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    6 Reviews
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      09.11.2011 15:53
      Very helpful



      Well I will not use this service again.

      I shop in Holland and Barrett Shops and registered my loyalty card. Some time after I received an email offering 30% off on-line shopping

      I made and on-line order on 17th October 2011 of sufficient cost to get free delivery. A week later I emailed to say that I had not had any communication from Holland and Barrett except for the confirmation to say that my order had been received. The order confirmation said that they expect to despatch within 48 hours and that I would receive and email to say when my delivery would arrive.

      I got an automated response to my email with a reference number.

      I got a box via royal mail a day later with only 2 out of the 24 things I ordered

      I then phoned without success - the 0870 number kept me in queue and then when it went through to a real person I was cut off immediately.

      On the 5th November I sent an email stating I would be taking action against Holland and Barrett if no-one contacted me about my my order and the complaint.

      I got an automated response with another reference number

      No-one responded

      I decided to try and locate an alternate number for Holland and Barrett and got one from the internet for NBTY europe 024 7624 4400, - I eventually got through to a supervisor who did something and I may yet get my delivery . The supervisor told me that the order had been dispatched on the 24th October in two boxes - one via royal mail and the other via a courier (Yodel).

      After a subsequent email confirming what I had not received I had a confirmation email that my outstanding items would be resent.

      I await delivery.

      Sadly the item I wanted most - chocolate rice milk has had a recipe change during this time and recent batches are no longer as chocolatey.


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      26.07.2010 19:31
      Very helpful



      Good quality and affordable!

      There's a Holland and Barrett in just about every town I've ever been to, selling every type of health food, from vitamins to nuts, health supplements and even body building. They've always been able to supply any type of vitamin that I've been looking for, and staff tend to be well trained and knowledgeable (I believe it's a franchise, so this would explain the well-trained staff), so I always have confidence in their recommendations. I was particularly impressed recently that they have decided to get rid of their plastic bags, a brave decision that will hopefully be very popular with its customers.

      So when my mum said she needed some bits and bobs, rather than cycle in to town and carry it all back, I thought I would help her out and check out their website.

      Due to the sheer number of products, the website by its nature has to include everything, but I find it little overwhelming - it's quite brightly coloured and quite "busy". I found it difficult to find specific items in a short period of time, although I did think if I had more time, it would be interesting to browse! You can search by category and also alphabetically.

      The site does, however, have a wealth of stock and just about every herb and vitamin that you could ever think of. Not only that, but it gives you the opportunity to look at each product's label as a pdf so you can check out what it contains, and how much to take.

      There are also tabs at the top to guide you through their range which is divided into "joint care", "multi vitamins", "diet", "body building", "toiletries" and "current offers".

      There are also tabs on "product of the month" and "new products" - currently an intriguing- looking acupressure blanket!

      Holland and Barrett's items are well-priced and they often have a "better than half price sale" which is a great offer, (if dubious grammar!). Delivery is a standard £1.99 not matter how heavy your shopping, and is free if you spend more than £50. You can also order by phone - not everyone has the internet after all!

      Payment isn't too cumbersome either, and my delivery was with me within two days.
      Like their stores, I find them courteous, no-nonsense and efficient.

      Although the company has been about for 80 years, they've successfully ridden the recent interest in natural food supplements and ensured that these products are good quality and affordable. Long may it continue!


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        21.10.2009 22:18
        Very helpful



        A definite winner!


        Description: Health food and vitamins, nutrition supplement store.

        I am sure that everyone knows who Holland and Barratt are, simply because they now have so many stores, televison adverts etc. Holland and Barrett was originally opened in 1870 by a Mr Alfred Slaps Barrett and Major William Holland. However, if you have not yet heard of this company, they are one of the leading retailers of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements across the UK. They also have a fantastic website which is what I am reviewing today.

        There are obviously loads of Holland and Barratt stores dotted around the country, but as I work and often find it difficult to get to them during the day, I like to order online and take my time choosing the things that I need. They generally have great offers on too, which I take full advantage of.

        The postage was only £2.50 the last time that I shopped there but this was free if you spent more than a certain amount. It was also with me very quickly, around 4 days later. My orders have always been correct and their secure payment site means that I don't have to worry about entering my card details.

        The site itself contains hundreds of items and far too many to list, I have always found everything I need there as well as lots of things that I had not considered so you are unlikely to be disappointed.

        Right now, they are offering 25% off everything bought online and free postage and packing on orders over £30, what more reason do you need to start shopping now!


        The staff have a wealth of knowledge in their stores and if you have questions, you can also ring or contact them through the website. they are specially trained and therefore have an excellent understanding of the products, which makes a big difference if you are unsure of anything.

