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A shopping site for high end toiletries and cosmetics.

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    3 Reviews
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      29.11.2012 14:17
      Very helpful



      A great beauty box - which I prefer to glossy box!

      Jolie Box (beauty box)

      Jolie box is one of the most common and well known beauty boxes within the UK - and France, as this brand originates from France and I think this beauty box company also distributes boxes to France. I have been subscribed to Jolie Box since June 2012 and I am still enjoying their boxes. I have also been subscribed to Glossy Box for a while too - I have been subscribed to Glossy Box longer and I have to say that I prefer Jolie box.

      - What is Jolie Box?

      Jolie Box is a beauty box company that produces and distributes 'beauty boxes' to subscribers every month. If you subscribe to a beauty box company, such as Jolie box or Glossy Box, then you will receive various samples or full size product to try each month at the same price each month regardless of the number or size of the products. The idea behind a 'beauty box subscription service' is relatively new - over the past couple of years and they have taken off dramatically with various beauty boxes to choose from. I have been using Jolie box and Glossy box and in my opinion, Jolie box is better so far and I cannot wait for the Christmas and New Year boxes to be released!

      - What can you get in the box? How many samples?

      In the monthly boxes you get a 'free' cardboard Jolie box which I have been re-using to store items in such as candles. You also get a 'free' drawstring canvas black bag which contains the samples - I have been re-using this drawstring bag too, to store items in. The actual boxes and the drawstring bag are re-useable and they come in very handy. The number and size of samples changes each month but on the whole there will be five samples but it is usually more. The size of samples varies too with small sachets and mini nail polishes to full size body washes and full size lip balms etc. There are samples from various brands, some of which I hadn't heard of before, in the boxes. The brands available include well know brand such as: Dead Sea spa magik, china glaze, Eyeko, korres, L'Occitane, Redken, OPI, Zoya and Yardley. Also there are quite a few French brands which are not very available in the UK such as: Institut Esthederm, Leonor Greyl Paris, Taaj Paris, Yonka and more. Overall, there is a wide range of samples and sizes in each month and the surprise of each month's box is one of the main reasons I like these boxes. As well as the re-useable box, the drawstring bag and the samples/full size products, you also get a free Jolie magazine each month and various leaflets that sometimes include great offers and discount codes.

      - My Jolie Boxes:

      I have received six Jolie boxes now so I think I can write a fairly comprehensive review of the samples, brands, packaging and the quality of the products over the six month period now. Reviews from the time and phtotgraphs of the boxes and products can be found on my blog: ofbeautyandnothingness.blogspot.com. The six boxes I have received will be briefly described and reviewed as follows showing product consistency, brand diversity and sample quality over six months.

      *June - The Birthday Box*

      The first Jolie Box I received was the June 2012 box and I first subscribed to Jolie box at this time because this box was an anniversary of Jolie Boxes first year 'birthday' so I thought the box would be great - and I had wanted to try another beauty box, as well as glossy box. As I have made a blog post about five out of the six Jolie boxes I have received and I have kept some of the Jolie box leaflets/magazines I can say that this first Jolie box was a bit late - I have a good experience with the other Jolie boxes but this box did arrive late, probably because of the demand for the 'birthday box'. As it was the birthday box, the box design which is usually simple, black and chic was brightly coloured. I received five products, one of which was full size and all of the five products were from French beauty brands. The first product was a full size face moisturiser - Yonka Paris Pamplemousse facial moisturiser normal to dry - I filled out the online Jolie box survey which means that some of the products will be catered towards you specifically and as I have dry skin this product was sent to me. I adore this moisturiser, it does irritate my skin but it is not very widely available in the UK and it is really expensive but that is one of the great things and bad things about beauty boxes as you may find a product that you really love but it may be really expensive! The other product I received was a Jolie box nail file, an Institut Esthederm face and body spray for tanning which I haven't ever used and a gorgeous mini lipstick from a brand called Elysambre which I do use but it has ridiculous packaging. The last sample I received in this box was from L'Occitane and at the time it was their newest moisturiser - the L'Occitane Angelica Facial hydration cream which came in a rather large sample pot. Overall, I really liked this first Jolie box - apart from the Institut Esthederm product which I haven't used but the brand/products itself is really quite expensive. I would rate this box 4.5/5. (Review of this box from the time and photographs can be found on my beauty blog).

