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New & second hand family clothing, shoes and accessories internet shopping site.

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    1 Review
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      24.12.2008 02:49
      Very helpful



      If you want to find a second hand item quickly , log on .

      Having to live on a pension as I had to retired a few years earlier than most woman means I have to watch how much i spend on my clothing . As I still work for a charity and have a public image to uphold ( dont ask ! ) I still like to wear the same clothes I could afford when I was working , but alas by budget for items such a Dior , Valentino or Ralph Lauren has been cut in two.

      Searching around th net I discovered this site and have been shopping on (or off it ) for a few months now.

      The site will lead you to all most anywhere on the WWW that has an item for sale that you may be after .
      Not only does it cover new items but second hand as well, just about everything you can think of from fashion ( clothes, shoes, hats , bags etc ) to everything you could want for your home and garden , but I like it mostly because I can find an item on EBay without searching on the site itself .

      One of my favourite designers who I just Love to wear 'Gina Bacconi ' and by placing her name in the search it will bring up every item for sale , I can add in my size , colour and other requirements and away I go.

      Yes, I know a lot of you will say you can do this on many other sites, but for someone like myself who has a condition that means I cannot always read what I think I'm seeing or even understand it at times ( intermittent horrendous brain fog ) and who has No computer training or knowledge other than what she has taught herself , this site is just awesome and doesn't give me a whacking headache at the end of a session or leave me feeling like a complete and utter fool because I still cannot find what I've been looking for ( isn't that a song ?)

      I'm impressed by the lay out , its quick and it gives easy to understand links and 9 times out of 10 photos of what is for sale without all the silly lines of writing and extra bits someone like me just cannot get her head around.

      So if your like me and can only just keep up with this site and sometimes forget your own name , this is a site to play on and find that elusive Ralph Lauren suit or that stunning Valentino dress for a song .


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