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Aquafresh Big Teeth

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Brand: Aquafresh / Type: Toothpaste / What it does: Refreshes,

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    4 Reviews
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      08.12.2011 12:29



      Great quality product aimed at kids which works

      We started to use Aquafresh Big Teeth Toothpaste for our son when he was about five and a half years old. He has never particularly liked cleaning his teeth (which kid does?) but he seemed to get away with this one.

      I think initially what captured it for him was the name - he liked the sound of BIG TEETH and the eye catching box which is obvioulsy aimed at children.

      The toothpaste itself is quite mild compared to adult's paste I personally find and he really loved the colours - three stripes of white, red and green which again is nice and eye catching for kids.

      We used a pea sized amount, as directed and he happily brushed his teeth without too much bother. He uses an adult toothpaste now from time to time but still prefers to use this mostly.

      It costs £1.29 and I buy mine from Tesco or Asda. I think its better to use this rather than the adult version as sometimes kids can find them too harsh in their little mouths and this can put them off cleaning their teeth - I know mine did. Brushing teeth is now not such a traumatic experience for him and we find he is able to rinse and spit this out well after he has finished cleaning and he says it makes his mouth feel "tingly and hot".

      All in all a great product and one which I woudl recommend to any parent who is finding it difficult in getting their kids to brush!

      Review also published on Ciao as sorehead.


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      26.08.2010 00:42
      Very helpful
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      I try to encourage my daughter to brush her teeth - and part of this includes her picking her own special toothpaste when we go shopping. Her choice varies - sometimes she opts for something pink and glittery, or something with cartoons on the packaging, but lately she's chosen to use 'Big Teeth'.

      My daughters seven, and has lost several of her baby teeth, with new ones coming through . With the second set being the ones she's stuck with for life, it's even more important that she brushes them regularly to give them protection against plaque and decay.

      Big Teeth is the perfect toothpaste for this - specially designed for children six years and up, just at the age their second teeth are coming through. This toothpaste contains 1400 ppm of flouride - the recommended amount for children in this age category .

      The paste squeezes out of the tube easily, and is a colourful affiar, with white,red, and green stripes. Mydaughter enjoys the taste, and having tried a little, I can see why - it is minty, but not as overwhelmingly so as many adult toothpastes , just enough to be refreshing .

      It is used just as with any other toothpaste - a small amount squeezed onto a brush, and then brushing your teeth for at least two minutes . And it seems to be doing the job so far - my daughters teeth are clean and free from any cavities, and her breath is fresh and minty .

      This costs around £1.50 from my local supermarket, and I feel this is a fair price, and one I would be happy to pay again in future.


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        09.08.2010 23:17
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        Aquafresh Big Teeth is part of Aquafresh's range of childrens' toothpaste.
        The child starts with 'Milk Teeth', a paste designed for 0-3 year olds; the child will then move onto 'Little Teeth', for 3-6 year olds. Finally, they use 'Big Teeth' for ages 6+.

        I have always bought either Aquafresh or Colgate toothpaste for my son as they both have specific age ranges; many other brands simply say 'for children' to me, this isn't good enough as you need to know how much fluoride is in the toothpaste.
        Children gradually need more fluoride in their toothpaste, but you need to be aware of how much they use as too much fluoride which can cause Dental Fluorosis, which can result in damaged and stained teeth.

        Now my son is only 5 (and a half - I'm never allowed to forget the half!) but he had been advised to use this for a few months now as he has always been a little ahead in the teeth stakes, lol. His first tooth came at aged three months, and now, at aged 5 (and a half!) he already has two of his adult teeth, plus another pushing through.

        The tube claims to give 'All round protection for big teeth, little teeth, gaps and gums'. It comes in a 50 ml tube, and costs around £1.19.

        As it is the last step towards adult toothpaste, it comes in a 'grown up' spearmint flavour; my son likes this as it makes him feel more responsible - this also means that he likes to take a little more responsibility with his tooth care regime.
        He actually brushes his teeth without prompt now - amazing!!! I used to spend half of my morning chasing him around nagging him about his teeth... thank you Aquafresh!

