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Aquafresh Big Teeth Mouthwash 6+

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4 Reviews

Brand: Aquafresh / Age: 6+ / Type: Mouthwash / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes,

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    4 Reviews
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      23.12.2013 12:28
      Very helpful



      A bit too strong for its own good.

      My son's have regularly used mouthwash from being around 4 years old due to the fact they lost teeth earlier than some of their peers and had adult teeth growing through. I am aware most mouth washes aimed at children are given a recommended age of 6 plus, but I thought it ok to use a bit younger with supervision. Its up to each parent what they choose to do with their own child.

      We spent time before using mouth wash practicing the swilling technique you need using tap water. Once my kids proved they could do this and they wouldn't drink the mouth wash, I was happy to let them move on to the real thing. My sons have now been using mouthwash regularly for a couple of years, and my eldest son is 7 so well within the recommended age.

      We normally buy the Tesco children's mouthwash, but last time we needed to buy some they didn't have any, so I picked up the Aquafresh kids version instead. We always use the kids toothpaste from this range and have never had any problems using it, so I felt this would be ok.

      The cost of this one is £2 for 300ml. This is the same volume as the tesco mouth wash at £1.50, but the bottle is quite wide and short in comparison, and the tesco one has a safety type plastic cap which you have to squeeze to open which this one is missing.

      The smell of this one appealed to the kids, as it has a bit of a bubblegum smell. However, from first use, they were complaining it was far too strong even if heavily diluted. They could only keep it in their mouth for a couple of seconds before spitting it out, which kind of defeats the purpose of using it if you ask me. There just wasn't time for it to get all round their mouth.

      I ended up having to finish this off as they refused to use it after I bought some more of the usual brand. I didn't mind it. The taste is fresh mint, and I find although it is no where near as strong as the listerine brand I normally use, it does have a bit of a kick to it. It leaves your mouth quite cool like you've been eating extra strong mints. This sensation is also quite long lasting for over an hour after proper use, so I can see why the kids were not keen.

      This mouth wash is alcohol and sugar free, and also has extra fluoride (225ppm.)

      Although I liked the thought of it and it is from a well known brand, I would not buy this one again for my children to use due to them not using it as advised as it is too strong for them. If parents are buying it for their kids, then perhaps

      I will stick to the slightly cheaper and much more usable tesco version.


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      21.07.2011 14:06
      Very helpful



      This is something that I don't mind paying a little extra for

      I bought the Aquafresh Big Teeth mouthwash for my son who had seen the rest of the family using standard mouthwash and kept asking when he could have some.

      A lot of standard mouth washes are not suitable for young children due to the alcohol content and most being mint flavoured which can be off putting for a child.

      I saw this in my local Tesco for £2.09 and decided to give it a try.

      The mouthwash is antibacterial and is sugar and alcohol free, contains fluoride.

      The bottle states that if using fluoride suppliments then you should consult your dentist before using.

      The bottle is decorated in fun bright colours with a picture of toothpaste brushhing his teeth, the cap doubles up as a dosing cup but you only use 10ml of this product which is about 2 teaspoons.
      The dosing line is clearly marked on the inside of the cap and it should be used twice a day.

      The first thing that hit me when we opened the bottle was the smell a cross between strawberry, bubblegum and candyfloss.
      It went down very well with my son who is not to keen on minty toothpastes yet and it has encouraged him to clean his teeth twice a day as he loves doing the mouthwash bit.

      A lot of you are probably thinking that it is a bit of a waste of money to buy mouthwash for kids, but my opinion is that most children don't brush their teeth as well as an adult so this gives that little bit of added protection against decay.

      I believe that it also starts a child on a good oral hygene routine that hopefully will stay with them as they go through life.

      After the baby teeth are gone you only get one chance with the big teeth and it is important to keep them as long as you can.

      Overall this is a good product that will hopefully help your children to get into good teeth cleaning habits


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      20.01.2010 09:32
      Very helpful



      Good to help your child get a good oral hygine routine.

      I bought this after constant nagging from my ten year old daughter to use my mouthwash, I didn't want her to use such a strong and minty product so when I saw this in Boots I thought it would be perfect for her.....

      The bottle :
      The mouthwash is made by Aquafresh so it was instantly a brand I would trust. It is aimed at children aged 6+, the bottle is colourful with a little toothpaste character and is appealing for children, this would be a good point for parents whose children are reluctant to clean their teeth and use mouthwash, as if they like the look of the product they are most likely not going to complain when they have to use it.
      The bottle has a screw top lid which also serves as the cup you drink it from, it isn't a squeezy bottle which is good because even I get carried away with those and it ends up going all over the place.

