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  • New products on the market
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    9 Reviews
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      26.05.2015 19:47


      • "Nice packaging"


      • "Plan to bin most "
      • "Inappropriate products"
      • "Incomplete box"
      • "Cheap products"

      Cheap products which aren't appropriate & I won't use.

      Don't waste your money! I am soooo disappointed. The packaging is great, the products (May 2015) are awful. I'm 41 & got sent a bright blue eye pencil & a broken pale pink lipstick. 16 year old me would have loved them. The rest of the kit is little better. What a shame, it could have been a great subscription. I have tried to cancel my subscription but apparently can't, I have to pay for a second box. My first box arrived today but I was too late to cancel my subscription!


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      29.03.2015 15:06
      Very helpful



      Good value but need to up their customer service game

      I love buying beauty treats and Glossy Box was the very first beauty subscription service that I signed up to and I received the boxes for three years until taking a break recently. The reason I took a break was that the items were getting a bit repetitive (certainly by brand) in the boxes but I still enjoyed getting them so would consider it again in the future.

      What is it?

      Glossy box is a lovely pink glossy box that lands each month when you pay for a subscription. Inside is five beauty products from samples to full size for you to enjoy and discover new products without spending a lot.

      First impressions

      The box is beautifully presented with a ribbon and tissue paper inside and black shreddings to protect the contents. You used to get a card telling you about each item and its price but I believe this has moved online in the name of the company being green (and saving themselves a lot of money!).

      What do you get?

      Five beauty products from skincare, makeup, accessories and nail polish, it really can be anything. I collected a lot of false eyelashes and nail polishes in colours I would never use thanks to GB! Sometimes the brands are high end but sometimes they were cheaper products and not everyone gets the same stuff which caused problems when some boxes were more valuable than others but the beauty bloggers always seemed to get the best boxes to shout about!


      The box is £10 a month and around £3 for postage. I think this is a fair price for what you get. If you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription (pay up front) you get the box a little cheaper.


      You get glossy dots (points) for filling in surveys and referring friends. You can then redeem a free box with the points but confusingly you must have an active subscription to redeem the free box. I ended up with two of the same box thanks to this confusion. They have reduced the survey points drastically last year which caused a lot of upset.

      Customer services

      Beware when you want to cancel you have to do it before a certain date in the month (24th springs to mind?) but most of the time you will end up buying one more box than you meant to thanks to the new rules. They never answer their phone, the answerphone is always full and their response to emails is also poor so often any grievance or question has to be asked via facebook which is not great service in my opinion.

      Final word

      I may return to GB in the future but they need to do better for customers first I think. But they do provide a fun service for beauty fans to get a few surprises in the post for a small spend.


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      03.11.2014 22:09
      Very helpful


      • "Full size products"
      • "New products on the market"
      • "Testing new products"



      I started subscribing to Glossybox after seeing quite a few advertisements two years ago and it intrigued me that you could have a box of delights sent every month to sample new products selected by people in the know.
      From fashion designers favourite picks, to celebrity must have's or from beauticians that work in the industry you can expect something different in each box, something selected you might have not felt you needed to in the past and you might be introduced to a few hidden treasures and switch from the mainstream brands, the box has that much power!

      5 beauty products from sample size to [only recently] one or two full sized products.
      Some boxes are selected by celebrities or fashion designers.
      Try new products that you might not have heard of yet.
      Review the products and earn 'Glossydots' that add up to earning a free box!
      Lots of Competitions
      Buy limited edition boxes.
      Wedding sample boxes are available every few months to help the blushing bride make up her mind.
      Royal Mail delivered.
      Choose from three/ four different subscription packages.
      Online magazine
      Tips and Tricks
      A profile to answer that will help them select the right product for you.
      Connect with other 'Glossydotters' out there.
      Interviews with top makeup artists.
      They now do 'Glossyboxes' for teens.

      This has only happened in the last year, so its all still new. I was just about to unsubscribe when they turned things around.

      They really have upped their game in the last six months. Sending out surveys and actually catering the service for it's users. I feel like a valued customer. I am realistic that I am only spending £10 for this box +pp, but I feel it's more than worth it, sometimes.
      I have found new products I wouldn't even have looked at before, for example,
      I would never be without my eyebrow pencil, but they introduced a brow mascara that I can't really do without now:)
      NUXE SKINCARE- is just amazing. The results are so good I didn't want to ruin it with makeup and the comments were great.
      PERFUME VIALS- I personally have an issue with simply because you can get the size they send you, you can easily get in a perfume store, department store.
      They send to many eyeliners bless them.
      The nail varnish's, seem to be the same brand 'CIATE' despite saying how much the brand chips to easily.

      They now use Royal Mail despite the extra money of the post it much better to know it's being delivered well and if you're not in, to arrange another pick up time.
      I really am impressed in the last few months how they have reacted very quick to the complaints and dealt with them and look forward to staying with this company.