        The spearmint flavour is very mild, but it is still very 'minty' and refreshing. The toothpaste also comes out in Aquafresh's trademark red, white and blue stripes. My son also loves this; he thinks it's amazing that the stripes come out perfectly every time - no matter how much he has squished, squashed, and thrown the tube!

        It's pretty difficult to say how well the toothpaste works as his teeth are perfectly white anyway with him being so young.
        However, I have heard of children his age having fillings and yellowing; personally, I put this down to too many sweets and not enough brushing, but it could be that using Aquafresh has contributed to my son's clean teeth.
        I guess toothpaste effectiveness is not something you can really measure until teeth begin to show some signs of wear.

        Saying this, I am very happy with the Aquafresh children's range and will continue to use it as it as it definitely appears to be protecting my son's teeth in some way.

        It is slightly more expensive than some brands, but not much more at all, and I think that it's worth spending a little more to try and make sure that my son's teeth are healthy, especially as the ones he's growing now will have to last him for the rest of his life!


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          23.12.2007 17:43
          Very helpful



          Toothpaste for children

          Aquafresh big teeth

          Teeth cleaning is something thankfully Little Miss does without any fuss, and now that she has moved on from the fruit flavoured tooth pastes onto the more grown up stuff, it's actually easier to find toothpastes she will accept. With the inevitable onset of gaps caused by the falling out of her milk teeth, I was convinced that she should have a special type of toothpaste. A quick word with the dentist assured me that I was correct, and that this is the time children need lots of fluoride.

          It wasn't hard to find a toothpaste which offered more fluoride, and this was our happy purchase.

          ~~Product and Packaging~~

          Once inside the box, we get to the toothpaste which is in a normal toothpaste tube only a bit smaller- presumably for those small hands. There is a happy little toothpaste man on the front with the blurb about it being protection for "big teeth, little teeth, gaps and gums". At the age children will be using this, they will probably be able to read, and Little Miss found the description of the inside of her mouth highly entertaining! There is just no way I will ever understand what children find funny!

          The toothpaste itself is striped- green red and white and has a minty flavour, which is definitely not as strong as the mintiness of some adult toothpastes. This is definitely a plus point, as I have found that children are generally not overly keen on a really strong mint taste. The stripes themselves apparently offer protection in three areas (hence the three stripes), and they are supposed to strengthen enamel, freshen breath and protect teeth and gums.

          The promise is that it contains the necessary amount of fluoride needed for this stage of dental development- 1400ppm, and although I can't see the fluoride, I do take it on trust.

          ~~Using the toothpaste~~

          There is some advise on the tube reminding children to brush twice a day. It also states that for children under the age of 6 years a pea sized amount of toothpaste should be used; obviously after this age they can use as much as they want

          The toothpaste should be used as any normal toothpaste but there is a word of warning- if taking fluoride supplements, consult your dentist before using the toothpaste.

          ~~Price and Availability~~

          The toothpaste costs £1.29 for 50ml, and is widely available in chemists and supermarkets

          ~~Other available products~~

          It seems that aquafresh have it covered for children's teeth. There is toothpaste for milk teeth (age 0-3 years), Little teeth (age 4-6years) and this big teeth tooth paste. A quick look at the toothpastes indicates that they do indeed contain different amounts of fluoride depending on the age of the child.

          To complement the big teeth toothpaste, there is also a tooth brush, costing £1.99 and a mouthwash costing £1.99 for 300ml.

          ~~Made by~~

          GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

          www.aquafresh.co.uk has some interesting information and trouble shooting tips for anyone interested in learning more about their children's teeth.


          This will now be our regular toothpaste of choice. Little Miss likes the taste which is very important because children are less concerned about the health benefits than are we grown ups. The stripes are also a bit of a hit, because it makes it all a bit more jolly.

          Whilst she likes the taste and the colour, mum likes the fact that it is giving her all the fluoride she needs for those fast disappearing and quickly growing teeth. I obviously don't know enough about tooth paste to know whather or not this is just marketing hype, but for now, it all looks good- no fillings and no teeth problems, so this has to be good enough for me.

          A good toothpaste which children will like the taste of, sold at a reasonable price and a trusted make.

          I would recommend this

          Thanks for reading

          Daniela x


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