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Online Shop / Category: Jewellery & Watches

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2009 17:09
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      An online store where you can buy Thomas Sabo jewellery.

      As Christmas is fast approaching and many people are wondering what to buy their family and friends I've decided to help you out. Sadly I'm not going to suggest a present that you can buy for absolutely everyone as I'm not sure your Grandad would appreciate one. However if you've got a female to buy for who is aged anything from a teenager to middle aged then I might have just the thing you're looking for. Last Christmas the craze among many of my friends seemed to be Pandora bracelets, everybody wanted one and now it seems everybody has got one! However do not fear as there seems to be a new craze rippling through my friends and most of the girls I know this year and it's an equally expensive one really, Thomas Sabo bracelets.

      Thomas Sabo is a actually the name of the founder of the brand, in 1984 Thomas Sabo himself set up his own jewellery company in Bavaria and gave the enterprise his name. His idea was to produce high quality silver jewellery with a special design quality that made it different somehow. Since then the Thomas Sabo brand has grown and grown with many outlets being set up during the 1990s, Following this many jewellers and larger stores bought into the brand and you can now find many places including the Thomas Sabo shops throughout the UK stocking it. It's now an internationally recognised brand and sells everything from bracelets to necklaces to rings to watches. The current growing craze is Thomas Sabo's range of charm bracelets.

      As I've already mentioned there are numerous stockists throughout the UK selling Thomas Sabo's range of products, however possibly the easiest way to shop is using their online site. The homepage to the Thomas Sabo online shop has a black background and features a large picture in the centre which changes every few seconds; pictures include a charm bracelet, a watch, etc. all done to advertise their goods. Along the top of the page is a small menu which will enable you to navigate around the site. Overall the homepage is quite bare but it's really effective, it gives off an air of exclusivity and expense while still advertising its products in a good way. There are ten options running along the menu on the top of the page and these are the easiest way to navigate.

      The first option is the most important and is entitled "Online Shop," by clicking on this one a new window will open for you. You'll be asked to select your country or login depending on whether or not you're a previous customer. From here you'll be taken to the main shopping page which again has a black background, currently decorated with silver stars for Christmas I presume. There are three categories you can choose to shop in listed along the top of the page and these are "Sterling Silver," "Charm Club" and "Watches." Alternatively you can also shop using the search facility on the right hand side of the page which contains three drop down menus, "Jewellery Type," "Colour" and "Target Group." Lastly there is also a search box below this as well.

      Shopping By Categories

      If you choose to shop by categories, which I'd recommend if you've never used the site before, you simply need to click on whichever one you want along the top of the page. You will then be taken to a new page advertising some of the products within that category along with a menu on the left hand side showing the sub sections of that category. Once you've made your selection you'll be taken to a further page where you can view all the products within that category. Products are showcased by a small picture, the product code, the product category and the price. For further information you can click on one of these to be presented with a larger picture, a much more detailed description and all the different sizes the product comes in too.

      Shopping By Searching

      There are two main ways to search, firstly you can select an answer in each of the drop down search boxes or you can choose to type whatever it is you're looking for directly into the search box. The first requires you to select the type of jewellery you're looking for (bracelet, pendant, ring, etc), then to select the colour and finally the target group (women, men or children). Once you've made your selection you'll be taken to a further page where you can view the results in the same format as above. The final search option is to search directly by entering words into the search box. I never really use this option and when I did today I tried to search for "ring" and was presented with a range of watches to choose from. Not sure how that works really!


      Once you've found something you want to buy you need to click on the "in my basket" button which will put the item into your basket. You're then given the option to continue shopping or to go and look at your basket. Once you're ready to pay you need to go to your basket which can be accessed from any page on the site. You'll be shown the items in your basket and informed that postage is free for orders over £40, if you spend less than this you will be charged £5.90 which is an extortionate amount to pay for postage so I always tend to spend over £40, it's quite hard not to really! You'll then need to register on the site; this takes a couple of minutes and requires you to enter the standard information such as email, name, delivery address, etc.

      Obviously if you've shopped on the site before you can simply login to your account and be taken directly to the payment page. You'll be asked to confirm the amount again and then to enter your payment details. The site accepts all the usual cards in terms of payment methods. The whole purchasing process is quite straightforward, once you've found what you want to buy the whole payment process takes about five to ten minutes so it's really not a lengthy one. When I bought some charms from the site a couple of weeks ago I placed my order on a Saturday, received a confirmation email immediately and received the charms by recorded delivery on the Thursday so you can expect to wait four to five working days in terms of the delivery time here.

      My Opinion

      Thomas Sabo has some really beautiful products that make excellent presents and the site is an excellent place to shop if you haven't got a retail unit nearby. I don't know any of my friends who wouldn't be pleased to receive a gift from here this Christmas. I've got two different bracelets from Thomas Sabo and am eyeing up one of the pendant necklaces while writing this review... hint hint Santa! The only downside really is that products aren't overly cheap. You can expect to pay anything from £50 to £300 for a ring, anything from £16 to £200 for a charm and anything from £150 to £800 for a watch. The only thing I will say is that the products are beautifully designed with a lot of intricate detail and I've never had any concerns with the quality.

      I've used the site a few times for browsing and also twice for actually purchasing off and I've never had any problems at all. It's really easy to navigate the site and fast to load. The only thing I did notice today is that about a quarter of the different products I looked at were currently out of stock, possibly because it's Christmas and they're quite busy. However this is the same with anything that's popular at Christmas time really. It's still not too late to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery so if you're still stuck for a present for a loved one then I'd suggest checking Thomas Sabo out. I don't think you could go wrong with one of their various charm bracelets for Christmas for your girlfriend or wife. I should really be asking for commission!

      Thanks for reading.


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