      I have only one real gripe and that's the customer services. Only once or twice the surveys were not loaded, when I emailed it was not a friendly response but the email was written in a more hostile/ your wasting my time mail, but saying that you really won't be contacting the customer service team that often. Those have been, so far, my only attempts.


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      17.11.2012 01:08
      Very helpful



      A little present every month

      I've been a Glossybox member since February, so I think by now I should be more than qualified to write a review about this company!

      Glossybox are a company that you need to subscribe to, at least on a monthly basis. The site claims that in return it will send you five luxury cosmetic samples for a cost of £10. In reality, this is £12.95 which includes the delivery charge. The website will give you any information you need - www.glossybox.co.uk - personally I think the website is extremely easy to navigate and very simplistic in its design, but it doesn't give much away with regards to the boxes and the products, which is where I come in!

      I receive my box usually around the 15th of the month, give or take a day or two, after the payment has been taken out of my account on the 10th. I always receive an email beforehand, so I can make sure there is money in the account, change my payment method or even cancel the subscription if I want. It is always delivered by my personal courier from Hermes ( which also happens to be the lady who delivers any Next, Wallis, Dorothy Perkins or Debenhams parcels. (In other words - the whole parcel delivery system is contracted out so it depends on your delivery person.) The parcel contains a thick cardboard box covered in the Glossybox logo which when opened reveals another box! A baby pink one, of which the lid can be lifted off, inside is a pale pink ribbon tied over a sheaf of black paper, stuck together with a little Glossybox sticker. When opened it reveals some shredded black paper, upon which are nestled (at least) five sweet samples! Very glamorous!

      This month (Nov 12) I received: A 13g sample tube of Dermologica Daily Microfoliant, a 50ml pump tube of Alison Claire Remarkable Mango Body Butter, a 4.5ml decorative bottle of Burbberry Body fragrance, a 4ml sample of WEI Royal Ming firming and hydrating cream and a 4 ml Nails Inc bottle of nail varnish.

      This isn't to say that you will receive the exact same products as me, when you join Glossybox you are expected to fill out a survey, which will let them know about your skin type/colour and your preferences. I will admit that I have received a few samples, thinking - yuk, not my colour! But as they go on the information given as well as the products provided by the manufacturer, I suppose there has to be a fine line for error.

      Also, when you receive your box, inside will be a card, listing the items you have been given with their full size prices and also any discount codes for money off full size products or vouchers for bonus products which is an extra bonus.

      So, how to pay:

      I pay through Paypal, I didn't know any other Glossybox subscribers at the time, so this seemed like the safest option, but you can also pay by entering your card details direct onto the website. Money saving options are available, you can pay for a 3 month sub,at £27 upfront which saves you £3, or 6 months at £50, which saves £10 or 12 months at £100 which saves £20.

      Another way to save some money is by completing the monthly surveys. These are about the products you receive in each box and take just a few seconds for each product. For adequately completing the required surveys, you will earn 50 points (Glossydots) per product. When you have earnt 1000 points you can redeem them against the next months box, so in effect you actually get it free! (I do love a bargain!) This can all be done easily enough from the website. Also, you can purchase extra boxes for family/ friends if you have particularly enjoyed a box or thought there might be products in there that are of interest to a loved one.

      So is it worth it?

      Well, my personal opinion is a definite YES!. I have tested expensive brands I didn't have a bat in hells chance before my subscription, Dermologica, Burberry, Rodial etc. Also, I have stumbled across some complete gems, for example the BM Beauty bronzer, H D Brows and the Vichy Idealia day cream. Also some of the boxes have held some lovely extras like the Glossybox compact mirror, lipstick and brusher brush not to mention the money off vouchers included. Some of the 'samples' have turned out to be full sized (Broadway Nails, HD Brows, Burts Bees Hand Cream, Yves Rocher, Sally Hansen Nails, Lipcoat) and to be honest some have completely warned me off the product - a spanish eyeshadow palette. I can't remember the brand but it was so awful I had to bin it!

      But what I like most is the little bit of joy I get, knowing that for only £12.95 I get a cute box with at least five samples sent to me in the post. I LOVE trying new products, or even current cosmetics that I may not have seen before. I like the money off vouchers and I really enjoy writing reviews on the products I have received. I even enjoy recycling the empty boxes for gift boxes as they are so nice!

      I can't cover my subscription without covering any problems I have experienced. There was a bit of a 'blip' a couple of months a go, when some peoples (including mine) were delivered rather late, in fact I received my September box on the 2nd of October. There were so many people complaining on Facebook, I was slightly worried that I might not get my box at all, but when it did arrive, I was just as pleased as ever with the contents. I understand that other subscribers were not pleased with the selection, but I must say, that I thought that in my opinion, Glossybox had been let down by their delivery service and in defence of Glossybox, they didn't lay blame anywhere, infact a few days later I received an email to apologise and to assure me that they would be taking on extra staff to deal with enquiries and hopefully ensure the problem would not arise again. I still think that they provide a great service and value for money. I love (as a part time working mum of three) that the products are delivered to my door.

