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Colgate Dora the Explorer Toothbrush

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Brand: Colgate / Type: Toothbrush / Suitable for: Children

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    2 Reviews
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      27.08.2013 02:46
      Very helpful



      A good little product to promote oral hygiene.

      I'm reviewing our Dora Explorer toothbrush.
      It is made by Colgate and cost me £1 in Poundworld .


      Holly and Conal both have toothbrushes bought by their mum for me to use on the kids after lunch and tea parties/picnics, and to be fair they are both still fine little brushes, but when I spotted this one in Poundworld I couldn't resist it, because Holly has started showing a preference for Dora recently and this was a bargain..... so it was a win-win situation.

      ***USING and MY OPINION***

      The brush itself is basic but totally geared to tiny mouths, as you would expect from a child's toothbrush .
      It has a chunky handle that is soft and suited to small hands and the head is smaller than normal brushes (of course) .
      The bristles are all soft. I had thought the different colours of bristles on the head might denote different stiffness of bristle (as with adult brushes).......but not so. I felt them and they are all soft .
      On the child friendly handle there is a cute picture of Dora waving as she skips along with Boots, her little grey monkey friend .
      The Colgate logo is there as well.
      Our brush is pink for the most part, and has pink and purple bristles .

      Holly couldn't wait to use this, so we were off to a flying start .She is really good re tooth brushing anyway, but this brush was a different shape from her old one and had a different grip, so I had to be careful how I used it on her.
      I tend to brush her teeth for her of course, getting into all the nooks and crannies, and then I let her "give them a final scrub" while I supervise because she is keen to be independent . So using this new one meant it was my responsibility first to ensure I didn't hurt her while doing the job.
      Thankfully all went well and there were no complaints or wincing from her while I brushed thoroughly.
      Even when she took over she got the hang of the new handle and head quickly.
      She even commented it was 'nicer' to hold. Her last one was hard narrow plastic and difficult even for me to keep a firm grip of when it got wet.

      This is a Colgate brush and that was really reassuring for me that it ought to be a quality product.
      We've been using it for four weeks now and it still looks pristine with no splayed bristles.
      The novelty of it being a Dora toothbrush has worn off for Holly though, and it is now just her toothbrush and nothing special, but that's fine because I still KNOW it is a quality item doing a good job and that's the important thing.

      Would I buy it again ? Yes I would, but I'll look for another character next time to keep piquing Holly's interest in the routine even if only temporarily.
      Would I recommend it. Definitely.
      It baffles me how Pound shops can do things like this at that price when Chemists sell them at ridiculous prices, but thankfully it works to the consumer's advantage.

      Regarding stars.....I think this item fully deserving of 5 stars . It is small but perfectly formed. It is from a respected manufacturer, well designed for it's target market and is also good value for money if you shop around carefully and compare prices. Those saved pennies mount up.

      Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful ~~~myloh.


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      13.08.2013 09:38
      Very helpful



      A great toothbrush for the little person in your life

      My youngest two children are both Dora the Explorer fans, so when I saw a shelf of this irritating little Spanish girl emblazoned toothbrushes in Poundland I decided to grab a few - I only buy Colgate for the kids as it's my brand of choice, but to be honest I was so pleased with my find that I'd have bought them regardless of what brand these toothbrushes were.  They both started using their new toothbrushes on that same day before they went to bed as I'm pretty fastidious when it comes to replacing their brushes (every two months minimum, more for David as he has a habit of wandering off with his toothbrush and I'm always a bit wary about where it's been when it's out of my sight!).

      The Dora toothbrush is really, really cute - perfect for any little fans of the programme and available in a range of colours to suit both boys and girls.  I bought eight of the brushes as £1 for a 'known' character on a Colgate toothbrush (as opposed to a generic character) is excellent value, and when I got home to find the usual price for specifically the Dora toothbrushes is over £4 I was even happier with my find!  I haven't checked all over the place for prices as frankly I have enough Dora toothbrushes in my house now, but I doubt you'll find cheaper than Poundland so it's definitely worth having a look in there first.

      The toothbrush is suitable for toddlers aged over two years, when all their front teeth are through and the back ones are making their way through the gums.  It's been developed to have soft bristles of differing heights to ensure the surface of all teeth are brushed well whether they're through completely or are still tiny white nubs just above the gum line.  Touching the bristles with my finger I can tell they're soft but with enough rigidity that they're not going to just splay out when they touch the teeth, I can see this for myself actually as I still brush two year old David's teeth for him and am positive the bristles stay upright enough during cleaning to provide an adequate clean with every possible section of tooth being brushed.  Hollie, at just turned six, has recently graduated to a bigger little persons toothbrush so ended up not using her Dora one for more than a couple of brushing sessions - lucky David has ended up with a years supply as Hollie found the brush head too small after using the slightly larger one, I must admit the stunted handle looked a bit weird in her growing fingers too!

      It's perfect all round for David though, everything about the toothbrush is ideal for his little mouth and hands (not that the casual onlooker would ever say David had a little mouth!).  The handle is short and chunky with a rubberised grip, it doesn't slip out of his hand while he's finishing off his brushing and his movements make it quite clear that he's comfortable holding it - I'm happy with the size of the brush head, but having used kids Colgate toothbrushes extensively over the years I knew this would be the case. I love how Colgate have thought of everything, right down to using a thin rubber coating on the edges of the brush head to ensure sensitive little gums aren't damaged or excessively rubbed - important during times of teething, especially considering the back teeth may not cause as many symptoms (in David's case anyway) so you wouldn't necessarily know you were causing extra soreness until the toothbrush actually caught a painful part.

      I often wondered why Colgate used such a very defined pattern of colours on their bristles, and now I know - the elongated circle of (usually) lighter bristles is there to give a guide for youngsters on how much toothpaste they need to squeeze onto their brush.  This is a really good idea and would have been massively useful to know when I started teaching Hollie how to squeeze her own toothpaste onto her brush; she was awful at gauging how much to use and often went overboard to the point of the entire head being covered in thick white toothpaste, David is far less coordinated than she was at his age so if he can do it (fairly accurately) then Hollie would have had no problems at all!

      The Dora brush David's using currently is actually the one Hollie tried out - it seemed daft to throw it away after she'd only used it twice and those two will happily share biscuits, chewed chocolate and cups of milk so David using Hollie's rejected toothbrush isn't really a big deal.  His first one was still in pretty good condition after just under two months use, I discarded it only because he escaped with it one morning and it was visibly chewed by the time I realised - this doesn't indicate poor quality materials used to create the brush either, just that David has a very strong bite!  The picture on the handle (Dora holding Back Pack out, if I remember right) hadn't faded in the slightest and that's even with a good few soaks in boiling water when tummy bugs were doing the rounds, this one now shows Dora in a particularly pot-bellied pose with what looks like a cartoon rat on her shoulder - it's only a couple of weeks old but based on our experience with the previous Dora brush I'm sure it will be just as bright and cheerful even when I throw it away, which is testament to the quality and care Colgate put into making their children's range of tooth care products.


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    • Product Details

      Featuring Dora, Boots, and Diego making brushing an adventure! Specially designed for kids with developing teeth / Non-slip cushioned handle fits small fingers /

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