        An all round winner for me, try them now while the sale is still on!


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          31.07.2009 09:47
          Very helpful



          Whatever your ailment there will be something in there to help ease it!

          Probaly like many people you have heard of Holland and Barrett I had, but had always thought of them as a place where health freaks and pill popping people went! How wrong I was!

          I went into one about two years ago, I needed some odourless garlic tablets and had seen a TV commercial saying how they were doing them for less than half-price. I usually got mine from Tesco's. When entering these shops, it hits you how many different types of jars, packets and bottles they stock. Where to look for what you want can be very daunting as many of the jars and tubs have the same green and white labels on them!

          When asking one of the staff for some help I couldn't help but notice how friendly and helpful she was, even though there was several other people in the shop she stopped to help me find what I wanted and explained several
          other items to me ( other vitamins and the uses they were used for!). The staff seem well trained about every item in the shop, I did find out on another visit that they go on staff training programmes to learn about the products ( the same as most Boots staff do!).

          Holland and Barrett have been one of the leading stores to go green, many
          years before the other ones did. They have been producing Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Supplements and Natural Food Supplements for over 70 years. They are the UK's largest Health Food Retailer. They have ;

          46 shops in England
          13 shops in Wales
          21 shops in Scotland
          6 shops in Northern Ireland
          1 shop on the Isle of Man

          They sell over 1,000 Vitmanins, Minerals, Health and Natural Supplements,
          I couldn't possibly write about all of them as I would be here forever! but
          I have picked out a couple to write about.

          Starting with some of the most popular Vitamins;

          Vitamin B: This is taken mostly by people who have suffered from stress, illness or those who tend to have a tad to much alcholol or processed foods. This vitamin is stripped from the body when the above has happened and it needs to be replaced back in.

          Vitamin C: This vitamin is very good for helping heal sports injuries, keeping away colds and if you suffer from anaemia ( I take a dissolvable one every
          morning without fail and touch wood I never seem to catch anything!).

          Vitamin D: This is a fat soluble vitamin that helps you to keep calcium levels in the blood for healthy bones and healthy skin.

          Vitamin B12: This comes in the form of Kelp, this is taken from an assortment
          of different seaweeds. It contains Iodine which can help speed up your
          metabolism and has essential fatty acids as well as protein in it. This is very
          good for your hair as it can help it to thicken up and grow quicker. If you have had a bad illness ( as my daughter had recently!) your hair can start to fall out badly, so by taking Sea Kelp it will actually help it to grow back again.

          If you visit their webpage you will find out that they have a wide section of different categories for just about anything you can think of such as:

          Vitamins (13 )
          Minerals ( 6 )
          Sport ( 12 )
          Herbal ( 28 )
          Food ( 7 varieties)
          Toiletries ( 13 )
          Joint Care ( 10 )
          Product of the Month ( This month being Lycopen )
          Healthy Magazine ( 1 This is £1.75 to buy and is a great read )
          Current Offers (There are 8 at present )

          All their products are chemical free. From the 1st January 2010 they will no longer have plastic bags and from 2012 all their consumer products will be
          recycleable (certainly doing their bit for the Earth ).

          So if you get the time to pop into your nearest one I would recommend it,
          even if it is just for a bag of Brazil nuts it's worth looking about in there!

          ps.... The prices are really good as well!!!!


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            23.04.2009 14:26
            Very helpful



            I'm a happy bunny (and my fiance will probably say my granola is rabbit food!)

            I love a big hearty breakfast and I tend to eat wholegrain cereals with sliced fresh banana. But I fancied a change and I wanted to start eating more nuts and seeds for their health benefits and dried fruit to add to my 5-a-day. So I decided to make my own granola, as the ones you can buy are pretty expensive.

            We always have porridge oats in the cupboard, so I just needed to buy dried fruit, nuts and seeds. The first two shops that sprang to mind were Holland & Barrett (H&B) and Julian Graves. There are branches of both these shops in my local town, but I couldn't be bothered to leave the house so I decided to order online. H&B also sell vitamins, minerals, supplements and loads of other healthy stuff, but this review is only about food goods I bought from them.

            THE WEBSITE:
            I think the website could be greatly improved to make it easier to find things. There are lots of different categories listed down the left-side of the page, so I managed to find Dried Fruit and Nuts in this list. However, to find Seeds I needed to click on 'More Categories' and I was taken into a more detailed list.

            ** On the Dried Fruits page, the choice of dried fruit was quite limited with only 8 different types of dried fruit to choose from. I ordered apricots, pineapple, cranberries and dates, but I wish they had things like dried banana, mango, strawberries and blueberries on offer.