      If you are interested in joining/ finding out more, let me know & I'll send you a link x


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        16.11.2012 00:51
        Very helpful



        I'm in two minds about this product.

        The summer before last my friend told me about some new 'beauty boxes' that were just starting up. The two she mentioned were glossy box and boudoir prive (now jolie box). After she explained the concept and I had a look at the two sites I decided to sign up for glossy box and see what all the fuss was about.

        Basically the deal is you pay £10 per box, plus £2.95 for postage, and you get a box with 5-6 luxury or high brand products. You almost always get something full size though this isn't guaranteed and everything else is usually a sample size (though these can vary from sachets to miniatures). Essentially it is a bit of a lottery because some months you'll get a whole selection of great things and other months it can be a complete let down.

        Initially I signed up on a rolling monthly payment but after a couple of months I cancelled. More recently I was thinking of rejoining and decided to see if I could get cashback through a site I use. I discovered that they offer £10 cashback if you subscribed for 6 months, and inclusive in this deal was free postage for those 6 months. So all in all for this subscription I paid £50 for 6 boxes which seemed like a great deal to me.

        My experience first time round was mixed. The boxes arrived promptly and because the brand was just starting out you found some real gems in them. It was also really exciting because it was something new and really I had no expectations. There were a few duds in a couple of my first boxes but overall I was pretty happy with everything. I ended up cancelling because it was becoming expensive on top of phone bill and gym membership. A high point for me was receiving a dermatalogica set and the hd brows kit, both of which I have reviewed on here and have since repurchased.

        My second experience has once again been a mixed bag. I'm happier this time in terms of the amount I've paid. I've saved on the postage costs which gives me peace of mind and I've also managed to scrimp some cash back in the process. This is definitely the route I would go down again, though obviously you do tie yourself in to 6 months. You can opt for shorter periods like 3 months but I believe you only get half the amount of cash back.

        In terms of product I do have a few complaints. First of all this time round they had me fill in a beauty survey which I was very excited about as it meant they would tailor my order to my preferences. It meant I could opt out of hair and nail products and choose which shades of concealers and foundations I wanted. This was a really exciting and appealing new feature for me so I've been very disappointed that little of it has impacted what I've actually ended up receiving. I'm now on my fourth out of six boxes so I'll run you through each month and how I've felt about it.

        August: Was probably the worst month for me and glossy box had such a high volume of complaints on their facebook site that I can only assume everyone else felt the same. This was annoying because it was my first month back on subscription and none of the items seemed good, even the ones I didn't receive. I got: DHC deep cleansing oil for hair which made my hair disgustingly greasy and I've never used it since. Lipcote which I could pick up in any standard shop on the high street, not high end! Alessandro pro white nail formula which is basically a clear varnish that whitens your nails but it turned mine a horrible almost neon colour. Impress press on manicure which had such a hideous design I gave them to my sister who put them on ebay. Vera Valenti eye shadow palette which was so cheaply made it looked like something you'd pick up in a pound store. The only saving grace was a glossy box own brand lipstick which is absolutely lovely but it wasn't enough to cheer me up when all the other products were horrendous and few of them luxury. (Note that I also received nail and hair products despite my beauty preferences).

        September: Now, I had higher hopes for this one because it came in a beautifully designed Maggie Li box. The content, however, did not have me swooning like the box did. I got: balance me wonder eye cream which as far as I can tell does NOTHING. Lady Gaga perfume sample which I found overly sweet and insipid (also very small and perfume I had said I'd rather not receive in my beauty profile). Vichy facial moisturiser which was glorious and a decent sized sample. Maghrabian argan oil for hair (another hair product!) which I used once and left my hair greasy, horrible. Rodial sachets of snake serum and five minute facial which were nice but I think sachets are a rip off and it counted as two items. This box left me disappointed again but I guess that's the beauty box lottery.

        October: This box was better BUT I still had a few niggles. I got: Anatomicals scrub which is okay but honestly looks so cheap I can't believe they are packaging it as either high end or luxury - it only costs £3.49 to buy anyway. Skinetica anti-blemish solution which I haven't used because I'm not 15 with acne. Dermalogica 3 step kit which was a real plus for me because I love this brand but also a downer because they counted this as three items despite it being packaged as one. Yves Rocher lipstick which is absolutely lovely and in the exact shade I wanted - any other shade and I'd have been annoyed at receving two lipsticks within two months of each other.

        November: This months box and it is another mixed bag. I got: dermalogica daily microfoliant which I've heard amazing things about and am super excited to try. Alison Clare mango body butter which seems nice and is a decent sample size. Burberry perfume which despite being a sample is a nice size (even though I've said I don't want perfume). Ayuuri sandalwood face cream which again looks like something you'd pick up in a pound shop and retails at under £5 anyway so definitely isn't luxury. I also got a teeny tiny nails inc top coat which give that the picture shows three nail varnishes and also that the size is so small I think this is another cop out.