      *July - The Summer Essentials*

      The second box - the July box had an extra product included with it as an apology because the previous box was late - I know this as I have kept the leaflet from the July Jolie Box! They said "this month we have included an extra gift as a way of apology for the inconvenience that may have been caused by the late arrival of your June Jolie box" which I personally think is great customer service and I was very happy with my free gift - which I was going to buy myself before it arrived as an extra in this box. The products I received in this box included: two mini nail polishes from the brand Nailsgirls London which I hadn't heard of before and I also received some Jolie box separators for the nail polishes. I received a 60ml conditioner sample again from a brand I hadn't heard of but I didn't really like the conditioner in the end but I did use it up. I also received a 50ml face mask sample bottle from the French brand Etat Pur which I think is a great sample size and I received a sample of the Jane Iredale Tantasia tanning product which I haven't use, as I do not use any tanning product. The extra gift included with this month box, because of delivery issues with the previous box, was the KMS Free Shape Spray which is a spray that keeps the hair in the style created for longer - use with heat tools only and I really like this product and I was going to buy it before I received it in this box and I am really glad that I did. Overall, I do really like this month apart from the small tanning product and this month included seven products which is great - I would rate this box 4/5.

      *August - A Jolie Holiday*

      This is the only box that I haven't created a blog post for but I do have the august Jolie Box leaflet which states the products included in the box and some information about the products. This box contained seven products again and they included the following: three sachets of the Dr Bronners liquid soaps in various scents. I love the Dr Bronner soaps as they make fantastic makeup brush cleaners and they are good hand washes too. The others products I received included a dry shampoo from Phil Smith which I haven't used as I have dark hair and dry shampoos do not work with my dark, thick hair so I have given this to my sister. I also received a Jolie Box leather hair styling lace - a shoe lace type product which was completely pointless and I threw it away. The last two products I received in this box were from the brand So Susan which I hadn't heard of but then I found out that it was actually the brand Jelly Pong Pong which I had used before and the Jelly Pong Pong products were available on asos I think but they have now changed their name to So Susan - which I personally think was pointless and a bad move on their part. The two products were a 'lip cushion' which is basically a lip gloss in a pot which is really nice and the second product was a face palette which looks really pretty but overall I do not like the palette. Overall, a little bit of a disappointing product in terms of the palette and the leather hair string...I would rate this box at 3/5.

      *September - Runway ready...*

      The September box was a fantastic box in every sense of the word - it is one of my favourite Jolie box by far! The box contained five products, three of which were full size. The brands for this box included: Balmi, I Love..., Redken, Twistband and Dr Bragi. The first product I saw was a little ball of a lip balm in pink packaging and it was the Balmi Strawberry lip balm (a dupe of the EOS lip balms) and I was actually going to buy the same product the next day but I received it in my Jolie Box first! I really like this lip balm and it was a great addition to my Jolie Box. The second product follows the theme of the first in that is a strawberry scented - it is the I love... Strawberry face mask which I haven't tried yet as I do have quite a few face masks but it looks great. The next product I received was from the brand Redken which is a great American hair care brand that is a bit expensive so I was happy to find a Redken product in my Jolie Box - I received the Redken Protective Straightening Lotion and even though I do not straighten my hair often I will definitely use this. The next two products were from the American brand - twistbands which I hadn't heard of and since I received them I have been using the twistbands every day! The twistbands are basically coloured elasticated ribbon which is supposed to be really gentle on the hair and keep the hair in place for ages - I find them very gentle on the hair but I do find that they don't keep my thick, long hair in place all day. The last product I received was from a brand that I had heard of but I hadn't tried - Dr Bragi and it was their bio marine exfoliant which I am excited to try but again as with some other products I do have a stash to get through before I can use these new samples. Overall, a really great Jolie box which a great range of products - I would rate this box at 5/5.

