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Windows XP Service Pack 2

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2011 02:00
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      In my own words, I have used almost all of Microsofts Operating Systems and I found Microsoft XP Hom

      golferinfr's Full Review: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Full Version...

      Windows XP Home Edition SP2

      A warm greeting to all of you Microsoft Window 7 and Vista operating system users. I feel your pain with having to deal with Vista. Microsoft Vista in my personal opinion is more for media video/music operating system. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is basically set out as a work station operating system for your home. One of the main reasons Microsoft said almost a 2 months ago that they will keep supporting programs for XP until 2012 is because most of the government foundation programs are operated on XP. But this review is not for upgrading or downsizing back to XP, it's from installing from scratch.

      Last Spring I was wanting to try and build my own computer, I had a HP motherboard with a AMD XP Athlon 2800 processor and that was my starting point. I fixed a desktop to be 100% cool at all times. It hold 6 exhaust fans coming from the power supply to 2 fans even with the hard drives in from behind the front casing vent. I bought me 2 hard drives one for my operating system and the other to work with my RAM and be just a virtual volume drive. The final touch was waiting on my disc from Microsoft for my Windows XP. The first processes was establishing the format on my hard drive after that letting windows setup and watching my computer take in all the DLL's and system files.Then it started installing the validation files and with 33 minutes left to go it asks you for your OEM number that they send on a sticker on your software pakage.Please keep this OEM number in a safe spot just in case you need it again. Then it did the final installs asking who the owner is and setting up a user profile for you.

      Yes, there has been a exodus along with resistance from Windows 7 and Vista users in the last 3 months with a lot of people trying to down grade back to Windows XP operating system, which is designed exclusively for home computing with experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP Home Edition brings you into the digital age with ease. Built on solid credentials from Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition also sets the new standard in efficient and dependable computing. A new visual design, with reliable Windows engines. My only complaint is still letting hackers find their way in the back door on some programs like system volume or other combine capabilities for sharing your computer information through emails or chats like AOL or Yahoo. You need to invest in a reliable anti-virus program to give you the most fro your dependable Windows operating system . I would not rely on Microsoft Defender at all, I tried it out at first and I caught a slew of viruses then what capped it off to shut down my system was fake alerts of internet site pop ups saying my computer was infected and unless I bought their software I was doomed. Like I've said, I will always recommend AVG 9.0. The only real difference between XP Home Edition and XP Pro is networking, but both have improved peripheral support compared to Windows 98 and 2000. Installation of this software requires a blank hard drive or a hard drive format.

      Service Pack One(Already in your software package)The XP Home operating system offers higher levels of stability and performance than previous versions of Windows. It's designed for home users, students, and first-time computer users.Being able to shift from program to program makes multi-tasking full proof on this operating system. XP offers a more intuitive interface than before, improved plug-and-play support, and better power management features, especially useful for laptop users. With Service Pack one all you starting drivers are set up or installed creating the foundation for what Windows XP was/is built on.

      Service Pack 2(In your software)
      Microsoft's Service Pack 2 patch, included on the installation disc, offers improved security features. In addition to a one-way firewall, you'll get the Windows Security Center, which continually monitors the state of your anti-virus software, automatic update settings, and firewall .It also includes a pop-up blocker and automatic ActiveX prompting for Internet Explorer 6. You ask how slow Microsoft is ??? It took Microsoft almost 18 years before they came up with a mandatory Validation Tool to keep pirating scammers to just come on their site and take what they wanted. But even with the Validation Tool there are some updates that Microsoft has to give you according by the FCC. That is all nice but I highly recommend AVG 9.0 as your anti-virus software, and you will be prompted by Microsoft Updates to install Internet Explorer 8. Be prepared for the entourage of updated materials from Microsoft. The last count for security updates, DotNet Framework 1-2-3-4 was all total to be 117.
      After that, then comes to downloading the Service pack 3 addition, then there is multitude of updates after this like the whole Windows Essential Package where as if your not going to use Windows Messenger, don't download it because it will pop up every time you boot your computer on. Service Pack 3 will take almost 40 minutes to install.

      Notes for Apple/Mac Users
      If you want to install Windows XP on an Apple computer, you can use this software, highly recommended for a Intel-Based system or any 32-bit edition of Windows Vista or Windows XP with SP2 or SP3 on the installation disc by using Apple's Boot Camp 2.1 technology. However, OEM editions will not work on some of them.

      Additional Features
      Windows XP Home with SP2 includes the System Restore feature, allowing you to roll back to a previous state if unwanted changes are made to your system. The Help and Support center includes a remote assistance option which can be located in your program file list under Accessories then down to System Restore, the other way is right clicking on your mouse and when the tab comes up go down to properties and Restore System is on the top left of Computer Properties. The operating system offers support for 802.1x wireless networks and will work best with a Linksys Wireless Router. It is recommended to install this software on a 1.5 GB or higher hard drive. It is compatible with Intel, Pentium, Celeron, Amd, K6, and Althlon processors. Processors have to be over 233MHz and over 400 MHz for gaming and other high tech stuff. Your RAM has to be over 64MB just to run the system and 128 for gaming and etc. Graphics is a toughie. I will recommend a flat screen LCD monitor compared to the CRT because you need over 800x600 to receive the quality of the graphics. I would also suggest a MSI GeForce GTX- 465 1GB GDDR5. It is also good to have a DVD drive and Decoder with a CD-ROM drive.

      Windows XP video captures works with almost all devices depending on the USB 2.0 outlets you have and if you have a SCANdisk drive. Networking with multiple computers on one network coincides better than Windows 2000 used to be. With the network firewall, viruses can be singled out to that one computer than putting your whole network at risk. (Depending on the virus, been known only a defiler virus can shut the entire network down). Windows XP has been proven it's best with computer programming with Microsoft Business Server 2003 and higher. Very compatible with working programs like Delphi 2009 and 2010. The essential emailing program to use with this software is Outlook Express.

      Setting up printers, external disc drives, cd burning devices, are just a few hardware options you can use just by going into the control panel and downloading your software for your hardware. You can customize the updates that you want by choosing custom every Tuesday night when Microsoft sends them out. With every place on the Internet wanted to be your browser really gets confusing, from AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google. With Internet Options you can easy delete the old browser you have and put the only one you need. Yahoo is by far the most compatible. Web sites to stay away from, MyWebSearch.com and FunWebSearch.com those are virus traps and spies with their tracking cookies.

      Yes, you can install a new copy of Windows XP on a computer that has Windows 7. You may have to update your drivers after the installation, but it can be done. I have not heard of any issues from down grading back to XP from Vista. Just make sure when you are finished with the install you revert back to Microsoft Updates and do them all until you see the left installation panel have all zeros on it letting you know there's nothing left to install. To be on the safe side I would go to your computer manufacturer's website and see if there are any new updates for your Bios, Chipsets, Graphics, or Sound drivers. This will insure the top performance with you newly added Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. Thanks for reading !!!


      This review originated by me on Epinions.com.


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