        So I have had a few good items (lipsticks and dermalogica stuff) which I will happily keep. I've also had some absolute rubbish that should never have been in the box in the first place. If they did two things to improve the product it would be these: stop sending single items and classing them as more than one thing and stop sending items that are quite clearly not luxury or high end. I also understand that a lot of other people have had duplicates which I haven't but if I had this would definitely annoy me.

        Overall, this is a scheme that inevitably doesn't really pay off. Would I be better saving my £50 and buying something really nice that I actually want? most definitely. Is it exciting though opening the box every month and even more so when you get something good? YES. So I guess part of what you pay for is the experience.


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          08.10.2012 11:25
          Very helpful



          If you are willing to take a gamble and love beauty products then this might be for you.


          Beauty boxes are the latest craze for all those obsessed with make up and smellies. Glossybox is just one of the brands which offer beauty box subscriptions. Glossybox claims to be a brand which offers high end premium products. Glossy box sends you a beauty box each month which contains a minimum of five luxury sized sample products. The products which you are going to receive are a surprise, so it is a gamble.

          Price and availability:

          Glossy box charges £12.95 per month including postage. Every now and then you can get vouchers for a couple of pounds off, but they are fairly rare. You can buy the boxes one at a time, or on a rolling subscription where you just cancel when you no longer want the item, or you can buy packages of months (3, 6 or 12). The only place you can purchase glossy boxes are direct from the Glossy box website (www.glossybox.co.uk).

          Actual box and contents:

          I have been a received about 6 glossy boxes now. I often cancel my subscription and rejoin as I get fed up with the contents and then feel lured in again! The contents have really varied in my opinion, but I think that is just the nature of it, as people have such different tastes and you cannot please everyone. My favourite products have been moroccan oil samples, venom lipgloss and blingtonez eyeshadow. Sometimes I will open a box and realise none of the products are any good for me, and other times I will open it and be really excited that there are things I would like to they, but not chose to buy, so this is my chance. I believe that is just the luck of the draw though, and you are not going to be pleased each and every time.


          If you want to purchase Glossy boxes, you have to be prepared to take the risk. You may get things you love and be pleasantly surprised, but you may get things you feel are not relevant to you. Each and every month will be totally different. Glossy box is my favourite one out of all the ones I have tried. The real bonus to Glossy boxes to me are that you get to try things you wouldn't otherwise try, because buying a full pot of something you don't know if you like can be such a waste of money. This is a great way to explore new beauty products. The fact that they are delivered straight to your door in the most gorgeous packaging is a real bonus.


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            17.08.2012 13:17
            Very helpful



            A great way to try niche products without spending a fortune.

            There are a few UK beauty boxes available, Glossybox is one of them. A beauty box usually involves a monthly subscription where you get sent a box with various brands of beauty products sent to your door every month. Glossybox usually sends 5-6 products in their boxes, and in my experience there's always at least 1 full sized product. I have been a member for 4 months now so I feel I am well enough equipped to write a review of the service and product offered.

            When you subscribe to Glossybox, which costs £10 + £2.95 p&p each month, you are prompted to fill out a beauty profile. The reason behind this is so that Glossybox staff can more accurately send a box to meet your needs. Questions range from your skin type to your preferences in fragrances, and even what type of products you are most interested in trying. I've found that occasionally products are tailored to your profile, which is great. For example I received shampoo for coloured hair, and my HD eyebrow palette was the appropriate shade for my hair colour.

            Glossybox now also do a men's box, rather than being monthly it is a quarterly box. This box has 7 luxury sized samples and costs £15 + £2.95 p&p. I think this would be a really nice, fairly inexpensive gift for a loved one, and the fact that it's an all year round present is fab. It's just a shame that my other half has absolutely no interest in male grooming products.

            The whole point of Glossybox is to try more niche brands, or perhaps more expensive brands that you'd rather try samples of before spending a lot of money on the full size product. It's also a great way to discover new brands. Rather than go through all of the products I've received I'm just going to tell you about my favourite and least favourite products so far.
            My top three:
            HD eye and brows Palette in Vamp (full size, RRP £18) to give my brows better definition and create a smoky eye look for a glam night out
            Jelly Pong Pong lip frosting in Irish Cream Pavlova (full size 15ml, RRP £10) for shimmery pink lips and can also be used as a cheek stain - yay for versatile products, plus it smells divine.
            Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp mascara (sample size 2.5ml, full size 9ml - RRP £16.90) for volume without clumping. Holds the curl well and isn't too heavy. Great big thick brush.

            My bottom three:
            Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush (full size, RRP £15 - bonus product) I'm glad this wasn't included as an actual separate item in a box as I'd have been really disappointed. Found that the hairs keep falling out. Wouldn't say this was a luxury product.
            MONU Golden Glow Self Tanner (sample size 30ml, full size 200ml - RRP £23) Nothing wrong with the product, and a decent sample size but I don't use self tanning products. Can be used on face and body. I'm sure it would please lots of other people.
            Vera Valenti Vera Valenti L'ombre à Paupière Margarita (full size, RRP £3.85) This is an eye shadow palette with green and brown shades. The case itself was plastic and cheap looking and the eye shadows were chalky and lacked pigmentation.

