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Colgate Shrek Bubble Fruit Toothpaste

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Brand: Colgate / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / What it does: Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      19.09.2011 19:33
      Very helpful



      For shiny white teeth and a non-minty flavour

      Hollie has always been excellent at brushing her teeth, from the time her first ones came through she took to the toothbrush and now I have absolutely no problems in getting her to brush three times a day. I suspect that (as a water-mad child) she connects brushing her teeth with playtime in the sink, but anything to get them looking after their gnashers!

      I swap and change between Aquafresh and Colgate kids toothpastes, depending on what catches my eye when I'm shopping. If Hollie's with me however, we have to actively look for this Colgate Shrek toothpaste.

      The tube is very attractive, something which could mean the difference between your child enjoying the tooth-brushing activity and seeing it as a boring chore. Hollie didn't actually know of Shrek when I first bought it so it's definitely the design of the tube rather than any character affiliation. This tube stands upright so the toothpaste is always ready to come out, not much squeezing is required and even at two years old Hollie was able to load the correct amount of toothpaste onto her brush with a minimum of mess.

      Now, I absolutely loathe the taste of this toothpaste. It's 'Bubble Fruit' flavour which to me tastes like brushing my hair in Aussie 3-Minute Miracle, although Hollie loves it. It's sweet and quite greasy tasting with an appalling aftertaste that doesn't make my teeth feel clean at all - I only know this as in a hungover state I actually used this by accident on Sunday morning!

      I'm not the one regularly using it though, so my opinion doesn't really count for much. I've just asked Hollie about the taste and she said it's 'yummy' and so good that she 'wants to eat it on her crackers'. She always brushes well when using this toothpaste and doesn't have any problems with reaching her back teeth, this I'm sure is down to the non-minty flavour as when she uses the mildy minty Aquafresh I have to constantly remind her to get right to the back.

      She never has to rinse her mouth for long so the toothpaste can't leave much of a residue on her teeth and gums, when I used it I was surprised at how little foam was produced even with vigorous brushing - something which isn't all bad (too much foam prevents teeth being brushed properly) but I would have expected a bit more excitement in the bubbles department from a toothpaste developed with children in mind.

      Hollie's teeth always look lovely and shiny after she's brushed with this, I've noticed when she has this Shrek paste in the bathroom that her teeth appear very white. Whenever Hollie eats very sugary foods she'll end up with a faint yellow tinge to her teeth, this is something I've mentioned to the dentist and it's the sugar (or sugar substitutes) reacting with her saliva that causes this. Since she's been using the Shrek paste this problem is pretty much solved, something I've only really noticed this time around, and even if the tinge does start to appear after a cake or sweets a quick brush with this Colgate paste will remove it all and leave her teeth healthily white again.

      While writing this I've realised just how good this Bubble Fruit toothpaste is compared to Aquafresh; it's funny but not being the primary user of the product I hadn't really formed much of an opinion about it - it's simply 'Hollie's toothpaste'. Now though I can see there are definite benefits, I'm confident that Aquafresh does an excellent job but Hollie does prefer the taste of this one and I'm also more than happy with the cleanliness of her teeth after brushing.

      This isn't the cheapest toothpaste at around £2.30 for a 50ml tube, but considering young children only need a pea-sized blob for each brushing session it will last a long time. It does for me anyway as Hollie is the only one who uses it, but if you have more than one under-six brushing with this toothpaste you'll obviously need to replace it more often.


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        23.07.2008 11:51
        Very helpful



        Good to get children to clean their teeth

        Shrek Colgate Bubble Fruit Toothpaste

        **WHAT IT DOES**

        It is a toothpaste that will clean your teeth however it is different from other toothpaste's as it is marketed towards children. It is effective in helping to prevent and reduce tooth decay is used as directed and regularly. It is aimed for kids as it tastes like bubblegum and is light green in colour.


        It comes in a large funky tube, which swirls at the top of the tube. The tube is red with the large Colgate logo. On the front there is a picture of the loveable Shrek himself. In the background there is dark purple with designs, which makes it rather eye-catching. On the back it is white with further information on the product in black writing. The tube is durable and waterproof. It has a red lid, which you click to open and close. You need to squeeze the tube to get the toothpaste out after you have removed the seal. If the seal is not intact once you open it do not use.


        The active ingredient is Sodium fluoride and its purpose it to keep away cavity's. The inactive ingredients are sorbitol, water, hydrated silica, PEG-12, cellulose gum, tetrasodium pyrosphate, sodium lauryl sultate, flavor, sodium saccharin, mica, titanium dioxide, FD&C yellow no 5, FD&C blue no 1.

        This may be useful if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


        This toothpaste is completely different from normal toothpaste's. It is light green (the colour Shrek is) and sparkly in colour. It also smells and taste likes bubble fruit, it is a rather strong smell. You also can taste it very well too.


        Adults and children 2 years of age and older - brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day. Use a pea size when applying the toothpaste to your toothbrush.

        Children 2 to 6 years - only use a pea sized amount and supervise the child's brushing and rinsing (to minimise swallowing).

        Children under 2 years - ask your dentist or physician for directions.

        **MY EXPERIENCE**

        Personally I am not fond of this toothpaste, as I don't like the taste of it, as I prefer minty tastes for my toothpaste. It really does taste very strongly of bubblegum, which I think would really appeal to young children. I think it would work especially well for people who are finding it hard to get their children to clean their teeth. It would make cleaning your teeth fun as you have Shrek on the front and children would love this. Also the added bonus that it is light green and slightly sparkly makes it different and exciting. I think it would appeal to both girls and boys. It costs roughly £1.50 to £2 and it worth it if it will amuse your child and get them to clean their teeth.


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      • Product Details

        Featuring Shrek, Donkey, & Puss in Boots / Clinically proven cavity protection to strengthen and protect developing teeth

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