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Pet supplies. Pet Healthcare!

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2009 12:19
      Very helpful



      Why go anywhere else?

      I discovered this website after discovering that we had "unwanted company" in our house. My lovely furry cat Honey had succombed to fleas and I wanted to get some treatment.

      I have bought Frontline from the vet before and paid £30 for 6, in supermarkets / pet stores I have paid £25 for 6 tubes and wanted to see if there are any cheaper options.

      Accessing the site and rewards
      I always do this via topcashback as they offer 10% cash back on that site - it has always tracked for me.

      I have also linked my ipoints account to my petmeds account, so also get ipoints for transactions. To do this - you will be asked when you check out on Petmeds to log in to ipoints. It doesnt seem to stop you getting cash back too!

      What is the site?
      www.petmeds.co.uk is a site that was set up to undercut the prices that vets charge for drugs and other animal treatments, following a change in legislation which means that a vet now has to offer you a prescription instead of selling you the drugs.

      It has now expanded and sells pet accessories and food as well as drugs.

      Is it dodgy?
      Why should you buy drugs on the internet? surely it is dodgy and you will get false drugs. Petmeds is licenced to sell drugs in the UK and was set up by pet owners with the aim of reducing costs. They support animal charities by reducing the cost of drugs and donating a % of profits to charities!

      The site is very clear that it is only a dispensory and that you should go to the vet for advice. They will accept vets prescriptions so you can access discounted drugs!

      What animals does this cover?
      The full spectrum - cats, dogs, small animals, fish, horses, farm animals etc so you should be able to find everything! Their equine health section is particularly good value!

      Site Design
      The site is a simple blue and white one which is easy to navigate and clearly shows the categories.

      How to order
      By internet: As you would -pick your products that don't require a prescription and you can buy them.

      How to buy prescribed items
      If you want a prescribed item there is an A- Z of prescription products so you can be sure you will buy the correct one. You then get an order number, you have to write the order number on your prescription from the vet and post / email or fax it to petmeds. Then they will dispatch your items to you. There is even a prescription proforma that you can print off before you visit the vet and take to the vets with you to be filled in. By law the vet has to offer you a prescription rather than the drugs.

      If you don't like to order by internet you can call up between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday and will be given the same prices.

      Range of products and price
      As you have probably guessed there is a great range of products and the price tends to be very low. I pay £17.93 for 6* frontline pippettes (compared to £30 in the vet or £25 in the supermarket) so significant savings!

      Food and other bulky items are sent by parcelforce and will be delivered within 24 hours.

      All other items are sent first class royal mail - cost is currently £1.50 for orders less than £29 and free if the order is above this. This is subject to change though as I got free postage when spending £15 recently - so don't be put off!

      The site guarantees all products will be genuine and in good condition - I have had no problems.

      Other features
      There is a great advice section on the site - although they make it clear that you should go to the vet if you are worried but there are lots of useful petcare tips!

      Customer service
      I have emailed them with a couple of questions and had quick, polite responses so would wholly recommend them!

      Great value for money


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        25.09.2008 13:56
        Very helpful



        A great way for pet owners to have affordable medication for their animals.

        Pet Meds Online.

        ~ Why buy your pet medicine online? ~

        First of all, I would like to say that this review isn't to encourage anyone to not use your vets if there is a problem with your animal. In fact I would say only use this site, if you were absolutely sure of the product you need - but if there is any doubt as to what your pet might be suffering with, please don't self diagnose.
        However, this site also allows for prescriptions from the Vets - which I will explain some more later.

        So, why go to an online site to buy medications for your animal?

        Quite simply the costs. Now it might sound simplistic, but to give you an idea of the savings you might make, a De-flea for cats medication is just over £26-00 from my vets - I can buy the identical product from PetMeds for less than £11-00.

        ~ Who or what are Petmeds? ~

        PetMeds began in June 2006, having discovered that the laws had changed in 2005 regarding Pets prescriptions and medications.
        Ricky Thomas, the founder was working in an IT department at the time, and feeling less than fulfilled. He also had a dog needing regular medication, and he decided to try and begin his own company.
        He eventually got two vets to agree to become part of the business, and as mentioned, the business began in June 2006.

        Initially, it wasn't easy going, and some vets complained to their regulatory body - to no avail - about the business.
        It was several months before the company began to see their profits rise enough to begin easing cash flow problems, and since then the business has flourished.

        I was first alerted to the site - by a friend who is also a vet, and has no such qualms about sending people to this site if they feel its better for them by making it more affordable.

        ~ The Website in general ~

        Their main website is found at:

        It has a nice white background, broken up by Blue Logos and tables, with a fading orange strip down each side of the page.
        The Menu buttons are nicely placed at the top - easily distinguishable in an orange colour. This might seem garish, and isn't a colour I would often recommend any website to use, but because its not overdone and the main colour is white, in this instance it works well.

        All areas are instinctive to use, and the search facility does seem to be comprehensive and more importantly, generally produces relevant results. The front page has 6 main areas showing, Cats, Dogs, Equine, Farm, Birds and Small Animals. It also has a link for Prescription medications.

        As well as an online ordering service, there is also a phone number listed allowing you to order this way Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Ideal for those people who don't trust Online Ordering services.
        The Online Shopping allows for all main cards to be used, including Electron that I know some other Online Shops don't always allow for.

