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Aquafresh Multi Action & Whitening

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4 Reviews

Brand: Aquafresh / Type: Whitening Product / What it does: Refreshes,

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    4 Reviews
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      27.03.2012 14:18
      Very helpful



      4/5 a good toothpaste that leaves my mouth feeling lovely and clean.

      Price and Availability

      Both me and my partner really like to look after our teeth and seem to be forever buying toothpaste and mouthwash. I always buy these products from Home Bargains or B&M as they work out much cheaper than buying from supermarkets or chemists although it does mean a brand I buy one week may not be available the next. A toothpaste we tried for the first time about a month ago was Aquafresh Multiaction Whitening which I picked up for £1 for a 100ml tube in Home Bargains. The same tube in Boots is almost £3 which is a bit ridiculous and I was pleased with my saving.

      Packaging and Product Information

      As with most toothpastes this comes in a tube with the branding and a little product information, the lid is flip top and very easy to open with a little protective foil inside for freshness. This tube is then inside a box which again holds the branding and lots of shiny looking diamonds on a blue background.

      Aquafresh Multiaction Whitening is said to help:
      Bring teeth back to their natural whiteness.
      Antibacterial action.
      Maintain healthy gums.
      Stregnthens enamel.
      Lasting freshness.

      My Experience

      When first queezing this toothpaste out from the tube, the consistency is just right. With some toothpastes they're too sloppy and run off the toothbrush when you put them under water but this one doesn't it all stays on the toothbrush. The fresh, minty taste is apparant as soon as you start to brush, it's quite strong though so it probably isn't to everyone's taste. The toothpaste foams up well but not too much, just right for getting a good clean. My mouth feels really clean after using this toothpaste and certainly very fresh. My teeth weren't noticably whiter after using this toothpaste but then I haven't used it long term, I would expect miracles though as proper teeth whitening products are much more expensive.


      This is a lovely toothpaste to use although I wouldn't pay the prices that some shops charge for it. I find it really easy to get a really good clean quickly and my mouth is left feeling really fresh. The toothpaste is quite strong to some people may not like it but for me it's a great product.


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      08.04.2010 09:48
      Very helpful



      A good toothpaste, would buy again if it's on offer.

      I have no loyalty when it comes to toothpaste, I simply pick whatever is on offer at the time. This happened to be on offer at half price so when I got it, it cost £1.19 for 100ml which is an average sized tube, and I thought it was quite a good offer.

      The box of this particular type of aquafresh is slightly different now, it's more of a blue colour but it's pretty similar to above. I'm not sure why the cardboard tube is necessary, as I can't imagine anyone keeps theirs in the cardboard for very long after they get home, but maybe it stops people tampering with the toothpaste in the supermarket, who knows.

      The main thing about this toothpaste that is noticeable are the stripes, It has white blue and red stripes in it, which make it look pretty when it comes out, I'm not sure what their actual purpose is though.

      The taste of this toothpaste, is exceptionally minty. It's a regular mint flavour not spearmint or anything like that. It's hard to describe, but it feels like it is really doing the job of not only cleaning your teeth but giving you fresh breath at the same time. It isn't gritty or powdery which I have found other whitening toothpastes to be. It does foam up really easily too so you don't need a huge amount. I would say that this will easily last me and my husband at least a couple of months, which isn't bad for just over £1.00.

      I wouldn't say I have noticed a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth with this, but I clean my teeth on a regular basis anyway so they aren't too bad, but the freshness I feel after using this toothpaste is really nice, and if it was on offer again, I would definitely purchase it again.


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      05.04.2010 23:05
      Very helpful



      An adequate toothpaste if bought when on special offer.

      - The packaging -

      This 100ml toothpaste comes in a cardboard box which I dutifully placed straight into my recycling bin so the use of this so other than perhaps making it easier to stack on to shelves the box, I feel isn't necessary for the consumer.
      Inside of the box you get a standard tube with a flip top lid which if not careful, can become clagged together with dried up paste which makes it difficult to re-close the lid. The paste is easy to dispense by squeezing the tube.

      - What is this tooth paste like? -
      This toothpaste like the other Aquafresh ones I have used in the past, has 3 stripes, predominantly white but it has a pale blue stripe through it as well as a red one.
      The toothpaste has a good consistency and has quite a strong minty taste to it which leaves my teeth and mouth feeling very clean for quite some time after brushing with it but it isn't too overpowering to give a slight burning sensation on my tongue after using it which I have experienced in the past with other toothpastes.

      - So what does this toothpaste promise? -
      ~ Triple protection.
      ~ Everyday gentle whitening.
      ~ The red stripe - fights plaque to help protect gums.
      ~ The white stripe - helps strengthen teeth and restores natural whiteness.
      ~ The blue stripe - gives long lasting freshness.

      N.B. Not suitable for under 7 years.

      - Availability and price -
      This is available from most large supermarkets and I've even spotted it at my local pharmacy. It generally retails at round about £2.35 for the 100ml tube although Tesco currently have it on offer at £1.
      I picked up this one from my local Home Bargains store in February, for just 90p.

      - Overall -
      When I picked this up from the shelf, I didn't realise it was a toothpaste which claimed to restore the natural whiteness of my teeth so it was a bonus for me when I thought that it would improve the whiteness of my teeth.
      Unfortunately after regularly using this twice a day, I haven't seen any noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth so in this area, I can't say that the toothpaste lives up to its claims.
      It leaves my teeth and mouth feeling clean and fresh and it is a good product for the price I paid for it although I'm not sure that I'd be quite so happy about the lack of whitening effect had I specifically bought it for this and paid full price.

      - Other Aquafresh toothpastes -

      ~ Fresh and Minty
      ~ Mild and Minty
      ~ Multi-Active
      ~ Complete Care
      ~ Extreme Clean
      ~ Extreme Clean Whitening


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      04.08.2009 02:04
      Very helpful



      It doesn't really whiten, but it's ok for use as a normal toothpaste.

      I am always very sceptical about toothpastes that claim to whiten teeth, so I bought this toothpaste as it was on offer, not as it was their "freshest whitening yet".

      This toothpaste comes in a tube and retails at around £2.50 for 100ml, which strikes me as expensive but is probably about average for a supposed "whitening" toothpaste. The tube is pleasing to the eye, and is a metallic blue colour. The toothpaste itself is striped with 3 colours: red, white and blue (the unique selling point of Aquafresh). Each stripe contains different ingredients, therefore having a different function within the toothpaste - "Three-in-one protection for your family". However, these stripes can mix together, making the toothpaste very pale pink in places, and pale blue in others. This, of course, doesn't affect the function of the toothpaste.

      This product is just used in the same way as the bog standard toothpaste. Its taste is strong and minty which, to be fair, is about average for a toothpaste. Multi-action Whitening does leave you with minty fresh breath for quite a while after brushing your teeth with it, probably for longer than average.

      Onto the whitening. I have been using this toothpaste for a few months, and there has been no noticeable change to the colour of my teeth. So, if you want your teeth whitened, it's probably best to get your dentist to do it, or be happy with them how they are!

      I haven't needed any fillings whilst using this toothpaste, so perhaps the red stripe has been doing its job and fighting the plaque!

      To conclude, Aquafresh Multi-action Whitening is good as a normal toothpaste, but like most other "whitening" toothpastes, fails to deliver on that part. It does leave you with fresh breath and stronger teeth, but money may be better spent on a cheaper toothpaste which doesn't have false claims.


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