      The product :
      Well for a start it is bright pink colour, the bottle says 'mild taste' so I was expecting a slightly minty aroma but the flavour of bubble gum hits you as soon as you take the lid off, this was a little off putting for me but for my ten year old it just made her even more eager to try it.
      To use the mouthwash, you pour ten mls into the lid and gargle for 60 seconds, I did this first to show my daughter how to do it properly and I can say that despite the over powering smell it wasn't that sweet to taste, it was certainly far sweeter than a normal mouthwash but not sickly. My daughter had a go she liked the taste and said it reminded her of calpol medicine. She couldn't gargle for a whole minute at first but over a few weeks of using it twice a day she has now managed to go the whole length.

      The product claims to fight plaque and kill germs, it also contains fluoride to strengthen teeth. It is something you can't really tell if it is working or not. But my little girl has now established a good oral hygine routine which I hope will stay with her into adult life.

      The 300 ml bottle cost £1.99 from boots, if used twice a day it should last you 15 days.

      I think it is a good product and I would recommend it to friends.


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        29.03.2008 10:28
        Very helpful



        A good idea but not a good product

        The product I want to review is "Aquafresh big teeth mouthwash", the reason for this is my daughter Kaitlin.

        My daughter has up until this moment, lost four of her baby teeth, so I am trying to encourage her to look after her new teeth.
        She is very reluctant to brush her newly emerging teeth, as she says her gums are a little sore as the new teeth come through, it was actually her suggestion to purchase mouthwash, admittedly only because her best friends mum allows her children to us it, I was a little more apprehensive.

        I wanted a mild tasting mouthwash, preferably aimed at children as a product she could start her oral hygiene programme with.

        We spotted this at our local Asda, well I say we, my daughter had picked it up and put it in the trolley before I had even noticed, luckily she had picked the only childrens mouthwash on display, so I wasn't too bothered by her choice!

        ~#~#~#~# THE BOTTLE #~#~#~#~

        The bottle itself is smaller than a regular bottle of mouthwash, obviously more child sized but is a little fatter in width.
        The bottle is made from plastic and is see through, although when purchased full is pink in colour due to the colour of the contents.
        The lid of the bottle, again is clear plastic, but also doubles as a dispensing cup, holding exactly 10ml, the recommended amount.
        The logos are mainly white and green, with the "aquafresh" logo near the neck of the bottle.
        On the right hand side there is a cartoon picture of a stripe of aquafresh toothpaste, happily brushing it's own teeth! (I know, toothpaste doesn't have a mouth let alone teeth, but it is a cute little character!)

        At the bottom of the bottle it has a checklist - Antibacterial,
        Sugar and alcohol free,
        Flouride for strong teeth.

        The bottle also states that this product is - "all round protection for new big teeth, little teeth, gaps and gums."

        On the back of the bottle are the directions for use, again I know it may seem a silly thing to put on, you put some in your mouth, swirl about then spit, but to my daughter this was a very important thing... so of course I stand corrected!!

        The directions for use are as follows -
        Use twice daily after brushing,
        Fill the cap to the 10ml line, then rinse for 60 seconds before spitting out,
        The child must be supervised to minimise swallowing.

        Ok, so this I am sure we can do!

        ~#~#~#~# THE MOUTHWASH ~#~#~#~#

        As I mentioned earlier the mouthwash is pink in colour and with it being sugar free completely threw me at how sweet it is.
        It reminds me of candyfloss, which I thought would please my daughter immensely..... Again I was corrected!
        She absolutely hated it!! The second it hit her tongue she actually gagged and has since refused to use it, well me being the tight arse that I am, I refuse to let anything go to waste in my house so I decided to finish it off.

        As a smoker, I do tend to go for the strongest toothpastes and mouthwashes and always in mint, as fruit flavoured products, to my way of thinking just don't cut it, so using this product was certainly an experience.
        When first tipped into your mouth the sweetness really puts you off, how can a mouthwash that tastes of sweets possibly work, the taste is however very mild as the product states, I swilled the product for 60 seconds as per instruction then spit out.

        To my way of thinking it did absolutely nothing, obviously my taste buds are practically non existent, but it just wasn't worth the money I paid for it.

        ~#~#~#~# PRICE AND AVAILABILITY #~#~#~#

        This mouthwash cost me around the £1.80 range, which is a hell of a lot more than I spend on my regular mouthwash, obviously the fact it is by aquafresh bumps the price up immediately, and the fact that most parents are looking for things to encourage their children to keep their teeth clean, means that a lot of us are willing to pay that much.
        I purchased this particular bottle from my local Asda, so is more than likely available everywhere else.

        ~#~#~#~# CONCLUSION #~#~#~#

        Would I recommend this........ Probably not. I think the product is a great idea, its just a same it tastes so funny and doesn't really seem to work.

        For more information on this and many other products in this range visit - www.aquafresh.co.uk.

        Thanks for reading!


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