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      11.05.2010 15:10
      Very helpful



      A definite 5 stars!


      A little while ago I wrote a review of Glossop, in which I mentioned the town's award-winning butcher's - well, that would be Mettrick's, and the wonders of t'interweb mean that folk the length and breadth of the country can now get their meat from my local butcher's.

      But why bother, I hear you ask? Well, the quality of the meat, pure and simple! When I first moved to Glossop, I was really struck by the number of people who swore by Mettrick's for their meat, but somehow laziness won out for a while (what, go to a separate shop?) and it took me rather too long to try them out. Now I'm a convert and vociferous advocate!

      The products

      Mettrick's do a full range of meat and poultry products, as well as pies etc. (including a local wimberry pie). They do great barbecue stuff and there are always some original products to try.

      My personal recommended favourite products are :

      Fillet steak - not cheap, but honestly the best I have tasted. I'd choose a night in with this and a good bottle of red wine over a meal out!

      Sausages - I'm really fussy about sausages, but the Mettrick's ones have never let me down. Loads of different varieties, full of flavour, no nasty gristly bits - ever.

      Burgers - either the standard or the steak burgers, these are meaty, well-flavoured, top-of-the-range barbie fare

      Individual chicken roasts - these are ace! They come in two varieties - one is a chicken breast fillet wrapped up in bacon with a sausage and some stuffing, and the other is a summer roast - a chicken breast with cheese and pineapple wrapped in bacon. A posh ready meal that's proper food!

      Chopped steak (they also do chopped lamb and chopped chicken) - this comes absolutely ready to use - you aren't spending ages cutting big loads of fat off like some of those supermarket packs. I find these fantastic for the slow cooker - stews obviously, but also chilli is out of this world made with this instead of mince.

      I could go on ...

      Online ordering

      I have to say that I only have experience of part of the process here - local customers who order on line get free local delivery (man in a van) so the actual delivery part will be different for the rest of the country.

      The website is fairly easy to navigate, grouped sensibly. Some products have suggested recipes. One good idea is either a taster pack (£33.35 providing enough for 14 meals) or a family meals pack (£45.61 providing 14 meals for 4 including recipes). Prices in general are reasonable - this is a northern town butcher after all - and well worth it for the quality of what you get.

      There are special offers from time to time too - for example last summer, if you bought 6 burgers you got 6 kofta kebabs free. This did work in their favour in our case as the kofta kebabs were so delicious we ordered plenty more!

      There is a loyalty points system - any order will build up points, but if you write a product review you also get points - when these build up to £10 you can redeem off your next order. It's useful to read the reviews (though there aren't many as yet - the website is relatively new) as they often give you recipe ideas or confidence to try something new.

      Delivery is free on orders over £100, £7.50 on orders over £50 and £11 on orders under £50 and they will deliver anywhere in England or Wales and part of Scotland. You can choose your delivery date, and your order will arrive in a special chill-pack. That's the bit I can't comment on!


      This is something important to me when choosing where to buy meat and poultry, so I really appreciate the fact that animal welfare is high on Mettrick's agenda.

      Mettrick's are a family-run business (have been for well over 100 years) employing around 50 local people. They source their meat locally and welfare is of prime importance. Their abattoir is less than a mile from the shop, and all their meat is processed through there - this means they know where everything has come from and how it has been handled. They were featured in the BBC series 'Kill It, Cook It, Eat It' as models of good practice.

      A quote from their website :
      "I firmly believe that the quality of life an animal experiences, and the minimisation of stress in the slaughter process is vital in ensuring a top quality product. For this reason I believe it is essential to keep full control of the supply chain; from Farm, to Shop, to You" John Mettrick


      I mentioned awards - well, they do have a rather impressive number of these - I include the list to illustrate their credentials :

      Countryside Alliance Awards 2010. Daily Telegraph Best Traditional Business Regional Winner East Midlands

      Meat and Poultry Processing Awards 2010. 'Judges Special Award'

      North West Fine Food Awards 2009. Product - Mutton Cutlets
      WINNER:Best Fresh Meat Product (North West)

      BPEX Roadshow 2009. Product - Beef and Horseradish Sausage
      WINNER: Lamb or Beef Sausage Category

      Good Housekeeping Awards 2009
      WINNER: Best On-Line Butcher

      North West Fine Food Awards 2008. Product - Glossop Goat Cutlets WINNER: Best Fresh Meat Product (North West)
      WINNER: Lamb and Goat Category

      Derbyshire County Council Food & Drink Awards 2007
      WINNER: Local Food Hero 2007

      Business Awards Derbyshire 2007
      WINNER: Entrepreneur of the Year & Business Commitment to the Community

      British Turkey Butcher of the Year 2006
      WINNER: British Turkey Butcher of the Year 2006

      National Barbecue Championships 2006
      Jerky Turkey Steaks - Gold Award Winner and Most Innovative Product
      Curried Mutton Kebabs - Gold Award
      Polish Pork Pinwheel - Gold Award
      Classic Beefburger - Silver Award

      BBC Radio Food & Farming 2005
      WINNER: Best Local Food Retailer

      Top Shop National Winner 2004-5
      WINNER: Overall National Winner - England Best Butchers Shop

      The Guild of Q Butchers. Product - Kurdish Lamb Kebab
      WINNER: Best Lamb Product

      SuperMeat Awards
      WINNER: RMIF Award for Supply Chain Excellence


      If you like meat which is full of taste, give Mettrick's a try. I took them for granted far too long, not appreciating what was on my doorstep, but hand-on-heart, I have never had supermarket meat (even the premium stuff) which comes anywhere near. I really hope this review encourages people to try them out!

      By the way, just for any League of Gentlemen fans out there, the original Mettrick's shop in Hadfield did feature in that series - but don't let that put you off!


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