to navigate and required clicking on cards and then birthday cards from a drop down menu on the left hand side of the website. Once you were on this section you could either browse the cards by age ranges, relationships e.g brother, sister, mum, dad.. children, or design styles such as humour, cute, modern, floral.

                Once you had chosen your card, you choose what size you would like e.g A6, A5, A4. Alongside this is the price for each card. I picked an A5 square card priced at £2.49. There is a little box stating to type in the name of the person who the card is for and this can appear on the cover of the card. Once I had typed my friends name in and clicked next it showed you how their name would look on the card. If you are happy with this you click continue and it leads you to a page where you type in what you want on the inside of the card - there is a range of different font styles and sizes available to customize your message inside the card.

                When you are happy with your card and you click submit it shows you the image of the card, from the front page and the inside that you have personalised. You then have the option to either go back and change the message inside your card/pick another card or continue if you are happy with the card.

                Once you have clicked that you are happy with the card, an option comes up stating whether you want the card sent to yourself or directly to the person it is for. You also have the option to write a date on the envelope which states do not open until a particular date. Once you have done this it shows you an invoice of the order and once you commit to it, it leads you to the payment options. As I had a voucher code all I had to do was type it in and it automatically deducted the balance. This was fairly easy and straight forward. However, you can pay via Credit/Debit card on the site, along with Paypal and if you have set up a pre-paid account then that can automatically deduct the amount also.

                Once you have placed your order a order reciept comes up on the screen and is also sent to your email. They also send out an email when the order is despatched. Overall I found the website to have a fast delivery time.. especially since all deliveries are free!. The card came within 2 days. It arrived in an envelope with the website name on so you could clearly see who it was from, it stated on the envelope not to bend it and inside included the card and blank envelope. I was quite impressed with the card and did think it was of good quality.. and being free, I can't complain!.

                After using the website and receiving my order, I was impressed with the service.. I thought the product was of good quality, the website was easy to use - including the ability to personalise the cards with a spell check option which was also handy, they had a fast delivery time and also sent emails to ensure you were up to date with the order.

                However I give the website 4/5 stars as I noticed that when personalising the card there was no option to change the font colour for the message inside the card, something that is possible on a few other websites. Also I found it slightly annoying when searching for a card and looking in the "cute section" of cards and found most of them were for children's card designs and some of the search results had mixed up the card categories. Therefore it took me slightly longer to pick out a card.

                Though I do think it's a good website and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't.
                I know I will re-visit it and purchase from them again, and plan on checking out their other products as there is quite a range of different cards and other gifts. So overall I did like the website, but have knocked off a star as I found it can be slightly improved.


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                  15.07.2011 14:36



                  I have called FunkyPigeon customer services this morning and messaged them on twitter asking for new 50% dicount codes to post on this thread....they told me anyone who registers at funky pigeon and types in my mums customer code of 212795 will be classed as a referral and automatically recieves 50% and my mam gets something too (she said this is not against the rules).... apparently this code will only work once for each person (or email address) that uses it or if u set up a new account with the same postal address you can use it over and over as long as the email you register is different..... happy shopping


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                  21.06.2011 21:55
                  Very helpful



                  Recommended for people who want to send a card more personal

                  I have always seen adverts on television for this website, but never really acted upon them. After purchasing a card recently for Father's Day, I was extremely pleased with the results. It makes the card more personal and is a lot more thoughtful than just picking up any old card from a shop (especially when your in a rush).

                  The card I recently received on the behalf of my Dad was Top Gear related (there are so many to choose from) and included my own personal message inside as well as a picture on the front which I had selected when personalizing the card online. You can also choose what size card you would like from A6, A5 and A4.

                  The site also allows you to include gift cards into the personalized cards from iTunes to Next. Personalizing the cards is not the only thing the site allows you to do, you can personalize mugs, notebooks and calenders.

