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Unique, historical gifts.

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2011 14:00
      Very helpful



      The place to go for a historic newspaper

      This August my paternal grandparents celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Unfortunately I didn't realise this until about three weeks before the event: for some reason I was convinced it was next year. It wasn't until my mam reminded me over the phone that I realised I had only a very short time to find a present for them. I don't normally buy them anniversary presents, but it's not every day you celebrate 60 years of marriage!

      The problem then was what to buy them. They don't drink alcohol; chocolates and sweets sounded a little dull; flowers would, I guessed, be delivered to them by the bucketload. I tried to come up with some ideas via the dubious method of typing "diamond wedding" into Google and seeing what came up. This website was one of the first choices.

      Historic Newspapers, as the name suggests, offers a number of archive newspapers from which you can choose the appropriate edition for your special occasion. Papers available include The Times, the Sun, the Evening Standard and more, and several gift boxes are available to package your paper. I thought the website itself looked a bit tired and could have done with a redesign, but there was nothing wrong with the navigation or the information available, so I could live with this.

      I thought that getting my grandparents an original newspaper published on the day they were married would be an unusual and special idea. I checked with my mam first to make sure that nobody had bought them one for their golden anniversary. She was pretty sure that they hadn't, so I decided to stick with my plan. I searched around the Internet to see if I could find any reviews of the site, but couldn't find a thing except this Dooyoo catalogue entry (which at least convinced me the site was genuine). I decided to risk it, and make my order.

      I found it a very easy and straightforward process to select the paper of my choice and the right gift box. I chose box which would allow the paper to be rolled up, as fewer creases means less risk of damage. I was slightly concerned about not being in to receive the delivery, so I arranged to have it delivered to my parents' house instead. I don't know exactly how long it took to arrive, but since it was there when I went home the following week, I assume it was delivered in the time specified on the website.

      I was very pleased with the item when it arrived. It had been securely packaged in a cardboard box so that the product inside was undamaged. The red keepsake box was of a good quality and the newspaper was held securely inside.

      The gift cost me £50 (I paid more for the gift box of my choice), though I ended up spending less than this - after my parents and brother saw what I'd got for my grandparents, they wanted in on it too so I only ended up forking out a quarter of the price myself!

      As for my grandparents, they were thrilled with the gift - they hadn't heard of such a thing before, and luckily no one else got them one for their anniversary. It's something they can treasure that will have meaning, rather than a random gift bought for the sake of it.

      Altogether, I do recommend this site as a good place to get a unique gift for a special occasion. It's a bit expensive, but worth it for a 60th anniversary or some such thing. I found the site to be reliable and would use it again in the future if I had need of it.


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