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Tropical fish and aquarium supplies

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2010 12:46
      Very helpful



      The best place to buy pet fish or equipment.

      Please note, I suggested this category for the shop itself, but it seems to be showing up as an online shop.
      Grosvenor Tropicals does not offer online sales, although they will sell a few items over the phone and post.
      They will deliver large items within Lisburn and Belfast for £15. They do have a nice general website though where you can browse through some of their products or just look for general fish keeping info. I noticed today sections on filter cycling etc.. but they do not appear to be live at the moment. They will also answer questions by email, so if you need help, this is the place to turn to.

      Grosvenor Tropicals was conveniently located on the Grosvenor Rd in East Belfast for ..... well forever. It's one of those shops that was just always there. Looking up on their website it seems that in fact it the shop started over 40 years ago in a converted terraced house. From there it just grew and finally moved to a large commercial unit in Lisburn a few years ago. They also maintain a separate, state of the art quarantine facility powered partially by in house solar energy, and they hope to be entirely off the electric grid in the next few years. Although the change of location may make getting tot eh store more of a commute for most people, this store is definitely worth going out of your way for.

      Grosvenor tropicals has a large range of tropical fish, cold water fish, and saltwater fish. In fact I believe this is probably the largest range of fish in the country. They are all in immaculately clean tanks, and healthy and well cared for. They are all quarantined before sale as well. If you are looking for a specific species that they do not stock, chances are very good that they can special order one for you. They also have all the basic fish equipment, filters, heaters, pond equipment everything you can think of and can order spare parts and anything else as well. They have a larger range of foods, frozen and dried then any other shop I have seen, but do not stock live foods of any kind.

      The other thing besides fish that this shop is famous for is their tanks and cabinets. they have every kind of tank you can imagine, from large bow front tanks with purpose built cabinets, to a fascinating picture frame tank that hangs on your wall ( but unfortunately you would be very limited as to what you could keep in this).
      My personal favourite, although well out of my price range, are the coffee table tanks. These are absolutely stunning.

      As many of you know I once worked in a pet shop myself. It can be very easy for businesses to look on pet fish as just another commodity to be sold, no different then the gravel, lighting or other bits and bobs that they sell. I am completely convinced that this is not the case with Grosvenor Tropicals and that the owner of this store genuinely cares about the welfare of his fish. You will never find a dyed fish in this shop. He will also refuse to sell if he feels you are putting the fish in an unsuitable environment, and i have always liked the fact, that if I tell him what I have in a tank, he will honestly let me know if a new fish is suitable or not.
      Of course this is good business practice. He has certainly lost money advising be not to buy fish, but he has made it back on other items, and the fact that I trust this shop is the only reason I am willing to travel to shop there when other shops are much more convenient. I have also found this shop to advise against unnecessary equipment purchases, telling me there was absolutely no reason to replace certain items unless I liked throwing money away.

      Another reason for shopping with Grosvenor Tropicals is that in all the years I have been buying fish from them, I have never had a sick or diseased one. I have some very expensive fish in my tank, and while I do not have the same level of attachment that I do for my dog, I have had them many years and am attached to them. It simply is not worth my putting their health at risk to introduce fish from less reputable source that may also introduce disease. I learned the hard way with that many years ago.

      The only thing negative I could think of to say about this shop is that they do stock salt water fish which is questionable to many due to the fact that the trade in saltwater fish encourages the collection of these species from the reefs. I myself prefer freshwater species for this reason, but at least theses ones are expertly cared for.

      If you live in Northern Ireland and are interested in tropical fish, this place is well worth a visit.


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