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    309 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 10:55
      Very helpful



      It's lovely having your weekly shopping delivered

      I work long hours during the week, and regularly have to go into the office at the weekend too, and so I find it hard to find time to get in the car and get down to Tesco regularly.

      Because of this, I use online grocery shopping apps on my iPhone and laptop quite regularly.

      This is a review of Tesco online which I access both via the internet and on my iPhone.

      The procedure for doing your weekly shop is simple enough. You pick a delivery slot which is the 2 hour window during which time your delivery driver will come.

      Delivery slot prices range from between £3 to £6 with evenings and weekends of course taking the most expensive slots. I've just had a quick look at the site and it seems that weekend slots are between £5-6.

      You can book your delivery slot either before you start to load your basket up, or after. I tend to do it after as I don't do all of my shopping in one sitting, instead I keep coming back to it as I think of things I need over the course of a couple of days or so.

      Navigation around the website is easy enough. Items are split into categories such as food cupboard, health and beauty, frozen goods and so on. So if you just want a little browse around the items on offer, you are able to do that, there is also a "search" function so you can just zoom straight to the specific item you want if you prefer to do it that way.

      Special offers such as half price and 3 for 2 and clearly marked so you can spot those as you are scrolling through the items so you can save money that way.

      Once you have shopped online with Tesco once it saves your debit card details so the next time you shop there you only need to put the security details from the back of your card in, not the whole lot again.

      One thing that you need to be careful of is that the price of your basket is only a guide price. The price you actually pay will be different if you buy any fresh produce as the actual price will depend on weight etc.

      You also need to be aware of "substitutes". If on the day of your delivery they have run out of an item on your list, they will offer you a substitution. This can sometimes work out well for you as they only charge you the price of the item you had opted for. So if you had picked Tesco own brand something for 50p and they ran out, they would give you the closest match, be it Birds Eye or Heinz or whatever brand, but still only charge you 50p.

      When your deliver driver arrives he will advise you of any substitutes and you have the option to keep them or send them back. I have only ever sent a substitute back once because I ordered Aussie colour protect shampoo and they offered me Aussie moisture miracle shampoo which just isn't suitable for me.

      I have used this service many many times now and have almost always had a good experience. The drivers are normally on time and are always polite. On a couple of occasions they have actually been early and they have called me to ask if they can deliver before the allotted time which I think is nice.

      I have only had one bad experience when my Sunday between 12-2pm didn't arrive and when I called I was told that a van had broken down and everything was delayed that day. Sadly, it wasn't until 5pm that Tesco eventually told me that the order was being cancelled and of course by that time it was too late for me to drive to my local Tesco so I didn't have any food that evening. When I pointed that out to Tesco, they offered me a free delivery slot for in the week and £20 off my next order which I was actually quite happy with.

      I will continue to use Tesco online.


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      01.11.2013 20:09
      Very helpful



      Helps you to budget and plan!

      I am trying to save only about £20-£30 a week not for anything in particular but I would like to have some money for a rainy day. One of my biggest problems with spending is shopping particularly the supermarket variety. I tend to impulse buy, I may go in for food but if I am in a larger Tesco I browse the clothes and household products and end up spending a lot more than I like.

      I decided to give online shopping a go after trying it once back in 2010 and never having another go at it. I received an e-code from Tesco offering me £17 off my first shop if I spent £60 or more so I took the plunge.

      I was already registered on Tesco.com. I found the website easy to navigate once you are on the groceries page everything is clearly laid out. On the front of the groceries page the main offers for the week are clearly displayed on my most recent shop this was a coupon for £5 off your next £40 spend in shop if you spent £40 or more.

      At the top of the page are buttons for favourites which is based on your previous orders and also details held on your clubcard based on what you buy in store. There is also a groceries button which brings up a drop down list showing all the departments. There is also a button for recipes, special offers and the delivery saver plan (where you pre-pay so you don't pay a delivery charge). On the right of the page I can see my shopping basket it is from here I can choose a delivery slot or a click and collect. I tend to alternate sometimes it is easier for me to click and collect as I pass the store other times I get my shopping delivered. Slots vary in price fro £3 to £6 and you can have a delivery from 7am to 11pm from my nearest store.

      The shopping basket has a search button so I can find individual products or underneath I can create a list for a multi-search. As I add items to my basket the guide price changes at the bottom of the basket, it also tallies up my multi buy savings and clubcard points.

      The website is easy to navigate and offers are clearly flagged up showing the start and expiry date of the offer. Unlike Asda where I find I have to click on the offer to find out when it expires. The basket highlights items in red to show if I have missed a promotion and by clicking on this red highlight it will show me all items in that particular promotion so I can add on some more items. Once I have chosen my items I can then 'checkout' this provides me with a summary of my basket it is here that I can add notes for the pickers on mine I have a few like on my bananas I like them as green as possible. You can also request substitutions, no substitutions or an alternative product.

      Checking your shopping out is easy you get a space to add in any coupons and codes you have and the system automatically loads your clubcard vouchers on the system and if your shop is not eligible it will grey some coupons out. There is also a box for me to put instructions in for the driver if I want to. I can also choose if I want carrier bags or not with my order. The website will also flag up if I am going to miss any promotions and prompt me to change my delivery slot.

      Once I have added my card details I am prompted by the system to save them which I opted to do so next time I order all I have to do is to put in my security code.

      The first time I shopped with Tesco I ordered it to be delivered, I got a text to confirm the delivery in the morning. When the driver arrived he was really helpful and carried all my shopping in. The shopping comes in different coloured bags which make it easier to pack away. You get green bags for chilled, blue for frozen, white for ambient items and finally a yellow bag. The yellow bag is for substitutions or items with a short shelf life. I have only had this bag once and this was because chicken I ordered had 2 days on it I then had the choice to keep it or return the item for a full refund. Any items with a short shelf life or substituted are flagged up at the top of your receipt.

      If your item is substituted you will receive a like for like product and even if it costs more you will pay the original price.

      The receipt you are provided with is laid out clearly and on there you can see the final price you paid. Online you see a guide price which I find is very accurate but if you order weighted items obviously they vary and when you get your receipt they may be slightly different to what is shown online. Tesco do state this clearly in their terms.

