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MS Windows XP Plus!

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The ultimate companion for Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP extends your PC experience with powerful digital media tools, intense 3-D games, and stunning 3-D graphics. With Plus! for Windows XP, you get more fun, more control, and more entertainment!

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    1 Review
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      10.07.2002 18:39
      Very helpful



      Microsoft Plus for win XP, The blurb says, Microsoft Plus lets you personalise your computer experience like never before. Built to take advantage of the power of Microsoft windows XP, Microsoft Plus delivers exciting new features for digital music, New desktop visuals, Gaming and much more. Hypes it up a little doesn't it! So What do you get then? Well a few games for a start, Hyperbowl Plus is one of them, This game is really really great and soo addictive! Use you mouse to control the ball to knock over the pins! Simple as that. The graphics are stunning but the 2 levels which you are given get a little boring after a while but 4 more levels are available to purchase for around $15! Then theres Labyrinth Plus, You know that game they used to play on the crystal maze, The one where they had a big maze with a ball in it and they tilted the maze to move the ball? Well this is the windows XP version! And a great version at that! This is a full game with heaps of crazy levels, And crazy balls! And more are available for download for FREE! OK sounds naff, But you'll like it, Trust me! And finally Russian Square, A puzzle game for fans of Tetris They say. Too much like hard work I Say! That ones poo! XP Plus also has 8 beautiful Screen savers. My favourite of which is the famous Fish tank Screen saver. And this is the best one you'll ever see. IT'S SO REAL!. To be honest this is the real reason I bought it. I could spend hours looking at them fish! And 20 more fish are available to buy online for you fish tank, But be warned. They're not cheap! You can also display your favourite photos in a variety of custom animated 3-D photo galleries and even add you favourite background music! Enjoy 4 great enhanced themes (Devince, Underwater, Space and nature) Which include wallpapers, screen savers, Icons, Sounds, Mouse pointers, Media player skins and more! It also has Speaker enhancement and
      A CD label making program plus more still. Now if you've read the reviews, you'll probably be thinking this software is a load of pap! And at the RRP of £35 pounds, yes it probably is, But I got my copy from Amazon.co.uk for £15 and its probably worth that easily! The only problem I had with XP plus, And this is important so please read! Is it require a graphics card with a minimum of 16mb memory and a lot of production PC's don't have that much as standard, So please check before hand, I didn't so I had to go out and buy a graphics card! I hope this info helps you make up your minds!


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