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Clinomyn Smokers Toothpaste

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Brand: Clinomyn / Type: Toothpaste / Subcategory: Gel

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    3 Reviews
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      29.07.2008 18:32
      Very helpful



      A very nice toothpaste

      When I moved in with my boyfriend 6 years ago, I started using Clinomyn smokers toothpaste as this was the brand that he used. At the time I started we both smoked, but I am proud to say that we have now been non smokers for over a year. However we still use the smokers toothpaste as we like it so much!!

      I buy a 75ml box from Wilkinsons for £1.89, if bought in supermarkets or other shops I think it is slightly more expensive. The tube comes in a box, the box is multi coloured, mainly blue, white and green. It has the big Clinomyn name on the front in blue and green and it has Smokers written on it in large blue letters. On the box it also states that this toothpaste is approved by the British dental health foundation.

      The tube is the same colour as the box and has the same writing on it. It has a white screw cap, personally I would have preferred a flip top cap, just so that it was easier and you didn't have to fiddle so much with a screw cap. The toothpaste itself is white and you can immediately smell the mint, it also tastes very minty and leaves your breath smelling very nice indeed.

      This toothpaste is a deep cleaning toothpaste that works to restore the natural colour of teeth and is specially formulated for the removal of nicotine, tobacco and food stains. Clinomyns unique cleaning system contains Polynam, which works to give teeth a deep down clean. It contains fluoride, freshens breath and is suitable for everyday use.

      When I did smoke I could definitely tell a difference in my teeth when I used this toothpaste, the only reason I noticed is that I went away for 2 weeks and had to use a different toothpaste. After only 2 weeks I noticed my teeth were slightly stained from smoking. Once I started using Clinomyn again, after just a few brushes my teeth looked much whiter and cleaner. I use this toothpaste twice a day, morning and night, you only need a small, pea sized amount on your brush for it to do the trick!


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      19.12.2007 20:25
      Very helpful



      A good toothpaste.

      ~ Price~

      I rarely stick to one particular brand, preferring to try out new products and in particular looking for good deals and this was certainly a bargain!

      I picked up this special 'twin pack', 150ml for the price of 75ml from my local Home Bargains shop at a super value price of just 99p!

      ~ Packaging ~

      The tube comes in a cuboid box / packaging, very much like the majority of other toothpastes on the market.
      Mine differs slightly as the two cuboid boxes are attached.

      The tube is slightly different from the majority I have used of late. Rather than a flip top lid, this toothpaste has a screw top lid. In my opinion, this is far more favourable than the flip-top lids as there is absolutely no chance of the horrible dry bits of paste accumulating round the top of the nozzle which is so often the case, if the flip top hasn't been pushed down properly!

      ~ What do the manufacturers say? ~

      - Fresh Mint taste
      - Specially formulated for the removal of nicotine, tea, coffee and red wine and general food stains
      - Protects sensitive teeth and gums.
      - Contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and protect against decay
      - Freshens breath
      - For everyday use
      - Restores the natural colour of teeth
      - Contains a unique cleaning formula called 'polynam' which cleans your teeth and helps prevent the return of stains.

      The twin pack that I bought has most of this information written in English on the outer packaging but the actual tube has the information about tea, coffee and red wine stains written in Italian. Not a problem for me but for those of you who don't speak Italian, it could be!

      ~ My Experience ~

      - Taste and Smell -

      It certainly does have a fresh, minty smell and taste. It's just about the right amount of mintiness to it. So many toothpastes are just so minty that they actually sting the inside of my mouth when I am using them, not so with this one!
      The toothpaste leaves my breath feeling fresh but it has to be said that the fresh breath doesn't linger for long afterwards so that is a slight disadvantage to the paste.

      - Does it clean my teeth? -

      This cleans my teeth just as well as other more well-known brands such as Colgate, Aquafresh etc.

      Despite being a smoker... I know, I shouldn't! I don't have badly stained teeth at all at the front but the back of my teeth do have stains. I don't drink tea, coffee or red wine so these types of stains aren't an issue for me.
      However with age my teeth have become less white. I was always lucky, having very pearly white teeth until I hit my 30s and as I draw ever nearer to my 40s they aren't quite so white at all!