                  Funkypigeon.com provide first class delivery for free. They also get you to create an account which you can pay into for the next time you need to purchase a card for a special event. If you recommend somebody to create an account on the site also, you receive £3 for free and the person you recommended receives 50% off their first order.


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                  31.05.2011 12:09
                  Very helpful



                  Never forget to send a card again!

                  Funkypigeon.com is a website which specialises in personalised gifts.


                  However organised I try to be, however many calendars and diaries I have, there is always one birthday I forget about. Usually remembering too late to get to the shops and get it in the post. Funky Pigeon is absolutely perfect for these occasions!

                  I have used a couple of the personalised card websites in the past. Although I have been impressed with the quality of the cards, I always found them quite expensive for something that will more than likely end up in the bin after a week. I know happy soul aren't I?

                  I first heard of Funky Pigeon last year, after an extensive advertising campaign, containing one of the most irritating jingles known to man. Although I did not use them immediately, I did make a mental note to take a look at the website at some point.

                  It wasn't until February this year when I first had the need to use the site. It was lunch time, raining outside, and I realised it was a family members birthday the next day. Realising I had no cards in, I hurried on to my laptop and went on to the Funky Pigeon website. Since then, I have used the site on many occasions. In fact, I ended up making a list of birthdays throughout the year any buying personalised cards for everyone because they are such great value for money.

                  On my first visit, I was surprised, and also very impressed, at the variety of products available on the website. I was under the impression they just sold personalised cards. I could not have been more wrong. They sell everything from posters, to calendars, to personalised mugs.

                  Cards are split into different categories, and they really do have a card for every occasion. You are also able to filter results further. For example if looking at birthday cards you can choose a specific age range, relation or design style. I recommend filtering results as if you don't you may be there forever; there are literally thousands of cards to choose from.


                  Cards vary in price. Some of the more standard looking cards have a set price of £2.49. However with many of the cards the price depends on the size you would like, with A6 priced at £1.79, A5 £2.99 and A4 £5.99. I love that you have the option, as you are able to go for the cheaper option for those people you don't really like all that much.


                  How much you can personalise a card depends on the design you have chosen. Some cards offer you the option of adding a photograph, whilst others just give you the option of adding a name or caption. Personalisation is easy, you just follow the on screen options.

                  Once you have completed the front of your card you go on to the inside where you can add a personal message. You are able to change the font and colour of the writing, and even add an image if you wish. When you have finished you are shown a preview of your card so you know exactly what to expect.


                  Check out is very straight forward.

                  There are three main methods of payment; debit/credit card, PayPal and prepayment. Funky Pigeon currently have an offer where if you use the prepay method, depositing a minimum of £20, they will give you £20 free.

                  It is also worth checking for discount codes. I am yet to pay full price for a card, and there are often discounts available, ranging from 25-50% off!

                  When checking out you are also given the option to add a gift, such as a store voucher, handy if you don't have time to buy a present.


                  You are given two delivery options, both free. You can either have the card delivered straight to the recipient, or you can have it delivered to your own address, with a blank envelope included. If you order by 2pm your card will be dispatched the same day.

                  I have used the site on many occasions since my first visit, and have used both delivery options. Having it sent direct to the recipient is great if you have forgotten a birthday and need it there the next day. If time allows though, I do prefer to have the cards posted to me so I am able to write my own message inside and deliver it in person.

                  I have been extremely impressed with delivery times. The last time I used the website I placed an order at 9am, and it was despatched 45 minutes later. Every card I have ordered has arrived the day after, which considering this is free delivery is fantastic.


                  I have ordered lots of cards from Funky Pigeon now, and I am yet to have any problems. Funky Pigeon are reliable, and cards always look fantastic. They are made on strong card, with good quality ink.

                  The one thing you do need to be careful of is photograph quality. If you are choosing a card which requires photo upload, it is important to ensure you use a high quality photograph. If you use a picture taken on a mobile phone for example, the picture may appear grainy. This is not the fault of Funky Pigeon, as they do advise you use high quality images.