            For a better understanding of the types of products you can receive visit the Glossybox website where they list every box and what the potential products in each were. A lot of people complain about getting perfume samples in their Glossybox because it's easy enough to pick them up in a department store, but personally I like it. I love trying new perfumes but have no big department stores near to my home so it's a good way for me to try perfume without having to buy full sized bottles. I also enjoy getting perfumes in my box that I wouldn't otherwise have thought of trying - a particular favourite being Agent Provocateur's L'agent, which is a heady, sultry scent. Not up my street at all but I loved it.

            After subscribing to Glossybox you'll receive a box for that month soon after. For the subsequent months your payment comes out of your account at the start of the month, and your Glossybox is sent during the second half of the month. I have found that delivery dates are not consistent; I've received a Glossy box on the 15th of the month and another on the 27th. I always receive an email though when my box has been dispatched, and my box arrives 1-3 working days later. Although I have not tried to cancel my Glossybox the site states that it is an easy process and that Glossyboxes should be canceled 14 days prior to dispatch.

            For me the best thing about Glossybox is not knowing what little suprprises will be coming month to month. It's almost like I have a birthday every month (only it's my gift to me and everyone else has forgotten!) I love the anticipation of having to sign for my box all the while wishing the postman would hurry up and leave even though he's hell bent on having a bleather, getting it into my living room, calling on my boyfriend so he can be there when I open it and share in the excitement (he doesn't care really, but bless him he pretends), opening the box, the initial disappointment that it's not lived upto expectations and then the reality hits that actually these products are pretty good and I'll definitely make use of most of them.

            The value of what is in a Glossybox has always exceeded the £12.95 I've spent on the box. The risk of course is that you might not like any of the products, but I have yet to have this happen to me. The boxes themselves are a sturdy light pink with the black Glossybox logo on the lid. The products have always been packed well with masses of shredded black paper for cushioning! They are usually wrapped in black paper and tied with a light pink ribbon, though sometimes with themed boxes the colour of the box or the pattern on the paper changes. These boxes are great as extra storage, however they soon mount up and it could be seen as wasteful.

            Glossyboxes also come with a card telling you exactly what products you're getting this month. They usually have a theme such as Festival Glam or International Superstars. The card you receive gives you information on all the products and how much their full sized versions cost. It also gives lots of great discount codes and offers, should you want to go on and buy any of the products.

            Subscribers can also collect GlossyDots. You are emailed surveys for products (long) after you've received them, and for every short survey you do you got 20 GlossyDots. For every person that you refer to Glossybox you get 200 GlossyDots. After 1,000 GlossyDots you get that months box for free. Ok, so it could take a while, but it's totally worth it considering the surveys for feedback are really short and easy.

            All in all I really love Glossybox, and after researching other beauty boxes out there I've decided that this is the one most suited to me. I have been tempted to sign up for another box too, but I just can't find one that I feel will be as good as Glossybox is.

            I'd highly recommend it to those of you who like to treat yourself once in a while, especially if you like surprises!


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              16.08.2012 19:51
              Very helpful



              A fun way to try beauty products

              I had heard about Glossybox from bloggers for months before I bit the bullet and tried it. Glossybox is a beauty box subscription service, where 5 latest, high-end beauty product minatures are sent direct to your door to try. This idea has been running for years and Glossybox have subscription service in the US, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan and Europe. Glossybox UK costs £10 a month plus £2.95 delivery. There are various ways of subscribing, from a rolling monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time - a 3 month subscription, 6 months - where there is 1 box free, and 12 months where you receive 2 boxes free. I was lucky enough to sign up to a rolling subscription with a discount code from Paypal in which I got 30% off my first box. To date I have received 3 boxes, but now I have unsubscribed due to me moving and my uncertainty about having things delivered to my new apartment. I will go through all 3 of my boxes and my experiences of using this service.

              Signing up was simple; I received my discount code from Paypal which I entered on Glossybox's website at the checkout. Once I had signed up with my bank details, I immediately received an email confirming everything. After signing up you are taken to the account section where you can tailor the settings to your colouring and preferences - i.e coloured hair, oil skin etc. This section can help tailor the boxes to your requirements.

              As I signed up in the middle of the month, I had to wait around a fortnight until the June box was dispatched - these are usually in the last week of the month. After the first, sign up month, payment is taken at the beginning of the month, and Glossybox will give you around a weeks' notice of this via email. When the boxes are dispatched Glossybox also send an email out. With all 3 of my boxes I found that once the email about dispatch was sent, I received the box the next day via Hermes delivery. Once, I was at home when it was delivered and so I signed for the box, twice I wasn't, so it was left in a safe place. All in all, I found the communication from the company to be fine and I was well informed about payments and deliveries.