      I have also used the click and collect facility which is easy to use, my local store has a pod in the car park you drive through and the staff bring out the groceries to the boot of your car.

      I have so far had a really positive experience with Tesco.com, the website is easy to use and clearly laid out. I can amend my order up until the night before delivery so if I think of anything extra I need I can simply add it into my basket and it will update. The website also has guide dates for each product so you can plan your weekly meals in advance knowing how many days you will get on say meat and veg. I am also confident that if anything is damaged or missing Tesco will deal with it promptly it states this on the website and the one time I did have chicken with a shorter shelf life I returned it to the driver and I was sent an email later that day to confirm my refund.

      I now shop weekly online and I am a huge fan of it. I am able to control my budget better and plan meals in advance too sometimes when I go shopping despite having a list I end up throwing various items in the trolley and then wondering once I am at home what I am going to prepare for dinner. The final thing I like about this service is having a young daughter it saves time, she isn't a fan of going shopping and on your own with a toddler it can take longer and often leave you frustrated!

      I would recommend this service I am even going to use it for my big Christmas shop!


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      26.07.2013 00:33
      Very helpful



      A good way to shop if you are lucky enough to not be overcharged

      I've loyally shopped with Tesco.com for many years now, and am generally a fan of all their own brand products - however, recently I've not had very good experiences with they way they operate, terms and conditions which are unfair to customers, and the general customer service (from my local store). I will go into further detail further down...

      The Tesco groceries website is easy to navigate and well laid out, compared to some other supermarkets. Generally I can get everything I want on my list, but recently I'm finding more and more that I can't find things on the website - or not a good enough selection. I have found that often they only have the Tesco Finest or expensive branded version of a product, which I know I could get in the value range in store. I assume this is to make as much money out of people who perhaps cannot get to a store, and therefore have little choice but to pay extra.

      Once you have created a basket, you can either reserve it for collection in store, or book a delivery slot (you can book before making your basket up too). Usually the slots are booked very quickly and it's almost impossible to get something for the same day, unless it's ridiculously late at night - so some forward planning is required if you need your shopping on a certain day. Delivery slots range between £4.50-6.50 depending on what time of day you choose, with early morning and weekends being most expensive.

      I've personally never had a problem with the delivery itself. The items have always arrived within the time slot and in a good condition (including fruit and vegetables) - although I have occasionally noticed I've been given items almost at their sell by date, which has meant some juggling of the weeks meal plan. The delivery drivers have always been pleasant and helpful unloading the delivery.

      The problems I have encountered though, are with the final bill being WAY over the guide price. I have read all the terms and conditions on the website, stating that your final bill may differ to the guide price due to changes in instore prices, promotional offers or if you have weighed items like cheese, fruit etc. This I fully understand - although I wouldn't expect the difference to be more than a couple of pounds at the most.

      My last 2 bills have both come in at around £8 more than the guide price. The first time it happened, I was rang by my local store and told the payment hadn't gone through and did I have another card - this was because I had left money in the account for shopping plus a little extra (around £4-5 extra), and withdrawn the rest. They were extremely snooty and refused to take something off the order to allow the payment to go through, so I cancelled it. I asked why the final bill was so much more, and the woman simply said that it can be, and that all supermarkets do the same!

      The second time it happened, they initially had problems processing my payment card despite having more than enough to cover the bill. They rang me, and again the woman was really snooty saying "hmm we've had this problem before haven't we?" - referring to the previous time, when I decided to cancel because they were overcharging me! She made me feel like a poor idiot. After she tried a couple more times, the payment did go through. I can only assume the system had been down previously - but I received no apology for the rudeness and poor customer service I received, because they were unable to process a card which wasn't my fault. All she said was "oh, it HAS gone through... Thank you, your delivery will come later, goodbye".

      Later that day I got my delivery and looked over the receipt/final bill. Again it was around £8 more than the guide price. I went through every single item on the list, and there was no promotional changes and I hadn't bought anything weighed - only priced packets of fruit and cheese. My promotional offers came to just under £8 so I assumed they hadn't taken that off the bill - plus they hadn't put any clubcard points on the bill either. They essentially stole the £8 and obviously hoped I wouldn't notice! I rang the main customer service number, and the man I spoke to was pleasant and said he couldn't understand why I had been charged extra as that wasn't on the copy of my bill he had in front of him. He rang my local store to find out what was going on, and apparently they insisted to him that it was correct. He then came back to me, relayed the information and said the person he'd spoken to didn't seem to know what he was talking about, and it didn't sound right so he was going to refund me the difference.

      So I was glad to get my money back, but it was a real palava sorting it out and I didn't receive any form of compensation otherwise. It seems to me that the store are robbing customers blind, and had I not checked my bill they would have got away with it!

      Tesco online grocery shopping is convenient versus shopping in-store, especially if you don't drive or have young children - but my advice would be to CHECK YOUR BILL thoroughly for any inaccuracies, and make sure you ring the main customer services if anything is wrong, as your local store will just be rude if they are anything like mine. If this ever happens to me again, I'm sorry to say I will have to boycott Tesco, which would be a real shame.


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        06.05.2013 14:49
        Very helpful



        A great service would recommend to anyone with a lifestyle like mine!

        I live quite far out in the country and have found Tesco.com home delivery grocery shopping to be easy, convenient - and money-saving!

        Easy - just set yourself up an online account, you'll need bank details, address, clubcard details etc, but it is very quick and easy to do. Then you just log on - pick a slot for delivery that suits you, then start to shop. You can do a word search for your products, or browse by department - or best of all OFFERS! Once you have shopped a few times it will also save your favourites which is handy if you have a regular shop. Your order is listed as you shop, with the corresponding prices and a total. When finished you go to the checkout, review your basket, add any vouchers or coupons (only e-vouchers or e-coupons can be used online), you can also decide if you want your shop with or without bags, and you can also leave a note to say if they don't have your item they can substitute it for something similiar. I have never had a crazy substitution - in fact I quite like them as it's a little surprise! For example, you might order Value tinned tomatoes - if they don't have any you will be "upgraded" to another brand - you never lose out - you are always upgraded but only pay the original price of the item you ordered.

        Then, you order arrives within your nominated time slot (mine usually come in the early part of the slot) you unpack, sign - and that's your grocery shopping done.

