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Wiggly Wigglers / Garden Supplies

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2013 10:25
      Very helpful



      All round great company, would recommend to anyone

      Wiggly Wigglers was founded by Heather and she and her husband Phil run the business with a small team of people, from the farm buildings at Lower Blakemere Farm in Herefordshire.

      They produce some of their goods themselves such as the birdseed and the composting bokashi which are grown on the farm under the watchful eye of Farmer Phil.

      The philosophy seems to be about helping you live the Good Life, whether it's starting to compost your waste, planting native flowers or encouraging birds into the garden. All of these things help on a grander scale with keeping our environment diverse and protected.

      There is a lovely range of products from Wiggly Wigglers falling under the main categories of composting, wormeries, wildlife garden, native plants, birdfood, bird care, florist and goat-socks and more.

      Their collection of goodies is pretty wide with great options of different bird seeders, feeders, composters, and absolutely beautiful native wild flowers great for encouraging butterflies and bees into your garden.

      What I love about this shop is that the products are very special and because they are either grown on the farm or sourced from good quality suppliers, they are better than a lot of the mass-produced, cheap items that other companies sell. In fact most of the products I see in other gardening catalogues all look the same as each other, whereas Wiggly's seem to offer something more.

      Prices are a little higher than you may find in the "bargain" shops however in the end the price reflects the care and quality of the items and Wiggly Wigglers uses and tests most of their products rather than just being the retailer, passing through merchandise they barely know and gets recommendations for their customers so unless they or their customers love it, it doesn't get sold.

      [Packaging & the Environment]
      I have seen a number of companies boasting their "green policies" however amidst the jargon and business-speak, it always sounds like very little is actually done in the name of good environmental practice. Not so with Wigglys.

      Their Green strategy is very basic. Items they sell allow customers to have a positive impact on their homes and gardens and they themselves keep the environmental impact on their farm, to a minimum.

      Just some of their policy includes:

      "buying from other farmers to encourage diversity; shredding our cardboard waste to pack parcels in; composting our food waste; being reasonably self-sufficient in eggs, pork, beef, veggies and fruit. On the other hand, we make our own judgements, just as you do. We are not perfect, far from it, but we aim to be as green as we practically can be and we're always looking for improvements." ~ Wiggly Wigglers website

      Their packaging is great, even the bird seed sacks are strong paper stitched with thread rather than wrapped in hard-to-recycle plastic. Labels on products are all card tied on with twine etc. There is barely anything from their packaging that needs to be thrown into the rubbish bin.

      The delivery is great, though I did have a few problems with the delivery early on however this was with the courier service and NOT Wiggly Wigglers themselves. They had the item dispatched quickly (turnaround is just a few days!) however the courier delivered the boxes, left it round the back (you can specify where they can leave it) but failed to put a card through my door so I was unaware it was hidden around the back of the house and was eventually rained on.

      I informed Wiggly Wigglers who replaced the items that had been damaged and spoke to the courier company. Since that time, the couriers have always put cards through the door. Other than that the delivery is good, items are left safely in the location required and never just dumped or thrown.

      EDIT: When I originally wrote this article, I stated the standard delivery was just £1.95. However Wigglywigglers have just changed that to FREE standard delivery. Brilliant!

      I am a real stickler for a good, clear website. An online shop can lose my business if I get easily frustrated with a badly laid out and overly busy website. However I find Wiggly Wigglers website to be clear, concise and easy to navigate.

      The products are categories well, with quick links at the top. There is a search bar which works well. The main page comes up with offers and/or highlighted products.

      Photographs are clear and detailed and on some products there are several shots to give a full view of the items. The different options available such as bird seed in different sizes are all listed together so you can see the price differences at a glance and any offer say buy 2 get 1 free are also noted on the actual price area.

      There is a review option under each product for customers to leave comments and ratings on their purchases, this is great and you find that most comments are very concise and help to give you an overall view especially on products you have not bought before.

      There is the option for Quick Checkout that remembers your details when you sign in which makes it a very fast, smooth process or if you want to type in your details each time or use a different payment method you can opt for the normal checkout.

      At the very bottom of the website there are some extra pages covering why you should buy from Wigglys, meet the team etc which adds a nice flavour to the website and makes it a little more friendly, and personal.

      They do also produce an A5 catalogue that is bristling with colour photos and details and allows for a nice leisurely browse if you prefer paper to computer screen. There are often little tips and tidbits of information included as well.

      [Lower Blakemere Farm]
      You can actually visit the farm and there are often demonstrations going on and a lovely wildlife garden that has been set up which is a great treat to see.

      [Customer Services]
      The people they have running the phones are great and really know their stuff, any questions and queries are answered promptly and with good all-round knowledge.

      I also once emailed regarding the location of a bird house and I got a lovely detailed email from Farmer Phil stating where to put it and how to mount it.

      [Personal Experience]
      I have been a customer of Wiggly Wigglers for years and have bought everything from Wormeries (I have two Can-o-Worms, I love them and I've already reviewed them if you want to check them out) to native flowers for the garden, to bird seeds and goat socks. I also loved their Mystery Parcels which is just a box of goodies worth a specific amount (but you get it cheaper) and you have no idea what's in it (very addictive, as it's a great surprise and I've always loved everything inside)

      All the products I've purchased are high quality and not one of the plants I've bought has wilted or died, in fact they have all reseeded year after year and I have a lovely wildlife area in my garden now.

      To top it all off the birds that visit my garden now almost refuse to eat any birdseed other than the mixes I get from Wigglys. I have bought quick bags from Pets at Home or the supermarket, but there are always loads left. Put out some of the Wiggly Mixed Seed and the garden is teeming!

      Friends who have received presents of items from Wiggly Wigglers all end up going back to the Website themselves.

      The only thing I think I haven't bought are the cut flowers from the Wiggly florist but that's because I'm not a fan of cut flowers, but they do look gorgeous and friends who have bought them say they beat many of the bunches they get from a regular florist.

      Their returns policy is good, clear concise and covers a range of situations, including if the plants or cut flowers look poorly. I have so far never needed to return anything but they seem to be quite easy to return goods to.

      Additionally they have a newsletter, with special subscriber offers that pop up very often. There are also podcasts by Heather than have been running from 2005 and are brilliant to listen to. They offer gift vouchers and are on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

      I cannot recommend this shop highly enough, check it out you will not be disappointed.



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