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MS Windows Mobile

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    3 Reviews
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      30.04.2013 21:52
      Very helpful



      Overall alright phone system, could do with some upgrading, brilliant on a budget.

      I was first introduced to Windows Phone after my in-law first upgraded to her Nokia Lumia 710, she instantly fell in-love with her phone and the features and later introduced me to it.
      I also loved the phone and bought one as my first contract phone, my favourite feature was the Xbox Live gaming and the fact that I could play against my family and friends.
      Once some of my family and friends saw my phone they also bought a Windows phone.

      The Windows Logo is the familar Windows logo we all know, the four brightly coloured window shaped logo, simple and clear.

      - Easy to use and navigate
      The Windows interface is very easy to nagivate, you can instantly click the appropriate tiles on the homepage or view the menu layout. You can select which items or peoples phone numbers you would like displayed on the homepage to suit you.
      - Good Personalisation
      The Windows software allows you to change the colours of the phones themes, which apps, links, people, social networking etc you would like displayed on your homescreen, you can rearrange them to suit your personal preference and needs.
      - Xbox Live (games and acheivements)
      If you love playing games on your phone or tablets etc. You can easily gain 'points' which are special acheivements for most of your games through the Windows phone, these acheivements help give the games things to acheive and can make them more appealing. You can also play against other windows users and see leaderboards, add friends and play against other people, saftely. If you have an Xbox Live account through your Windows computer or Xbox 360 you can download your account and your acheivements get added onto them. You have an assigned Avatar, which you can change the look of too.
      - Social Networking
      Those of you who like to keep up to date with your social networking, Windows have made it easy!
      They have most of the apps available that you can apply to the homepage, you can link them all and get your emails sent straight to your phone. (Internet Enabled)
      - Windows 8, Child Proof
      Windows 8 offer a child proof saftey feature, you can add passcodes and keep an eye on your children's activity. This stops children from being able to root through your personal files and only the games you allow them too, this stops any buying 'accidents.'
      - Skydrive (online storage)
      Skydrive is an online storage system that allows you to upload any of your files onto a secure system for you to access anywhere. (Internet Enabled)

      - Battery Life
      With most Windows products I have found they tend to drain the battery a lot more than other operating systems, the phone system isn't that bad but it doesn't always give the clearest of readings until your phone dies. This will vary considering the brand of phone you are using but overall, not bad, I've seen a lot worse.

      - Apps vs Competitors
      The Windows Phone operating system lacks in the demand of applications. Although they have a large amount of applications, including lots of free ones and cheaper ones, there isn't as many as their competitors and not as popular as there competitors, this isn't all down to fault of Windows Phone as the other companies who create apps for their most popular systems (android and apple) have a lot more demand, but I feel Apps are growing as the Windows Phone community grows too.
      - Updates vs Competitors
      I don't feel as if Windows does as many updated as their competitors and I feel that they lack in updating their older versions of their systems when a newer up market type is released, this is a down fall as those who have learnt, loved and use there older systems may stray away.
      - Variety of Phones
      Windows phones are growing in the community but I feel that all of there phones have a certain design and certain brands but this is also growing as the windows community gets bigger and better.


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      22.10.2010 01:33
      Very helpful



      Looking for a mobile phone? Stay away from Windows Mobile!

      I have owned a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 with Windows Mobile 6.1 for the best part of 2 years and have had quite a bit of time to make up my mind as to the pros and cons of this operating system.

      Microsoft seem very keen to take over all the key software development channels and mobile phones have recently been growing at a spectacular pace, taking them to the fore of the industry.

      Overall, my experience of Windows Mobile has been very negative. Not only on my phone, but both of my wife's Windows-based mobiles. While it may be good on a PC, a moble phone needs a much more user-friendly system for it to be effective. Using a stylus is really not the solution in the modern day and age, and the various overlays that some mobile phone makers use do not make it much better at all.

      The games and add ons available for Windows Mobile are far inferior to those developed for Android and the iPhone and this makes for a very disappointing experience when your friends show off the countless games and cool innovations on their phones to you.

      All in all, I am very sure that I will never buy a phone with Windows Mobile on it anytime soon and some really major changes would have to occur for me to get interested.


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      10.03.2010 11:40
      Very helpful



      if you u can afford to wait, consider waiting for the realse of Windows mobile 7.0. Windows Mobile

      Love it or Loath it, Windows is everywhere. And mobile phones are no exception. The current version, for which this review is based upon is the latest public release "Windows Mobile 6.5". At the time of writing (March 2010), Microsoft is currently working upon the latest release, "Windows Mobile 7" which is due for release towards Q3, 2010. Obliviously, the hardware upon which windows mobile is run has a significant impact upon the user experience, so I will try to avoid such a bias. For clarity though, I am running Windows Mobile 6.5 on a HTC Touch Pro 2.

      The origins of Windows Mobile (for the less technical, the original code upon which Windows Mobile (WM fro here on)), is based upon Windows CE (or Windows Pocket PC), a version of Windows originally designed for handheld computers such as the IPAQ PDA, developed in early 2000. From this, emerged Windows Mobile with the added functionality of making and receiving calls in addition to other mobile phone based functionality.

      In terms of the user interface, Windows Mobile 6.5 has had a number of upgrades since its predecessor "6.0". The first and most notably aspect of the interface is the Start menu. Upon clicking on the start icon, you are taken to a menu that is remarkably similar to that on the iphone, with Icons displayed in a diagonal layout, instead of the classic rows of 4 icons seen on the iphone. Clicking on an icon will launch you into the program, while selecting folders such as Media will open up a folder, similar to the interface seen on windows 3.11. To launch another program (yes windows mobile includes multitasking unlike the iphone), is a simple as selecting the start menu and launching the next program.

      A recent addition to windows mobile is the today screen, which provides a range of features that can be displayed on the main screen (essentially like the windows desktop), which displays features such as number of emails, text messages, missed calls and more. This is a major improvement over the previous versions of windows, and is reasonably effective in providing feedback on current emails, text messages, although this mainly relates to the mobile version of Microsoft Outlook. However, this saves significant time in having to launch outlook from the start menu. However, in my experience, this results in a slightly reduced performance, as the today screen is essentially a program added on top rather than part of the OS.

      By default, Windows Mobile is shipped with the mobile version of Microsoft office, providing the ability to create/review Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents all from your phone. Whilst these applications lack the functionality of their desktop counterparts, they provide a wealth of functionality directly from your phone!

      In terms of the negatives, Windows Mobile is far from being the strongest competitor in the market place. It lacks the functionality and features you would expect from modern smart phone interfaces, but it more than makes up for this when compared to the lack of multitasking on the iphone. Whilst this is a comprise, on the more powerful end of the smart phone products this only produces a slight lag, but one that does not cause too many a headache.

      Although applications for many smart phones are low cost, this is without a doubt a major short fall for Windows Mobile. The launch of Windows Mobile Market Place has created a wealth of applications, but with many costing up to £10-£15 the ability to multitask is let down by the lack of affordable applications! In addition, there are rumors' that the latest version of Windows, version 7 will not be capable of running applications created for previous versions of WM. This is something of a concern given that I have around £150 worth of application I have downloaded over time! It's something which may well put me off purchasing a future Windows Mobile based Device.

      Overall in Summary, if you are considering purchasing a smart phone and you can afford to wait, consider waiting for the realse of Windows mobile 7.0. Windows Mobile has real potential but has yet to demonstrate its true worth!


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