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Tangle Creations / Tangle Toys

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2012 12:27
      Very helpful



      Tangle Creations are to be admired for considering therapy tools as fun toys.

      After discussing gift idea for children with special needs it was suggested I write about Tangle Creations here so people wanting to buy their products can easily find a review on this site. Tangle Creations is a great manufacturer that caters for the special needs market. I am particularly impressed with the design of the toy called 'Therapy Tangle'.

      Therapy Tangle is as stress relief and hand therapy device suitable for both males and female children from 36 months and up. Having said that there is no reason why adults cannot benefit from owning Tangle. This toy consists of twenty interconnecting pieces. The best way to describe its appearance is to compare it to those hamster tunnels that attachse to cages. The difference being that this is not made from hard plastic but from soft rubbery material. Very importantly this product is latex free.

      The parts can be taken apart and fixed again in many different ways and this is a particular great distraction for autism and Asperger sufferers. Of course, each person will have different special needs and the main carers will know better than anyone what suits the child or adult. I think in the cases of special needs children it is probably better not to work with a surprise but to consult first to make sure the present really does match the child's or adult's needs.

      This is a great stress relief item. It makes no noise so it can be taken out of the home and used in a variety of settings such as school, work, public transport and the list goes on.

      Some people with severe autism can become so frustrated that they need to bite. One person I knew would bite other people and become quite out of control but this toy can be chewed on. So long as he is given it quickly it means people won't be bitten - a relief all round.

      Can't keep your hands still? Always fighting? Do you annoy others with your abundance of energy? Perhaps you are at work and need to stay focussed then this is the object for you. It releases tension and anxiety and if you really have to fiddle at least use something safe, interesting and quiet. In the office they'll be no more pen tapping or unnecessary paper shuffling any more with Tangle. Your colleges will like you all the more for that.

      For those with anger management issues this toy will aid in the relaxing of all that about-to-spill-over anger by focussing the heat of your temper on the Tangle.

      One point of note:

      The hands need to be strong enough to disconnect and reconnect the parts - though this is very good hand and motor function therapy tool In fact, this allows the toy to branch out to a wider consumer group for people who are trying to get strength back into their hands after injury or illness.

      On the other hand, though it is durable in my hands, I'm not sure it will withstand brute force -perhaps Tangle is more suited for mild to moderate anger?

      Personally, I find the texture really good. It sits comfortably in the hand and eases physical and mental pain. I feel it is particularly suited to those with special needs but it need not be exclusive to a niche market. I think every household should own a Therapy Tangle. Perhaps they'll be fewer arguments over the holidays with this in your possession!

      Therapy Tangle can be purchased for £7.99 on Amazon and is dispatched from 'The Learning Shop'. This is really good value for money.

      There are a reasonable range of alternative Tangle products that are equally good presents. I highly recommend Tangle and their extended rage as tension releasing, potentially healing and helpful alternative gifts.

      So instead of getting tangled up in knots, or watching others do so, in frustration, anger and anxiety try buying this gift of a handy Therapy Tangle toy instead.


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