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Asda Protect Mint Fresh Toothpaste

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Brand: Asda / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes, Protects,

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2012 10:15
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      I didn't like the taste much and wouldn't buy it again..

      I will often do my grocery shopping online from either Asda or Tesco. Shopping this way has many advantages, but an annoying disadvantage is that if an ordered item is out of stock or unavailable, the supermarket in question will send a replacement item instead. Whilst some replacement items have proven to be rubbish and would never be repurchased or given a further trial, others have fared slightly better and I do find it boils down to pot luck most of the time.

      This replacement method is how I recently got to try out the Asda Protect Mint Fresh Toothpaste, when it was sent in replacement for another Asda Toothpaste item I had ordered online. I was rather disappointed with the replacement item on this occasion as I felt it was a rather 'budget' looking item and certainly not something that I would have opted to purchase if I had been shopping in store. I was impressed with the price however, noting that the reasonably-sized 100ml tube was going to cost me a mere 42 pence at the time. I thought this price offered excellent value for money and made the product a very economical purchase.

      The packaging for the toothpaste is perhaps what gives it this 'cheap and nasty' impression; comprising of a plain white tube, there is a screw-off cap on the bottom which can be removed quite easily, even with wet or slippery hands. The 'branding' of the product has been labelled in shades of green which does correspond with the 'Mint Fresh' aspect of the product name. There is nothing innovative or even remotely attractive about the packaging to be found, although to be fair this is not something that would deter me from repurchasing a product I liked. (Please note the tube looks slightly different from the picture shown at the top of the Dooyoo page here.)

      The toothpaste itself is plain white and looks to be very bog-standard when it is squeezed from the tube. The consistency is good however, not being overly thin or at all runny which is something I have found with cheaply-branded or more 'budget' branded toothpaste products in the past. Some budget pastes tend to be far too thin to achieve any proper sort of 'lather' and so I find that these products don't achieve the same clean and fresh feeling when compared to more expensive products. There is a faint aroma of mint evident when the toothpaste is first squeezed from the tube, although the aroma is not particularly strong at first.

      Using the Asda Protect toothpaste is as easy as with any other brand and I simply need to add water to the paste on my brush and then use it to clean my teeth. I find that the paste forms a sort of thin 'foam' type lather in my mouth. It is fair to say however that the foam-like 'later' produced was not too much for my own liking, nor was it so excessive that it felt unpleasant to use in my mouth.

      One thing that I noticed after using the paste a couple of times however, was that it felt very slightly 'chalky' when rinsing my mouth after use. I mentioned this to my husband who disagreed entirely and thought the toothpaste was absolutely fine. To be fair, I am slightly paranoid about toothpaste products as I have an allergy to certain brands and so tend to dislike trying out new products, preferring instead to repurchase tried-and-tested favourites. This did lead me to wonder whether the chalky undertone was a figment of my imagination as I am particularly paranoid about white-coloured pastes, preferring instead coloured pastes or see-through 'gel' pastes. Either way, I have to confess that I wouldn't repurchase the Asda Protect Mint Fresh Toothpaste as I just found it wasn't up to my own personal tastes.

      On the plus side, I liked the fresh minty flavour of the paste and really liked the fact that it didn't sting or 'burn' the mouth due to feeling quite mild in its flavour and taste. This is perfect for my own use, but those consumers who like a bit more 'oomph' in their dental hygiene products may well find that the Asda Protect toothpaste is slightly lacking in its flavour. Certainly, I didn't find there was anything revitalising or 'awakening' about the paste's flavour or taste, being a much 'quieter' mint flavour than other products.

      Also, I felt somewhat reassured that by using the Asda Protect toothpaste my dental health and oral hygiene were being taken care of, thanks to the addition of fluoride in the product's formulation. As for keeping my breath fresh, I felt that my mouth felt refreshed, and my gums and teeth suitably sparkling clean after use, but the minty flavouring didn't seem to be strong enough to provide much in the way of reassurance that my breath was fresh and minty. This is not something that would necessarily deter me from repurchasing a particular toothpaste, as I always follow my brushing routine with a mouthwash product, but the other aspects of the toothpaste that I didn't like would make this toothpaste a definite 'no-go' for me in the future.

      As @ the time of writing, you can purchase the Asda Protect Mint Fresh Toothpaste in branches of Asda supermarket although I have not been able to track it down on the store's website lately. The normal price for the 100ml tube is around 45 pence.


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