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An online children's gift website.

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2010 12:06
      Very helpful



      A fantastic children's gift website with all gifts personalised

      It is a fantastic website that sells personalised gifts for newborn babies to young boys and girls (up to around 9/10 years old maximum).

      The link for Illustrate My Name can be found via Google. I first experienced this website last Christmas when I was searching for a present for my godson. I have never had to buy for a newborn baby or toddler before so found the task quite difficult to find something. I did not just want to get him something from Mothercare. I have lots of keepsake items from my godmother and close relatives from when I was a baby so I wanted S to have something from me to look back on. I put into Google 'personalised gift for baby boy' and this was a website I found about five websites down on the Google search page. Since it was a website I had never heard of I was quite impressed by the set up of the website and it looked legitimate. I had a quick read through the 'About Us' section and learnt how the company was set up by a lady called Jodie Gaul. She first of all started off making creative pieces for her son's nursery. As people commented on the items she looked into the internet sector behind it. Since there were very few online shops for items like this she set one up.

      There is also a section on the site called 'Press and News'. On this link I learnt that Illustrate My Name now has their artwork launched in John Lewis and they have many articles in various magazines. This tells you that the site must be a good one and reliable at that.

      There is also a 'Terms and Conditions' section to learn about the website's promises to you and what to expect as your Customer Satisfaction Guarantee as well as the Data Protection Act.

      -------------------------------GIFTS OFFERED FROM THE WEBSITE:--------------------------------

      There are gifts for babies and young children for both birthdays and Christmas. Prices range from items at £7.00 for a space form glass gift (which I have added a photograph of) to a personalised knitted blanket at £75.00. So the price range is vast and there are numerous items to choose from.

      --------------------------------SECTIONS ON THE WEBSITE INCLUDE:-------------------------------

      All Gifts: This section more or less has an overview of each section of gifts for example, Personalised Wooden Plaques, Personalised Canvas Bags etc.

      Christmas Gifts: This section again has an overall of Christmas gifts like Christmas Sacks and Christmas Bunting.

      Baby Gifts and Ideas: This section contains better gift ideas for newborns, babies and toddlers. For example: Personalised Baby's 1st Keepsake Box.

      Little Boys Gifts: A section specific to boy's gifts. For example with gifts that are mainly blue in colour. Or it shows a canvas with a picture of a blue car and a boy's name underneath.

      Little Girls Gifts: A section specific to girl's gifts. For example with gifts that are mainly pink in colour like a pink heart cushion with the girl's name on it.

      Under £20: This section contain all gifts under £20.00 which is a really good idea when you do not want to spend a fortune. It also means you don't get reeled into looking at more expensive gifts. For example a Personalised Door Hanger for £16.00.

      Premium Range: This contains the higher end priced gifts which I personally think are too expensive to be giving as a gift to a friend's child or even relative (depending on their closeness) I would only spend that sort of money of £50 plus on my own children (not that I have any) unless it was a joint present from a few people. For example a Personalised Noah's Ark Set at 70.00.

      -------------------------------MORE IDEAS FOR GIFTS ON THE WEBSITE: ----------------------------

      * Children's bookends
      * Children's clothes
      * Children's mirrors
      * Nursery interior
      * Letter cushions
      * Room decorations
      * Children's wall clocks

      There is also a fantastic range of personalised jewellery on the website. This is the only section on the website that I would say could be for children older than 9/10 years old. They include necklaces and bracelets with beautiful sterling silver charms and 18ct gold plated charms. These can be personalised with one or two initials on one of the charms. Or some of these can fit the entire first name. They come in a beautiful velvet pouch and gift box. Prices range from £40.00 to £60.00 for these. I suppose the only problem with children's jewellery at this price is that children do not value things like this so they may easily get lost which would be a huge waste of money.

      ------------------------------- ONE OF MY EXPERIENCES WITH THE WEBSITE ------------------------

      I ended up buying my godson a personalised Christmas star to put on the Christmas tree since it was his first Christmas. This cost £14.00. The star was about 13cm tall and I had the choice of 5 designs including: a Christmas pudding, robin, Christmas tree, teddy girl and teddy boy. I also had the choice of 4 background colours including green, cream, blue and orange. Then I had to enter his name. At the top of the star it had a thick checked red ribbon to attach it to the Christmas tree.