              When I received my very first box I remember thinking that it was smaller than I imagined. The outer packaging is a printed cardboard box which is slightly smaller than a shoe box. This is then opened to reveal the Glossybox. The actual box is a sturdy, pink box with Glossybox's emblem on the top. Inside it is black and pink with Glossybox's logo throughout. It really is a good quality, well-made box which can be used again for storage or for gifts. When you open the lid of the Glossbox, you are confronted with a beautifully wrapped package. All the products are contained within crimped paper which is wrapped in black crepe paper tied in a pink box. Placed on top is a card which details what is inside the box and additional information about each product. It looks stunning, and I can't bear to take the contents out of the box! All of the extras can be used again, and this would look lovely presented as a gift to someone special. Once unwrapped (carefully!) You are presented with your products.

              What did I receive?

              Some of the boxes have themes, box 2 (July) had a festival themes and 3 (August) has an International Superstars themes and samples some 'hero products' from around the globe.

              Box one: June
              Vichy Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Starter kit
              Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur fragrance samples x3
              BM Beauty Summer warmth bronzer
              Yves Rocher Sexy pulp mini mascara
              Glossybox Pro Beauty brush

              Box two: July: Festival essentials
              HD Brows Brow and Eye Palette
              Clynol Enrich colour shampoo
              Monu Golden Glow
              Jelly Pong Pong Lip frosting
              Elizabeth Arden Visibly different Skin balancing lotion

              Box three: August: International superstars
              Alessandro Pro White Nail polish
              DHC Deep cleansing oil
              All for eve Eve's balm
              Vera Valenti Eyeshadow palette
              Glossybox lipstick

              I was happy with my June and July boxes and I know others were too,particularly the HD brows set which retails at £18. Some of the products are from brands or are in colours you wouldn't normally buy, but you the get the opportunity to try them. If you like them, you can usually buy the full-sized product at a slightly discounted rate via Glossybox. The August box however, has had some stick on forums and blogs and I wasn't overstruck with some of the contents - but that is the nature of the scheme, some things are great some things are not to your taste. I have also read that Glossybox have not accounted for some peoples' preferences - but I did not experience any issue with this as the products I received were quite generic.

              As I stated I have ended my subscription recently, but may re-sub at some point in the near future once I know that delivery won't be an issue for me. Ending to the subscription was hassle-free; I went to my account page and just clicked the cancel button. I believe that this needs to be done 14 days prior to the next dispatch day; otherwise you will still be charged for that month's box.
              You can't always please everybody, but overall I have been satisfied with my experience of being a Glossybox subscriber. It was really exciting knowing it was on its way and I couldn't wait to open it! I would recommend Glossybox for people who love beauty, it is a great way of trying things out without buying a full-size. Not only do you receive the products, but the packaging can be used again too. The only downsize is the price and the fact that you may receive something you don't like. It is worth looking out for a discount code to help get money off a box.


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                23.05.2012 12:46
                Very helpful



                I will definitely continue subscribing to glossy box and I highly recommend glossy box!


                I have been subscribed to glossy box since January, therefore I have received four boxes (and an additional one I ordered which will be explained later on) and I have been really impressed with the products and the size of some of the samples. The concept of glossy box was first created in America, I believe, with birch box and now there are multiple beauty boxes such as this available in America, the UK and France too - I'm not sure about other countries.

                - What is glossy box?

                Glossy box is basically a monthly subscription in which you get a box of samples each month, usually about five to six beauty related samples. The samples can range from fragrance, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, body care and more. The boxes are made from strong cardboard and they are fantastic for storage on their own. I was initially a bit sceptical about these boxes as I didn't think that the samples would be good and I didn't think that the samples would be very big - but I was very wrong! I also thought that the boxes would not have samples from brands I know but again I was wrong as I have received sample products in the boxes from Caudalie (an amazing but expensive French skincare brand), Figs & Rouge, Duwop, Paul Mitchell, Murad, Eyeko, Clarins, Leighton deny, Bliss and Versace! There are a range of sample products that you could get each month and you cannot pick which ones you get so it is quite exciting when you open the box to see what you have received.

                Also as there is a range of products available for each box you may not get a sample you want or you may get an almost completely different selection of samples than someone else (for example, the large selection of products for the march Harrods edition box). Most of the samples in each box are sample size, such as 10/15/20/30 or 50ml, but some of them are full size products. For example, a full size Eyeko eyeliner, a full size Figs and Rouge lip balm and a full size 200ml coconut body wash was included in one of my glossy boxes. Also some of the products full size can be really expensive such as the Burberry lipstick, the bliss body butter, the amazing Caudalie sos serum and the Kai perfume oil but some of the samples are really cheap as well, such as the figs and rouge balm, the Dr Bronner magic liquid soap and the Eyeko eyeliner.

                - The glossy box website and subscribing/unsubscribing

                The glossy box website is really quite easy to navigate and it is really easy to subscribe to the monthly boxes - you can only get the monthly boxes as a subscription, you cannot just order a one off box or order a box as a gift for someone (as far as I am aware). The website has a lot of information about glossy box before you subscribe and it lists all of the brands that you may receive in your glossy box such as: YSL, Burberry Beauty, Bliss, Ciate, Burt's bees, Cargo, KMS California, L'Oreal Professional, Rituals, Stila, Xen-tan and many more! Subscribing was quick and easy and at some time during the subscription process you will be asked some multiple choice questions such as: what is your skin colour, skin type, do you prefer neutral make up or bright etc, which allow the samples you receive in your glossy box to be tailored to you. I find that this has worked for some of the boxes but in the recent box (April box) I received a bright blue eyeliner which I just wouldn't use.