            ** On the Nuts page, the selection of nuts was quite good, with all the common ones available: cashews, almonds, brazils, pine nuts, walnuts, pistachios and pecans. I ordered a couple of bags of mixed nuts and they also sell mixed nuts with raisins.

            ** On the Seeds page, the selection is pretty poor, with only linseed and sunflower seeds and a Breakfast or Omega Sprinkle on offer. I was happy to order some sunflower seeds as they were on special offer.

            On all these pages they also had listed the JML Handy Seal, which seals plastic bags and I thought it would be very useful as I'm always running out of clips, so I bought one (review to follow!).

            As I've been writing this review, I've been going through the website and I've found the things that I originally wanted to buy! The reason I couldn't find them before was because they didn't come up when I used the search function, or they are located in a category you wouldn't automatically think of looking in. For example, typing in the word 'banana' produces no results, but I found something called Neals Yard Snack Fruit Surprise, which contained dried banana and most of the other dried fruits I wanted! I also found pumpkin seeds in the organic section, but it would have been helpful if these were with the other seeds.

            However the website does have some merits. For instance you can view the label on the packaging as a pdf, so you can check the ingredients and nutritional information just as you would in the shop. You can also add items to a 'Favourites' list, which is useful for future ordering.

            I have to say that I thought all of the prices to be very reasonable and generally cheaper than what you can buy in the supermarket. For example:
            250g dried apricots = £1.65 from H&B vs. £1.99 from Tesco. I used Tesco's Whole Foods range as a price comparison (rather than the Value range), because of it's similarity to the quality you get from H&B, which is Neal's Yard.

            The cost of delivery was a bargain £1.99 within the UK and orders over £50 get free delivery (they deliver to the rest of Europe too and prices are in the FAQ on the website). It would have cost me £2 to get the bus into town and back, so the cheap delivery cost is brilliant and I didn't have all the hassle of carrying heavy bags home on the bus!

            I really liked the fact that the flat-rate delivery costs were transparent and I didn't have to go hunting around the website, unlike Julian Graves where you have to put things in your basket, then enter your postcode to get a quote for the cost of delivery. I was quoted £2.50 for a few small items, but then I put something big and heavy in my basket and it shot up to £6.50! (Sorry to digress as this is a review about H&B, but I thought it was a good comparison).

            It was very easy and straightforward to order and they accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and personal cheques. I received a confirmation email within minutes of completing my order, but I did not receive another email informing me they had dispatched my goods.

            They aim to despatch within 48 hours and they certainly fulfilled their aim with my order. It all arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, with a few polystyrene pieces thrown in for extra protection. All the bags were in perfect condition with no tears or splits and I was pleased that the Best Before End dates were far enough in the future for a good shelf life (earliest was Sept 2009 and latest was Oct 2010).

            I would definitely recommend purchasing food goods from H&B as they're prices are reasonable and they have a fairly decent range of dried fruit and nuts. The delivery is really cheap and very fast and I would definitely order from them again. I would like them to tidy up their website though and expand their range a bit more.


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              06.09.2006 16:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A great service offered by Holland and Barrett


              What is Hollandandbarrett.com?
              The answer to this is simple for anyone who has heard of and visited there high street stores, but for those who have not the answer is as follows. Holland and Barrett are one of the U.K's leading retailers of Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements. Holland and Barrett have many stores across many major towns and cities in the U.K. and now you can access there shops online and have the items they sell direct to your door.

              The History of Holland and Barrett.
              Holland and Barrett was originally opened in 1870 by a Mr Alfred Slaps Barrett and Major William Holland. It began life as a clothier store and grocers all combined in one shop in North Street, Bishop's Stortford & Thorley. The business was a huge success so the company then expanded to a second shop in North Street and split the clothier store from the grocery store and continued to go from strength to strength. Despite this huge success of both stores, it was decided to sell off the grocery store to Messrs Alfred Button and Sons in the 1920's who were allowed to keep the popular name of Holland and Barrett. It continued to have great success but was again sold in the 1970's to a company called Bookers along with another shop in North Street called Heath and Heather as well as many others of these style shops across the country. Bookers decided at this point to change the name to Budgens and trade with the umbrella logo but to change its stock to an herbal-based stock. As the popularity of the herbal stock grew so did the amount until the shop only stocked vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. The success was unimaginable and at this point, it was decided to change the shop back to Holland and Barrett. In 1997 NBTY, Inc. bought out the chain of Holland and Barrett stores across the country and opened several new ones at the same time and where proud to boast a massive 500 stores nationwide. They are planning another 150 new stores to be opening by the end of 2007, then being able to offer a massive 650 stores nationwide making them available in all major towns and cities nationwide. They have also branched out into the internet shopping line as well making it possible for everyone across the country to have easy access to there products.