        Convenient - time is one of the biggest factors for me, I usually just buy more or less the same thing. Once you create an order you can amend it up until about 12 hours before your delivery. I also have to tesco app on my smart phone so I can order and amend at any time. I live at least 30 mins from the nearest tesco so it saves me an hour's round drive. Plus, I get the delivery at a time that suits me best, usually early evening, but if something comes up and I need my stuff sooner I can amend the time.

        SAVE MONEY! Best bit - I save petrol, I choose special offers, I stick with my favourites and don't impulse buy the way you would in-store, I regularly get sent e-coupons & vouchers. I have also signed up for the Delivery Saver scheme - a regular delivery slot cost between £3 & £6 pounds - depending on when the delivery is booked for. However, I paid a one-off price of £60 and so long as I spend a minimum of £40 I get unlimited deliveries at any time I choose! I try therefore to have one grocery delivery once a week - pay a limit of about £60 and get it at a convenient time - but if I need any extras I put in a small order - for example I had a special occasion coming up - I got just couple bottles of fizz, some steaks, prawns and a big box of chocs - just a few items (although they were expensive) delivered to me for free! Chances are if I'd have visited the supermarket I'd have spend more on some sneaky extras! Also at the moment tesco are offering £5 off if you spend £40 - plus the price promise - if your order would have cost more in another store they send you an e-voucher for the difference!

        The delivery drivers are always cheerful, friendly and helpful - I know most of them now and they are all great!

        In conclusion - don't want to exaggerate, but the service really has changed the way I shop, saved me money & time - oh, and extra clubcard vouchers too!


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        23.04.2013 14:21
        Very helpful



        A super service that I'll contnue to use in the future

        We've used Tesco's online delivery service for a few years now. It was especially handy when our daughter was newborn because the grocery shop was the last thing we wanted to do but I wanted to make sure we still ate balanced, healthy meals and the house was full of goodies.

        Arranging a Delivery Slot
        There are two ways to arrange the grocery delivery - it can either be delivered to your door for a charge of £3 to £6 or can be collected from your local store for between £2 and £3. They sometimes have offers on the collect service, making it free for a few days every couple of months, presumably to attract customers. We've used both methods a lot - the collect service is really easy at our local store; you can drive the car right up and staff load the shopping in for you, but at another store we collected from once, we had to go inside to the back of the store to collect it - it took so long I may as well have walked round the shop and done it myself so perhaps it's more pot luck with this method. The delivery is to the house and that's great, although their delivery slots are 2 hours long and you never know when they'll turn up so you could book it for 2pm-4pm and be sat in most of the afternoon if they only turn up at 3.55pm. But, it's fine if you're at home anyway. Pick ups can only happen when the store is open, the deliveries happen over a wider period eg on Sunday's, we've had deliveries before now at 8pm. It's entirely your choice what time you choose as long as it's available and the site reserves it (for up to two hours) until checked out.

        How to Pick your Items
        On Tesco.com, there is a grocery area. Once logged in, it shows you everything that's on sale in your nearest store. As we live close to an average sized Tesco, we get an average amount to look at but if we lived closer to a Tesco extra, we'd have more choice so it's pot luck. The items you see are based on the nearest store as that's where your shopping will come from.

        Everything is in categories and sub categories eg bakery is a section and within it are sub sections of loaves, fresh bakery, cakes and so on so it's easy to find whatever you need. There's also a shopping list and a favourites facility where the website remembers what you've bought previously, the favourites based from clubcard use in store and online. I find that using the search engine saves me the most time and I can do an average shop of £60 on there in around half an hour. Half an hour might sound just as long as doing the shop in Tesco, but it saves me so much time as I don't need to push my daughter around if she's crying! Once an item is located, there's an 'add to basket' option and that then puts it in a virtual basket. The quantities can be altered to whatever is required - I've ordered around 6 items of the same thing before with no issues.

        Buying your shopping
        Once everything is in the basket that you want and the delivery time is booked, it just asks for payment details and confirms the order. No money is taken at this point - it is taken on the day when the shop is done for you. It gives an indicated price when ordering, but if some items aren't in stock on the day they obviously don't charge you for those (unless you've requested something else in it's place). You are charged prices on the day, so if it was on offer when ordering but not on the delivery day, it's the higher price you'll pay.

        Before placing the order, you can leave notes for the shopper to tell them what to do if something isn't available. For example, I always ask them to get 2 x 2 pints of milk if the 4 pint isn't there because this is a necessity in our house. Other things eg newspapers, I just tell them not to substitute because it's something I'm not that bothered about. I like the way that on Tesco you can do this for individual items as I used another supermarket's service a few weeks back and the only options I had where to request substitutions for everything or nothing - even then, the substitutions were entirely up to the shopper and I couldn't specify what to substitute for.

        Receiving your Shopping
        When the delivery arrives, the driver comes in a Tesco van and hands over a sheet of paper which is your receipt. This outlines everything you've bought and any substitutions and missing items from your shopping. The great thing about Tesco's service is that if they've substituted something with a more expensive item, they'll refund the difference back to you. This isn't the case at some other supermarkets services and it has crossed my mind that they could choose the most expensive item on the shelf as the replacement and then charge you more for it. Also if you're not happy with the substitution you can just give it back to the driver and get your money back. I've done this and the money is just refunded back onto your payment card. You get an email too to confirm that you've sent it back. The only issue I have is that there are so many bags to look through to find the substituted item! Tesco have recently introduced a different system whereby one bag holds the substituted items to make this process far easier for the customer.

        I always ask for my shopping to be delivered in bags because otherwise all of the shopping is delivered in a massive crate that you have to empty ten to the dozen so the driver can take it away again. I do have an issue with the number of bags that they use. They put hardly anything in each bag. Once we had a carrier bag and all it housed was a small pack of sanitary towels! It's just such a waste and they could save big time on them. It makes me giggle because in the shop, the till supervisors often don't like handing the carrier bags out at all!

        Any offers eg petrol vouchers if you spend £50 are normally stapled to the receipt, although some vouchers eg the recent £5 of £40 vouchers are emailed across as an online code to use on their site.