                On the glossy box website there is a link to the glossy box blog and there is a sub heading on the website that shows you what products/samples where included in previous glossy boxes. I did have some doubts as to how easy it would be to unsubscribe but when the special edition Harrods box arrived I unsubscribed, then subscribed again to receive another glossy box Harrods edition - so that I could give one to my mum for mother's day. The unsubscribing process was so easy and quick and the re-subscribing was also easy and I didn't need to create a new account, I just re-subscribed using the same/original account. Overall, I love the concept of glossy box and I really like the website, I would rate the website and subscribing process: 4/5!

                - Packaging and the presentation of the boxes received

                The glossy box boxes are great and they come in a range of colour depending on: if that particular box is a limited edition, or if the box has a specific theme. For example, the one of the boxes had a Valentine's Day theme so the box was bright pink and there was a piece of rock (candy/sweet rock) included which was a nice added extra. The boxes themselves contain all of the samples you get and the boxes make fantastic storage containers too. For example, I use one of the boxes to store my nail polish in and the other three boxes I use to store my candles in. The boxes are of a really high quality and durable and when you receive them in the post (royal mail) they come in an additional cardboard box. When opened the actual glossy box will have a sheet of tissue paper uncasing the samples and there will be a sticker on and ribbon around the tissue paper inside the box.

                The presentation of the samples in the box and the attention to detailed makes this box of samples feel a lot more luxurious and expensive than it was, in my opinion. I also sometimes reuse the ribbons from the glossy box and use them on other peoples birthday presents. You also get a card which contains information about the samples included. For example, the card will list the price and full size amount of each product, a short description of each sample and underneath some of the sample descriptions there will be money off/coupon codes! So not only to you get a box of five or six assorted beauty samples but you also get a really high quality, cute storage box and some money off voucher codes. Overall, I love the presentation of the samples, the box and the money off coupons for some of the items is a great added bonus.

                - What I personally received in the boxes

                You receive a card in each box which tells you the products in that particular box and it also has a little bit more information on each product - as well as the full price. The card also has a description of the contents of the box on the card, for example, some of the boxes are limited edition/ themed so the theme of the box is described on the card.

                *January box*

                The January box was the first glossy box I received and I was really quite happy with the box. One of the reasons I was happy/impressed with the box is because a couple of the samples where from brands I knew such as Murad and Eyeko but there where products from brands I had not heard of before such as Davines and FAB. The product I was most impressed with and excited about was the Murad hybrid skin perfecting primer which was a fairly large sample as you only need a tiny amount of primer and it is an expensive brand too. I was also excited about the Eyeko skinny eyeliner that came in this box and I have been using this eyeliner almost every day since I received it as it is fantastic on the waterline for making my eyes look brighter, bigger and more awake. I was impressed with this box and I have used all of the products at some point in this box - for this reason I continued with the subscription.

                *February box*

                The February box was the fashion week edition according to my glossy box card for the February box. I did like this box but I was not very impressed at all with two of the products, namely the Paul Mitchell super relaxing balm which is supposed to be a hydrating hair treatment but it did nothing to my hair and it did not smell nice. The second product I was not very impressed with was the BM Beauty pure mineral loose eye shadow, firstly as I hate loose eye shadows/pigments/powders and secondly I didn't really like the colour I received. Although I did really like the Dr Bronner magic liquid soap (rose scent) as it smells amazing, it is a fantastic multipurpose soap and it is really cheap full size (£1.99). For example, it is a great hand soap, shower gel/body wash and make up brush cleanser! Another product that I really liked in this box was the Duwop venom gloss which did make my lips plumped but not overly so and it was not very painful at all. I was not as impressed with this box as I was with the first January box but I continued with the subscription.

                *March box*

                The March box was the one I was so excited about as glossy box had collaborated with Harrods to make a limited edition box which contained all samples of bestselling beauty products from Harrods! The box was white this time with a green ribbon on which 'Harrods' was printed so it looked really quite luxurious and expensive. The one thing about glossy box that I like but I don't like at the same time is the potential for getting products you don't want and for not getting product you did want. This was the case with a couple of the products in this box. I really wanted the mini Burberry lipstick (shade: rosewood) but I didn't get it but I did receive some other goodies (I bought the mini Burberry lipstick from eBay in the end). I really like four out of the five samples I received, the only sample I wasn't excited about was the revive moisturiser as I have sensitive skin. Although I really like the Leighton deny nail polish, bliss blood orange and white pepper body butter (which is amazing and smells divine) and the Versace vanitas Versace perfume sample - the perfume sample was quite big and the bottle of this perfume is just gorgeous! As this was a limited edition box and it was a collaboration with Harrods I cancelled my subscription and I re-subscribed so that I received another Harrods box so that I could give it to my mum as one of her mother's day presents and she really liked the samples she received. The cancelling and re-subscribing process was very quick and easy and I didn't need to create a new account.

