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Nomads Clothing

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2013 21:57
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      A good shop if you are looking for something a little different in your wardrobe

      Nomads was created by Duncan and Vicky, who met in India in the 80s. Soaking up the culture, they finally returned to the UK with a load of beautiful clothes. Following the sale of all these they ventured back to India with the profits they had made and spent four years collecting fabrics, prints and tie dye items. These garments were returned to the UK for sale each time.

      These bohemian fashion items found their place in the UK for those who like something different, something beyond high-street had to offer and with the ethical stance of Fair Trade, Nomads are a mix of Indian fabrics and craft with UK Design and style.

      I fell in love with Nomad clothing through Natural Collection (another online shop - review already written) that deals with fair-trade, environmentally friendly products. They had some lovely summer tops for sale and I purchased a few.

      The difference was incredible, the materials are natural and the ones I purchased were 100% cotton and feel so soft against my skin.

      The designs of the items are very striking, from subtle (to not so subtle) tie-dyes, to the use of silk materials etc. I love that many of them are unique as each will have slight differences - much nicer than seeing several people all wearing the same outfit as you.

      Many of my items purchased from Nomads have got intricate bells, sequins or other embellishments sewn in and they are done well - none of these have come off even after washing (with the exception of one tiny bell on a cord...but that was because the cat found it and "played" with it too death until the threads broke)

      One thing however while they do have mens clothes, they are mainly limited to a few shirts - which is a shame really as (in my opinion) they would do better to include a larger range for men (so far haven't found a decent store that sells more bohemian clothes for men). However for women there is a collection of shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, accessories etc.

      So far the clothes I've purchased have mostly been hand wash only. I hate hand washing but it is worth it for these clothes. Also, the tie-dye ones I have all release dye when washed so hand-washing definitely needed so you don't re-dye the whole washing machine load!

      The pricing of the items is as you would expect more expensive, then again not only does this denote the excellent quality of the products you know you are supporting fair-trade and making sure suppliers of the items are getting a fair price. Maybe Primark do tops for less than £2, but after the shop itself has taken off a slice how much do you think the person making it got!

      The prices are definitely fair and match the quality and detail of what you get.

      Parcels are shipped out at a standard charge of £3.95 no matter how many items you buy. Goods are sent 1st class Parcel post and are posted within 2 working days.

      They do offer a 'next working day' service for £6.95 which is track-able and will arrive before noon the next day.

      Goods are well wrapped but they don't overwhelm with loads of unnecessary packaging.

      I think I received a brochure once or twice, a simple A5 design, well printed with good pictures however I actually prefer using the website as I think it is clearer and gives you photos of different colours rather than just stating them... which I think the brochure did.

      The website is clear, easy to navigate and with good pictures of each item. The information regarding returns, delivery and the companies policies are well laid out and all the links are listed at the bottom of the pages for quick reference.

      The search bar works well, I've been on too many online stores were the search was added as almost standard but without any actual search ability.

      They have a size guide to help you and also, whenever you select a category, they have some links to their favourites within the selection which is a nice touch.

      Along the top, there is a Sale option which is updated whenever they have a sale so rather than hunting for items that are on sale, you can just find them all here

      I am signed up on their newsletter and it's one of the few emails I get in the right quantity. Usually I end up unsubscribing to newsletters after they flood my inbox at around 6 per month! However Nomads sends them few and far between, they are clear and the subject heading usually tells you if there's a discount going - which is something they offer up a lot, whether it's a sale, free shipping or a percentage discount on goods.

      [Customer services]
      I have never needed to use the customer services of Nomads, so am unable to comment on how good they are. However their contact information and returns / refund policy are very clear.

      [Fair Trade and Environmentalism]
      "Nomads have always held the policy of "trade not aid" ~Website

      Nomads have a fair trade policy that includes supporting handmade artisans allowing them to promote traditional skills by paying fair wages to all workers, making sure children under 16 are not working in any factories, personally visiting all factories where their clothes are made to make sure workers are treated fairly and with respect.

      Nomads also look at environmental issues, from including organic cotton which means no harmful chemicals to recycling their packaging and using biodegradable bags.

      Overall a good shop for more ethical, fair-trade and bohemian clothing that feel so breathable and unique compared to the stuff you find on your average high street. They lose a star however for not offering more for men.


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