        Quality and Dates
        I was always sceptical about dates on the shopping and whether it would get to me in one piece (eg eggs!) but the service is a million times better now than it was. I used it when it first started years ago and yes, bread delivered went out of date that day and the service wasn't fantastic. But I think they've really listened to customers and the service now is super. I very rarely receive things that won't last to the time I need them to - everything comes with good dates on. Fresh items have an indication on the website that tells you how long an item should last when you receive it which is a great help with the essentials like bread and milk.

        I have always liked the online shopping service for convenience - I find it so useful now with a little one. Out of the many shops we've done, we've only had one issue where one night our shopping was 20 minutes later than we'd booked and we only received half of our shop. When I contacted customer services though they were very apologetic and I think the poor driver was new so it was just an honest mistake. I thoroughly recommend the online facility to people who are short on time because it's a great service that helps me ensure the cupboards are full at all times with minimal effort!

        Thanks for reading :o)


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          06.04.2013 06:39
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great website and excellent service

          ~~* Time Saver *~~

          I first discovered that Tesco delivered a couple of years ago when my fiancés mum had a delivery while we were visiting. I was impressed by how quick the driver brought her shopping in to her, and how nice & fresh the food looked, so I decided to check it out myself and I've not looked back since!

          ~~* Virtual Shopping *~~

          I have to say it is confusing at first, but it takes no time to get the hang of, When doing your shopping you can either use the search bar and type in what you want, eg chocolate, or you can type all of your shopping list into the little square on the left of the groceries page and then click 'go' this will allow you to add one item into your basket, then click next and it will search for that item without you having to type in the name of the item.

          I find that this saves time, and it means I don't have to write a shopping list out as it saves itself permanently, so I usually buy the same things each time I use the site. The list can be edited, too. When you type in the name of a product or use the shopping list to find a product, you will be greeted with a very long lost of pictures of the products and the product name next to them.

          If you click onto the picture or name of the product you're interested in, then it takes you to that products own page which will have a product description etc. it is very, very simple and takes very little time to get used to.

          ~~* Arranging Delivery *~~

          Once you've added everything that you want to buy into your basket, you will need to click on the checkout button. Tis will take you to a list of any promotions that you've missed, and after this page there will be a page with the options of getting your food delivered to your home, or picking it up from the store.

          Picking it up from the store is £2 I believe, so for the extra couple of quid I always choose the home delivery option. When arranging home delivery you will be greeted with a spreadsheet type table which the days, times and prices. I always get mine delivered on a Monday evening between 8 and 10pm and this costs me £3.50. The more expensive slots (eg weekends or Friday evenings) tend to cost around £6.

          ~~* Paying *~~

          The payment is quick and easy, and secure. You can only pay by card, and as far as I know you can not pay with PayPal. I have never had any problems with paying - no issues of being double charged etc and the payment process is simple. On the payment page there is the option to add vouchers to your shopping if you have any.

          ~~* What Happens When Your Groceries Arrive *~~

          Usually, I tend to hear the delivery van and I will go to the front door and wait for the driver to come to the door.

          It is very rare that the drivers ring to let me know when they are on their way, and there have been times when the driver has been an hour or so early - had I not been in, I would have missed them and there was no phone call to alert me to them being early, but as a stay at home mum who rarely ventures out during the evenings (which is when I get my shopping delivered) I can't say that this is really much of an issue and I actually prefer it when they come a little early as it gets it out of the way and gives me time to unpack before the soaps come on!

          When the driver arrives, they will hand me a print out of everything I ordered and tell me about my substitutions and make sure I am happy with them. He will then bring a green crate to the door which is full of plastic bags containing my shopping, and he will collect the empty crate and replace it with a full one until all of my shopping has been transferred into my house.

          The delivery driver will then ask me to sign for my shopping, and off he goes to deliver somewhere else! It is as simple as that. The only problem I had once was the driver had only delivered one bottle of water (one of the big 2 litre bottles) instead of the six I ordered, so I rang the customer helpline and he back within 10 minutes and was really apologetic.

          ~~* The Delivery Drivers *~~

          All of the delivery drivers are very kind and friendly, and tend to make small talk about the weather etc, some more than others though! All of the delivery drivers that have delivered to our home have been men.
          I have been a little overwhelmed at times with them shoving crates full of shopping bags at me, but most tend to leave the crate on the floor for me to unpack while they fetch the other crate, and they tend to take their time doing this to give me time to unpack, without them standing their waiting and watching.

          I have had a few drivers who I couldn't quite understand due to their accents, but I just smiled and nodded! I recently had a guy who went and waited in the van while I unpacked as it was cold, and I stood there waiting for him to come and collect the empty crates for about ten minutes, which wasn't ideal!

          ~~* Substitutions *~~

          I have been very pleased with almost all of the substitutions that I have received, to be honest. I always receive something very similar to what I ordered if it is not in stock, for example the other week I ordered garlic marinated prawns and received coriander marinated prawns.

          If I order an organic lettuce, and it is not in stock, I will likely receive a non organic lettuce. One of the substitutions that I wasn't too happy with though was a Tesco finest pizza which was on offer being replaced with plain Napolina pizza bases.

          This was only an issue because at the time me and my fiancé were really craving pizza and we didn't fancy making our own! I have heard of people getting really odd substations like cat food instead of dog food or beef instead of quorn but I'm pleased to say that this hasn't happened to me as of yet.

          ~~* Food Quality *~~

          As I have already said, I have been using this service for around two years now and in that time, a majority of the food that I have had delivered has been in really good condition - fresh looking meat & fish, ripe fruit, etc.
          There has however been a few occasions where I have felt let down. For example, quite recently I ordered two packs of strawberries, and both arrived mouldy, and went straight into the bin. A few months ago, I ordered a watermelon, which arrived with a hole in the side of it and it was really soft and mushy - it was indedible.

          On a few other occasions I have received big bags of salad (which usually last me for a week) with the use by date listed as the same day that I received it, meaning that obviously it will have gone off by the end f the week, and so most of it goes to waste.

          The meat as I said is usually very fresh looking, but on one occasion quite recently I received some greyish brown looking lamb which had the same use by date as the day it was delivered. It looked very unappealing and not at all fresh!

          ~~* All in All *~~

          I find this service really handy and time saving. I also find that I save money by doing it online as I am able to find good offers and keep track of how much I am spending. I would definitely recommend Tesco.com and I will be continuing to use them!

