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Green People / Organic skin care and natural hair care for all the family

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2009 13:50
      Very helpful



      Great products -just stock up when they are on offer.

      www.greenpeople.co.uk is a website devoted to the company "Green People" who make natural toiletries and sun care products for all the family.

      Inspired by the story of a little two year old girl called Sandra who like many children was plagued by the skin condition Eczema. Her mother, a lady called Charlotte, had a nursing background, and she set about trying to find a natural way to treat the condition. She used a Hawthorn and Artichoke Formula which she obtained from an herbalist, and she began to use supplements for her little girl in the form of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. This together with the elimination of all household chemicals produced outstanding results, and cleared the eczema completely.

      This inspirational story is mirrored in mine as my son had eczema as well and I was able to cure his by the use of Manuka Honey cream, which I have to say produced amazing results in a very short space of time without needing to use any form of steroid cream at all. If you are interested in this please read my Dooyoo review on this topic.

      So from this success story Charlotte started her company in 1997 following two years of intensive research and development, which is ongoing to this day with new products being made all the time.

      The website is the window into this company and the home page has a lime green and white fresh appearance, which I think instantly makes you think the products are green, which of course is their intention.

      The first thing to note about the home page and probably the first thing which you notice is the top which says "Free from SLS, Parabens, Phthalates, Lanolin and Artificial Fragrances." This is the criteria they live by, whatever you order will be free from these chemicals- guaranteed.

      The top of the page has all the usual links you can click on such as products, shopping, special offers, help, info, account log in and delivery, so it is very simple to access the area you want.

      My advice before doing so though is to just read a little of the home page in detail, because it is a showcase of what they have to offer. Brief descriptions of the product types they sell and the link to customer testimonials can be found here, and it makes a great introduction to the company allowing you to form a solid opinion of them. This makes for a sound basis on which to make a purchasing decision.
      Scrolling down to the bottom reveals the symbols which matter. Everything they sell is fair-trade, organic, vegan and ethical, and above this you can click on details of awards they have won which include many.

      So the first category you can click on is "Products" which will take you to a page where you can select your interests, and these are extremely comprehensive. Each product is listed under its category and they include skin care, hair care, sun care, dental care, mens', childrens' and travel. There are also cosmetics, products for young skin, and a spa range too, as well as limited editions.

      The next link on the home page takes you to the "shopping pages" where you can gain all the details you need to place an order, including some information about their loyalty scheme. This rewards you if you spend more than £265 in any one year, which I have to say is too steep for me, but may suit some people with a bigger budget than mine.

      The next link is the "special offers" and this is not to be missed. First orders are delivered free and they often have really good deals. At the moment for October everything is 10% off, and they are often updating these. Recently I was able to purchase suntan cream and after sun at buy one get one free, which was a superb offer.

      The next link is the "help" one and this will help you to find any answers you have to any little niggles which might be on your mind. It takes you to the place where the contact details are given. It also has the important aspects regarding security, and gives the assurance that they use a secure server using 128-bit encryption technology, and that they use Sec-pay meaning they never see your card details themselves. This is important to me as I have recently had my credit card used fraudulently for the second time this year, and as my computer is like Fort Knox it is an ongoing mystery how this happens. So really good to know they are in tune with all this, as having a massive internet side to their business it has to be on the top of their minds.

      The next link is for any general info not covered elsewhere on the site, and this includes FAQ which will have anything else you may have wondered about the company or their products, as well as a full range of testimonials.
      The next link is the "log in" link and here you can either register for the first time, or log in to make your shopping quicker and easier as they will have stored all your address details.

      The final link is to the "delivery" details including prices and times, and of course with the current postal strikes this is a big concern for many. They have tried to get round this by offering a courier service for orders over £40.
      They also do explain that in general orders are despatched on receipt, and certainly every order I have placed has been received literally overnight, and the postage prices are brilliant.

      The final compliment I must pay to this website is that the phone number is as clear as clear on the home page in the top right hand corner, and it is therefore a great asset to any customer seeking further clarification on an aspect not covered on the website.

      The speed of this website is excellent, but obviously this has to also be linked to the type of internet you have. We have 10mb and it loads very quickly, and all the images are there in a moment making selections easy and quick.

      My Experience of The Company And The Products They Sell
      My first comment would be these products carry a premium price because they are natural and free from chemicals, so bear this in mind when you see the prices at first. I would always recommend going through a cash back site, because the savings are excellent-12% currently at Topcashback www.topcashback.co.uk.

      My special loves are the sun products, in particular the childrens' Lavender Sun Cream which is outstanding. It is free from parabens and when you consider the area you are covering it is very important to me that my sun cream does not have this chemical in it. The reason for this is that it has been linked to some cancers and banned in several countries pending more research.

      The Aloe Vera Sun Lotion is also a good buy and I am gradually using more and more of their products when I can afford them.

      The sun lotions retail for £14 for 150 mls, but recently I bought two for one, and with the Topcashback discount this made them affordable. I don't think I would purchase at £14 as it is a bit too steep for me.

      This is the only disadvantage with this company in that their products are on the expensive side, and for many people in this recession the desire to be green and ethical, has to be balanced with the common sense approach to finance and household budget management. For this reason you do have to be a little internet offer savvy, unless you are loaded of course! I say this because a bottle of shower gel for children will cost £6.95, and I know I could never have justified that when my little ones were babies.

      The shampoos average just under £10 and hand wash at £6.50, so you can see being green doesn't come cheap.

      As long as you appreciate the fact that the products are expensive because of what they are, and what they represent, I think with a discerning eye and a little patience you can stock up on some really outstanding natural products.

      Green People do have a good selection available in Waitrose stores and in health food shops.

      I think their website is excellent and their products are too.

      This review is also published on Ciao by myself under my user name there Violet1278.


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