      *October - pure and natural*

      Firstly, if you are wondering why there is a title next to each month, it is because each month's box has a theme and this month is about natural beauty products. The first product I received is a Balance me face moisturiser which isn't actually for my skin type, the moisturiser is for normal to combination and I have normal to dry skin (and sensitive skin) so the beauty survey system didn't really work out this time. Although the moisturiser worked well and I have now used it up. The second product is from Lov Organic which is a natural tea company - firstly, I HATE tea, I tried it a couple of times and it is disgusting to me (a British person that hates tea? Surely not!). Anyway, I did try this white and green tea, which just smelled/tasted like fruity flowers and tea - I didn't like the taste of the tea but it smells divine! I think I am going to try to use the tea bags to create a DIY facial toner. The next product is a gorgeous face scrub from a French brand called Ritessens which works really well and it smells so gorgeous - but as with most French beauty products, they are not very widely available in the UK although I think some of the products featured in the boxes are available on the Jolie box online shop. The last two products are balms; firstly, a lip balm from the organic American brand called Jason and the lip balm is really great. The last product was a general skin balm from a brand called Moa and it is a nice product and something that I wouldn't have bought otherwise. Overall, a nice box and a wide range of products - I would rate this box 3.5/5. Also with this box there was a discount leaflet included for the Lov Organic tea.


      Now, the latest Jolie box, that I received just over one week ago and this is the most disappointing boxes, in my opinion. The first item I received was a very small hand cream sample from a French brand called Vertumne a Venus which I will use as I use hand cream all of the time. The second product was interesting and I was excited to use it although the shade was nowhere near my skin tone so I obviously could wear this product out of the house, but I did try it anyway - it is the Jane iredale BB cream which is really interesting as it is the only BB cream that I had heard of that claims to be full coverage. This product for me turned out to be very disappointing as: the shade is very very yellow and made me look ill, the bb cream was quite thick and a bit difficult to blend and the bb cream made my skin look cakey and covered in makeup. The next item was another disappointment, for me, as it is a glitter body milk - I do not like glitter in body lotions or anybody product as I think it looks childish so I haven't used this and it will be going to someone else who might want it. Next is a Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Facial wash which looks interesting and I will use it at some point but I have quite a few cleansers to use up first. Next up is a fragrance sample from Yardley in the scent 'royal diamond' you could have received the scent 'daisy' instead. This fragrance is floral but it is an old fashioned floral which I don't really like so I will not be buying the full size. The last item is a bit of a strange one and it is a toothpaste...it is the Marvis Classic Strong Toothpaste which I am currently using and it is quite nice but in my opinion it is an odd addition to a beauty box - you could have received this product in the flavour 'cinnamon mint' which I think I would have preferred. Overall, a disappointing box but a good range of product and I am really looking forward to the Christmas/new year boxes from Jolie Box!

      - Other information (Jolie shop, new Jolie points, Jolie box website)

      As some of the product are from French brands, they are not very available in the UK but Jolie Box do have an online shop where you can buy the product featured in the boxes - you may not have received one of the products you wanted in your box (as not all of the months boxes are the same) so they cannot bought from the Jolie shop. Some of the brands on the shop are as follows: Yonka, Twistband, Jane Iredale, Korres, Macadamia oil, Studiomakeup and more - although not all of the brands from the boxes are available on the Jolie shop. The Jolie box website is quite good as well, it is well laid out, it is simple and easy to follow and Jolie Box also has its own blog and Facebook page. And a new addition to Jolie box is a Jolie point system which Glossy Box already has - this new Jolie Box points system has just been introduced with the latest November box and it has the same principal as the Glossy Box system. You collect points every time you refer a friend to Jolie Box, every time you review one of the products in your Jolie box and every time you spend on the online shop you also get points - which can then be spent in the Jolie Box online shop.

