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Clothing for people who love travelling and an active outdoor life.

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2007 21:03
      Very helpful



      quality, high performance clothing, but at a price.

      Rohan, not a name synonymous with high street fashion, but if like me, you travel, hike, mountain bike or whatever else in the great outdoors, you may have heard of this brand of specialist clothing. And if you have not, then you may be surprised by what you read.


      Rohan produce a range of outdoor clothing. Not your G suits or thermal artic exploration stuff, but lightweight high quality clothes, ideal for the seasoned traveller, in any climate and activity.


      The company was formed in 1975. There vision to change the way clothes designed for travel and leisure. They adopted a back to basic philosophy, with the design and fabrics used. They also talked to their potential customers. With all this in mind Rohan set out to be the leading brand in performance clothing.


      I first became aware of Rohan back in the eighties, when looking for suitable clothes for travelling light on a hiking/mountain biking trip in France. I was looking for something you could wear every day, and something that would be hardwearing enough for leisure activities, providing comfort, and durability.

      So I was kitted out with trousers, shirts, windbreaker, tee shirts, and shorts. At not much change out £300, you might think that you could get similar items at a third of the price. But it is the design and materials used that make the difference, each item of clothing is given a specification that would surpass cheaper clothing.

      For example a pair of Goa trousers will give you sungaurd protection of a SPF 40+, wind guard protection that eliminates any wind chill. I could go on, but the most important for me was the SPF factor. Both my father and two of my brothers have suffered skin cancer, and being a fair skinned creature, covered in moles, this range of clothing is a godsend. Most people you see out in sun, never think about using any sun protection in their day to day life. The suntan lotion just coming out on the beach or lying in the garden, but most of our skin damage is caused doing the normal everyday things, and even ten minutes in strong sunlight starts the burning process. So you will find me in a Rohan product most times when the sun does shine and on cloudy days of course.

      The other thing to take into account is I still have that pair of trousers and various shirts I bought back in the eighties, still wearable, still looking well. So while paying a premium for the clothes, I think they have paid for themselves in performance and longevity.


      The main range is divided between Men's, Women's, and Accesories. They then sub divide the range by climate to be used in, and activity undertaken. In the Men's range you can find hardwearing hill walking and trekking gear, but also casual travelling clothes, and lightweight business suits.

      In the Women's range you will find the same wide range of clothing, which ladies is quite stylish. They even have odour eliminating underwear.

      The accessories range from Eagle Creek pack-it systems, through clothes washing liquids, inflatable pillows, cutlery, food and water storage, plug adaptors, medical kits, insect repellents, and water purification tablets.

      New for this year Rohan have introduced a range of Sandals, again in various styles and applications.

      So Rohan might not be what most people would call high fashion, but they do make high quality clothing, and modern designs, with pleasant colours, and patterns.


      There are a small number of Rohan stand alone stores, but most outlets are shop in shop (Blacks, John Lewis etc) or stockists. In fact any good outdoor/ sports shops stock Rohan products.

      They also operate a phone order service.

      But the easiest way to shop I find is by internet. Their site is a joy to use. The search options are amazing.

      Say for example you want trousers. Enter the item in the search. It then gives you options for which climate you will use them, and what activity use are going to need them for. Once you make a selection it then lists the materials used. The sun guard, wind guard, heat guard, drying time, and security e.g. hidden pockets, zip pockets. It even gives weight, and packed size.

      The website also has a service section giving details of guarantee, listings of international sizes, delivery information, returns, repairs and payment.

      Rohan offer a no quibble guarantee, supported by a dedicated repair service.

      Orders are processed by the normal shopping bag method used by most on line clothing suppliers.

      Delivery is within 2 days of order processed at a cost of £3.95 by "signed for" courier


      We are not talking George at Asda, or Cherokee Tescos here. A pair of trousers will cost £49.00 upwards, Polo shirt £35.00. But balance that with the performance and specification of these garments, the prices seem reasonable.


      If you want high quality, high performance clothing, which is well designed, and long lasting, this maybe for you. And don't forget in years to come I'll bet all clothing will be sold with its SPF sun guard factor, as our poor old planet heats up!



      0870 601 2244 fax 01908 211 209

      Rohan Designs
      30 Maryland Road
      Milton Keynes
      MK15 8HN


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