              Shopping Online with Holland and Barrett.
              It is easy and straightforward to shop online with Holland and Barrett. You are offered a huge selection of products to choose from there range of over 1000 vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. The site also offers all its products at the same great value prices and great offers as there high street branches regularly boasting a better than half price sale.
              All the products available on Holland and Barrett online offer you easy access to be able to view the products individual label as an excellent reference as to the products contents and dosage. Most products for sale on Holland and Barrett online also come in a variety of different sizes and some products are available in different potencies as well as sizes, this allows extra value for money where available.

              Buying / Payments.
              To purchase products from hollandandbarrett.com is very straightforward. You are given the options of shopping by category, shopping by product or shopping by alphabetical listings. The site gives you easy access to there products and a brief description of its uses, links to view the product label, price, normal price if on offer and how much you save if on offer. You are able to see all the sizes the product is sold in as well as its different potencies and sizes if applicable. To be able to order online from Holland and Barrett you need to have a credit card, but you can access all the information to place an order by cheque and post it to the Holland and Barrett FREEPOST address, which is available online for easy access under the Info Centre link. They are happy to boast a freepost address so that they can offer an easily accessible service to customers who do not have a credit card for no extra postal charges.
              The checkout process of Holland and Barrett is like any other online shopping facility in regards to supplying your personal details, contact email, phone number and an optional alternative delivery address feature. They do however also have a section in there checkout process to enable you to add details of any vouchers or coupons you may have to use against your online purchases. You are asked to confirm your order before processing as well to allow you to check all your details are entered correctly on the site. Once you confirm your order you are directed to a printer friendly page for you to be able to print off the details of your order for future reference, but you are also sent an email to the email address you gave to confirm your order.

              Holland and Barrett online aim to process all there online orders within 48hrs and have it dispatched to you before the 48 hrs are up. The products are then packed and shipped to you first class and you should receive then within 5 working days of placing your order online. The delivery charge on the Holland and Barrett site is £1.99 for orders under £50 but if your purchase is over £50 your postage and packing is free.

              Help and Advice.
              The Holland and Barrett website offers you a section called `Info centre` to help you with any help or advice you may have with regards to placing and order with them, such as `Refund`, `Returns`, `Security`, `Cancelling an Order`, `Delivery`, `Payments` and `Creating an Account`. They also have access to the Money-Back Guarantee policy. These links can be an excellent resource for any questions about help and advice you may have, but should you have a question that you cannot get an answer to in this section you can also have access to the contact details of Holland and Barrett via Email, Fax, Post or Telephone.

              Other Site Features.
              Holland and Barrett online offer you the chance to order one of the catalogues for you to keep at home for easy reference, there is no charge for this service and you simply click the request catalogue link and fill in your details. They will dispatch a catalogue to the address you provided immediately and you should receive it within 3-4 working days via the post. The site has a quick order feature to use when you have a home catalogue as well to save you having to search the online shop for your order, as you can simply order via the catalogue product numbers. When you register to place an order with Holland and Barrett online you are also offered a facility to add your favourite products to your favourites list for easy access when you next use your online account with Holland and Barrett. Store locator facility is also available from this site to enable you to find your nearest store via a postcode finder.

              Holland and Barrett boast a 100% secure shopping facility with there online store and uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) feature to process all payments. This is Processed direct to there server in an encrypted format for added security. The security of hollandandbarrett.com is provided by GeoTrust and full details plus helpful hints on checking your PC security is available from the Security section under the Info Centre link on the site.

              My Opinion.
              I have now been buying from hollandandbarrett.com for about three months now and find that I personally have never had any problems with the service they have offered me. As I have mobility problems but enjoy using the products Holland and Barrett stock this site has been able to provide me easy shopping from the company from the comfort of my own home. I have never had any security issues with Holland and Barrett and to be honest I cannot comment on the quality of service of there returns and refunds, as I personally have never had any need to use them. The packing and delivery of my orders I have placed, I am extremely pleased with as they have always been very well packed and I have always received them within 5 working days. There has always been a clear and easy to read invoice included in my parcels with there customer service details on the invoice should I have any problems.
              I know not everybody is into vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, but for those of you who are this site gives you excellent access to all the products Holland and Barrett sells from the comfort of your own home. I personally found the site extremely easy to navigate and open an account with, and as I regularly purchase from the company I love the features and the information that this site provides. Therefore, I am happy to give this site a massive 9.8/10 for quality, ease of use, security and features.

              Happy Shopping...


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