      - Price and subscription

      The price of each month is the same each month and the actual box with the products in is priced at £10 each month but then you have to pay £2.95 for postage. I think the price is good when considering the number of products and the price of the individual products when combined which is sometimes a lot more than the price paid for the box. For example, the Yonka facial moisturiser which was full size in the Jolie box is priced at £35-50 (depending on where you buy it from) so that it well over the £12.95 paid for the Jolie Box! You can also subscribe to get a box each month which I what I do but you can also subscribe for a three month Jolie Box subscription or a year subscription - both of which can be given as gifts.



      *Surprise of getting new products each month
      *Re-useable box and drawstring bag that come in really quite handy
      *Great range and size of products each months
      *Brands that I hadn't heard of or tried before - especially the large number of French brands
      *Some full size products, some very useful products, some bestsellers
      *Jolie magazine included each month and some discount codes/leaflets included
      *Good website, good delivery times on the whole, almost consistently good products


      *You may not like some of the products you receive - you have no control over the product you get, except for the beauty survey but I think the surprise if one of the best things about this concept and the chance to try new brands and products that you might not have tried otherwise
      *You might not get a product that you wanted - as the boxes for the same month do differ between individuals so you may get something you want or something you don't want

      Thank you for reading my review


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        06.07.2012 15:33
        Very helpful



        A great way to try products you may not have seen before and a surprise every month

        Jolie Box on www.joliebox.co.uk

        I had never heard of this site and the box system before I received this gift from my daughter for Mother's Day this year. We were actually away for the day and she was the only one to remember me so this was really thoughtful gift. She chose it as she knows I love trying new cosmetics and toiletries and this gave me a few samples each month for three months with her gift.

        This is a site where you can subscribe to a monthly sample box either for three months or monthly or for twelve months. The cost is £10 + £ 2.95 p&p for a month, £30 + £2.95 p&p per month for three months and finally £100 + £ 2.95 per month for a year so when you take a year's subscription you do get two boxes free.

        Apart from subscribing to the monthly sample boxes you can also buy full sized products of the brands found in the boxes.

        Although Mother's Day is in March my first box that arrived was the April one. The April box arrived carefully packed in an outer cardboard box. The actual box is black very strong quality cardboard and inside there is a black net fabric bag with a soft draw string and inside this is where the sample products are found.

        As well as the products you get a magazine that discusses the current products, highlights a couple of different cosmetic manufacturers or other experts in cosmetics, tips for applying makeup, special offers for jolie box subscribers and finally members' tips and hints. I found the little magazine interesting especially as it goes into the products in detail and tells you about the company ethics and so much more.


        My first box was the April box which was rather good as it had six samples in it. Firstly I received 'Balance Me' which is a daily essentials cleanse and smooth face balm which contains the anti-oxidant Arctic Cloudberry and gentle polishing oatmeal. This was quite a reasonable size of 15ml and a full sized tube usually costs £20 for 125ml.

        The next item in my box was 'Tropic Skincare' Skin Revive which is apparently 'bursting with vitamins and pure plant actives that help to visibly firm and nourish the skin.' My little pot is about the same size as a Lush mini sample black pot but it doesn't say how much is in the pot but at a guess I would say 10ml. A full sized version is 30ml and costs £15.95.

        Pure Fiji Exotic bath and Body oil in a small bottle with about 20ml in it which smells divine and feels lovely too. A full sized version of this lovely coconut scented natural bath oil is a whopping £24.50 for 235ml so I don't think I will be buying too many bottles of this in the future.

        Bellapierre Black Mascara is the next item and that is meant to create thicker, fuller lashes and I think this may be the full sized product itself and on line it appears to be around £20 for 15ml.

        Also in my April box was a KMS California Freeshape Hot Flex Spray in a 30ml bottle which I have found on line for £2.50 for this size.

        Finally in this box I also got a tiny sample of Jane Iredale 'Just kissed' lip and cheel stain in the colour Forever Pink which I just love as it really does give a good colour and it lasts as well as making my lips moist too. A full sized version of this is about £15 which seems on the high side but ona par with top branded lip products.

