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    1 Review
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      27.02.2014 09:01
      Not Helpful



      bad response

      At approximately 11:30 this morning (8/9/13) at the Stonestown Nordstrom in San Francisco, I attempted to purchase a Shiseido bronzer. At the counter was a Smashbox clerk assisting two customers. At another cosmetic counter two clerks chatted away, ignoring me while I waited for assistance. After the Smashbox clerk completed the two transactions, she ignored my presence to flirt and chat with her awaiting boyfriend. I then approached the chatting clerks for help. One walked me back to the Shiseido counter, pointed to the bronzer, handed me a brush to try the product. She did not offer to help with color selection, application, etc and appeared to be rather annoyed. I then decided to go to Macy's where I received excellent customer service - she helped me with color selection and where to best apply the bronzer. I purchased the bronzer and an additional $273 in Shiseido cosmetics. Today's poor treatment at Nordstrom Stonestown was my third in the past few months. In one particular incident it became apparent that Nordstrom no longer values customers over the age of 40. Three strikes you're out. Good-by Nordstrom. Our 25 year relationship has ended. I'm now seeing Niemen Marcus and Bloomingdales and Macy's too.

      But if you go through with fsession.com then they are much better from them..
      Just to mention. I did visit the Customer Service counter for a Complaint form. They had to search for one in the back office. I was told the Store Manager was not in, just handed me the card, said sorry for the poor service and walked away. I called later in the day and spoke with Lauren, an assistant store manager. She listened to my complaint and said the Store Manager would return my call. It is not 7:01 pm and I've not heard from anyone. What has happened Nordstrom? It once had wonderful customer service and appreciation for all customers. The merchandise lacks quality and is now targeted to the 20ish crowd with nothing for anyone over 35.


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