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    1 Review
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      09.12.2009 13:11
      Very helpful




      I haven't physically stepped a foot inside a Peacocks store. I'd always assumed that their prices would be out of my reach. However, after being continually nagged about not having a coat I started an online search which is how my attention became drawn to them.

      The Peacocks company is one which focuses on value for money fashion. Set up in 1884 it is a store which has become successful in most places around the UK and provides clothes for men, women and children. In all kinds of different styles.

      On my first visit I thought that the site was very cluttered. However recently they have set everything out in a clear and easy to use way. It has a simple white background whilst also having a few examples of the clothing and prices. These are split into different catagories, new arrivals, dresses and gifts although they do vary depending on what time of year it is. Any offers which are availble are shown in bold. So at the moment they have a 50% off on selected Christmas items. When the site does appear it is always the womens section which you will see first, although don't let that put you off as the mens section does have just as much choice.

      On the top row you'll see the two links to women and mens wear along with your shopping bag on the right. Informing you of how much the items you've picked out will cost you. This doesn't include P&P. Down the left hand side is your list of everything which is available with of course the Sale section right at the top, followed by the best selling and newly arrived options. Everything underneath that is your typical clothing you'd expect. Footwear, dresses, trousers, jewellery and so on and so forth.

      Each link will lead you to another page which separates the different styles. So if you wanted a new skirt you would get the option of choosing mini, pencil or knee lenth. There is also the view all link which is the one I usually go for. Sometimes you might find that you could miss out on something because you thought it wouldn't of been in that section if that makes sense. Everything is once again laid out easily to see and if you do see something you like you can just click on it to get more information.

      You can roll over the picture to get a zoom in so as to see any details which you might not of noticed. Whilst also getting an idea of what the item might look like on the back with the mini description which you will also receive. It will also give you a box showing you what might complete your look.

      Other links on the page will be how to contact them, terms and conditions, returns policy and delivery charges. This I think is a big plus because with quite a few online clothes shops they don't tell you how much P&P is until you've gotten to the checkout section. Showing it on each clothes page means you already know the cost and are already adding it onto the items you are intending to buy.

      As you browse through the clothes on sale you will see a regular pattern start to appear. For a fashion site there isn't as many options as you might expect. It appears that there is 15 pages of going out tops but if you look closer instead of showing one top and then clicking on it to see other available colours, it's shown several times in all the colours. So you might see a top which is black but the next few tops along that line are exactly the same just in a different shade.

      Another downside about the site is that they don't seem to be able to keep on track as to what is still available. When checking the sizes on some occassions they've been completely out of stock in each one. Just seems a bit odd that they would keep it on the site when you wouldn't be able to buy it.

      When you get to the checkout you have the option to do it quickly where you just put in your details and you're done, or to register with the site. This I presume is if you don't want to keep putting your details in everytime you wish to buy something.

      On saying that the site has plenty to offer. Whether you're intending on having a pair of heels or maybe you just want a comfy pair of slippers. They have got plenty of simple tops and generally they will have it in most sizes. Standard delivery is £3.95 and will arrive within 3-5 days whilst expess is £4.95. I think this is a pretty usual price nowadays but I'd still say that it's better value to buy more than one item at a time. You might find a belt and some jewellery which are quite cheap but then the cost mounts up and it doesn't seem as though it's really worth it.

      I like this site because it is easy to navigate, the clothes are more or less up to date with the fashions and in some cases I'd probably say are more worthwhile than New Look. With affordable prices this is somewhere where I regularly seek out clothes although I still haven't found myself a coat.


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