        I was quite delighted with my April box and was waiting with some anticipation for my May box. Sadly when it arrived I looked inside and was a little disappointed as there didn't seem to be much inside. On closer inspection I was missing one item so I emailed the customer services saying how disappointed I was to be missing an item and I got a very speedy response apologising and the lovely lady said she would replace the box with a new one.

        True to her word a few days later I received a second box and this one had the full complement of items in the box. I thanked them for their great service which has to be applauded in this day and age.

        MY MAY BOX
        The first item that caught my eye was the Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which smells absolutely gorgeous. My tube is 15ml but a full sized tube is 50ml and I have found it for as low as £8 but the prices do vary a lot. At £8 I will be buying this again if it works as well as it smells good.

        This box offered either a Talika Eye patch or a Talika Lipocils Expert which is supposed to make your eyelashes grow so I'm hoping this does happen as my eyelashes are pathetic. My sample is only 2ml but a full sized product is 10ml and that sells for about£20. The eye patch I know nothing much about as I didn't get this I got the lipocils Expert.

        Next this month I found a small bottle of RMK Make Up Base which is to prime the skin before applying makeup. My bottle has 15ml with a screw top and it is quite liquid so will hopefully continue to be easy to get out. A full sized product is about 30ml and costs a huge £28 so that is a pretty decent sample.
        The last product in this box was a full sized nail varnish from China Glaze which is a professional nail lacquer buy prior to finding it in my box I had never heard of the brand. On Ebay they seem to be selling for around £3.60 per bottle so an average sort of price. I used my bottle this last week end as the colour was perfect to go with my dress i wore to a wedding. It went on very nicely and everyone admired the colour.

        According to the website the June box is supposed to be rather special to celebrate their first birthday. It was originally a French concern so the celebration box has some French items in it. I have yet to receive my June box so they seem a bit behind as it is July now. Apparently I will be getting "the revitalizing Angelica Hydration Cream by L'Occitane, as well as the grapefruit-based Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream from Yon-Ka The next item in our box was one of a selection of handpicked makeup and nail products from Elysambre; finally we included one of two protective treatments from Istitut Esthederm: the Bronz Repair Body Lotion and the UV inCellium Spray, both ideal for the hot summer days to come."

        I am still waiting for mine but after my May extra box I am sure it will be here. But I can't help wonder why they don't get them out so that you get the box in the month you are supposed to. This means that the offers in the magazine are often out of date within days of getting the box which makes them a little worthless really but as they are not things I would use usually it doesn't matter to me.

        That is hard to say as the boxes are beautifully put together and probably you do get value for money but it is expensive and you don't get any choice over what you get. It had been very interesting to try things I probably never would have tried otherwise so I may think about it. I might suggest the children going together for Christmas and getting me the annual subscription as that is better value and it would mean that I would get a little gift every month.

        I was going to take a star off for the price but put it back because of the great customer service.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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          02.06.2012 23:53
          Very helpful



          Worth trying - you can always unsubscribe!

          Full disclosure - I have never actually bought an individual product from the JolieBox website. I have been subscribed to their beauty box service for several months, though, and I imagine that's what most people use the website for.

          In the UK, JolieBox used to be Boudoir Privé. They merged with French beauty box service JolieBox in late 2011 and became, well, JolieBox. How many times can I say JolieBox in one paragraph?

          For those that don't know, most beauty box services work like this - you subscribe, pay a monthly fee, and every month you get a box full of beauty samples, usually high end and usually large samples, rather than the sachets you'd associate with the word 'sample'. There's often at least one full size goodie too. The samples are surprises most of the time, although there is at least one beauty box service that lets you see what's in it and then opt to buy the box. I like the surprise element though! GlossyBox is probably the most well known beauty box service in the UK.

          I opted for JolieBox because at the time GlossyBox had just added postage onto their monthly fee (making them about £12/13 a month in total) and JolieBox, or Boudoir Privé as it was then, included the postage price in their fee (making them about £10 in total). This has since changed and new JB subscribers do have to pay postage. The boxes are £10 a month and the postage is £2.95, making the total cost £12.95 (the same price as GlossyBox).