          NOTE As well as food & drink, a lot of other bits and bobs can be purchased from the Tesco grocery site. This includes

          * Hair care products, health care, hygiene & beauty products
          * Baby Items
          * Cleaning items & household bits and pieces including candles, cutlery, stationary etc
          * Lots more! The only things I think that can't be bought online are lottery tickets and cigarets.

          Thank you for reading!


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            14.11.2012 20:22
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Pros outweigh the cons. I love this and will continue to use it.

            I dont know about you but supermarkets have me sussed. I go to get a weekly shop and end up with a bunch of "bargains" i never intended to buy. I usually end up going £10 if not more over budget and I dont always have a weeks worth of meals so then a few days later have to end up going back. Im just not organised, I get distracted!

            In the last couple of weeks I have learnt the soloution- online shopping. You can be organised, you can sort items by price, you can have the list in front of you, you can see a running total, you dont get distracted by shiny displays! I had a quick browse through asda and tesco online shopping and within 5 mins i worked out tesco was a lot easier to use. In fact asda when asked to sort by price didnt even do that so i chose Tesco. The £3-£4 delivery charge was far under what I'd end up overspending and no nasty suprises when I got to the till.
            Best of all I could do this on my sofa in my pjamas rather than walking 20 minutes, mostly uphill, with a heavy buggy in the rain only to have my bags break on the way home and lose some items without realising (this was my very last shopping in person experience, i was close to tears when I realised I had items missing, it was a poor week!)

            You can search items individually, search key terms, multisearch (type in a group of things you were searching for) or just browse. It will also tell you if promotions are on and if you have missed any.
            The brands available are the same in store- tesco every day value range (i always pick up a few of these to see if they're nice- some are!), tesco finest and all the well known brands (and some lesser known!).

            The delivery drivers are usually friendly and efficient. Occasionally we've had replacements we werent happy with ("we didnt have the 4 pack multipack of wipes so we got you 3 of this brand at the same price"...i wanted 4!!) but most of the time we were lucky enough to have our items in stock.

            Another thing I like about the service is that you can ammend your order for a good few hours afterwards- which is great for me cos im the kind that 30 minutes after shopping will suddenly realise I've left out a vital item!

            I'm yet to have a bad experience with them so I thoroughly reccomend them!


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              22.10.2012 23:33
              Very helpful



              A gret website. Easy to navigate and a pleasure to use

              I love online shopping, I really really do. But I know that many people who love online shopping too, are not so keen when it comes to shopping for weekly groceries over the 'net. Let me put your minds at rest, it's not that bad, and infact can save you money! I have been doing my grocery shopping online for many years, it all started when my husband became ill and couldn't drive me to the supermarket, so, I took the plunge and set up an account with Tesco's.

              The website is really easy to navigate. You can type any food item in the 'search' box and immediately you will be given a list of possible products. Even if you mis-spell the item,(as I have done on numerous occasions)the site will try and guess what you really meant, and display the choices.

              Once you have decided on the item you require, you are then able to search by relevance, either by price, low to high, or high to low, or alphabetically a-z or z-a.

              There are also other, very useful categories, such as 'top offers' and 'bogof's'

              Once you have had an order delivered, the site will remember your last order, and all the items you purchased will be listed under 'favourites' this means that rather than type each individual product into the search box, you can just bring up a list of all your previous items and check the boxes of the ones you require.

              After booking your delivery slot, you have up until 11.46 the day before your order is due to arrive, to amend, cancel or add items to your order.

              One feature I really like about online shopping with Tesco's is that if the item you have ordered is out of stock and they substitute it with a more expensive one, you will still only be charged the price of the item you ordered. One of my best 'substitutes' was when I ordered the cheapest hairdryer I could find, only to discover that it had been substituted with one that was twice as expensive. Hoorah for price matches!

              The delivery drivers have always been very polite, friendly and helpful, if they knew they were going to be delayed, they would call and let me know.

              If there has to be a negative to shopping online, I suppose it would be that you can't choose your own fruit, veg and salad items, but I would say that 90% of my 'fresh' produce has been as good as I would have chosen myself.

              And finally, I believe that doing your grocery shopping online can really save you money. This is because as you are filling your virtual basket, your bill is automatically being calculated, meaning you can see exactly how much you're spending. So, you can set yourself a budget, and if you go over your limit, just take something out of your basket ... not so easy to do when you're in a real supermarket and there's a queue of people behind you!

              Happy Shopping :)


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              02.10.2012 19:48
              Very helpful



              No more split plastic bags and wonky trolley wheels!

              I avoided using Tesco online shopping for years as like everybody else I'd heard horror stories about waiting in all day for deliveries that never arrived, food that was all one day away from its sell by date and being given peach scented candles when you'd ordered peaches.

              Well, I wish I'd started doing it years ago, having your food shopping delivered to your door is the stuff dreams are made of and I'm never going to struggle round Tesco with a wonky wheeled trolley ever again!

              The website is wonderfully simple to use, you just type in what you want, add it to your basket and it appears in a little column at the side of the window keeping track of what you've ordered so far and how much you've spent. The products are divided into logical categories and there's even an area for special offers and multibuys so you don't miss out on the bargains by not going to shop in person.

              Picking a delivery slot is easy, you initially pick a two hour window but on the day you will get a text narrowing the time down to a window of an hour, so you don't need to waste your day waiting for your food to arrive. The delivery charges are a bit steep, from £3-6 depending on what time of day you want your food delivered, but for me it was worth it for the convenience as long as I spend enough that the delivery charge is only a small proportion of the total cost. I tend to buy a lot of stuff that can go in the freezer so I only need to shop infrequently.

              The delivery driver came right to my front door even though I'm in a first floor flat. He would have carried the bags into the kitchen if I'd wanted him to, so literally the only effort you need to make is putting the shopping away! The drivers have always been polite, and if there is any issue with the food, such as a fast approaching sell by date, they tell you at the door so you can change your mind about it if necessary.

              I recommend Tesco delivery to everybody too busy, lazy, unwell or impatient to do the food shopping properly themselves, I love it!


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                23.09.2012 13:05
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Nightmare experience - Will never use Tesco.com again!!