        There is a good FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) area, which does seem to cover most of the main points I could think of anyway.
        This also has a contact point so that you can ask them directly if your query isn't found on the website.
        They also have a feedback area on the site, with comments made from various customers.
        Some items also have a star and comment rating system, a smaller version of DooYoo, although you do need to register on the site to use the feedback system.

        ~ So what can you order? ~

        This is the thing - you can order most well known medications needed to keep your animal healthy, and this now includes Prescription medications.

        You can order the prescription one of two ways - either by taking a form that PetMeds provide, or one that your Vets will provide for you.

        The Law now requires Vets to offer you a prescription as well as the medication so you can make the choice as to where you are going to get the medication from.
        If you decide to take the prescription, the Vets might charge an administration fee. However, this fee must also be then charged if you also take the medication from them there and then. This fee cannot be simply applied because you aren't taking the medication from them.

        PetMed then give you an address, fax or Email that you can send the Prescription to on their Prescription Information page.

        ~ Online Ordering process ~

        This is simplicity itself. You simply click on the item you are interested in. Once there, you can see more information about the product, and in the top right side you have the price listed, plus Quantity and if relevant, different options for example larger or smaller packs, and immediately below this you have the Add to Cart button.

        For example, recently we ordered Frontline Spot on for our dogs and cats. Now the Cats had two options - a pack of 3 pipettes, or 6 pipettes. We ordered the 6 pipettes (since this works out cheaper) and just one of those in quantity.

        Once we pressed the Add to Cart - the order shows in the right side of the page in your Shopping Basket. This again shows up nice and clearly, and you know exactly what you have asked for at a glance.

        Once you're satisfied with the overall order, you can then click on the Checkout Button in the Shopping Basket Panel.

        This takes you to the main Shopping Basket pages - where you clearly have links to information regarding the shipping information, their return policy and the Privacy and Security of the site.

        Below the links, again clearly listed are the items you have asked to buy, including the prices. Also listed are delete buttons alongside the products - so if you've ordered something by mistake you can easily delete it from the Basket.
        Quantity can also be changed at this stage, and there is an update button, again clearly visible to help you achieve this.

        Right at the bottom you have the options to carry on shopping, or proceed with checkout.

        The next page asks if you are registered. If you are, its simply a case of resubmitting your information (your Email address you used, plus a password). Otherwise it's a straightforward and quick enough process to register with the site.

        You are then taken to different shipping options. Note: Most items are offered postage free - but you need a minimum order of £6-00. The free postage isn't for all items either, some of the weightier things (like food) have a postage charge, but again if there is a large order (currently £35-00 I believe) this fee is waived.

        You are then taken to the Payment Information page and this is where you fill in your card details. It will accept Debit Cards as well as Credit Cards.

        From there you get given your order confirmation - and finally the order completion, and you can print this page out for your own records.

        You also get sent an Email with the order confirmation, and our email has always arrived within minutes of the orders being placed.

        I've not used the phone ordering option so I can't comment on how this works in comparison.

        ~ Order arrival ~

        Each time we've ordered something the delivery time has been excellent. The very first order we made, it was about 3 or 4 days later - but since then, we've always had the order within 48 hours of placing the order. The items have always been well packaged and arrived without incident.
        Therefore I can't comment on what the returns policy is like, but a friend has told me it was excellent on the one occasion they had to use it.

        ~ Other points ~

        When you place an order with PetMeds, they also allow you to gain iPoints. Now this is from another website, which rewards you with various points in a number of different ways. This website has been reviewed in its own right on DooYoo, and having done a quick search, the reviews are found here:

        Now again I've used iPoints when ordering and found it has been fine on each occasion, with the points arriving in my account within the timescale given (2 weeks from order).

        There is a guarantee given on items sold, and also a price promise that you won't find cheaper anywhere else for products of a direct comparison.

        The site also has its own Forum. Note this is somewhere that advice is sought, but it is not intended in anyway to replace advice given by your Vets, but it can be a useful one-stop reference point if your not sure on something. You also have a pretty comprehensive Advice section, which is run with the help of the vets who are involved in the business.

        ~ Overall ~

        PetMeds is, in my experience, by far the best online pet medicine website out there; not only because of the costs, but also because of the ease of use and clarity of the site in general.

        It has a lot of information, but manages to maintain an uncluttered look to the site, yet is easy to navigate around, even in the Shopping Basket area, something all too often lacking with other online sites.

        One important aspect is by keeping the costs down for the average pet owner, this will surely help those who are affected today with the credit crunch and who might otherwise struggle to pay for vital everyday items, like De-Flea and worming items.

        The site also has a links across to a rehoming charity although I don't know anything specific about it, its nice to see them encouraging people to try and rehome rescue animals.

        Overall I would recommend this site to just about all animal owners who are looking to buy medicines, particularly the day to day stuff like Frontline and Drontal Worm tablets.
        Please though also make sure you know exactly what weights and sizes your animals are before ordering, since this is often very important when working out the amounts needed!

        If in any doubt though - please do use your vet. This is also the same advice PetMed's give and one I totally agree with.

        Also now posted on Ciao.


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