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Colgate Total Plus Whitening Liquid

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Brand: Colgate / Type: Whitening Product

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2009 11:18
      Very helpful



      I Love This New Toothpaste Because It Leaves My Mouth Feeling So Clean And Fresh

      They've been selling this Colgate Total Plus Whitening Liquid in the pound shop by me, I am religious about looking after my teeth so I tried it and think it's brill.

      Mine came in a white bottle instead of blue and also contains a mouthwash ingredient but it's the same product and because the name is the same I have been advised to write my review in this category.

      The toothpaste is very runny and comes in a squeezy bottle, make sure you don't start squeezing it before you get it right above your toothbrush or else it will drip into the sink. Then when it's on the brush you have to make sure you're ready to start brushing straight away because it's so runny that it runs between the bristles and will eventually start dripping off your toothbrush.

      I think it's very good to use, it's refreshing as you brush your teeth and the minty flavour is just right. I think some Colgate toothpastes are a bit too strong tasting but this is fine, you can taste the mint strongly but there is also something else in the liquid that keeps the taste quite mild.

      After brushing for at least 3 minutes my teeth feel mega smooth after using this liquid, running my tongue along my teeth shows me how clean they are. I don't floss all the time but when I do I do it both before and after brushing, I was interested in this new toothpaste so flossed that day. When I floss after brushing I usually get proper angry about how many bits my toothbrush has missed, but after using this liquid there was far less bits after brushing.

      The mouthwash is quite good, it left my breath feeling fresh for the normal amount of time after you've used any branded mouthwash. If it didn't say on the bottle that it was in there then I don't think I would have known because it doesn't taste like mouthwash at all.

      My teeth aren't really discoloured but I use a whitening toothpaste sometimes to prevent stains happening because of the coffee I drink and my unhealthy at times diet. It feels like it would have decent whitening affects though because for a few minutes after brushing you get that gritty feel when you put your teeth together, probably bicarb or something and not an unpleasant feeling.

      I'll carry on buying this when the pound shop has it in because it's a nice toothpaste to use and proper effective, I don't know the normal price but the woman in the pound shop reckons it's about £2.49 and I'm not sure if I'd want to pay that for a bottle that probably doesn't contain as much toothpaste as a tube.


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  • Product Details

    Colgate Total Plus Whitening Liquid refreshes and whitens teeth by gently removing surface stains /

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