      I have never used a toothpaste specifically for smokers and as stated earlier only picked this up due to it's ever so cheap purchase price! I was expecting a very gritty, rough texture to the paste but this is certainly not the case. You would never know that this toothpaste had 'smokers' in mind. No harshness to it's texture at all.

      As for the stains. It hasn't transformed my ageing teeth in to the state they were many moons ago but some of the stains at the back of my teeth have diminished slightly. Only me and the dentist are privy to these stains but it makes me feel better that they have diminished, so a plus for me!

      This isn't a miracle worker and hasn't 'restored my brilliant smile' which is one of the claims on the packaging. However it certainly hasn't been any worse than any of the more popular household names in the world of toothpastes and for the price it was well worth it.

      ~ Manufacturers & Products~

      For those of you who may be interested, this is produced by E.C. De Witt & Co Ltd
      De Witt manufacture a range of skin care, feminine hygiene and oral care products.

      - Toothpastes
      ~ Smokers toothpaste
      ~ Smokers sensitive toothpaste
      ~ Clean and polish advanced toothpaste

      My 4 star rating is based on the cost of the product and it's effectiveness.


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        22.07.2007 14:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Stain removing toothpaste

        Another of my recent bargain basement buys, and bought because I am fairly obsessed with tooth care products.

        Having no loyalty to any brand, I always tend to buy the products which promise to keep stains at bay, and with this on special offer, it was obviously worth a go.

        ~~~~What does it do?~~~~

        This is apparently a deep cleaning toothpaste which removes tobacco stains, so I assume if it can remove these stains it must be able to remove any other stains which are lurking in the mouth area! It does say it can remove food stains, so I assume such teeth staining things as Coffe, tea, and red wine are included in this.

        It also contains fluoride, and freshens breath, so it should in any event be a good all round toothpaste especially as it's for every day use, and not one of these weekly fixes, which I would obviously forget to do. So, a handy one because everyome can use it twice a day when you normally clean your teeth.

        ~~~~How does it do all of this?~~~~

        Again, as on so many products, I am faced with the knowledge that this toothpaste contains a special formulation to remove these stains, but there is no indication as to what this special formulation is, other than it contains Polynam.

        ~~~~Product and Packaging~~~~

        Open the box, and there it is in a rather ordinary toothpaste; yes, it has all these special powers and the tube is quite ordinary. It does have a screw on/off cap which I like, because I tend to find that there is less chance of the toothpaste drying out than the tubes with the push down caps.

        the toothpaste itself is plain white, with a pleasant, not over powering minty taste, and when I brush my teeth with the toothpaste, contrary to my expectations, it is totally non abrasive, and leaves no gritty after taste in my mouth.

        ~~~~How do I use it?~~~~

        There are no instructions as to how to use it, but given that it states that it is for daily useage, and using my common sense, I guess that you apply some to your toothbrush and brush your teeth as recommended by your dentist.

        This method has caused me no adverse reations, so I think I am doing it correctly.

        ~~~~Price and Availability~~~~

        I bought mine from Boots for 85p, but think the RRP is about £1.59

        ~~~~Other bits of information~~~~

        Approved by the British Dental Health Foundation.

        Made by: E.C. De Witt and co.ltd, Runcorn

        Also available for sensitive teeth.

        Website: www.clinomyn.com

        ~~~~What I think of it~~~~

        I did buy it cheaply, and it has worked as a general everyday toothpaste.

        The toothpaste is easy to use- nothing special has to be done, just clean and go, and it does taste pleasant enough. As I said, I was sort of expecting it to be quite abrasive since it has these cleaning powers, but it proved to be just like a normal toothpaste in texture.

        As far as stains are concerned, I don't think the old gnashers are particularly offensive yet, but have not noticed any difference in the colour of my teeth.

        I don't think I would go out and search for the toothpaste but given that it was a bargain, it's served its purpose well. I think for anyone who does have stains it may be worth a go, because the website does wax lyrical about its stain removing powers.

        Recommended for a pleasant enough daily toothpaste

        Thanks for reading.

        daniela x


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      • Product Details

        Deep cleaning toothpaste / Gentle enough for everyday use / With Polynam to gently lift away stains without harming tooth enamel /

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