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Blanx Sensitive Whitener Toothpaste

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Brand: Blanx / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Whitening Product / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2009 12:06
      Very helpful



      Not as good as Sensodyne Proenamel/Proenamel Gentle Whitening

      Blanx toothpaste is what I would describe as an 'expensive toothpaste'. It claims to whiten teeth without the hard cosmetic procedure that is required for proper whitening treatment.

      Having read many articles both on the net, in magazines and even seen tooth whitening on TV programmes featuring it all in a negative way, I was left curious. The advertising standards industry had not pulled all whitening toothpastes from the shelves, yet medics and scientists and reporters claimed that teeth could not be whitened by toothpaste. I had to give it a go.

      So I paid out £6.99 (actually I got it with some other dental care items from Boots on a 3-4-2 purchase) and dually went home to use. I bought the variety for sensitive teeth which also claims to promote enamel on teeth, which is what my other toothpaste does. (My other toothpaste being Sensodye Gentle Whitening) I just fancied a change and these people seemed to be focused on whitening where as my normal brand does offer it, but is more focused on the sensitivity side of things. My teeth are really discoloured as when I was 18 I used to live off black coffee and strong tea with the occasional glass of red wine when with friends by the time I got to Uni. I was looking forward to trying something which claimed to make my teeth whiter again.

      I was a bit wary of using the toothpaste I have to say, I have very reduced enamel after spending many of my previous years in a bulimic haze (throwing up) which has caused irrepairable damage to my teeth which are painful and have next to no enamel. Fillings never last more then a fortnight due to the gradual disintegration of my teeth and veneers are not appropriate for the same reason. (If you or anyone you know is bulimic- DON'T DO IT! Get help! Save your teeth) (OK, message over!).

      The toothpaste exists in a tube- not so great for travelling, but good for not getting lost on the bathroom shelf. The one irritating thing I have about tubes though- and this is not just this toothpaste, its all stand-up tubes- is the toothpaste which gathers then dries at the spout of the tube, and becomes hard. You have to daily wipe off the excess with a tissue or damp cloth otherwise you will find this excess in your mouth the next night and it feels gross! I wish they had this in a squeezy tube and not a stand up tube.

      Taste? Well, slightly salty. Mainly minty though, and not very sharp. The salt taste is what I would liken to the old Sensodyne original formula. Nothing to make you feel ill, but still noticeable.

      Usage- you don't need any more of this then any other toothpaste, the formula seems good bog-standard and goes on teeth well. No problems there.

      Results? Well I have to say, I am half a tube through and I am not seeing amazingly white teeth. Perhaps they will appear at the end of the tube? I don't think so! But they don't make my teeth any darker so maybe it's not all bad. I do think they work better then general non-whitening pastes which obviously don't do anything to brighten my teeth, but I like to think this paste has helped my teeth not to darken any more then they already are. I do drink several cups of tea a day, eat a lot of fruit (acidic=bad for teeth) and vegetables with Cider-Vinegar (VERY acidic). So my teeth would and had been gradually been becoming darker over time. It's hard to say exactly how much whitening pastes have helped but I think they do help, but that's all.

      In my opinion, Whitening toothpastes help to whiten, they do not whiten. They prevent teeth getting darker, but to not make then whiter. It's hard to say just how much as my time with whitening tooth pastes has been a matter of months rather then years. I don't think they do anything ground breaking, so if your saving the pennies and your teeth are not top of your hit list, save your money, if you are very desperate, get it done professionally but don't buy the paste as your only way out of stained teeth, they can only do so much.

      Another 'result' I have to mention, is the sensitivity of my teeth. Although this paste works far better to retain the enamel and prevent too much sensitivity on my teeth, they do not work as well as Sensodyne. I have also used Colgate with enamel which does help protect my teeth also but not to the same extent as Sensodyne. I would put Blanx in the same league as Colgate enamel protects. They do help more then non-enamel protecting paste, but not as well as Sensodye. The difference is not huge, but it does matter to me. So it's back to Sensodye unfortunately as I cannot tolerate painful teeth!


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