      I unfortunately did not get to see S unwrap it but I thought that he probably would not appreciate the gift until the following year (this year when he is 2) and he can be asked to put on the tree his special Christmas star. I also got to put a small personalised message on the back of the star for an additional £2.50 (I thought this was quite a hefty charge for this but did it anyway). So I put Sammy's 1st Christmas 2009, Love from Daniella xx

      ------------------------------ PAYMENT, POSTAGE & PACKAGING ------------------------------------

      The website has the common 'My Basket' button to view items you are looking at buying which is always handy. I had no problems paying for the item on the website, it has a secure payment via SAGE PAY and orders can be done over the phone too. Postage and packaging is a hefty £4.95 which I was most annoyed about on the site when I was buying such a small and light item but it was packaged well. The website suggests that items will be received between 7-10 working days in the UK and 14 days for the rest of the world. I received the item within 4 days but unfortunately they sent me the wrong colour. I rang the lady who said she had realised this mistake and had already sent out the correct one and a free post envelope for me to send back the other one (she said she would use it for display purposes). Despite this small mix up I was very impressed by the website and the item looked beautiful.

      ---------------------------------MORE EXPERIENCES WITH THE WEBSITE ------------------------------

      Then when it came to my brother's godson's birthday (H who is 4) I went on and had a look for what he could get for him. My brother got him a personalised toy sack at £40.00 (in hindsight he probably should not have paid so much) but I suppose we felt like we had to make an effort at the onset of being chosen as god parents for these gorgeous little boys. The toy sack was a reversible personalised sack which was 60cm by 45cm (so quite large) and very sturdy for a canvas bag. It was brightly coloured and beautifully embroidered. There were again 6 designs to choose from and my brother chose the cars design. This had brightly coloured cars at the top and bottom of the bag and H's name embroidered in the middle of the bag with brightly coloured polka dots in the background. It is machine washable too which is very handy for H's mum. When H opened this present he was so excited that he could put all of his specific toys in the sack and I suppose it helps mum out when she asks him to tidy away all of his toys after a play session.

      Then last month it was S's birthday so I revisited this site for another idea. I ended up buying a personalised dressing gown for £24.00. I was going to originally buy a personalised age top but when I clicked onto the link for it this additional link for dressing gowns appeared. There were 3 sizes of dressing gown to choose from including 6-12 months, 18-24 months and 2- 3 years. I chose 2-3 years since S was going to be 2 years old. I then got to choose a boy or girl's design. So I obviously picked boy. This meant that the dressing gown was white with a blue trim on. Then I entered S's name which appeared on the left hand side of the dressing gown near the top. When the dressing gown arrived I was so pleased. It is such amazing quality and it had two little bunny ears on the hood of the dressing gown. So sweet!! I know S probably won't appreciate the personalisation still at his age but his mum loved it and it will keep him cosy in the house during the winter and after baths. Another point that was nice and well thought out was that the tie around the dressing gown was attached on so it would not come away and get lost.

      So we have had 3 very successful orders from Illustrate My Name and I am hugely impressed by the quality of the products. For more reassurance before buying from the site there is a section called 'Delighted Customers' so you can read about their feedback and experiences too.

      It really is the perfect site to buy unique presents off which you know nobody else would have got for him or her. Similarly despite it sounding more time consuming it is probably easier than looking around town or Mothercare for a present since it can be ordered in the comfort of your own home and delivered their too. If you do have any problems the 'Contact Us' area has a phone number and website. The phone number as I experienced actually went through to the lady's home number when she is out of hours and she still picks up the phone to try and help your query. That is pure dedication to her job! There is also an email address too to contact the lady.

      Occasionally there are free delivery codes when spending over a certain amount but these are rare and hard to find. There is also a Facebook link for the website and members get put into various prize draws to win items off the website. The latest person to win a draw won a personalised bracelet worth £40.00 and 50% off an artwork piece.

      I have looked for similar websites to this online and found few and far between. They also do not look like the products are as great quality so I will be sticking to this site for personalised gifts for children. I have seen the excellent quality of the products and the excellent customer service. Thank you Illustrate My Name for a unique website full of great present ideas for children! My presents would be very boring without it!


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