                *April box*

                The April box is the most recent box, although the next box should be due very soon and this box is themed around organic and natural brands/products. I love four out of the five products in this box, the only product I was not happy with was the eyeliner and this is just because it is bright blue. The product I was really impressed with was the Caudalie vinosource sos serum which I have been using almost constantly since I received it and it is just amazing - I have already purchased some products from Caudalie because of the quality of this sample and because this product did not irritate my skin at all. The other really good product included was the figs and rouge lip balm of which I already have the sweet geranium flavour but I received the rose scent in this box and it is a fantastic lip balm - it is even nicer than the sweet geranium flavour/scent. The most expensive perfume I have ever heard of was a sample in this box and it is the Kai perfume oil which lasts longer on the skin than other perfumes as it is an oil. The Kai perfume oil smells different on everyone apparently as it changes to according to your skin and as soon as I applied this to my skin I knew I wanted to buy the full size as it smells amazing! Although another minor negative point about glossy box samples is that if you really like a product and want to buy the full size version you may not be able to as some of the products in the boxes are really expensive full size. For example, the gorgeous Kai perfume oil is £41 for only 3.6ml - yes, that's right, 3.6ml for £41! Which is crazy but I may have to ask for it for my birthday...

                - My overall opinion of glossy box

                Firstly I think the concept of glossy box is great - a monthly subscription for a collection of high street and high end beauty products is a new and very popular concept which is now available in many countries such as North America, France and there are multiple beauty subscription boxes available in the UK. For example, the Jolie box (which is the box sold in France I think), carmine beauty boxes (although this box may not be available anymore) and there is the feel unique beauty box too. One of the main positive points of the beauty box concept in my opinion is that you get to try new products for a fraction of the price and you get to try products and brands that you have and may not have heard of. I really like the presentation and attention to detail that goes into the glossy boxes and I also like the majority of the brands that come in the glossy boxes too. I think that overall glossy box is a great idea and that it is good value although there are some negative points. For example you may get a product in your glossy box that you don't like or will not use such as the blue eyeliner I received in the April box but in my opinion if I got to choose all of the samples that go into my glossy box it would not be a surprise or as exciting. Overall I am definitely continuing with my glossy box subscription and I do not see myself cancelling the subscription any time soon and I definitely recommend glossy box!

                - Additional information (reviewing samples and 'glossy dots')

                When you receive your glossy box and you have tested out the samples for a couple of weeks or so you can review the samples you received on the glossy box website. Reviewing the sample is a quick and easy process as it is mainly just multiple choice questions and there are a couple of boxes for you to type about your opinion of the product. Once your review has been approved you receive 20 (or sometimes 40) 'glossy dots' which are like boots points in a way. 'Glossy dots' can be accumulated and exchanged for a free glossy box when you reach 1000 glossy dots, which I thought was a great idea...but you only get 20 glossy dots per review so to reach 1000 glossy dots you need to complete 50 reviews! So I did think it was a good idea but it looks a little bit impossible to reach 1000 glossy dots and a free glossy box! Overall, I like that you can review the products and that glossy box will know the opinion of their customers but I think the glossy dot idea is a bit ridiculous and I don't think I will be able to reach 1000 glossy dots.

                - Price of monthly subscription

                The glossy box and the samples it contains on its own is only £10 but then there is a £2.99 postage and packaging charge which was only added maybe six months or so ago and it did not go over well but I have only been subscribed to glossy box when the postage charge was added. The glossy box boxes can only be purchased from the glossy box UK site and you can pay with PayPal I believe which is great, in my opinion, as I try to pay with PayPal as much as I can. I think that glossy box is now available to subscribe to in America and for the men there is now a glossy box for men!



                *A fantastic and good value way of trying out new products, in my opinion
                *A wide range of brands such as Duwop, Versace, Clarins, Burberry Beauty, Bliss, Lancôme, Shu Uemura, Ojon, Fudge, Caudalie, Liz Earle, Becca, Deborah Lippmann, Dermalogica, Jurlique, Molton Brown, Nip + fab, O.P.I, Nuxe, Orly, Philip Kingsley, YSL and many, many more!
                *Boxes are really well made, durable and great for re-using as storage. For example I use three of my glossy boxes for storing candles in and one for my nail polishes.
                *Coupon/money off codes for some full priced items
                *Collaborations with other stores/companies and themed boxes, such as the amazing Harrods box!
                *Delivered by Royal Mail, not a courier so if you miss a delivery it will be sent to your local sorting office
                *Glossy box website is easy to navigate and it is very easy/quick to subscribe and unsubscribe!


                *You can receive products you don't like or will not use but I just give them to friends/family that wants them
                *Some may think the monthly price is a bit expensive

                For more information: www.glossybox.co.uk

                Thank you for reading my review - this review is already posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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