                  Other Items

                  I recently branched out from cards, and decided to order a couple of the personalised notebooks. These are priced at £5.99 for an A5 book and £7.99 for A4. However the discount codes available for cards can also be used on other items, and I managed to get them for half price. Like cards, these are also delivered for free.

                  They arrived quickly, and are really sweet little notebooks. I ordered a few more, as they are ideal little stocking fillers (yes I have started Christmas shopping already).


                  Fantastic website. Great quality cards, and fast and free delivery. It is really easy to use, even for those who are not fully computer literate. It is a handy website to know about, even if only for emergencies. I will continue to use the website, and already have my eye on a couple of other items available.


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                    06.05.2011 17:28
                    Very helpful



                    Excellent choice and easy to use website!

                    After seeing the adverts on TV for months I decided to have a look on Funky Pigeon for a card and perhaps a present for mother's day.

                    The layout of the website is user friendly, to the left of the page it has a selection of occasions, if you then click on the occasion you want i.e. birthday then it also allows you to choose a recipient making it easy to find the ideal card for that special occasion.

                    There are a selection of cards and gifts that you can personalise by changing the text or the message inside the card as well as adding a photo if you wish.

                    The first order I made was for a notepad for my Mum. The notebooks are spiral bound and cost £5.99 for A5 of £7.99 for A4. You then have the option to upgrade from the standard 50 pages to 100 for only and extra £1, as well as adding a plastic cover to the front and back of the notebook to protect the cover for another £1, finally you can also have lined paper for an extra 85p.

                    I ordered an A5 notebook with 100 pages and the plastic cover. There are several designs to choose from so there is something to suit everyone. I chose a notebook where you could upload a picture. It is really straightforward to do this and you can move the picture until it fits perfectly in the space. You can use pictures off your computer of Facebook. You can then personalise the text on the notebook.

                    Finally once you have finished personalising your gift you can choose to send it straight to the recipient or to yourself. If it does go directly to the recipient then you can have a little message printed on the front advising them not to open it until a certain date. I ordered my notebook on the friday before Mother's day which worried me as I didn't think it would come on time, however I was really pleased when it came the next day.

                    My Mum loved the notebook the quality was excellent, the pages inside were thick and felt of good quality and the front cover with the picture I chose was glossy and of really good quality.

                    After this transaction they very kindly sent me an email offering 50% off any cards I ordered before the 5th May. As my partners birthday is coming up on the 10th May I decided to order him a card from me and one from our daughter.

                    The selection of cards is amazing, there is something to suit all age types. A lot of cards also have the option of upgrading to A4 size from a normal card size. Again there are several photo upload cards as well as cards where you can change the words on the cover.

                    Once you have chosen your card you get the option to write inside or leave it blank. If you choose to write inside you can change the font, colour and size of the writing. You can also write on the left and right hand side of the card as well as include a signature or picture. As my daughter is only 9 weeks old I chose a certain font and colour for her card. For my own card I decided to leave it blank. I then chose to send the cards to myself so I could write on the envelope and inside the card I had chosen to send.

                    Once again I had an excellent service the card came the very next day via Royal Mail in a big brown cardboard envelope with the words 'do not bend' on the front. The cards themselves were made of thick cardboard and had a super glossy finish. I am very impressed, I will just need to see what my other half thinks on his birthday!

                    You can also add chocolates from Thorntons to your card for a little extra.

                    I also ordered from my partner a personalised mug which I again was able to choose a picture and greeting. The mug cost £12.99 plus £2.99 postage. When I ordered the mug I was advised it would take 3 working days before it was dispatched and then it could take another 2 working days to be delivered. However withing 2 working days it had arrived and they also sent me a nice email to say it had been dispatched! I checked the mug over which was well packaged it s of really good quality.

                    I woud recommend this to anyone looking for a unique gift or card, they also offer calenders posters and door hangers.

                    The service is great and the products are reasonably priced!


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