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Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste With Micro Cleansing Crystals

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Brand: Colgate / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Whitening Product / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    3 Reviews
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      12.11.2012 22:33
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      A good toothpaste

      This is a review of Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste With Micro-Cleansing Crystals which I have been using lately.

      What is it?
      Beyond being a toothpaste, this particular offering from Colgate promises whiter teeth in just 14 days. The technology behind this is that it has micro cleaning crystals inside the toothpaste. This enables them to plaster 'Advanced White' over the packaging. The box also says it is clinically proven whiter teeth and gently polishes and prevents new stains.

      My tube is 100m and this came in a cardboard box which can be recycled. Inside the box the tube is white plastic with the usual Colgate branding and a flip top cap. The actual toothpaste is white in colour and you can't see the micro crystals in it.

      In use
      This toothpaste is really quite strong as far as minty flavours go, which I think is trademark for Colgate. I have used Colgate all my life and only recently started using a Boots own brand which is a bit milder. Switching back to Colgate reminded me how strong and fresh it is and it really does make your mouth and teeth feel clean. I clean my teeth at least twice a day and also use mouthwash and a dental floss if I think I need to and I am trying hard to look after my teeth, especially as they can suffer through pregnancy.

      What's all this about whitening?
      When I asked my dentist about whitening toothpastes, he said they tended to work to a degree as people cleaned their teeth more often with them in the hope that the whiteness would happen, a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy! I think without a bleaching or professional treatment, people's teeth are different shades anyway and if you have white teeth you are very lucky. For me, clean teeth are essential but white teeth are harder to achieve.

      My thoughts
      I didn't really buy this to get whiter teeth as I don't really believe a toothpaste can make all that difference but I do like the Colgate brand, although I am not fussy about which toothpaste I use from their massive range. If I got whiter teeth from this toothpaste I would be happy but I honestly can't say from the half way point of the tube that I have noticed any difference. They certainly haven't got any worse, colour wise!

      A 100ml tube in Superdrug currently costs £2.39. I think I got my tube when it was on offer in the supermarket so it's worth looking out for cheaper prices.

      Final word
      I like this toothpaste and have been happy using it but I wouldn't want to recommend it to people who would expect whiter teeth from using it. From a tooth cleaning perspective, it is perfect when used regularly and the mint taste is very strong so be warned if you are not keen on strong tasting minty toothpaste.


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        09.08.2011 23:04
        Very helpful



        One that I will be buying again for the super clean feeling.

        I have always bought Colgate toothpase since moving out of home, and we mostly get the total plus whitening version. Last time we ran out, I popped to my local supermarket which is only a small branch, and I found that they didn't have my normal type, but they did have this one, which was colgate and with a whitening formula, and something new to me - micro-cleansing crystals.

        While toothpastes are generally fairly similar if dentist approved in that they contain fluoride, they are mostly white in appearance, and taste minty, for some reason my mouth feels a lot cleaner if I use Colgate, and stays fresh for longer.

        The first time I used this particular toothpaste (bearing in mind I am comparing it to colgate total plus whitening which I was pretty happy with) I found it a little strange at first impression. Lookswise, it has all these funny blue specks in, which kind of reminds me of the way a biological washing powder looks in some comparison. Smell and taste are pretty identical to other colgate toothpastes.

        I always add the toothpaste to the brush, and then put it in my mouth to clean my teeth. I know some people wet it on the brush first, but I heard that this then made the toothpaste less effective, so I always do it this way now. The toothpaste foams up quite a lot, which I do not mind but I know some people do. The foam can be a bit much really, and I find myself spitting some out part way through.

        I notice that there are less blue crystals in the sink than were in the toothpaste, so either they are still in my mouth or have dissolved creating the extra foaming I have found.

        The thing that sways me towards this toothpaste now being our favoured brand though, is that my mouth always feels so exceptionally clean after I have used it, and more so than my other colgate one.

        I don't know if whitening toothpastes are that effective. I can't say that this particular one has made my teeth whiter, because my mouth is already accustomed to the action of sodium bicarbonate as a whitener, so my teeth do not have the stains that others might notice. I do know that my teeth are not stained even though I like drinking tea, coffee and rose wine. They are not Beverly Hills White, but they are bright in a natural way, and whiter than most I would say.

        I do know I will continue to buy this brand now for myself and my husband. It is not particulary cheap, with a 100ml tube costing around £2.20 in Tesco's, but it certainly motivates me to keep my mouth feeling clean by brushing twice a day and especially after eating the stuff that leaves your teeth all claggy.

        I don't let my children use this or other whitening brands though, for a few reasons. One is that I feel they don't need it as there teeth are still baby teeth that are white anyway. Another is that the foaming action is something they dislike and I would not want them to spit it all away before there teeth are clean. It can be used by children under 6 if they are supervised to minimise them swallowing.

        I am left feeling glad that it was the only toothpaste by colgate on the shelf that day as I might not have tried it otherwise. I'm giving it 4 stars as I find it quite expensive and wish it were a bit cheaper.


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          21.06.2010 21:53
          Very helpful



          Good for cleaning like any other toothpaste

          I have been using Colgate for a very long time, and they fail to cease releasing new types of toothpaste! I highly question their effectiveness as all these new types seem like a complete gimmick!

          The toothpaste is beautifully boxed with a metallic part that says micro crystals, and upon opening it, the box went straight into the BIN. I think it is a waste of ink and cardboard and really do not care how beautiful the exterior is as long as it is effective in doing what it says!

          The toothpaste is white in appearance and is the consistency of normal toothpaste, but with very small micro crystals that you can just about see with your eye... it feels no different when brushing, except a slightly different taste, which is somewhat sweet and minty.

          There seems to be less foam when using this but overall does the same job as regular toothpaste. It cleans well and removes plaque, leaving your mouth a minty fresh taste. Teeth are clean but not much whiter... I would not recommend this product if you want to whiten teeth. If you want a good clean, this is good, but isn't regular toothpaste just as.

          I've been using the product for about a month and a half and it didn't do more than the regular toothpaste I've been using.

          The toothpaste can be purchased for under £3 at most supermarkets and pharmacies. I would advise you wait for offers such as 3 for 2 at Sainsbury's, or use Boot's 3 for 2 mix and match when it is on.

          Overall, this product succeeds in cleaning teeth like regular toothpaste. In that aspect it is no different. What this toothpaste claims to do is whiten teeth and that it doesn't really do. The exterior packaging and flowery language does make you think psychologically that your teeth will be cleaner and white after using it, and perhaps this peace of mind is what you're paying for.

          I have switched back to Colgate regular toothpaste and my teeth is whiter because I have changed my diet- less fatty/greasy/sweet foods (basically healthier foods!). If you want whiter teeth, watch the foods you eat and stick to regular toothpaste, this just purely a gimmick!


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