                Would definitely recommend that you avoid using Tesco.com's home delivery service if at all possible.

                Last night we were due to receive a delivery early in the evening (6pm). An hour and a half later, this still hadn't arrived and we had had no communication from Tesco so we contacted their customer services. Not only do they charge this as an 0845 number so that they can make money off users contacting them, they were unable to help us in any way shape of form.

                On that first call they informed us that they didn't know where the delivery was and couldn't contact the driver or store it was being delivered from but they would find out and call us back before 8pm if it still hadn't arrived. 8pm came and went and no phone calls, so we had to call them back (at our expense) again.

                In this call they informed us that 15 minutes earlier the driver had reported in to say that they were running two hours late. Now this causes me a number of problems - first of all the driver waited until well after the time they promised to deliver by to acknowledge they were running late but the customer services team had also known this for 15 minutes and made no effort to contact us despite the problems we had already highlighted.

                We were then told that based on where the delivery van was in its schedule, that the delivery will be there by 9:15 / 9:30pm and that once again, if it hadn't or there was any update, we would be called back before 10pm and if we hadn't heard anything by then to call them back.

                At 10pm we attempted to call Tesco back (once again at our own cost) however on calling we received a message saying they had high call demand (or had sent a lot of their customer service team home!) and hence there would be a 20 minute wait. This in itself was a lie as we held on and never managed to get through to them until it reached 11pm and their customer service centre closes.

                During this time, we also sent emails to their customer services team (on every address we could find) requesting an update. None was given. Due to the food not arriving, we also had to order a takeaway as there were no local shops open by this point so yet another cost thanks to Tesco's inability to deliver food / inform us in advance that they were going to fail.

                They call centre opened at 10am this morning so we called them immediately. We were informed that the driver had returned to the store last night, the items had been returned to the shelves and our order had been cancelled. This meant we had no food, they had completely ruined our previous night (we were supposed to be going out), and they had made no effort to contact us to let us know that this had happened.

                The only thing they could offer us was to attempt to redeliver the food tomorrow (not even today) and even then, only when they had available slots. Now this to us is useless - Everyone in our house works long hours so the only opportunity for a delivery was at the weekend as Tesco don't deliver early or late enough to guarantee there will be someone in to collect the order. As a result, we have no choice to now waste our day today completing a large shop when instead we previously had other plans. This is more difficult by the fact that we don't have a car and our nearest store is a significant distance away - the reason we attempted to get home delivery previously!

                Definitely the worst customer experience I've ever experienced. And have Tesco offered us anything in compensation to encourage us to shop with them again / make up for the inconvenience caused - Don't be ridiculous!


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                  27.07.2012 00:41
                  Very helpful



                  I would recommend this especially if you like the idea of value-for-money grocery shopping.

                  I started shopping for my groceries online after I shifted into an area where there's only a Local Sainsbury (too small for my needs), a Marks and Spencer food hall and a large Waitrose (not exactly the most friendly thing for your pockets). So far I've tried a few online supermarkets, including Sainsubry, Ocado and Waitrose, but I must say that of it all - Tesco is probably my favourite. And usually, I buy my weekly foods - vegetables, meats, fish, carbohydrates - as well as some personal toiletries (kitchen rolls, toilet papers).

                  Shopping on Tesco.com is easy. If you have never done it before, be sure to look out online for offers for new customers - they typically give you 10 pounds off 50 if you're a new customer. Having signed up for an account you can then link it to your clubcard (if you already shop instore at Tesco). This is essential because if you're going to be shopping quite a lot on Tesco.com, all the points CAN add up and you can get quite a substantial number of coupons that can help you save money! How awesome!

                  Before you start shopping, I would recommend that you first pick a delivery slot before shopping. Tesco can reserve your delivery slot for up to 2 hours, and this is especially helpful if say you want to do a delivery for the next day and the slots are running out fast! It also guarantees that you can pick a slot when someone will be at home, or a slot that is cheaper. For those who are working, I find the Tuesday/Wed night slots to be generally more appropriate and cheaper. Delivery ranges from I think 3 pounds to 6 pounds (on weekends and on holidays like Christmas). Each slot is about 2 hours long and the delivery can come any time during that period + a grace period of 15 minutes before and after. Then to the shopping you begin!

                  The way it works on Tesco.com is that you can search for a product using their search box, or go straight to the category that you want and find the item that you desire. Their search box is quite interesting because you can type out a whole list of items that's on your grocery list first, and then search them one by one later on so you won't miss out on anything! Most of the foods are also very well categorised, so searching for something is not a problem. They also have a tab for 'Special Offers' which allows you look at all the products that they have on offer at a go! I especially like the feature that allows you to see all the other products that have the same 'type' of offer - for example, if a certain meat is under the 3 for 10 pound offer, you can click on the link to see what other meats can be purchased under that same offer. This is so much more efficient than hunting in a supermarket through all the aisles just to find offers. Of course, within each category, you can also narrow down your search based on new products, or special offers, or favourites - if you actually create a list of favourites on their website.

                  For most products, you will specify the quantity that you want and add it to your shopping bag. For some items like fruits and vegetables or even meat, you can specify the weight if it's sold by weight! This is really good as compared to shopping instore, because often instore, the way the products are packaged are very limited; and if you only want a small quantity of meat, or if you're preparing a big party (and you want to buy a huge slab), there can be some options for you to select online!

                  After having added all you need to your shopping bag, you can then go on to Check Out your product, and it is at this point in the process that you add all your vouchers / promo codes etc. etc. You can also decide whether you would like an item to be substituted if it is not available, and you can also provide some delivery instructions and leave your phone number in the case of some problems with the delivery truck so they can inform you before hand.

                  THE SERVICE
                  The delivery service is typically not very punctual, sadly, but I think it's pretty much a recent occurence. In the past few months I've had my groceries come late 90% of the time, up to 30 minutes late. When your groceries do not arrive you can call the Tesco Customer Service and they are usually quite helpful in helping you contact the driver and letting you know what is going on. But unfortunately as with all call centres, there's only so much they can do when something is going wrong with say the truck (ie truck breakdown, or driver can't find your place, etc.) There are times when the driver may call you directly as well if he's lost or if he expects that he will be late, which is helpful because it's better than waiting for a delivery that is not going to come.