          So that's how they work. You subscribe, you pay by direct debit and once a month a box of goodies arrives on your door mat (actually, it arrives in the postman's hands, it's too big to fit through the letterbox!). Then you can go onto the website and buy the products that have been featured in the box. You're probably not here to find out how it works, though. You're here to find out if they're any good.

          In a nutshell: Sometimes.

          It can be a bit hit or miss. The products you receive tend to be a mix of skincare, cosmetics, haircare and fragrance, and you don't get to choose which one you'd like to receive most of, so if there's one of those categories you don't use at all, you might not be too happy with JolieBox. I'd really like more cosmetics and maybe a bit less hand cream and various shower gel/body oil/body lotion bits for example, although those things will always come in useful eventually so I can't really complain about that; it's just that I have SO MANY now!

          There's usually at least one full size item in every JolieBox, which is great. Most recently, it was a China Glaze nail polish. I've also had a full size OPI shatter polish, a couple of full size eyeliners, a full size mascara, a full size lipstick, a full size shower gel, etc. Actually, as I'm going through this I'm remembering all the things I've received in boxes, tested, loved and then totally forgotten I had! I can't wait to use them all again! The full size item alone is often worth more than I pay monthly for the box so in that respect, it's excellent value for money.

          I really, really loved my first couple of boxes. There were five or six samples in them and I would use everything. I found a few products and brands that I really liked and had never heard of, and certainly never would have considered buying, had I not received them in the box. This is sometimes quite depressing as they are often high end and thus buying the full size versions is usually not an option on my budget! I've got to admit, though, the last couple have been disappointing and, well, forgettable. I can't remember what was in this month's box except for the China Glaze nail polish and these under eye patches that are supposed to reduce the look of tired eyes. I've just checked the sheet that came with it and there was also a moisturiser (which, in all fairness, I have actually used quite a few times, so that came in useful!) and an RMK primer.

          One problem that JB have is their organisation. They say the boxes will be dispatched between the 10th and 20th of every month. To be fair, they are (although they have been late at least once), but the ten day time frame kind of bothers me since I've never known the boxes be dispatched before the 17th or 18th, so why they don't say 15th-20th or something, I don't know! I'm pretty certain they're never going to be dispatched before the 15th. They've also had times where they've said they were going to be dispatched the next day and then...well, they haven't been. I've seen people on Facebook asking when the boxes will be dispatched, on say, the 15th of the month, and the response from the JB team is always the same "the boxes are dispatched between 10th-20th". Surely by the 15th they must know when they'll be dispatched! I think they've also had a few problems with their suppliers and the company they use to deliver the boxes, though, so not all of this is their fault.

          I do love receiving the boxes. The element of surprise is great - I love opening the box and opening the little bag inside and taking my goodies out one by one to see what they are (I never read the card that comes with them first!). And the samples are brilliant for travelling, too - I took quite a few on my last trip rather than lugging around my full size moisturiser and cleanser and everything! But they seem to have gone downhill lately and I often find myself disappointed. There seem to be fewer samples in the boxes lately, and they're often repetitive. I've had a lot of eye makeup, nail polish and moisturisers and cleansers lately.

          Also, I'm sure I filled in a beauty profile - with information about my skin type, hair and eye colour and skin tone, etc, but I don't think they tailor the boxes to this information at all. Not everybody gets the same products - there's usually at least one sample that some people get, while others get another. For example, in May's box I got the eye patches but some people got an eyelash growth product instead. But like I say, this doesn't seem to have anything to do with the profile - someone with oily skin is just as likely to get a moisturiser as someone with dry skin.

          In the end, it's a hit and miss service, but then, it is basically a lucky dip and aren't they always hit and miss? I like receiving the boxes, I've had some excellent ones and tried some brilliant products as a result, and my makeup and skincare drawers are overflowing as a result of these boxes! But I've also had some real disappointments. I haven't tried any other beauty boxes, but I think the same would probably go for any of them. When you don't know what you're going to get, you're always going to have a few let downs.


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