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Nature's Best is an an online shop specialising in vitamins and health supplements

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    2 Reviews
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      12.09.2014 15:31
      Very helpful



      A great company to buy from

      I only heard about Nature’s Best after doing an Internet search to find some 50mg peppermint tablets. I had occasionally purchased these tablets from the high street and then started to buy them online to save a bit of money. I was finding it increasingly difficult to source 50ml peppermint tablets with the website that I was using only selling the 100mg versions and high street shops not always having them in stock.

      I found Nature’s Best through an internet search engine and I’m really glad that this was one of the first companies that came up. The prices that Nature’s Best offer are really competitive, they are cheaper than high street shops and really competitive compared to sellers on Amazon and compared to Health Span who stopped selling this particular tablet.

      The Nature’s Best website is really easy to use and informative. It has lots of lovely information regarding the company and when and where it was set up. This makes it feel like quite a small company but when you see the range of items they have for sale you will notice that it is actually pretty big.

      Ordering from Nature’s Best is really easy. I have signed up with the site making ordering and payment quick and easy yet I don’t get loads of annoying promotional material through by email or post which is really good.

      Postage is only £1 per order if it is less than £15 or free second class delivery on orders over £15. I have always found that goods always get delivered in 3-4 days and my order is always correct when I receive it.


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      22.03.2011 17:01
      Very helpful



      Well worth looking at especially if you are looking for particular supplements

      The Search For Supplements

      Having the disease ME is something of a battle. I am lucky in that I am moderately affected, I have also been severe and bedbound at times, and I know that about 25% of the sufferers in the UK are housebound or bedbound with the disease. Many turn to alternative practitioners in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms, since in the UK mainstream medicine has a very limited range of treatments. I have also known people who have self medicated - sending off for medicines from as far away as Vanuatu such is the desperation some sufferers feel. I know many sufferers of health conditions from arthritis to diabetes seek help from therapies in addition to their medications, and choosing what and where can present major challenges on grounds of safety and affordability. This is really true in the area of supplements which is where many look first.

      Recent research being done in the field of ME does suggest it is prudent to take some supplements. These are backed by scientific trials and are found to be effective, particularly on the immune system. Zinc, selenium, and omega three fatty acids as well as a B complex, sublingual B12, magnesium, vitamin D and coq10 amongst others are all recommended for the condition. As you can imagine the cost of these supplements are not cheap, and I have a dilemma which presents itself as I decide between supplement companies.

      The Supplement Dilemma

      The dilemma is that it is possible to buy supplements very cheaply. Many of these are sold by companies within the UK, often from companies based in the Channel Islands, but the actual ingredients are made in China or India and shipped to the UK where they are bottled and sold. This results in very cheap prices, and I am sure that many of these companies operate ethically and with regard to the quality of their products. For this reason I do purchase some of my supplements from these companies. Not only are they cheap, but they also offer excellent deals with cash-back sites. However some of the supplements that I take are essential for my disease, and I want to be 100% satisfied that they are top quality, and so I choose a company to supply these which has been at the forefront of nutritional supplementation for over thirty years. This company is Nature's Best and can be found at www.natures best.co.uk

      Nature's Best- Why Choose Them?

      Based in Tunbridge Wells the company ensures that all but four of their supplements are made in the UK, the others are prepared in specially appointed and monitored factories in Denmark and The USA. This ensures that you can buy with confidence when you order from them, which I value as it gives me peace of mind.

      The website is really good and easy to navigate, and has recently been upgraded. It has a green background and is clearly presented. I find ordering to be so simple, and all the products you may need are labelled down the left hand side.

      There are all the unusual vitamins and minerals as well as herbals and unique items including co q10. This is a supplement which I take in high doses, and is probably the most important one I take. I think it is probably the best one to illustrate the value of shopping with Nature's Best. I always purchase this from Nature's Best as one of their original researchers discovered this many years ago. All the research promoting this supplement has been done using the natural form - Ubiquinone, which they sell, but the synthetic form is very different, and has not been tested in clinical trials. This is often the type sold more cheaply by other companies, and is so tempting to purchase as the price is a lot less. It's a big monthly outlay and I prefer to know that the coq10 I buy is top quality, and has had the clinical trials relating to its use in the illness I have behind it.

      Secure Ordering

      Ordering is easy and you can create an account which makes subsequent ordering quicker. They are secure and take all the usual means of payment. If you spend over £15 delivery is free by second class post, but you have the option to pay an extra £1 if you want to opt for first class. In general I order on a Monday and the items arrive on Friday as I opt for the free postage.

      A short word about packaging- the supplements are sold in really attractive plastic drums which are fully recyclable. They are decorated in many cases with something relating to the product and so look attractive on the shelf.

      Many Vegetarian Supplements

      Recent improvements to the site have seen a new "view label" option. This is superb as it allows you to see a close up of the label which appears on the supplement bottle.
      This brings me onto another really important point and that is that two of the supplements I take -Starflower Oil and Flaxseed Oil are so often not suitable for vegetarians. I have noticed that they make a special effort to supply vegetarian capsules wherever they can. I really value this as being vegetarian I often find supplements are out of my option list, as although they contain ingredients which are vegetarian the shell is made of gelatine.

      Phone Support

      The website has the option to call to speak to a nutrition adviser, which I haven't done as yet, as so far the need hasn't arisen. This option is useful though if you wanted clarification on a topic or supplement. It is important to say that they don't make claims on their website, or in their brochure, regarding the clinical attributes of the supplements, as this is in fact illegal.

      Future Discounts

      Talking about their brochure they produce an excellent booklet every month after your first order, and this often comes with a discount voucher off your next purchase or a leaflet showcasing their current offers. They also have an excellent section on the website which is a resource for information on health problems, as well as an in depth look at some of the more common supplements.

      A Few Other products

      The company also stock a limited range of nuts and seeds and protein bars and sports products. Aromatherapy oils are also stocked, as well as a beautiful range of natural skin products. I love these as they include a beautiful day and night cream option which are gorgeous, and remind me of a line Marks and Spencer used to stock a while ago. Of course these toiletries and creams are all natural and free from parabens and are reasonably priced too!

      Final Thoughts

      I wish I could afford to purchase all my supplements from this company, but they are sometimes on the upper price limit for the items I purchase. Also because I take around twelve supplements a day I have to purchase some of the more common ones from cheaper companies. Also on occasions I find that a particular supplement I want is not available in the strength I am looking for. This is true for example with selenium, I take this every day as it is an immune system helper, but I only take half the dose they sell, so I purchase that from another company.

      In conclusion I would say that Nature's Best are one of the most reputable companies out there selling supplements, but you won't find them on cash-back sites. What you will have though is the 100% assurance that the supplements are not imported from China or India, and that they have thirty years experience behind them.

      This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278


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