                  I quite like the drivers who have brought the groceries to my place! They're generally quite helpful (I usually let them carry the items in because I can't manage it all by myself) and they are usually quite cheery - which is a big plus point!

                  But unfortunately I've also had some quite unhappy incidents with Tesco, which I feel was perhaps settled quite amicably (and fortunately). There was once I was planning to hold a party at my place and I ordered for a late night delivery the day before (9-11pm slot) so that the items will be fresh, and I waited until 1130pm before giving Tesco a call, who promptly tried to pacify me by saying that the items will come by 12 am. So there I was waiting for my groceries until 1215 am and I decided that it was just not going to come because no driver is going to knock at your doorstep at such an unearthly hour. IT was only the next day that I realised (I called them once the Customer Service line was open) that the truck has broken down somewhere, and for some reason the driver could NOT call anyone and so even the Tesco call centre did not know what was going on. But at the same time, Tesco refused to re-arrange for an immediate re-delivery because it was not part of their 'schedule' for the day - guess how I upset I was! I had purchased so much items (120 pounds worth!!) for my party, and now Tesco can't deliver the items before my party, and they can't cancel my order either.. and I would have to take the trouble to buy my food instore at a supermarket, and when the order arrives, I will have way too much food at home. Fortunately, after quite a discussion over the phone, Tesco agreed to offer me a 20 pound voucher to make it up, which I thought was the least they could do.

                  THE GROCERIES - ARE THEY ANY GOOD?
                  Generally, I find that the produce that they send to my doorstep fresher than what I can get at the local Tesco itself. I'm not sure why - perhaps it's because my nearest Tesco is quite small so the turn over isn't that fast. The meats don't look foul, and the vegetables look fine, and the fruits!! Somehow the loose fruits just look so much better and bigger than the ones instore. I am SUCH a convert! And if you don't like what you get, you can always reject the product and get a refund. No worries about that.

                  What I really like about online grocery shopping too is that you get a FULL variety of all the items at the store has to offer - not just what your local neighbourhood one can offer. Tesco has an amazing variety online that not only includes their counter meats, delicassen and olives, but also oriental produces (basmatic rice, Asian sauces and given - Garden wafer biscuits [these are imported from Hong Kong!]). OF course, that also means that you can make use of all the offers that they have, which I think is such a money saver. The offers generally 'restart' and change every Monday (and end on Sunday) - so if the item you want for that week isn't on offer yet, wait till the next! It might just be!

                  One big problem that I have with Tesco is when the items I want aren't available. When you get your order, please be sure you check through your list (especially the box about substitutions and unavailable items) before accepting the items. Because if the items aren't available, two occasions can potentially arise - one, they substitute you with another product, and two, they simply don't send you anything. The first occasion isn't too bad - I've gotten my ice cream substituted with another flavour, or Asian vegetables substituted for another Asian vegetables. In general the substitutions aren't too drastic, and you can always reject items. The second is when the items don't arrive! I've had three groceries in a row when Tesco was unable to deliver chicken breast - I think that's crazy! Apparently the driver says Tesco tends to run out of some common items that are on offer, so it's better to order a delivery in earlier like in the morning.. I haven't tried that yet, but you might want to try that if some of your items are perpetually not being delivered.

                  Another problem is that sometimes Tesco misses out items on your order, but it's still on your receipts. For such items, fret not. All you need to do is to call Tesco Customer Service and they are usually quite receptive and prompt in refunding you for the missing items.. which I think is a good thing!

                  AND WHY TESCO?
                  As you have figured out from my review I am quite pro-Tesco. The service that I've had has been above average, and most importantly, Tesco generally has really good, competitive prices for your daily items and food needs. There are always new offers coming up, PLUS they always have Clubcard vouchers, as well as some promo codes that comes in a Tesco magazine. They also often have loyalty promotions such as get two groceries delivered above 40 pounds and get 20 pounds off your next delivery - so be sure to watch out for these because they can really help you save quite a bit of money! In my opinion, I think that Tesco generally does a lot more promotions and offers compared to Sainsbury, which is why I decided to stick with Tesco.

                  YES, definitely, especially if you enjoy food shopping, bargain hunting, and don't have a large supermarket to fulfil your groceries needs nearby.


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                  22.07.2012 22:00
                  Very helpful



                  My experience is of an easy to use service with a no quibble approach to customer service

                  I use tesco.com for grocery shopping for the majority of my shopping.

                  Ease of Use
                  The online supermarket is very easy to use. There are three main methods I use to access what I want. Firstly favourites which will show up the things you have bought previously so allowing an easy click to buy your regulars. Next I always go to offers by department and then build my weekly menu around the fruit and veg and meat on offer. Finally I use the multi search to get the last few things. Overall I think my shopping takes less than half an hour, which includes menu planning and can be done at any time of day.

                  It's also great for self-catering holidays as you can order your food to be delivered to your accommodation. For school holiday times this often needs to be booked well in advance. The good thing is that you can amend your order up until the night before so a short order at the time of booking is all you need.

                  Timing of Deliveries
                  Delivery slots are every two hours and are available every day. For my local store you can usually get one for the next day except at holiday times. Your final delivery time is then reduced to an hour by text message the morning of delivery. My experience is that they are very reliable with the delivery slots and will let you know of any changes or delays.

                  Quality of Deliveries
                  On the whole the food delivered is of the same quality and use by date that I would pick myself. Where food is short dated this is usually highlighted and option of return is available. I always request green bananas and have always received this. I have experienced very few alternative items but those I did I was happy with.

                  Dealing with Issues
                  I have always found the staff very helpful with dealing with any issues I may have. Any items I wished to return have been returned no questions asked with refund coming through quickly. If something is damaged but still partly useable, the local policy is to refund but let me keep it .

                  I would strongly recommend using Tesco.com for your grocery shopping. The benefits it time and money saving outweight the cost of the delivery and where the shopping is not to a quality you would pick, you can return it.


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                  09.02.2012 00:09



                  Worth doing if you dont have a car

                  I am a huge fan of shopping for food online, it saves time and since I dont have a car it is a lot easier to get a big shop delivered.

                  I always buy online at tescos as they turn up on time, they are very careful delivering the products and if they do get something wrong then they are very happy to refund it.

