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Colgate Actibrush Multi Action

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Brand: Colgate / Type: Toothbrush / Subcategory: Whitening Product

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    2 Reviews
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      09.09.2010 13:20
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      Much better than a manual toothbrush

      A couple of years ago my dentist recommended trying an electric toothbrush to combat the issue I was having with sore gums. I was a little dubious and wondered if she was on some kind of commission based incentive as I had seen some of the £50.00plus ones on the market, but when she recommended trying a cheap disposable type I decided perhaps she was actually trying to help me with my oral health problems.

      There is a vast array of electric toothbrushes to choose from but as I had never tried one before and I am not into spending lots of money on a product I'm unsure about I went for the Colgate Actibrush which I found for £3.99 in my local Wilkinson store.

      The toothbrush comes in a vacuum sealed pack with the product clearly visible through the packaging. The handles come in different colours which is handy if you live in a multi person household as toothbrush sharing isn't really recommended.

      The toothbrush itself is easy enough to hold, the handle is a good length and width to accommodate a comfortable grip. There is a simple on / off button on the front which slides up and down and the head has a rotating bit as well as an active cleaning tip for those 'hard to reach areas'.

      I remember the first time I used this product (a bit sad I know) and being amazed at how wonderfully clean my mouth felt, compared to a manual toothbrush this provides a far more thorough clean as well as being easier on the wrist because this doesn't require any rapid movement to get it to work. As time has gone on the sensation becomes somewhat normal but once a week I try to give my teeth an extra good clean and I get that lovely 'I want to touch my teeth' feeling all over again.

      I originally bought this to combat my gum problems and I can happily report this is a thing of the past; I no longer get bleeding whilst brushing or a bruised feeling afterwards which is great.

      Although I only initially went for this to try out this product, I've stuck with it ever since because my gums are no longer sore, my teeth feel so much cleaner and I've had one filling since using this product as oppose to 3 in the two years previous. I find that after around six months the bristles start to splay out and the toothpaste seems to sit in the cracks around the battery compartment which looks a bit unsightly so I tend to just buy a new one. Replacement heads can be purchased but tend to cost around the same price as a whole new unit so it really doesn't seem worth it.

      The product does come supplied with batteries and these will last a couple of months with two brushes per day which is reasonable. I do tend to replace them with good quality batteries (2x AAA) because the cheaper ones don't seem to make the bristles spin as fast resulting in a poorer clean. It's quite obvious when they are ready to be replaced because the spinning section stops rotating as soon as you touch your teeth. I do find it quite difficult to get the bottom of the toothbrush off to change the batteries, having to enlist the help of my somewhat stronger partner, although a sharp knife would probably do the trick if necessary.

      I have had one unit that has died before the bristles went; there was no power one day and changing the batteries didn't help but I just replaced it assuming that perhaps a bit of water got in and this hasn't happened since so I'm not particularly concerned as this could have been my error rather than a problem with the unit.

      Overall I'm quite impressed with this product; I can't compare it to one of its more expensive competitors but compared to a manual toothbrush the cost isn't much more but the clean feeling for both your teeth and gums is fantastic so I would definitely recommend.


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        27.03.2007 22:26
        Very helpful



        Electric motion at a reasonable price

        My old toothbrush was looking a bit worse for wear and each time I remembered to buy replacement heads, I actually couldn't remember the make of the toothbrush. So, seeing this on offer, |I decided to give it a whirl, and this time, remembered to buy some replacement heads at the same time.

        It promises to give a superior clean (to what?) and is apparently proven to clean deeper between the teeth, so I was interested to see what would happen…


        This was on offer at Boots, and rather than the RRP of 7.99 (I think) I bought it for just over a fiver.

        Considering the price of some electric toothbrushes, this is a bargain and one which I had to try out.

        THE BRUSH...

        The brush itself is a little thicker than normal toothbrushes, obviously as the batteries have to fit into the handle, but other than that looks exactly like normal toothbrushes…same "height" and same style. It is slightly more curved than a manual toothbrush, to get into all those hard to reach places. This toothbrush does not want me to be even thinking about moving my hand!

        It's the brush part which is different. There are two parts to this; the top brush which is quite a small thinnish head- a microtip which will get into all those small in between teeth spaces, and a large round head to sweep away the dirt and clean the teeth

        USING IT

        The toothbrush does require 2 x AAA batteries, which are included in the purchase price and already inserted. When they are finished, they obviously have to be replaced, and to do this, you keep hold of the toothbrush and pull the bottom cap. It does come off with a good firm pull, insert the batteries, and off you go again!

        Switch on using the little on/off buttons and off you go, cleaning as taught by dentists!

        It really is that simple, but really why should electric toothbrushes be difficult?


        Replaceable heads can be bought in packs of two, at just over the £2.00 mark, so considering it's advised that you change the head every three months or so, this is about the same price, if not cheaper than replacing a manual toothbrush.

        It can be used in the shower ( not for me thanks) and can be immersed totally in water as long as the battery case is completely closed.

        Not to be used for children under the age of 3 years although children from the age of 6 can use it with adult supervision.

        The toothbrush comes with a 24 month guarantee, so if you are the kind of person who keeps receipts this long, then if it all goes horribly wrong, you can have a full refund.

        MADE BY...

        Colgate- Palmolive company

        WHAT I THINK OF IT...

        Usually when I first use a new electric toothbrush, it takes me some time to get used to the new speed, but this one is quite gentle, with its two relatively soft oscillating brushes. Another thing I noticed is that its not horribly loud, so no rude wake up call in the morning, just a rather gentle buzzing sound

        Softness and apparent gentleness aside, from first using it, my teeth have felt quite squeaky clean. I can really feel the two sets of bristles, and not only do my teeth feel as though they are getting a clean, but my gums have had a good old gentle cleaning, without feeling as though they have been scrubbed. The smaller head at the top does feel as though it gets between my teeth, so no flossing required- good thing as I just can't get the hang of it.

        This is one good and very cheap electric toothbrush, which I have used with my normal toothpaste with good results. Remember to keep the handle part clean as it can all get a bit sticky with the toothpaste running down it!

        I think Colgate make a few of these actibrushes, including brushes for children, but some of them have, I believe, only one head, and I do like the fact that there are two heads, doing different but equally useful jobs.

        It works for me, and I am pleased that this time I have remembered to buy the replacement head…9 months usage for under £10…great value.
        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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      • Product Details

        The clean you get from a powered toothbrush is noticeable / New Colgate Actibrush Whitening and Colgate Actibrush Multi-Action are clinically proven to clean significantly better than an ordinary manual toothbrush /

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