                  The website itself is very easy to use, if you are going to buy a lot from tescos then I would recommend signing up for a tesco clubcard. You will earn points on everything you buy and can then use the points towards vouchers or your shopping. Link your reward card to your tesco online account.

                  I love the recipe section of the website as it lists ingredients that you can buy in your shop. I like to try out new meals so this is a quick way of finding ideas.

                  You can also buy furniture, electronics and home products from the tesco online store. It has to be delivered seperately from your food order.

                  Food delivery costs between £3.50 and £6.50 depending on when you get it delivered. Daytimes are cheaper or late at night. The delivery man is happy to bring your boxes inside and then wait whist you unpack them to take the boxes back. Remember you get extra points if you order your food without bags.


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                  28.01.2012 10:57
                  Very helpful



                  Poor customer service a real let down

                  I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and decided to use Tesco.com for the first time. The ordering online was easy and free from the temptation of smells and treats so the saving I made was great. Sad to say that is where the positives finish.

                  I had a delivery slot for 10 -12, I had an emergency appointment with my midwife and admittedly was home late at 10.12am. I found the card that the driver had been at 10.02 and rang tesco strate away. The lady on the telephone said she would phone the driver to come back as he couldnt be far from my home and she would call me back. I was really pleased how helpful the lady had been but after 3 hours I recieved no call back and rang again to see what was happening. It was then that I was shouted at and told I wouldnt get my shopping til the next day.

                  I sent my partner to tesco to grab something for tea when he came home he told me how the shelves had been filled with out of date bread and that when he asked if he could have an in date loaf he was told "i'll reduce it" So then turning to homebake rolls as an alternative he arrived home with the rolls date marked 22/2/12 only to find them covered in mold and the crisps that had been marked as on offer £2.00 for 18 bags was charged £4.82 for.

                  This morning I recieved a phone call from tesco to tell me that the payment for my shopping wouldnt go through and my card had been declined, I jumped onto my banking website and there infront of me it said the payment had already been taken 3 days before.

                  To be honest Tesco customer service to me has gone down hill drastically, staff have been rude, I had a cage barged into my stomach two weeks ago, managers holding meetings in the middle of aisles and looking at you like dirt when you ask to get by. My mother was a tesco employee many many years ago and the customer service course she had to undertake was unbelievable. I think they need to look back and prehaps bring back some old policies.

                  I will be trying Asda online for my next shop and will refer tesco to the NHS as an alternative to labour enduction!!


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                  03.01.2012 18:42
                  Very helpful



                  Great home delivery service - would recommend to anyone.


                  --Online Grocery Shopping--

                  I was delighted when our local rural Tesco began doing home deliveries many years ago.
                  Being ill and weak it was a godsend for our family - and the cost of the delivery is definitely more than worth it.


                  The website is easy to navigate. The first time you do an on line order it might take you longer - but once an order is 'saved' on the website you can refer back to it again - as most of us tend to buy lots of the same things each week.

                  --Easy of Use--

                  Very easy to search and add items to your virtual shopping basket - you then book a delivery slot and check out and pay. However you have the facility of going back and either adding or removing items from our basket up to the early hours on the day of delivery - you will be notified of the cut-off time - just remember to check out properly or your amendments won't be saved - but you do get a reminder on the site.

                  --Booking Deliveries--

                  There is selection of two hour delivery slots from 8am to 11pm (10pm on the weekend). You just pick the day and time of your choice - if available. The drivers are very good and if running late will ring on my mobile to let me know, but this hasn't happened very often.
                  You can also go to the website and change your delivery slot if need be.

                  --Updating Your Shopping--

                  Once you decide on a day and time it is easy to do your shopping list - the website shows the offers available instore as well and you get a running total of your shopping - so you ensure you do not overspend - which is all too easy to do in the supermarket itself.

                  --List of 'Favourites--

                  Over time all the items you have bought will be included on a list of 'favourites' -which you can quickly search - rather than doing through the whole website.

                  --Keep Track of Your Spending--

                  Your current shopping list will show a running total f what you are ordering so it is easy to keep within your budget.

                  --Previous Orders--

                  If you have done a previous order you can go into 'my orders' and use that as a basic list.


                  £3 - £6 delivery charge.
                  Delivery slots vary according to the day of the week - with mid afternoon on a Wednesday being £3 to and most of the weekend being £6.


                  The van should come within the designated 2 hour slot - the driver will put the shopping where you want it - some empty the green crates by the front door - with us he puts the crates on our kitchen table for us to empty.
                  Chilled and frozen items are both packed separately.


                  There will be a box to tick if you wish to have an alternative product if any item is out of stock. I always ask for an alternative of everything as living in the wilds its always better to have something.
                  The alternatives, if you get any, will come in a blue bag as opposed to the normal white ones and will be price matched to what you ordered - you have the option of keeping the items or returning them for a refund. So you might get lucky and have premium items in exchange for out of stock value ones.

                  --Returning Items--

                  Any item ordered can be given back to the driver for a refund if you have changed your mind or the size in wrong etc.

                  --Plastic Bags--

                  You get the option of having our shopping either with plastic bags or loose in the green crates they use for delivery.
                  If you opt to have it delivered in bags they can be returned to the driver for recycling.
                  In Wales now we have to pay a flat fee if we wish to have the plastic bags.


                  You get given a printout list of items and cost when you have your delivery and you sign for receipt.
                  If, after the driver has gone, you find items missing or out of date - just ring the number on the invoice and they will immediately refund the amount to your card.


                  Being ill I cannot recommend this service highly enough.
                  I find it a great service - I try and order midweek to have cheaper delivery and do not order each week - only when I need stuff - so I try and push orders up to two weeks apart.
                  I have had no major problems and have recommended hem to many people - it is a doddle to order once you have done the first order and I have done it in under 10 minutes - though usually I like searching for bargains.

                  --Would I Recommend?--

                  Yes - and I have recommended this service to many of my friends. For the small delivery charge cost it is definitely worthwhile as it saves a long drive (22 miles is closed store) plus all the loading and unloading that shopping involves.
                  Plus you can amend your shopping on line if you find that the total is too expensive - rather than having a shock at the store checkout!

                  ---Star Rating---

                  5 stars as I cannot fault the product.


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